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What To Write In Wedding Thank You Cards

Thank You For Attending Message

LOTS of Thanks Cards! How I Created My Wedding Thank You Cards!

For guests who attended your wedding in person or virtually, its appropriate to thank them for coming. The ideal thank you message for wedding guests will convey your gratitude for their time spent and love shared. Here are some wedding thank you card ideas for your wedding guests:


  • We so appreciate you attending our wedding and sharing in our joy. We are honored to call you a friend, and we cant wait to see you again soon!
  • Words dont fully express how much it meant to have you at our wedding. Were truly grateful!
  • Thank you for celebrating our marriage with us. Your presence meant the world to us!

What To Include In Your Note

The purpose of a thank you card is to make the receiver feel warm and fuzzy. Writing a thank you card to tell someone how much you loved their gift and company at the wedding is personal and endearing.

If you are anything like me, you will probably find an example of a thank you card that speaks to you and use similar wording over and over again. Ensure you include small tweaks to personalize the note.

Okay, 4% of you are going to write individualized thank you cards, but dont hate me because I am efficient!

Tips for How to Word Thank You Stationery

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Someone Like You

General Thank You Message

Its true: You can write a general thank-you message without veering into generic thank you note territory! A general thank you message is always appropriate, especially for guests with whom you and your new spouse may not be particularly close, like friends or co-workers of your parents or very extended family.

Again, its important when writing a general thank you note for wedding guests that the message is still heartfelt and true to your personal voice. Here are some examples of general wording for wedding thank you cards that adhere to those guidelines:


  • Thank you for celebrating our wedding day with us! We are so grateful for your love and support as we embark on this new chapter in our lives together.
  • Thank you for making our wedding day so special! We were so thrilled to have you in attendance.
  • We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing our wedding day with us.

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For A Donation In Your Name

Whether you registered for your guests to donate to a charity of your choosing or your guest opted to donate on your behalf on their own, always be sure to thank them for their generous donation.

Dear ___,

Thank you so much for being part of our special day. We greatly appreciate your generous gift to . Your donation will be very helpful toward their mission of ___.

With love,

Generic Thank You Wording Examples

What to Write in a Wedding Thank You Card

These example wedding thank you notes are generic and easily customisable. So they can be used to say thank you in a general way and should be suitable for most situations.

Dear _______,

Thank you so much for . We really appreciate . It was a magical day and we couldnt be happier. Thank you for help make it so special.

Kind regards,


Dear _______,

We were so thrilled to . It was a fantastic day made even more memorable by . We just wanted to reach out with our thanks.

Best wishes,

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Theres A Time Limit On Thank You Cards

Its general wedding etiquette that you should send your wedding thank you notes within three months of your big day. However, wedding etiquette also states that guests can send wedding gifts up to a year after your wedding. While this may seem a little long , reply in a timely fashion even to late gifts.

Wedding Thank You Cards + Message For Wedding Vendors And Planners

These wedding thank you notes are for all of the people who made your big day a successful and stress-free celebration. You can give this to your wedding planner, caterer, make-up artist, gown designer and seamstress, and to your photographer. Basically, anyone who went above and beyond for you.

Heres an example:

We would just like to thank you for your professionalism and expertise in planning our wedding! It was absolutely flawless and I wouldnt have had it any other way. Thanks to your expertise, it was a dream come true for us. Our straight out of a fairytale wedding would not have turned into a reality without you. Thank you so much for exceeding our expectations!

Also, a glowing public review on their social media pages would help boost their reputation too!

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Keep Track Of Your Gift Givers

Writing your wedding thank you cards can feel like an impossible task at times. You have to remember everyone who attended, who sent you a gift, and what they gave you. Simplify the process by creating a spreadsheet or document to keep track of everything.

Use your wedding invitations guest list to help you get started. In your spreadsheet, make space to record the gift givers name, whether it was a physical or monetary gift, and what the gift was. If youre feeling super organized, you could even take a photo of gifts as you unwrap them and keep this alongside your notes.

Wedding Thank You Sentiment Ideas For Family

Wedding Thank You cards wording – What do I say?

Dear Aunt Maria, We are so happy that you were able to join us on our wedding day, and we greatly appreciate you coming such a long way, as well. I was so touched to see you at the ceremony and I am glad you finally got the chance to meet my wife . Thank you for being such an integral part of the celebratory atmosphere. We very much look forward to seeing you again in the near future. Lots of love, David & Vicky

Dear Joseph, Thank you so much for making the trip to celebrate our marriage. It meant so much to Jennifer and I that you traveled all the way from New York for the wedding. We hope to see you again in the near future! Love,

Dearest Janelle, Thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts, for being such an important part of our big day! It meant so much to us to have you there by our side and we truly appreciate everything youve done for us, from those early days of wedding planning to those big hugs at the end of the night . Your wedding speech made us laugh, cry, and then laugh even harder. It would not have been a proper celebration without you! We are so honored to be able to call you our good friend. Love always, Vicky & Dave

Dear Mel, Thank you so much for being my maid of honor! You mean so much to Tom and I. Having you there by my side throughout this whole intense journey means more to me than you know. I am forever thankful for our friendship and all of the wild and beautiful moments weve shared . Much love,

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Keep Track Of Your Gifts

Amid all the excitement of receiving your first wedding gifts, you may forget an essential taskkeeping track of each and every gift and who sent it. While some online wedding registries organize this information for you, we recommend having your own list, using a tracker like the Guest List tool on WeddingWire.

Wedding Thank You Card Wording For Someone Who Didnt Attend

Are you in the process of writing your wedding thank you cards? Do you have a list of people who didnt attend, but you still want to thank them. Perhaps they sent you a gift, for instance.

Nonetheless, what do you write exactly? How different does the message need to be from your other thank you cards?

Well, here is some suggested wording and other considerations to take into account.

Yet to still buy your wedding thank you cards? Here is my recommended supplier.


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Send Handwritten Thank You Cards

Its important to send handwritten notes to your guests. If youve thrown an elaborate wedding with 500 of your closest friends, you may feel compelled to send a heartfelt typed message or e-mail to speed up the process, but its much more polite to take the time to do it all by hand. Almost everything we do these days is digital, so theres something extra special about receiving an old-fashioned handwritten letter in the post!

First Decide If Youre Going To Use A Photo

What To Write On Wedding Thank You Card

If you spent a fortune on wedding or engagement photos and youre dying to use them somewhere other than filling up your Instagram feed then using a custom photo wedding thank you card may be right for you.

Pick out some of your favorite photos with some variety. Choose some images that will work both with a horizontal and a vertical card design. Also try to pick out a couple where the two of you are either in a corner of the image or at the bottom leaving enough space for the card design.

Once youve picked out your images, start looking at designs and uploading your images to see where theyd fit best.

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Work Through Your List In Groups

Some weddings are large, grand affairs with hundreds of guests. When it comes to writing out thank you cards, youll definitely have your hands full. Make this easier by batching your cards into groups and tackling a handful at a time.

Even if you hosted a cozy and intimate wedding, it still helps to break up your thank you card writing into blocks. Write a few cards while you relax in the evening and check them off your list so you dont duplicate them.

To Who Shared In A Group Gift

If you have invited a group of mutual friends or a whole family, they might share a gift. In this case, send notes to each one. Thank you cards for wedding group gifts should include sayings that are specific to the individuals. They also need to mention the entire group somewhere in the note.

Dear ,Thank you so much for the wine fridge. It will definitely be getting a lot of use in our new home! We are so lucky to have friends who know us so well, and cant wait to have you all over to open a bottle or two! Warmly,

Dear ,Thank you very much for the monogrammed decanters you gave us for our bar area in our new home. William and I cant wait to host holiday parties for years to come. You are all such a wonderful group to work with and I really appreciate each and every one of you. Sincerely,

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Example #7 Wording For A Guest Who Gave A Charitable Donation

Dear Auntie Pearl,Thank you so very much for your thoughtful donation to Orangutan Foundation International. After traveling to Indonesia we both feel very strongly and passionately about this organization, and we are so touched that you remembered our wishes on our special day. Thank you so much for sharing our special day with us. Much love, Susie and Rich

Classic Touch

Thank You Message For Wedding Guests Who Contributed To Your Honeymoon Fund:

Wedding Tips & Advice : How to Write a Thank-You Card for a Wedding

Dear ,

Thank you so much for being there on our wedding daywe hope you had as much fun as we did! We are so thankful for your generous contribution to our honeymoon fund. Well be putting it towards a special excursion when we go on our trip later this year and well definitely send you a photo or a postcard!

Hope to see you soon,

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Who To Send A Wedding Thank You To

Use your wedding guest list to make a list of all the wedding thank you notes youll need to write. When a gift comes in just write down what each person gave next to his or her name to neatly keep track. Its also a good idea to note down if anyone went out of their way to help you with the big day that may slip your mind when it comes time to write. Did your high school best friend step in when the wedding coordinator needed help setting up the reception? Youll want to mention this in your note.

  • The folks that gave you an engagement, shower, or wedding gift. Yes, even if you already gave them your heartfelt thank you in person they should still get a thank you note.
  • They came, they saw, and you got wed. Your friends and family went out of their way to spend your special day with them, dont forget to thank them.
  • Anyone who hosted a party or shower for you. Hosting is a huge responsibility consider gifting a little something along with the thank you note.
  • Anyone who helped you through your wedding process. That co-worker who helped you put together the goodie bags for the bridal shower deserves a thank you note.
  • Your parents.
  • Bridal Party. Your maid of honor kept her cool when you were about to loose yours. Thank her for that.

Wedding Thank You Message From Bride And Groom

Wedding Photographer: Vaughn Barry | Thank You Card: For the Love of Stationery

Thank you so much for celebrating with us on our wedding day. It truly was the best day ever and it would not have been the same without you! We are so grateful for your generosity and for sharing our most special day ever with us.

Your friends and family really made your wedding day, right?Well, tell them by saying: Best day ever, thanks to you!

Oh how we love the Treloars included this line on the front of their wedding thank you card

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What To Write Wedding Thank You Card

First of all, congratulations on your wedding! Hopefully it was a beautiful day and youre settling in happily to your ever-after.

And more congrats are in order for getting started on your thank you notes. After all the time and energy you put into planning your big day, you may not be excited about having another project to do, but heres the good news youve come to the right place for help! Writing out wedding thank you cards and getting that wedding thank you wording down to where it flows magically out of your pen can actually be easier and more fun than you imagine, simply by following some simple tips.

Remember, you dont have to get them all done today but three months should be your deadline. There are varying schools of thought on the exact timeframe, and some sources have said you have up to a year, but three months is currently the consensus. However, if month three has already gone whooshing by, dont panic! Just get started.

Set yourself up for success. Gather your supplies the notes, envelopes, address list or labels, stamps, and a few good pens and keep them in one space, whether its a table, a tote, or a box, so when youre ready to write, you have everything handy. And then set a goal to write, say, five in one sitting. Once you get going, youll likely do more, but this is much less daunting than fifty and youll do a better job.

Wedding Thank You Cards + Message For Gift Cards Or Money

What to Write in Wedding Thank You Cards

Sometimes, people cant think of wedding gift ideas for couples and thats alright! Theres no need for guests to feel pressure. So, when you receive gifts in the form of money, gift certificates, or gift cards, its still a great idea to send wedding thank you notes to the givers.

Heres an example thank you message for wedding gifts in the form of cash or GCs:

Thank you for the furniture store gift card! Were incredibly excited to use it. Well be moving into our new home soon and this will help us buy the appliances we need. It truly means a lot to us, especially since weve been wanting to set up an at-home coffee station. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness!

While its not necessary to mention your general plans for the gift, its a nice touch and will make them feel good about gifting you something youll use in the near future. Dont state the specific amount of money or credits in the card. You can use an adjective like generous if its a substantial amount.

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To Guests Who Have Traveled Far

Dont forget to thank guests who went to great lengths to be with you on your wedding day. It shows a great deal about how much they care for you. They carved out the time and also the money to make it to your special day. Be sure to include how much you appreciate them for doing that! If they have not given you a gift, remember that their traveling expenses and time are just as valuable.

Mention A Detail About Their Involvement

If you can remember any specific details about their contribution to the planning process or a funny moment during the party, include it in your message. If they made a great toast, let them know it was memorable! If they were cutting shapes on the dance floor, let them know they were the life of the party. Any specifics you can include will feel even more personal and make your guests feel valued.

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