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How Soon Do You Send Wedding Invites

What To Include On A Save The Date Card

Wedding Invitations : When Do You Send out Wedding Invitations?

Surprisingly, a save the date card may have more information on it than your actual wedding invitations. Include a link to your wedding website or wedding registry, and provide suggestions for hotel accommodations. Yes, this means youll have to get a jump start on getting hotel rooms blocked off, fine tuning the guest list, and other details, but your guests will appreciate it in the long run.

Now, if youre reading this thinking, I dont have that much time! I wont even be engaged a full year before my wedding!, dont worry. First, these timeframes are only suggestions. Second, with Greenvelope, you can design, address, and send out all your save the dates in as little as 30 minutes. Skipping the snail mail route is one strategy to give your guests plenty of time to make arrangements.

How Far In Advance Do You Send Out Wedding Invitations

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Were often asked how far in advance you should send out your wedding invitations, and the honest truth is that there is no hard and fast rule. It very much depends on when and where youre getting married, but weve put together this post to give some general guidance.

When To Send Save

A save-the-date is different from a proper wedding invitation. They typically stand as a placeholder for the real invitation to ensure that guests know to clear their schedules on that day, or avoid committing to any other events.

Save-the-dates are sent out before wedding invitations, and the general rule of thumb is to send them between 6 and 12 months before the wedding. If your engagement is on the longer side, its common to send the save-the-date 12 months out.

In light of COVID-19, couples across the globe have had to reschedule their weddings. Right now, many brides and grooms are grappling with rescheduling venues, vendors, and alerting their guests.

If you are scheduling your wedding in the aftermath of the global pandemic, it may be wise to send out your save-the-dates slightly earlier. With so many couples rescheduling at once, dates are being scooped up quickly, and it may be necessary to let loved ones know your date earlier so that they can save it and avoid missing your special day.

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When To Send Invitations For Pre

Weddings often feature a number of pre-wedding events, from bachelor and bachelorette parties to a rehearsal dinner and maybe a family brunch. Invitations for each event should be sent out at least one month prior, giving your guests enough time to prepare. If people are travelling for the wedding it can be a good idea to send out these invitations around the time of your main invites, or at least let guests know about them know by word of mouth, so they know how long they should plan to be in town for.

Does The Mother Of The Bride Pay For The Bridal Shower

How Long Before A Wedding Do You Send Invitations

Today its the maid of honor and bridal party or the bride or grooms mother who throws the bridal shower. Typically, whoever throws the event is the one must cover the costs. Often, the maid of honor and her fellow bridesmaids throw the bridal shower and pay for it, and the mother of the bride contributes.

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How And When To Send Your Wedding Invitations

Find out the proper etiquette for sending your wedding invitations out and how to do it by reading this article

We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy lifes biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.

Etiquette also governs how and when you should dispatch your wedding invitations. Here are the things that you need to keep in mind for sending out your wedding invites.

Keep It Classy: A Shower Is Not Risque

This is not the place for lewd party games or inappropriate behaviorsave that for the bachelor and bachelorette parties. Instead, a shower should be elegant and propper with a focus on the joys of marriage.

Games are encouraged, and refreshments should be served. Some showers include a sit-down meal. Whatever specifics you choose to adhere to, try to picture it as a semi-formal affair.

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If Youre Having Personalised Items

If you want favours and place cards customised for your guests youll need to send your invites out early. Sending out your invites three months before the big day, and setting an early RSVP date will make it easier for you to finalise your guest list in time to have these personalised items made or printed.

When To Send Your Save The Dates

When To Send Wedding Invitations (AND SAVE THE DATES)

For a local wedding, or one that is in or near most of your guests location, a save the date card should be sent 8 to 10 months in advance. This allows your guests enough time to mark a spot on their calendars and make them aware that a formal invitation is on its way.

For destination weddings, sending a save the date closer to 12 months in advance is best. This allows your family and friends to plan their vacations and request time off from work or school. As destination weddings require more planning for guests, you want to allow for as much room as possible for your guests to ask any questions.

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When Is The Correct Time To Send Wedding Invitations During Covid

Another question Im getting more these days is when is the best time to send wedding invitations during Covid?. My best advice is to get your wedding invitations out sooner rather than later Id say 3-6 months in advance, where possible.

My reasoning for this is, because of changing Covid restrictions, you may not be clear how many people you can have in attendance on the day. For that reason, start with the core people that you know you want to share your day with and send the invitations to them.

Once they reply , you can expand the in-person invitations to the next round of guests.

The fact is when planning a Covid wedding you need to be aware that until the very day of your wedding, restrictions can change on a whim. Your guests will understand this, so theyll be very understanding no matter how many weeks before wedding invitations are received.

Is 12 Weeks Too Early To Send Wedding Invitations

When To Send Wedding Invites The general rule of thumb is to send invitations 8 to 12 weeks before the date . If youre concerned that you need more time, send out your invitations 16 weeks before the wedding at the earliest.

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When Should You Send Invitations To Your Wedding The Quick And Easy Guide

Weddings are stressful. Getting everything for the big day can be a tricky set of circumstances, and often, the bride and groom can have many questions. One of those burning questions is âWhat invitations do I need to send out?â. The other is âWhen do I need to send them out?â. This article will look to answer those burning questions, and the reality is, you will have a lot of separate invitations to send on, so it is essential that you know which ones to and when it is best to send them.

When Should I Order And Send Out Thank You Cards

How Early Do U Send Out Wedding Invitations

Many brides like to order their thank you cards at the same time as their invitation. It saves time after the wedding, which helps you get your thank you notes out faster. This also allows you to write thank you cards for presents and help you receive in the lead up to the wedding as they arrive. You can, however, order thank you cards post-wedding, as etiquette states that you have three months to send them out. Just dont underestimate how long it will take you to handwrite personalised thank you cards for all your guests! It can be a big undertaking, and probably isnt something you can get done in a single afternoon.

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If You Have A Reserve List

Many couples find they have to reduce their ideal guest list due to financial or venue capacity limitations resulting in a reserve list of people the couple would like to invite if any of the guests cant make it. If you find you have a lengthy reserve list, it might be a good idea to send your invitations out about three months before the wedding. This will give any guests that are unable to attend time to reply, and for you to send out a new wedding invite to your reserve list without them feeling like they were second choice.

Timing: As Soon As You Know The Date & Location

Your personal website can double as your save-the-date, or you can go the more traditional route and mail out a paper save the date. If you choose to mail something out, its best to keep it simple. Include your destination, wedding date, and the URL of your wedding website. Check out this post for more destination wedding save-the-date tips & ideas.

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When To Order Place Cards:

Order your wedding place cards with your invitations .The Knot Note: Instead of writing each guests table assignment on the escort card itself, slip the card into a small envelope thats tagged with a table number. This way, you can easily swap guests table assignments up until the last second.

These handwritten notesâfrom both of youâshould thank guests for their gifts and/or presence at your wedding.

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When Should Invitations Be Sent Out Around Christmas Or Another Important Holiday

When do you send out save the dates and wedding invitations?

If youre wondering when should you send out invitations around a crazy busy time of year like Christmas or Easter, we recommend that you allow another 2-4 weeks to the lead time on your invites so that your friends and family are more likely to block out that date for you, not another event. The more time ahead the better, when it comes to the Christmas holidays in particular.

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How Far In Advance Should I Start Looking At Wedding Invitation Styles

Lets backtrack just a bit. Youll want to give yourself ample time to check out the huge selection of invitations available and find the style that best fits your weddings theme and color scheme. Starting about six months before your big day, we recommend browsing online stationers or reading reviews of local stationers on a site like WeddingWire, then visiting a few to see their offerings. This will give you enough time to proofread and order your invitations, as well as enlist a calligrapher to address the envelopes, if desired. Calligraphers do tend to book up quickly, so its best to hire one sooner rather than later.

Do Weddings Start Right On Time

Etiquette states that a wedding ceremony shouldnt start more than 15 minutes after the time stated on the invitation, so guests should arrive well before the listed time to be in their seats when the music starts. If you are running late to the wedding of someone you really love, it can be even more stressful.

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A Guide To Sending Wedding Invitations

The days of sending wedding invitations four weeks ahead of your big day are over! Its no longer a necessity to marry on a Saturday the demand for Thursday, Friday and Sunday weddings are up. If you are getting married on a weekday guests will require plenty of time to request holiday from work. If you are getting married on a Sunday its best to ensure they dont plan a big Saturday night before!

You should let your guests know your wedding date as soon as you can. Save the date cards serve to let your guests know your wedding date and rough location well in advance, but they are not essential. If you would rather not go to the expense of sending save the date cards, a simple solution is to send an email or, if the timing suits, an enclosure with a Christmas card.

Most importantly, ensure you send your invites out in good time. You should post wedding invitations eight to 12 weeks before the big day, and at least four months in advance if you are getting married abroad.

Here are some helpful tips on things to consider before sending wedding invitations and the information you should include with your invites

When Should You Send Out Bridal Shower Invitations

How To Send Out Wedding Invitations

Overall, the best time to send out wedding shower invitations is anywhere between four and eight weeks before the event. That said, the six-week mark is a widely accepted sweet spot, with an RSVP deadline at least two to three weeks before the event. This time frame gives guests ample time to book their calendars and find a gift, but still affords the host time to prepare for the final headcount.

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Creating The Wedding Invites

At Peppermint Press, its all about you. Whether you pick a style from one of our 8 collections, or decide to create a bespoke design, what you see on our website is inspiration for almost anything you want to create.

After we receive your order, we will personally be in touch with you for your design consultation. Unlike other websites where your order ends at checkout and you get what you get, we will work with you to personalise your wedding stationery exactly how you like. Depending on how your invites are printed, the process can take 10 to 15 days. Allow a few extra days to ship to you depending on where youre located in Australia and more if located internationally we can provide a shipping estimate at any time before purchase or during your design consultation.

Whether you work with us, design your own wedding stationery or go to another source, make sure to account for enough time to design, print and receive all your stationery. Proofreading is also essential as some companies dont allow for revisions or re-prints.

Soleil White on Black RSVP paired with White Envelope

We also offer envelope and return addressing to save you time on hand printing or writing each envelope or return card yourself. Be sure to check if this detail is included in your order elsewhere, or if you are doing it yourself, give yourself extra time and extra stationery as backup for any errors.

Do you have any wedding invitation or save the date questions? Let us know in the comments.

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