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What To Write In Wedding Thank You Cards

Three: Say Something Nice About The Gift

How to Write Bridal Shower Thank-You Cards

Add a sentence or two about what the gift means to you. Be specific. You can talk about how it makes you feel, how it improves your life, or how it satisfies a long-standing desire. Use your words to impress on your recipient the extent of your appreciation. Once youve said your piece, you can close with another heartfelt thank you.

Thats three easy steps to short but powerful thank you cards. If you find yourself writing more then four or five sentences, youve written too much.

With few words, the structure above will help you realize the single most crucial tip when filling out wedding thank you cards personalization. If your cards feel like they could have been written to anyone, theyll leave your guests feeling cold.

This three-step template structure supplies personalization in spades. It builds your card around each persons gift and what it means to you. This guarantees that each card is explicitly tailored to its recipient.

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Do You Send Thank You Cards To Everyone Who Attended A Wedding

You will write wedding thank you cards to anyone who attended the wedding. And when deciding on the wedding thank you note wording, you must write it with sincerity and appreciation.

Some examples include wedding thank you notes for your parents, wedding party, and even those who contributed to the wedding day like the vendors. The guests who took the time to travel also deserve gratitude.

Who To Send Wedding Thank You Cards To

Weâre sure that you expressed your gratitude to every single one of your guests, whether you had a formal receiving line or made the rounds to each table. But, thank you notes are still in order after your special day. A thoughtful thank you note warms the heart, but itâs also a chance to give your gift-giver a permanent reminder of the fun they had on your wedding day. While you donât need to send a personal message to every individual wedding guest, hereâs who you really ought to send a thank you note to:

Anyone who gave you a physical gift.

Anyone who gave money. This includes guests who gave to your honeymoon fund or charity registry, as well as any benefactors who contributed to the cost of the event itself, or anyone who gave a cash gift or gift card, day-of.

Everyone in the wedding party: maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids, and groomsmen.

Hosts of the wedding and attendant celebrations, including the wedding dress shopping, bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinner, and post-wedding brunch.

Wedding vendors who went above and beyond throughout the wedding planning process or in their execution .

Any loved ones who helped you out in a pinch or helped make the day extra specialâwhether by printing wedding programs, hand-delivering a lost wedding invitation, officiating your actual wedding ceremony, or who brought the funk to the dance party at the wedding reception.

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Thank You Card Wordings For A Gift Card

Use special wordings to write a thank you note for a gift card, which falls into a practical gift category.

  • Hey! We were looking for some kitchenware and other appliances online. And your wedding gift voucher became a valuable asset for us. Our desire to pick out what we needed became easier with the coupon amount. Love and thanks!
  • Your restaurant gift card for our favorite place looks so sweet and straight from the heart. Its the thought that counts, and we love the way you planned it. We appreciate and value your useful gifting option for a private dinner.
  • Thank you for the token of love you sent for the wedding. With the coupon, you have given us a gift choice. We can select from the wide range of options available at the online store.
  • To Someone Who Wasnt Invited

    10 Wedding Thank

    Lets be honest, writing a wedding thank you card wording for someone who wasnt invited is awkward. However, you can still use the same principles from other wedding thank you notes. You dont have to mention the wedding when thanking someone for a gift. Thank them for their thoughtfulness and humble gesture.

    Dear XXX,Thank you so much for your generous gift and well-wishes. We went to X for our honeymoon and thanks to you we were able to do XYZ which was wonderful definitely something to remember! Were so thankful for your love, support and kindness.We hope to see you when were next in X.Love,

    Dear XXX,Thank you so much for the very generous gift! It is so nice to have some extra money to use to complete our registry and continue to make our apartment our own. We really appreciate you thinking of us!We hope all is well with you and the family and hopefully well see you next time were back in X!Thanks again!

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    Keep Track Of Your Gift Givers

    Writing your wedding thank you cards can feel like an impossible task at times. You have to remember everyone who attended, who sent you a gift, and what they gave you. Simplify the process by creating a spreadsheet or document to keep track of everything.

    Use your wedding invitations guest list to help you get started. In your spreadsheet, make space to record the gift givers name, whether it was a physical or monetary gift, and what the gift was. If youre feeling super organized, you could even take a photo of gifts as you unwrap them and keep this alongside your notes.

    When To Send Wedding Thank You Cards

    For thank you notes in response to a wedding gift, you have three months to draft and send your reply.

    Card etiquettesuggests writing and sending your note the very day you receive the wedding gift. Keep in mind that this is an organizational and time-saving tip, not a rule. Take on the task at whatever pace you needâtry and get a little done every day, otherwise, youâll find yourself with 100 unwritten notes and only a few evenings to write them.

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    Thank You Wording For People Who Gifted But Couldnt Attend

    Oftentimes, if someone is invited to your wedding but cannot attend, they will send a gift in lieu of their presence. This is a lovely gesture, one that should be specifically called out in your wedding thank-you wording to them. Theyll appreciate that you remembered to thank them in addition to all your other wedding guests! Here are some thank you card examples for people who sent a gift but could not attend your big day:


    • It was so thoughtful of you to send us a wedding present! While we missed having you at our celebration, we knew you were with us in spirit, and we cant wait to use your generous gift toward our honeymoon!
    • Thank you for sending us such a special gift! We so appreciate you sending us love from afar. We hope to see you soon and thank you again in person!
    • We were so touched to receive your generous gift! Thank you for thinking of us on our wedding day. We are so grateful for your friendship!

    Wedding Thank You Cards Wording Examples

    Wedding Tips & Advice : How to Write a Thank-You Card for a Wedding

    Wedding Photographer: Josephine Lee Photography | Thank You Card: For the Love of Stationery

    Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding day. It was so great to have you all there to celebrate with us. We really appreciate all your kind and generous gifts and contributions toward our honeymoon. We had the most amazing time travelling around Italy in September/October.

    We cant wait to see what the future will bring for us and we are excited for you to be a part of it.

    This is a tad similar to a previous point but Luke and Sophie gave more details as to what and when theyve done with their wedding gifts.

    If youve used your wishing well towards your honeymoon, tell your guests where you and your new hubby have gone. We are sure they would love to know how Italy went next time they see you!

    Dont forget to have the photos ready to show them

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    Best Thank You Card Wording Samples To Give To Someone Who Didnt Attend

    • Dear guest,

    We are sorry that you cant make it to our wedding. We surely missed you, and were thinking of you on such a beautiful day. Thank you for the gift you sent us.

    Best wishes, xxx and xx

    • Dear guest,

    Thank you for being a part of our journey, and we are truly blessed to have you in our lives. We appreciate your generosity on our wedding day.

    Best wishes, xxx and xxx

    • Dear guest,

    We are thankful that youre thinking of us on our wedding day. We are grateful for the gift you sent us. We love you, and we hope to celebrate the future with you as we begin this journey.

    Best wishes, xxx and xxx

    Generic Thank You Wording Examples

    These example wedding thank you notes are generic and easily customisable. So they can be used to say thank you in a general way and should be suitable for most situations.

    Dear _______,

    Thank you so much for . We really appreciate . It was a magical day and we couldnt be happier. Thank you for help make it so special.

    Kind regards,


    Dear _______,

    We were so thrilled to . It was a fantastic day made even more memorable by . We just wanted to reach out with our thanks.

    Best wishes,

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    Wedding Thank You Card Wording Ideas To Inspire You

    Your wedding day is filled with love, joy, and the company of your closest friends and family who help transform it into a magical day. So, its only natural to want to send them a thank you note for everything theyve done. Heres how to perfect your wedding thank you card wording for sweet, heartfelt, and personalized messages of gratitude.

    Thank You For Money Or Gift Card

    Wedding Thank you note examples

    With an open-ended gift like this, its a nice touch to mention your general plans for it, but not absolutely necessary. Rather than stating the specific amount of money given, you can just refer to the generous gift or gift card.

    Example #1

    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Greenlee,Trey and I are so grateful for the generous hardware store gift card. Were moving into a bit of a fixer-upper, and this will help us so much. It means a lot to know youre thinking of us and wishing us well as we start out together. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness!Sincerely,

    Example #2

    Dear Aunt Mary,Thanks so much for the very thoughtful wedding gift. Couples can always use a little help getting started on their new life together, and were no exception. Your caring means a lot to us. And so do you.Love,John and Katie

    Writing-tip: Double-check that youre using the correct form and spelling of your recipients names. When in doubt about what level of formality to use, opt for your recipients last name with the correct title .

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    Wedding Thank You Note For Money

    Dear Ken & Mary,

    We were so pleased that you could make it to our wedding! Your generous gift will be put to good use as we work on remodeling our new house and turning it into our home. Well never forget those crazy dance moves of yours, thanks so much for coming to the wedding. Were excited to have yall over for dinner very soon!

    Love you guys,

    Joseph & Christine

    Wedding Gift Thank You Card Wording

    Whether they purchased a gift off your wedding registry or selected a gift on their own, a gift is a thoughtful gesture from your wedding guests. When writing thank you notes for wedding gifts, your note should be equally as considerate. Be sure to reference the specific gift and how it will be used or what you love about it. Here are some wedding gift thank you message ideas to get you started:


    • Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift! We cant wait to bust out our new outdoor serving set when we entertain in the backyard this summer. We are so grateful that you celebrated our marriage with us!
    • Your gift was incredibly generous, and we appreciate it so much. We love the luxurious feel of these towels, and the color will go perfectly with our new bathroom! We are so grateful for your friendship.
    • We could not stop admiring the amazing piece of art you gifted us! We are so grateful for this generous gift and cant wait to hang it in a place of honor in our new home. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and for sharing our wedding day with us!

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    Example #2 Guest Who Did Not Give A Gift From Bridal Registry

    Mention how much you love the gift and how you cant wait to use it regularly.

    Dear Auntie Pat,I was touched that you were able to fly in from Las Vegas for our wedding. I enjoyed having a chance to catch up with you, and Derrick was delighted to finally meet you.The Wusthof knife set and wooden block is such a thoughtful gift, and makes our new kitchen complete. It will come in very handy over the holidays for many years to come. I do hope well be able to spend one of those holidays together soon.It was lovely seeing you at the wedding and thank you again for the wonderful gift.Lots of love,Abigail and Derrick


    When Should You Send Wedding Thank

    Sample wording for wedding thank you cards – How to write a great thank you card

    Now you know that wedding thank-you cards are a must for each guest. Next, you might wonder if there are any timing rules to followand there are. It’s recommended to send wedding thank-you cards within two weeks of receiving a gift before your wedding. Then, for all gifts received after, aim to send thank-yous within three months of your wedding date.

    Sending late thank-you cards isn’t the end of the world, but it’s recommended to send them within this given time frame to express your gratitude in a respectful, timely manner. We explain why right here.

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    For Giving A Cash Gift

    Design: Shiny Penny Studio

    These days, wedding gifts dont have to stick to the traditional format. Many guests prefer to give money or a gift card that you can use however you like.

    When writing thank you cards, some couples like to specify the amount of money given, while others dont. Whatever you decide, personalize the note with what youre thinking of spending the money on, so your guest feels a sense of joy about contributing to a special item or experience.

    Dear Simon and Hannah,

    Thanks so much for your generous gift towards our honeymoon fund. We cant wait to escape to and treat ourselves to a once-in-a-lifetime guided tour. Were so grateful that youve helped make this possible for us.

    Love always,

    Dear Lucy,

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful gift of $150. As you know, were renovating our house this year, and your gift will help us make it feel like home with some gorgeous artwork. We appreciate you being part of this special moment with us, and we hope to see you again soon.

    With love,

    Sophie and Clare

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