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Belly Bands For Wedding Invitations

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How To Assemble Wedding Invitations – Belly Bands, Envelope Liners – Greece Inspired
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Belly Bands For Wedding Invites

Belly bands are small strips of paper that are designed to go around the middle of a wedding invitation and keep everything held together nicely.

A belly band is the ultimate finishing touch to a wedding invitation.

When you think belly band, think: organization. That is their sole purpose.

It is also the piece that will make guests go, dannnnnng, this is gorgeous, or something of the sort, upon opening up your wedding invite. )

As you know with invitations, presentation is everything belly bands are one of the pieces that serve a purpose and add to your overall style.

When guests open the outer envelope to reveal your invitation, it will be held together neatly and organized with the proper cards in order.

Belly bands are helpful to have when you want your invitations to be as presentable as possible upon delivery.

So, with all this talk about belly bands, where do you get them? How do you add belly bands to wedding invitations?

Its easy, really!

Dressing Up Your Wedding Invitations

Today we are talking about different ways you can keep your invitations neat and organized. Everyone loves a good accessory right?

The most popular way to keep your invitations tidy is with a pocket, but pockets aren’t everyone’s style and they aren’t always in the budget.

So let’s look at some ideas shall we?

Paper Belly Bands

Traditional paper belly bands are made from a thinner paper usually referred to as text weight – it’s what you would get if you were printing on really nice resume paper. It’s also the same paper they make envelopes out of.

Now, what’s the point of a belly band? Well, people often complain to me that as you pull your wedding invitation out of the envelope, it all falls to pieces.

A belly band wraps everything together and keep it snug so you don’t lose anything as you lift it out of the envelope.

It’s a fantastic way to add a pop of color to your invitations – some color to stand out against your invitation.

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Zazzle Rustic Craft Invitation Belly Band


For a more rustic touch, opt for a belly band on kraft paper. The raw simplicity of the material evokes wooden barn doors, earth tones, and a more laid back vibe. Plus, their neutral hue means theyll go with nearly any invitation suite, whether its a bright color or a sweet photo. Customize it with your names and your wedding datethe calligraphy dresses up the band and elevates the overall look.

Custom Belly Band Printing

Wedding Invitation Belly Band Template Fresh Invitation Belly Bands ...
  • Perfect for wrapping around wedding invitations coupled with RSVPs
  • Near-unlimited paper choices to personalise your belly bands to your stationery
  • Available in plenty of flat sizes suited for a few items or as a custom length

Our custom belly band printing makes it simple to add a finishing touch to your wedding stationery or any special occasion. Whether you need belly bands for invitations and RSVP cards or a belly band to wrap around your book , we give you a near-unlimited choice to create your perfect paper belly bands. Choose from our vast range of hand-picked paper types to match your stationery, all specially chosen to really wow your recipients.

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Paper Culture Coming Up Roses Belly Bands

Paper Culture

Your belly bands dont have to say anything at alllet the design itself make the statement. A bold rose pattern does all the talking in this one. In addition to the blush tone, it’s also available in five other colors from grey to orange. If your wedding decor is all about the flowers, then this belly band may be the one for you.

Design Lotus Minted Elysium Belly Bands


A black and white palette has never looked so good. Featuring a sketch of hibiscus flowers is delicately placed above the script, it’s a chic belly band choice for a tropical destination wedding. Of course, there are plenty of color combinations to choose from if a more minimalist palette isnt your thing.

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Minted Sarah Lenger Blend Belly Bands


Whats not to love about a good splash of color? These belly bands revel in watercolor fun, from the “honeysuckle” theme featuring mango and strawberry hues to “lemongrass” . Were pretty sure every artsy couple will swoon over these, but you dont have to get married in a gallery to appreciate them.

Diy Stationery Business Tips + Tricks Wedding Planning

11 Easy DIY Belly Band Ideas For Elegant Cards And Invitations

Were concluding our All About series by chatting about the piece that ties everything together literally. One upgrade that we love to finish off a wedding invitation suite is some type of wrap. This helps add that finishing touch that makes your guests feel like theyre opening a present . There are so many options here, well structure the post a little differently and talk about the most common ones. Read on to find out the best wrap for you!

Learn all about invitation assembly in our Wedding Invitation Assembly Guide!

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Paradise Invitations Elegant And Romantic Belly Bands


Baby blue, we see you. This color is looking sweet and romantic as a belly band, especially when paired with a white script. Unlike many belly bands that abbreviate the date, this one spells it out, letting the big day take center stage. Note that this is a digital file, which you can print out at home or the local printer, but the designer will provide instructions on what paper to use.

Sofia Invitations Leaf Vine Belly Bands


If you’re looking for something a little more unexpected, a laser-cut belly band may be the perfect choice. This leaf design is ideal for an outdoor wedding, whether it’s a springtime garden soiree or a woodland ceremony. Go for a shade of green to mimic natures hues, or opt for gold for contrast and a pop of shine. If neither of those feels right, there are plenty of other colors to choose from.

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Order Samples Of High Quality Papers

We understand it can be difficult to order paper online. That’s why we offer a variety of paper sample packs and swatch books so you can see, feel, and get an accurate depiction of our specialty papers before you buy. Order sample books by brand, finish, or style to make sure you’re choosing the right paper, pocket, or envelope for your creative design. Sample books and swatch packs ship free in the United States!

If you do not need an entire swatch book, you can also order individual samples of most of our products throughout our website. Look for the purple and white Order Samples button on product pages.

Wedding Invitation Wax Seals


Is it obvious we love wax seals! These arent a wrap in and of themselves, but play a part in the wrapping game. You cant just throw a wax seal on top of a suite the seal has to be sealed to something. That something can be a belly band, ribbon, string, or piece of vellum . It can be used in place of the glue dots or other adhesives to seal the two ends of the wrap together. You can get a custom or pre-designed wax seal in many different colors. We have a whole post coming up on wax seals themselves, but our favorites are here !

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What Do You Put On Belly Bands

There are a lot of different options here. Most commonly I use either a custom monogram, couples names and wedding date or something like a crest or wreath design.

You can also use a specialty paper like glitter and just let the glitter speak for itself.

Another option I love is to use your guests names. Inner envelopes aren’t as popular as they used to be, but there are elements of them that are great for formal weddings. On a very traditional invitation, you’ll write the guests names on both envelopes.

The outer envelope might say “Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Mays”

But the inner envelope would say:Andrew and Laura

Jacob, Logan, Evan and Nick

The inner envelope tells you specifically who is invited.

Will My Paper Samples Be Labeled So I Can Identify Them

Although labeling is not the rule, on certain individual paper samples we may place a small sticky label containing our item codes, especially in cases where those items may be confused with similar looking items in your order. You can use the sales receipt that accompanies your order to cross reference. Each paper sample in our pre-made sampler packets are labeled for easy reference.

If you have any special requests or prefer that your samples are not labeled, please call before you order so that we can do our best to fulfill your request.

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Event Invitation Paper Belly Bands

This is a real-life example of a commissioned project with paper belly bands, one that Im sure that client Beth doesnt mind me sharing with you. Two summers ago, Beth was gearing up to host a rehearsal dinner at a marina for her son and his fiancée. She wanted a 5 x 7 invitation and 3.5 x 5 information card pair that was gender-neutral and nautical. So, we collaborated on a simple invitation design utilizing an illustration of the family boat. We had the invitation printed off using thermography , but if youre working on a similar project, you could absolutely do digital printing instead. Once the invitations were printed, I hand-cut pieces of orange card stock a little larger than the invitations.

The printed invitations were then glued onto the card stock, which gave them a sturdy feel.

Once the invitations were created, the question became how to visually and literally tie everything together. The answer? Paper belly bands! Its always a good idea to echo a color from your invitations, so I purchased several 12 x 12 squares of blue card stock to fashion the paper belly bands from.

Next, I cut the card stock into 1 strips. You can make easy work of this by using a paper cutter , but scissors are perfectly acceptable as well.

To make an individual belly band, I folded one end of the strip in about 3 .

I hugged that first fold around the right side of the invitation

Next, I dabbed some glue on one end of the strip to affix both ends of the belly band together.

Product Display Stamped Paper Belly Bands

How To Make Belly Bands For Wedding Invitations

If you find yourself reading this blog regularly, chances are youve got the creativity to sell cards, gift tags, bookmarks, and other paper goods either locally or on sites like Etsy. If youre selling a set, paper belly bands will help to create a delightful display! Youll begin by stacking your product Im using these 5 x 7 fox-themed thank you cards as an example.

If youre working with 5 x 7 cards, youll want to cut a paper belly band that is at least 11 long. As a rule of thumb, you want to make sure your belly band is at least 1 longer than two times the width of your paper good. My cards are 5 wide, and 5 times 2 equals 10, plus 1 equals 11. The width is up to your discretion I went with 2 here.

This next step differs a bit from the top two! I want to advertise my business and brand my theoretical product, so Im using a Kaitlin Style calligraphed stamp to stamp on my information. I havent written a blog post over how to create a stamp like this , but if you have Facebook, you can see Tuesdays post for a mini-tutorial over making a custom stamp through

If your paper belly band is a dark color like mine is, you probably will want to emboss the stamp. You can learn how to do that in this tutorial.

Next, youll wrap both sides of the belly band around the paper goods .

Then, you can secure the ends of the belly band together with whatever you want: glue, washi tape, or, in this case, a wax seal!


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What Other Options Are There

You can also use a sticker that closes the pocket or even one that wraps around the bottom as an accent. Stickers come in a variety of shapes and colors to add a unique design element.

Wax Seals

Another really popular option is using a wax seal! You can use it with a plain vellum band or full invitation wrap.

They can be customized with your monogram or crest for a unique, stand out design.

If your goal is to be formal and keep your guests names on the invitation but you’re not loving the idea of a belly band, we can hire a calligrapher to help out. I don’t offer calligraphy, but I have a lot of talented friends. I can show you their work and you can choose the style that you love the most.

If you really love the inner envelope itself, let’s do a more modern take on it with a vellum envelope!

Whats An Invitation Wrap

The basic principle of a wrap is that it will hold all the pieces of your invitation suite together. This prevents pieces from being lost in the envelope, damaged due to sliding around during mailing, or being read out of order. Wrapping your suite will keep everything together in a neat little parcel, that your guests get to unwrap like the gift that it is. While its not a necessary feature, its one of our favorite upgrades to separate a normal invitation suite from one that feels a little more luxurious.

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Wedding Invitations With Belly Bands


Wedding invitations with belly bands are unique and stylish, the perfect combination for representing the two of you and your future wedding celebration! These memorable wedding invitations are available in a variety of designs, many of which come with personalized belly bands so you can add that perfect touch of customization to your ensemble. Have you already chosen a wedding invitation but would like to jazz it up a bit? You can purchase belly bands separately and use them as DIY wedding invitation accents. Check out our entire collection of DIY wedding ideas for giving your wedding invitations just the right finishing touch.

Cc Prints By Tabitha Greenery Belly Bands

Belly bands for wedding invitations wedding invitation


With soft and airy vibes, these vellum belly bands emit a romantic and dreamy feel. Watercolor eucalyptus illustrations peek out of the corners, making this design a great fit for an outdoor wedding, or even an indoor wedding with a botanical feel. Each belly band is customized with your names on it.

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Fyi: The Navy Template I’m Using For This Tutorial Is Editable So You Can Change The Background Color To White If You Want To Save On Printing Costs At Home Try It Out For Free Here

When deciding whether to print your belly bands at home or at a print shop, consider the ink heaviness and quantity you’ll be printing. Does your design have a full color background like the one above? If so, it will consume a lot of ink, which can get expensive. Printing at home is often a more cost-effective solution for DIY stationery, but if you need large quantities of an ink-heavy design, printing through a local print shop might be more budget-friendly. For more money-saving tips, check out The Complete Guide to DIY Stationery.

Unbeatable Quality For Your Wedding Invitation Belly Bands

As with the rest of our wedding stationery, you can personalise your belly bands to reflect your unique style. Add your initials and wedding date to your wedding invitation belly bands and get creative with your wedding menu belly bands using a favourite quote or phrase to entice your guests’ appetites. However you choose to use them, these high-quality belly bands are sure to stand the test of time and serve as a special keepsake from your big day, thanks to our high-quality paper and printing!

  • Your Stationery

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Free Wedding Belly Band Templates

If you wish to create your own artwork, use our free wedding belly bands templates. Download your chosen format by clicking on one of the icons below. Each template is blank, ready for you to add your artwork and save as a PDF file to upload for print. If your chosen format isn’t there, then use the PDF format for guidance when creating artwork.

Finished downloading? Use your free template to get an instant quote or go straight to order your wedding belly bands.

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  • How To Use Belly Bands For Wedding Invitations


    Do you need belly bands for wedding invitations? What are belly bands anyway?!

    If youre wondering what that elusive finishing stationery piece is, if you really need to have one, and why belly bands for wedding invitations are a thing, youve come to the right place.

    Lets talk belly bands, and, while wildly comfortable, nah, we arent talking about these maternity ones, although I just finally put away all the maternity clothes from a few months ago! Man, those jeans were commmmmmfy! Ha!

    Lets go!

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