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How To Save Money On Wedding Flowers

Buy Wholesale And Choose In

How to save money on your wedding flowers (WEDDING BUDGET HACKS)

Wholesale flowers are much cheaper than buying smaller quantities at floral shots at retail price. I used mostly Afloral.com and Fiftyflowers.com to purchase my real flowers and saved a killing.

They always have sales, as well, to help generate additional savings. When choosing the specific flowers for my bouquet, I wasnt too picky. I like orchids, but realistically, I couldnt afford them, plus I wasnt sure how I would integrate them into my actual style and wedding theme.

I chose seasonal flowers that were common and known to be cheap. Carnations are some of the most affordable flowers, and the white ones I used helped fill out my bouquets and add contrast to all the color. Roses are also very common, affordable, and classic, so I couldnt pass up the opportunity to include some lavender ones.

Fresh Fruit And Greenery

Adding fresh fruit, or other natural elements, to your tablescape is a unique way to impress your guests! Although we’re all for flower-focused centerpieces, we also know that a little bit of greenery can go a long way. The DIY wedding centerpiece below features elegant floating candles, sliced citrus, and a spray of fresh greenery for an elegant, yet down-to-earth, feel.

Recreate this look:

Choose One Or Two Wow Moments

You don’t have to cover every surface at your reception with flowers. Instead, set a few statement centerpieces in key areas and use more minimal arrangements on tables. Some examples of ways to create “wow” moments include hanging gardens, flower walls, and grand centerpieces.

  • Who pays for the wedding flowers?

    The cost of floristry for any wedding event is a part of the overall wedding budget. Whoever is footing the bill for the wedding is responsible for covering these costs.

  • Who pays for the bridesmaids’ bouquets?

    The cost of the bridesmaids’ bouquets is absorbed by the overall wedding floral budget. Whoever pays for the wedding would also be covering these costs. Traditionally, bridesmaids do not pay for their own bouquets.

  • How much do you tip a wedding florist?

    Typically, florists don’t expect tips as they own their own business. If you’d still like to show your gratitude, you can tip them and their assistants between $50 and $150 each. However, some vendors do include a gratuity in their total fee, so double-check your contracts before tipping extra.

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Diy Wedding Centerpieces With Dried Blooms

Do you love the dried flower look? Even if your other arrangements don’t feature dried blooms, table centerpieces are a great place to incorporate them. Pairing dried filler flowers with fresh focal flowers, like in the picture below, will add texture and contrast. We especially love this look for fall or boho color palettes!

Recreate these arrangements:

Use Lighting And Other Dcor Alongside Floral Arrangements

5 Ways to Save Money on Wedding Flowers

Votives and candlelight are just as romantic as flowers, and they can help keep you within budget. “You can also mix in personal items for the table displays like pictures, keepsakes, or lanterns instead of concentrating solely on blooms,” Arreguin and Burton advise. Another bright idea if you don’t have a big flower budget? Concentrate on finding unique vessels that may take fewer flowers. Choose items that, when combined with other design objects such as the above-mentioned candles in multiples, will create a stunning centerpiece, recommends celebrity event planner Michael Cerbelli, CEO and president of Cerbelli Creative.

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When People Offer To Help Let Them

Don’t be afraid to take guests up on their offers for services in exchange for a wedding gift. A cousin did my beautiful cake and we saved big there, and it was so appreciated. My mom made the groom’s cake, just a regular red velvet, and it was awesome!” Laura Hope Jackson, Facebook

“We’ve asked our friends and family to please help on the day, take responsibility for something or join in with the bake-off instead of getting us a present. We really don’t need a set of champagne flutes, but someone making sure my granny eats would be super.” Jemma Beedie, Facebook

Consider Getting Married On Campus

“I work at a college with a beautiful dining hall, so we got married there, and they gave me an amazing discount on the venue!” Kayce Taylor, Facebook

“Aunt #1 worked at a university, so we looked at locations on the very picturesque campus for Aunt #2, who got a huge discount because of the staff connection. If you know anybody who works at a university, park, whatever, check with them to see if they can swing something like that for you. You can get some GORGEOUS locations simply by putting out a call and seeing who knows what.” Kaitlin Kelly, Facebook

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Try An Alternative To Bridesmaids Bouquets

“As opposed to carrying flowers down the aisle, my bridesmaids each carried a lantern! We bought neon orange and yellow ones at Kohl’s for $7, then spray-painted them silver to match our wedding colors. We also wrapped purple ribbon around the handles! My bridesmaids loved that they were able to take them home afterwards.” Claire Bogle, Facebook

Take Your Time Hunting For A Venue

How to save money on wedding flowers

The venue is the most significant expense when planning your wedding. Wedding venues require 6-months notice, so youll need to plan well in advance to ensure you get a wedding date. Your choice of venue depends on your tastes and style.

We recommend that you keep the venue local. If you decide to have a wedding thats in another county or state, you might have trouble bringing your guests along. Many of them wont end up making the trip. They may have financial difficulties, or they cant be bothered to drive a long distance to attend your wedding.

Youll also need to ensure that the venue has accommodation for all your guest from out of town. Accommodation can be expensive at wedding venues., so make sure you get quotes and estimates on everything.

If youre having trouble deciding on your venue, make a list of your top 5 locations. Draw up a list of pros and cons of each place, and then ask your partner for their input. Your wedding needs to be a joint decision, and you should both contribute to planning your wedding as well.

If you want to make the most significant savings possible, have your wedding in the backyard of a friends home, and then treat your friends to a reception at your favorite restaurant. If you have a friend with a large yard, you can set out your reception there as well, and save yourself plenty of cash.

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Tips To Choose The Best Flowers For Your Wedding

  • Tulips are at their best quality and pricing in February.
  • Lilacs are in season in the spring. Don’t expect them during other seasons.
  • Hydrangeas are in season during the summer. You could still access them during the other seasons, but you’ll be working with inferior blooms.
  • Gardenias will brown or bruise very easily from any physical contact.
  • Lily of the valley can be very expensive, and their availability is usually limited to May.
  • Stephanotis, or Madagascar Jasmine, is extremely delicate.

Do Not Include Any Flowers

Its unlikely that youll be able to avoid utilizing flowers on your wedding day. Though you also have many more inexpensive alternatives to flowers that make excellent Alternatives include leaves, feathers, cloth, and paper.

All of these alternatives may be used to create beautiful bouquets and décor! You may construct imitation flowers out of cloth or paper if you dont want leaves or feathers. Silk flowers, for example, not only create lovely wedding decorations, but they also appear virtually real! Use different options for centerpieces, including candles or paper decorations.

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Sprays Or Garlands Of Greenery

How gorgeous is this table decorated with baby eucalyptus? We strung twelve stems together and added gorgeous white Tibet roses throughout for pops of elegance.

Focusing on greenery for your centerpieces will help fill the space while keeping costs low. Plus, nothing is more timeless than white and green arrangements! You can even use a pre-made garland to create this look.

Recreate this DIY centerpiece:

Don’t Have Real Flowers

6 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Flowers

I’m making our bouquets and bouts out of fabric flowers you can keep them forever and have ANY color or pattern you want!kassyh4d7b0cb42

We used artificial flowers. I really wanted there to be a lot of flowers inside the church and I knew it would be crazy expensive to use real flowers. They looked great!” mollyp4e13db336

I learned how to make crepe-paper flowers, and used them instead of a florist. The supplies to make them cost a fraction of the amount of real flowers, they were therapeutic to make, and they will be functional long after the wedding to use, sell, or give as gifts!” Kate Mason, Facebook

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Be Kind And Considerate To Your Wedding Florist

For couples looking to save money on your flowers, one of the easiest and the most effective things you can do is to simply be kind. Most floral businesses are actually run by real human people who want to be treated with consideration and respect, says Greer. The accommodations and extra touches for couples that treat us well are abundant, and the opposite is true for those couples that are difficult and dont engage on a human level.

Its also worth noting that florists, as well as other wedding vendors, experienced immense hardships during the pandemic. The truth is that while putting on a brave face, we havent had time to grieve, process, or heal from what the pandemic shutdown did to our businesses and personal lives, adds Greer

Mix Real Flowers With Fake Ones

My wedding bouquets were a mix of real and artificial flowers because fake flowers are super cheap. When you purchase fake flowers from wedding websites, they tend to look very real and blend nicely. If I had purchased 100% real flowers for my wedding bouquets, I would have spent a fortune for my 8 bridesmaids and myself.

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Placemats Candles And More Decor

To create flow throughout your tablescapes, try incorporating other design elements that complement your floral arrangements. This will allow you to scale back on the flowers, and will give your centerpieces a put-together feel. In this example, vases, candlesticks, and placemats in shades of copper and bronze help complete the look while still allowing the flowers to shine! Table numbers and picture frames are another way to get creative and fill out your table space.

Recreate this tablescape:

Do It Yourself Or Maybe Not

How To Save Money On Your Wedding Flowers | Watanabe Floral – Honolulu, Hawaii Florist Flower Shop

The ultimate way to save money, of course, would be to do the flowers yourself. If youre having a casual barn wedding, for example, you might cut wildflowers and insert them in Mason jars on the tables. But Carly Cylinder, the author of The Flower Chef: A Modern Guide to Do-It-Yourself Floral Arrangements, doesnt recommend D.I.Y. for wedding flowers. Ever. Yes, you can do it, but why would you? In 20 years, youre not going to remember the extra thousand or two you spent on flowers. But youll always remember the stress of running around the day before your wedding making centerpieces.

Plus, she said, couples often dont realize just how much work goes into the art of flower arrangement. One bride she knew asked her sister to the do the flowers. The day of the wedding, the centerpieces began toppling because the sister didnt know how to balance the flowers correctly in the vase.

Instead, wedding planners recommend that couples lean heavily on their florist. They often know how to make a budget stretch. Floral designers are really magical, Ms. Nelson Lunsford said. Youll be surprised how much theyll work with you.

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Take Advantage Of Statement Blooms That Fill Space

Statement blooms like garden roses or hydrangeas take up a larger volume of space in arrangements, which means you dont need that many to create an impression since these flowers tend to be a little more costly. These blooms are also known as focal flowers since your eye is automatically drawn to them.

Buy Inexpensive Ready Made Arrangements From The Grocery Store Or Farmers Market

Terrence and I were in the market about a month before the wedding and remarked at how lovely the arrangements were. We looked at the prices, about $16 for a pretty arrangement in a nice container, and we realized that we could save money buy just purchasing our flowers from Trader Joes or any other grocery store. Arrangements that were not in containers were even less expensive. Check out the selection at your market, and see if anything tickles your fancy. The only thing to be concerned with is you might not be able to get multiples of the exact same arrangements on the day of your wedding. If your grocery store has a florist, you can talk with them, and they may be able to help you out!

UPDATE: Terrence and I purchased some bulk vases for about $80 with plans to use them for faux floating flower petals. A couple of days before the wedding, I decided that I wanted fresh flowers and I told him that Id take care of the flowers the morning of the wedding. My Maid of Honor and I went to Trader Joes that morning, but there werent enough of the arrangement that I liked. We walked over to the flower vendor at the Farmers Market and picked up 20 bunches of gorgeous autumnal flowers. The vendor sold us a few buckets to put the flowers in, and I spent $90 total!

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Find A Venue That Doesn’t Require You To Use Their Vendors

“My best wedding saving tip is to find a venue that doesn’t require you to use a particular caterer/bartender/DJ. I saved so much money by being able to select my caterer , bartender , DJ , and photographer ! I ended up paying $3,345, when I would’ve paid $10,700 for those things at the other venue I was considering. I saved $7,355 for just picking another venue.” Lyndsey Gallian Thompson, Facebook

Choose Faux Flowers Over The Real Thing

5 Ways To Save Money On Flowers (With images)

More and more couples are now opting for synthetic flowers at their wedding, for both cost and environmental purposes. In addition to price, another benefit of using artificial flowers is the ability to design the arrangements far in advance of the wedding date. Silk or fabric flowers dont wilt and die, so you can have everything created months in advance which can save you time and stress if youre DIYing arrangements yourself.

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