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Where Can I Watch My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Uk

Big Fat Gypsy Weddings

The Girl Who Married a Gypsy | Big Fat Gypsy Weddings

Because YoudBig Fat Gypsy Weddings

Big Fat Gypsy Weddings is a British documentary series broadcast on Channel 4, that explores the lives and traditions of several Irish Traveller families as they prepare to unite one of their number in marriage. The series also featured Romanichal in several episodes, and has been criticised for not accurately representing Englands Romani and Travelling community. It was first broadcast in February 2010 as a one-off documentary called My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, filmed as part of the Cutting Edge series and voted Most Groundbreaking Show in the Cultural Diversity Awards 2010. A series of 5 episodes were later commissioned, and the series first aired in January 2011. A second series began airing in February 2012. A third series was not made, rather the show ended with six stand-alone specials. In North America, the show airs on TLC under the title My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, with the original narration by Barbara Flynn replaced by Ellen K., while the TLC network started airing a spinoff featuring American Roma called My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding.Big Fat Gypsy Weddings featuring Barbara Flynn and Paddy Doherty has one or more episodes available for purchase on iTunes, and available for purchase on Prime Video. It’s a documentary and reality show with 13 episodes over 2 seasons. Big Fat Gypsy Weddings is no longer running and has no plans to air new episodes or seasons. It has a less than average IMDb audience rating of 5.0 .

Many Roma Find The Show Offensive

“The majority of Romani people have never been to Rathkeale, let alone own houses there,” unleashes Pip, a male Roma, in an open letter to the show. “We suffer from discrimination on a daily basis and our human rights have historically been violated, yet you deem it acceptable to broadcast a misleading ‘documentary’ that has been made, not to raise awareness of our plight, but for entertainment. We are not a joke, we are human beings and your work of fiction is only strengthening stereotypes and ignorance.”

Helen, a female Traveller in her twenties, felt the exact same way, telling The Guardian: “The way us women come across in the programme is a disgrace. It shows us as nothing but slaves to the men, only good for cooking and cleaning, and always being available to open our legs to them. We don’t want that for our daughters.”

It Used To Be A British Tv Show

First premiering in the United Kingdom and Ireland on February 18, 2010 under the title Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, the show enjoyed two seasons on Channel 4 and became the “eighth highest-rating programme ever” on the station, with 6.4 million curious viewers tuning into its first episode, and a whopping 7.5 million coming back the following week. On April 13, 2011, TLC revealed that it was working on adapting the show for a seven-part series and, in 2012, announced that it would use original footage from its British counterpart, but replace the original narrator with Ellen K, co-host of On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

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My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding Home

Brittany was devastated to lose her father unexpectedly and now she worries the family is cursed with bad luck! Can they make things right? Tune in to the

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, profile picture. Join So they werent married legally ?? Are Crazy Swayze and Brittany divorced now or what?

The Outrageous ‘grabbing’ Ritual Isn’t Real

13+ Where Can I Watch My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Uk Pics of the year ...

On more than one occasion, the show has given airtime to a so-called ‘grabbing’ ritual, which gives young men permission to grab a woman who catches their eye and use force to receive a kiss. As it turns out, most in the community have never heard of this ritual. As Roma Pip wrote sarcastically in his open letter to Channel 4 “I would have been married by now, if only I had known that the key to a woman’s heart was to sexually assault her using a Gypsy courting ritual called ‘grabbing’. I asked my brother if he had grabbed his wife, but it turned out he had just asked her out on a date instead,” he quipped. “It appears that in reality, no one actually knows what grabbing is.”

In an interview with The Guardian, Mary, a 15-year-old Irish Traveller, revealed: “Grabbing has never happened to me or any of my friends and the first time I ever saw it was on the telly. I wouldn’t put up with it, and I don’t know why they made out we all do it. It’s just one nasty boy they showed.” Brigid, another Irish Traveller interviewed by the paper, seconded the sentiment, saying: “Grabbing has never happened to my kids. I have honestly never heard of it. It’s all make-believe.”

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My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding

Piggybacking off a popular British documentary series that tells of the Gypsy culture in the U.K., TLC goes inside the heretofore hidden world of American Gypsies, using their extravagant wedding celebrations to reveal a group of people who live alongside but free from mainstream society, guided by century-old religious and cultural traditions. Though secretive and based on long-held values, the Gypsy lifestyle is anything but discreet. In fact, it’s awash in modern-day influences, resulting in wedding, holy communion and birthday bashes that are large, loud and lavish. The series includes appearances by dressmaker Sondra Celli, who is seen designing elaborate gowns for weddings and other milestones.

Big Fat Gypsy Weddings: The Luck Of The Irish

In this special episode we celebrate all things Ireland, meeting Irish Travellers from both sides of the Irish Sea, exploring the special bond they share and some of the values they often don’t.

In England 16 year old Lully is preparing for her spectacular wedding day. She speaks with a thick Irish accent, calls herself an Irish Traveller and lives within fiercely Irish community. But shes never been to Ireland.

Lully got together with her fiancé when he grabbed her at the cinema during Shrek 4. But although she has her heart set on a huge Irish Traveller wedding, the build up appears jinxed. First the stress causes her to lose her voice, then disaster strikes the night before when there is an argument over the payment for the dresses

In Ireland, the fearsome Joyce family are getting ready for Baby Alices christening. She has been born into strong Traveller stock grandfather Joe is a former bare-knuckle boxer whose fighting prowess once saw him crowned The King of the Travellers. But before Alices big day the Joyces are out to celebrate St Patricks Day. Its one of the few days of the year when the Joyces mix with the locals, but Joe is banned from every pub in town and he believes that Travellers arent widely welcome.

Most of the Joyces have now left Ireland to live in England, but as Joe reveals, he doesnt approve of some of the new traditions including the controversial dating ritual of grabbing.

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How Much Money Should I Give As A Wedding Gift

My Big Fat American Gypsy Weddings Sondra Celli Talks Gowns MailOnline: They cook and clean all the time: Two non-gypsy men reveal why they are

Apr 27, 2021 How many seasons are there of My Big Fat American Gypsy wedding? Today, the two brides are now stay-at-home moms.

Oct 16, 2020 fat american gypsy wedding peewee and brittany still married my big fat american gypsy wedding where are they now peewee and brittany

Jan 31, 2021 While Amanda added: Im married into the gypsy life now, And this couple who reveal they waited until marriage to have sex are

Heath and Alyssas marriage lasted over a month, Alyssa reconciled and moved Nettie and Nookie have reconciled so Nookie now lives with her mom again.

May 30, 2011 TLCs My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is wildly misleading. For fearless reporting in defense of democracy, subscribe now!Subscribe

Feb 23, 2019 They just denied that most people on the show are paid actors and all the weddings are fake. But marrying your cousin is normal, they do

Dec 1, 2018 Fast forward two-and-a-half years later and now Maison and Karen are about to get married. Karen says, I love Maison more than anything. And

Sep 8, 2021 Big Fat Gypsy Weddings star Paddy Doherty hospitalised for third time Hardman Paddy Doherty has beaten prostate cancer and is now a huge

May 8, 2012 So Ive just learned the culture behind the clothes and Ive used to design what they like and now they give me complete freedom because they

Not All Wedding Dresses Are That Extravagant

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding UK Episodes | Thelma Madine Dresses

“I’ve been to many Gypsy and Traveller weddings, but I’m yet to attend a wedding where the bride’s dress weighs more than my whole family,” reveals Roma Pip. “It is a shame that you haven’t featured any Gypsy or Traveller designers because the clothing that we were actually more traditionally known for before your ‘documentary’, is actually far more interesting than amusing.” Speaking with The Guardian, Helen, a Traveller in her 20s, revealed: “I don’t know anyone so rich that they can afford to splash out on wedding dresses like that. Mine was secondhand.”

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Big Fat Gypsy Weddings: Chantelle Kielly Marries Her First Cousin

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Chantelle Kielly, 18, tied the knot with her first cousin Jim in her home town of Rathkeale in Ireland.

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The Show Omits Major Cultural Details

One of the biggest criticisms the show has received to date is that it groups Travellers and Roma together, despite there being very prominent differences between the two cultures. “Travellers are ethnic Irish, while the Roma came from Eastern Europe ,” explains Seyward Darby, online editor for The New Republic, in an article titled Big Fat Disgrace. He continued: “Viewers are instead offered an overly simplistic view of the cultures of Travellers and Roma with scarcely any historical or political context about their place in the United Kingdom and Europe.” What’s more, “there is no explanation of why tradition dictated for centuries that they live nomadic lifestyles.”

European Roma Pip seconded this sentiment in an open letter to show producers, writing: “Just 10% of the Gypsy and Traveller population are actually Irish Travellers. The majority, like myself, are in fact Romany, yet your ‘documentary’ seems to ignore our existence. While Irish Travellers originate from Ireland, we can trace our routes back to India, so it was hardly surprising that I was somewhat confused when you use the word Gypsy in the title of your ‘documentary’ about Irish Travellers.”

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding Where Are They Now

Update: My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Will Air on TLC Starting this May

Oct 29, 2020 It should go without saying that one of TLC fans guilty pleasures is My Big Fat American Wedding. Heres what they are doing now.

Jul 28, 2021 Gypsy brides where are they now? We all fawned and ogled over the brides dresses and accessories of my big fat gypsy wedding show. Now, where

Dec 9, 2020 Gypsy Sisters stars Mellie and Nettie Stanley, Annie Malone, Joann Wells, and Kayla Williams havent slowed down. Heres what theyre all

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Cutting Edge: My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

Entering the world of 21st Century gypsy and traveller weddings, where ancient traditions meet modern fashions in an ostentatious culture clash, this film follows four gypsy and traveller families on their wedding day. Considered “on the shelf” at 20, in gypsy and traveller communities many girls get married soon after their 16th birthday with the support of their family. The weddings are visual spectacles: brides and their families compete to have the most flamboyant dresses girls parade into church in enormous dresses that sometimes weigh more than the bride herself. Although the women look sexually provocative there is a tradition of premarital chastity that is increasingly unusual in Britain today. Gaining rare access to this fascinating and often misunderstood community, the film uses the prism of the weddings to reveal a culture where marriages between first cousins are acceptable but having children out of wedlock is still taboo and divorce is unheard of. Used to facing prejudice, this is a community that lives alongside but detached from mainstream society. It is a world of contrasts, living by centuries old religious and cultural traditions but at the same time embracing the gaudier extremes of the celebrity – and fashion-obsessed times in which we live.

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For Women It’s Often Far From Happily Ever After

The Guardian revealed that many Gypsy and Traveller women in the UK suffer from domestic violence. “A study in Wrexham, cited in a paper by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, found that 61% of married English Gypsy women and 81% of Irish Travellers had experienced domestic abuse.” What’s more, “the welfare needs of this community are vast. The women are three times more likely to miscarry or have a stillborn child compared to the rest of the population, mainly, it is thought, as a result of reluctance to undergo routine gynaecological care, and infections linked to poor sanitation and lack of clean water.”

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The Show Has Had A Negative Effect On Traveller And Roma Communities

We Married After FIVE Months! | Big Fat Gypsy Weddings

Speaking candidly with The Guardian, Irish Traveller and mom of six Kathleen revealed: “Every week I go to the school and the parents are talking about that programme. They won’t let our kids mix with theirs because they say we stink and don’t talk properly. Settled kids won’t even play sports with ours in case they touch them.”

As New Republic reported back in May 2011, a quick Twitter search found that “viewers called the show ‘crazy’ and ‘a trainwreck,’ and referred to the women on it as ‘whores’ and ‘hookers.'” Even more shocking, “one viewer took to Twitter Sunday night to write, tragically, ‘I now understand why all of Europe hates gypsies.'”

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