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What Is An Envelope Liner For Wedding Invitations

How Do You Use Envelope Liners

Envelope Liners | DIY your Wedding Invitations!

There are two ways to purchase envelopes and liners. The type you buy will determine how you use them. Some people like the convenience of a lined envelope, as they offer protection and a touch of style without extra work on your part. Others prefer an insert-style liner because of the flexibility it offers for design and style.

  • Lined envelopes: You cant beat pre-lined envelopes for simplicity and a touch of style. One of the most common types of lined envelopes used for invitations are foil-lined envelopes. These are an attractive way to protect your invitations while adding some sparkle. At Zola, we make invitation ordering easy and offer free shipping. Standard envelopes are included but you can also upgrade to our lovely foil-lined versions.

  • Envelope liner: Another option is to get standard envelopes and add a separate liner. This gives you more flexibility in design choices but requires more work on your end. Youll have to add the liner to your assembly line when you put your invitation pieces together for mailing. If you do have the time and want to add envelope liners, weve come up with some ordering tips and design ideas to inspire you.

Following On Next On The List For This Invitation Glossary Are Flourishes

Calligraphy flourishes are the wild lines that sweep about from the edges of the letters to create a decorative appearance and add a very classical intricate appearance to your calligraphy.

As a stationery designer and calligraphy artist, I have a few key calligraphers that I look up to . When I first came across my calligraphy heroin, I was immediately struck by her work. She continues to inspire me and her work pushes me to challenge my own limits and keep practising my art. Nikolietta from Russia .

This type of calligraphy takes more time and skill and therefore has a slightly higher charge, but it is well worth it!

Find some examples below of extra flourishes when applied to calligraphy lettering.

Typeface, what is it all about?

Typeface refers to the font, or the types of traditional printed lettering that you can choose from to create your final set of hand painted wedding invitations. You can choose this route if you would like a more modern contemporary look and you want to limit the amount of calligraphy that you use. For example the suite below only uses traditional digital font throughout its design .

Shashta Bell Calligraphy

Wedding Invitation Suite With A Floral Envelope Liner

This flat lay stock photo is of a wedding invitation suite with a floral envelope liner from Lily & Roe Co. and belongs to our collection, Open Invitation. Its perfect for using on your Instagram grid, website, your proposal, and more! Need ideas about how to use our stock photos? Download our free digital guide here!

Whats included:

  • Professionally shot high resolution image

  • Standard Licensefor use of the image

Whats that? Youd like to upgrade to an extended license for this photo? No problem, weve got you covered. Simply purchase this image listing and then add the Extended License Upgrade listed in the shop to your cart and youre all set. How it works: Once purchased, you will automatically receive an order confirmation email, followed by an email containing a link to the file. Once you click on the link you have 24 hours to download the files before the link expires.

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Whats In A Wedding Invitation

The hardest part of wedding invitations, once you found the perfect design, is what pieces to the invitation you need to include. There are several options to choose from, depending on how traditional or non-traditional you want to go. Here at Shine Wedding Invitations, we offer all of our pieces a la carte letting you completely customize your wedding stationery suite!


We have three options for paper, all of which are professionally printed using a high quality commercial press that results in bold saturated colors and rich text.

Our most popular choice for paper is our Signature Shimmer. It is a 137lb heavyweight card stock with a white base and a subtle shimmer finish it truly is very elegant. Our Signature Shimmer also comes in Ivory, upon request, and has the same subtle shimmer finish but with a gorgeous ivory tone.

We also offer our Luxe Matte paper. It is 130lb upscale heavyweight card stock with a lush, matte, uncoated finish.


The invitation is the main part of the wedding stationery suite and is printed on your choice of signature shimmer or luxe matte paper. The invitation includes the wording to your ceremony time, date, location, etc. Wording is fully customizable based on your preference!

Response Cards

Many couples are choosing to use this card without an envelope and having the guests RSVP through their website which they add to the response cards.

Small Enclosure

There are several other options to use a small enclosure card:


So Whats The Secret To Elevating Your Wedding Invitation To The Next Level The Answer Is Simple An Envelope Liner

Acrylic Floral Wedding Invitation With Floral Envelope ...

Lets start from the beginning. Why are envelope liners a thing? From a function standpoint they serve to add another layer between the envelope and the cards inside to ensure that nothing shows through and interferes with the address printed on the front. With the addition of an endless array of envelope color options , the functional need for a liner may have decreased but dont let that stop you from using a liner.

From a simple solid gold to a watercolor illustration of your venue, the options are endless and impact is huge. Think of the liner as extra space where you can add one more pop of your personality to your invitation. Imagine inviting your guests to your tropical destination wedding and surprising them with an envelope that pops with floral leaves and fauna the moment they open their invitation.

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Do You Need Envelope Liners

One common issue for invitations is that the print or paper colors can rub off on other pieces especially if youre using a paper like cotton. Weve got a whole post on Invitation Papers that you can check out here!

So if you have different colored papers, you may want to consider what other pieces theyre touching in the suite a vellum or tissue barrier can help keep things pristine! The envelopes are a bit tougher though, so thats where envelope liners come in. If you are using colored envelopes and white papers, a liner printed on white paper can help avoid color transfer in the mail.

What Are Envelope Liners

Envelope liners go back to the days when wedding invitations were hand delivered, and were probably used to add a bit of extra protection and privacy to the special contents of the envelope. Basically, envelope liners are a portion of paper or card stock that is cut to fit inside the envelope and fold down with the envelope flap. They are precision cut to fit the envelope perfectly and are easy to slip in. They are then attached with some type of adhesive so that they stay in position. When designed correctly, they can be a fun and unique detail that makes your wedding invitations really stand out.

Traditionally, envelope liners are used on the inner envelope of the invitation suite. This means that the liner will still be seen if the recipient uses an envelope opener on the outer envelope . Even if the outer envelope is destroyed, the inner envelope remains intact. When the recipient gets to the inner envelope, they are then far more likely to open it up carefully since it is usually not sealed. That allows the envelope liner to be seen in all its beauty. However, it is perfectly acceptable to line the outer envelope instead of the inner envelope, or use just an outer envelope. The choice, of course, is up to the bride.

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Wedding Invitation Envelope Liner

Paper Types And Card Stock So What Does That Even Mean

DIY Wedding Invitation Envelope Liners

Ok, so when we talk about paper types / card stock, we are talking about what type of paper or card you select for your invitations. There are so many varieties out there with a vast range of prices.

Hand Made Paper

This type of paper is taking the fine art wedding stationery world by storm. Many brides are opting to select this type of paper, which has to be ordered as it is often made by hand, so dont forget to keep plenty of time if you would like to take that route. This type of paper really is for the higher end bride, who has a larger budget for her stationery and really wants to make a statement.

Every piece of this handmade paper is a unique piece, no two are alike and each piece is often quite different in terms of size and shape, irregular and imperfect, each with a slightly bumpy texture that is quite interesting to see and to touch. This is something you might like to consider if you would like to create one of a kind, heirloom pieces that you would like people to frame rather than throw away.

Hand made paper lends itself beautifully to gold foil printing which is used below to create the venue.

For a pack of 20 hand made paper sheet, it will cost around $20.00

Lastly looking at printing techniques, I will look at gold foiling, letterpress/embossing, engraving.

Gold Foil

see the full collection here.

So what does it involve?

Dynamic Print.


Kelsey Malie Calligraphy.


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Wedding Invitation Envelope Liners

If you hang around wedding stationery shops enough, you may notice that watercolors are having a moment. But if youd prefer not to paint your invitations, well show you how to still incorporate watercolors into your wedding stationery via a more subtle method: envelope liners.

Use our free Canva envelope liner template to create DIY envelope liners that match your invitations. Then just print, trim and glue.

Note: you will need your own artwork for this. I usually get ours from Creative Market, but you can find inexpensive, downloadable artwork from just about anywhere . Or you can make your own.

Whats The Deal With Envelope Liners

by Lindsay | Nov 1, 2017 | Blog |

When most people think of envelope liners, they picture a solid color inside the envelope or maybe even think of an outdated tradition that should be cast aside but today, envelope liners mean so much more than that! Whether its a striking pattern thats color-coordinated with the wedding invitation suite or a picture of the bride and groom, modern brides take advantage of the additional space that wedding liners provide. They can quickly take a wedding invitation to the next level!

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History Of Envelope Liners:

Historically, envelope liners were used to protect the contents from the envelope itself and the elements as it was being delivered. As a bonus, liners also provided a little extra privacy .As most things go, form followed function and soon envelope liners were more than just a simple scrap of paper, cut to fit the envelopethey became wonderful excuses to add beauty and express your personal style in a space that is otherwise wasted. As you might guess, envelope liners currently serve the latter purpose, though if you decide to use a vellum envelope, a liner is a good way to protect your privacy.

I hope that you are already convinced that adding an envelope liner to your wedding invitations is an aesthetic must! But how do you choose what style of liner to use?

Do I Need Envelope Liners For My Wedding Invitations

SAMPLE Lace Envelope Kit. Wedding Invitation Envelope ...

Invitations are a small detail with a big job theyre the very first impression of your wedding day and should be a sneak peek of things to come. I love working with couples to find a design that reflects not only their wedding theme, but their personalities and style. The invitation is a chance to have fun and make the little details count!

One of my favorite ways to surprise and delight guests with a unique detail is through envelope liners. If youre wondering what the heck an envelope liner is and if you actually need them for your invitations have no fear! Im gonna break it down for ya.

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Do I Need Envelope Liners

In many cases, envelope liners are totally an optional upgrade. However, there are a couple instances where I recommend either adding a liner or doing double envelopes outer mailing envelope containing an inner envelope.

For invitations printed on double thick paper , I always suggest a liner as support. Unless you have special postage, most envelopes are run through a sorting machine at the post office. With the heavy cardstock, it can cause problems since its extra thick.

If you do an invitation with a brad attachment, ribbon, or anything else that bulks up the envelope, adding a liner is a good idea. For the reasons above, you want to give your invitation the best chance to make it to your guests looking as pretty as it did when you mailed it!

Wedding Invitation Suite + Envelope Liner

Well, it is now six weeks until the wedding date, which means invitations must be sent out! Proper etiquette suggests sending out invitations six to eight weeks prior to the date, giving people plenty of time to plan accordingly. So, were just barely making the cut! When I was deciding upon what kind of invitation to pick, I wanted it to be a reflection of the wedding theme. This is when making a wedding inspiration board comes in handy! These days, there are so many different options to choose from when it comes to invitations, but I knew I wanted something classic as opposed to trendy. Luckily, Minted came to the rescue, and I found the perfect option. In addition, one of our interns, Ana, created the most beautiful floral envelope liner to add the finishing touch!

I love the look of letterpress invitations and Minted had plenty of options. They also feature a customization option which allowed me to change the font and the ink color so that I could tailor it to fit perfectly with my color scheme and Scandinavian garden theme. I chose the Wanderlust Wreath Letterpress wedding invitations and could not be happier with them! The paper is thick and wonderful quality and all the printing is perfection. They have a few different options for inserts as well, including direction cards, RSVP cards, etc.. They also included complimentary vellum sheets which added a lovely touch.

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