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How Much To Charge For Wedding Photos

Two Ways You Can Price Your Photography

Photography Pricing: How Much To Charge For Wedding Photography In 2020!

In photography we two types of pricing:

  • per image

Per image is used mostly for portrait, architect, food, product, services type of photography. While working by the hour is used for different types of events.

This means you can do portrait photography by the hour, you will lose money. When doing these kinds of jobs, you need to include post-processing work in your pricing.

This is why one portrait picture as a beginner will cost $15 or more. You need to cover all of your expenses and also make a bank.

Also, one other example if someone comes to you and he wants 20 pictures for a website, it will be better if you use per image pricing then by the hour.

Using this you can put a higher price value on your images and make more money.

Think before you choose the way you will charge these services to your clients.

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How To Choose A Photographer

Start your research online, where most photographers maintain websites that showcase their work. A site like can help you find options in your area. You could always bring in a photographer from out of town, which might make sense if youre getting married in a high-priced city, although it could get very expensive very quickly, since youll typically need to pay their travel expenses.

Also, ask for word-of-mouth references from friends who were married in or near the same town where youll be wed.

Once you have some options, check their pricingit might be indicated on WeddingWire or posted on their website or you may need to call to ask about it. If you love their photographic style and can swing their fee, set up an in-person meeting, if possible, to make sure theres a personality fit.

The best photographers book up earlyoften a year to 18 months in advance for in-demand weekends. Most will require a deposit or retainer fee at the time of your booking, with the remainder due shortly before the wedding.

Of course, these days, almost everyone has a camera in their hand, thanks to smartphones. You can use this to your advantage by collecting all the pictures your friends and family take at your ceremony and reception. However, if you want a high-quality portrait to blow up and frame in your home, you should hire a pro.

How Much Do Photographers Get Paid

For beginner Australian photographers starting their journey, one question they may face is. Do I look for a salary photography job? Or do I start marketing myself and become freelance?

According to the research by Pay Scales, beginner photographers can expect to be paid around 30% above Australias minimum wage. Which in October 2019 is $38, 521.60 pre tax. With average photographer salary of AU$54,903.

Below is from data sourced from Pay Scales.

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How Do You Calculate Licensing Fees

A great way to calculate the costs of a usage license is to use Getty Image License Calculator. This allows you to select the intended use for an image along with the specific market its to be used for.

AOP also has a great licensing fee calculator you can compare with Gettys to get an idea of the right price range for your business.

Best Settings For Sports Photography

Average Wedding Costs

Category: Photography 1. 10 Sports Photography tips for beginners DigitalRev Jul 18, 2012 On a bright sunny day, this is usually the best setting to use. Many professionals for sports photography use aperture priority mode. What we The Perfect Camera Settings for Action and Sports Photography · Use

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Picking The Perfect Price

If youre just breaking into photography and wondering how much to charge per hour, or if youve been running your business for some time and want to raise your rates, this article will help you decide how to price your work.

There are many different ways to price your photography. Different photography niches tend to lend themselves to different pricing models as well. For example, commercial photographers can charge per image, per day, or a fee for the entire project. Event photographers usually charge an hourly or a daily rate for their services. Well explore how you can pick a pricing structure that works for you further on in this article

Knowing what to charge is one of the hardest things to figure out as a photographer. You may think your prices arent competitive enough, but well explain further on why this usually isnt the case.

The Photography Intern Vs The Photography Professional

No matter what job a person is choosing to work, there will be some level of a learning curve. The best wedding photographers will normally have the opportunity to assist, shadow, and second shoot with other already established wedding photographers to get a taste of the work without having to fully invest themselves into the responsibilities of the job.

We often think of starting photographers as the interns of the wedding industry in much the same way a person would intern to be a teacher, counselor, etc. While the idea of an unpaid intern seems to be getting less common , it still remains one potential route. The idea here is that this intern is receiving compensation in the form of experience and that may be sufficient compensation for some.

This is just the simple fact and while many photographers will object to the idea of working for exposure, we can at least understand the logic behind it.

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How To Save Money On Wedding Photography

iSave to

Splurging on your wedding photos will give you some feeling of satisfaction, especially when the pictures are divine. But what do you do if you need to save some cost on your wedding?

Remember, the pictures alone take up to 15% of your wedding budget. It may be little for some, but what if you cannot afford it?

Well, we will show you some ways to save a couple of dollars from wedding photos.

  • Ask the photographer if you can cut out some excesses which you dont need. Things like getting ready bridal photos, engagement sessions, and all. This will cut back on at least 3 to 4 hours, saving you money in thousands.
  • If you are hell-bent on a particular photographer because they are so good, negotiate! Ask for discounts and the least price possible.
  • Look for photographers who are comfortable shooting alone. The more staff there are, the costlier your shoot gets. As for one photographer instead of two. But be sure that they have experience with shooting alone.
  • Patronize ones in your locale. If you bring in a photographer from out of the state or country, youd spend more. Asides from their expertise, youd foot the bill for airfare, food, accommodation. Better you work with one around you.


Engagements last for 14 months on average. But the best time to book your photographer is 9 months before your wedding.

This is especially for those whose wedding is a year away. If your wedding is in less than a year, begin the scout now.


Do I Have To Pay For My Wedding Photographer’s Meals

How Much Should You Charge To Shoot A Wedding

For your wedding vendors who will be present during your actual wedding you will need to provide hot meals. Yes, this is indeed an added expense that you might not have expected to incur, but its an important onevendors who are well-fed and happy will better be able to bring their A-game for your big day! Your wedding caterer is likely accustomed to providing these vendor meals, so be sure to discuss this with them.

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Business Start Up Camera Equipment Budget

  • Basic lighting from $2000
  • Accessories $1000
  • Camera Bag $500

One cost that also needs some consideration is the time gaining experience and education. Building up a solid Portfolio of work takes time and planning, so allow for that cost.

Would you only pay yourself less than $20 an hour as a professional photographer ? And thats before tax. Wouldnt cover insurance or transport, not in Sydney at least. Once you factor in the 20%-30% tax photographers have to pay as an independent contractor, that time may have as well have been volunteer work. Were not dissing volunteering, we think its incredibly important and do so ourselves. Check out our about page.

Happy to hear your point of view on this, send us an email if you agree or otherwise.

How Much Do I Charge For The First Time Wedding Photo Shoot

I am an amateur photographer as far as event photography is concerned. I have done private event shoots only for my family and friends .

Last weekend, I was invited to do a wedding photo shoot for an office colleague in local Bay Area, California. Apparently, they did not find any professional photog on a short notice, so they called me as they know I am a good photog.

I spent about 6 hours at the event in total and additional couple of hours in post-processing the pictures. I showed them some selected pictures and they loved them.They do not want any prints or albums. They just want soft copies of the selected photos. And now I have to tell the total price of my service.

I am not really sure how much I should charge for this event. Any help in suggesting how I should go about determining the price of this service would be appreciated.

I don’t know if this will help but here’s what I shot with: Canon 5D MII, Canon 24-105 f4 IS, Canon Speedlite 430EX II and on the spare Canon T3i, Canon 50 f1.8.

  • 6What did your contract say… oh wait. Well you didn’t get sued yet, so I would deliver the images, and start over next time.

Wow, are you hosed. You tell them the price before you start. Its too late now.

Traditionally, wedding photographers made all their money off prints. If you give them soft copies, you cut yourself out of that profit stream.

All that is water over the dam. Its too late for this one. Ask for $250 and be ready to accept less.

$800 remains.

Good luck.

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What Influences The Price

If you wonder what affects the price of wedding photographer services, lets see the main factors to consider.

Location. If you dont know how to choose a wedding photographer, pay attention to where a person you will hire is based as it will significantly affect the overall price. For instance, LA-based photographers usually charge from $4,000 to $6,000.

If you live in Louisville, the price will range from $3500 to $5500. So prices in your local area might be significantly different from those that other people pay.

Experience. Its hardly surprising that pro-level photographers charge more for their services as they have more experience and can take perfect photoshoots to capture the best moments of your wedding. They have impressive portfolios and have taken pictures of hundreds of weddings, which is why they know how to re-schedule photo sessions, keep tensions low and solve any timeline issues.

If you hire a local photographer, they might have already taken photos at the venue you have booked, which will help them organize everything more quickly. In addition, experienced photographers have advanced skills, which help them fix any issues with lighting, avoid possible misunderstandings and deliver the best possible results under any circumstances.

Time of the year and day of the week. The overall wedding costs will depend on the date and time of the event that you are planning. Depending on the season, the prices for catering and photography services can vary by 30%.

When Should You Take Your Engagement Photos Releases 2013 Wedding Statistics

Couples usually take engagement photos about three months before their wedding date. You should work with your photographer to determine the best time for your needs. Some couples will adjust their timing to have a warm-weather engagement shoot, but dont shy away from a winter photo session. We find winter engagement shoots to be among the most intimate, cozy and romantic!

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The Average Cost Of A Wedding Photographer In Australia

The cost of a wedding photographer in Australia has increased by 8% over the past year, averaging $3,211.

This, of course, takes into consideration the costs across all states and territories, as well as couples hiring professional photographers as opposed to having a friend or family member take their photos for them. Photography is one of the most important things when it comes to the wedding day, with 91% of couples hiring a professional for their day. By comparison, a mere 7% have an amateur take their photos. Only 2% prefer not to have photos at all!

Professional Photography In Australia Prices Compared

The London Event Photography Company has these rates listed and covers the basics. Flat rates for all the different genres of event photography. Current rates advertised in 2019 Pound Sterling converted to Australian Dollars

  • Two hours photography, £350 AU$644
  • Three hours photography, £400 AU$736
  • Four hours photography, £500 AU$920
  • Five hours photography, £600 AU$1,104
  • Six hours photography, £700 AU$1,287
  • Seven hours photography, £800 AU$1,471
  • Full day photography, £900 AU$1,655
  • And in Hong Kong by Currency converted to Australian dollars in October 2019

    Hong Kong vs Australian Comparison Table Photography Pricing

    Type of Shoot

    Plus taxes and travel and some may have photo limits and extra charges.

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    Continue To Revisit Pricing

    Pricing isnt a once-and-done kind of deal. As your business grows, revisit your pricing. Whats working and whats not? What packages do most of your bride and groom select? Do couples often ask for an option that you currently dont have?

    As your business grows, wedding photography prices shouldnt stay stagnant. As you gain more experience, hone your style and offer more value, revisit that price list and make adjustments.

    Dont keep beginners prices when you are already a professional photographer. Try revisiting your prices every year during the slow season. Or decide to adjust prices every time you book a certain number of weddings.

    Understand Who Your Client Is

    Wedding photography – How much to charge?

    Sometimes, the groom or the mother of the bride or groom will hire me, but most of the time, my job is to win over the bride. Brides are not educated art buyers. In most cases, this is the first time they have ever hired a photographer. They don’t necessarily know what “good” or “technical” photography is, and instead, they will make decisions based on emotions. If your work and your website can win them over, money probably won’t be an issue.

    It is customary, at least in America, for the bride’s family to pay for the wedding. This certainly isn’t guaranteed, but most of the time, my clients are not writing the checks. Therefore, you must remember that the bride who is hiring you isn’t spending her own money. If you’re meeting with a potential client who has seen your rates, chances are that the budget has already been determined and the money has already been allotted for the photography.

    If you want to know how much money they have for photography, I wouldn’t suggest directly asking them. Instead, if you can get a bit of information about the wedding location and number of guests, it’s pretty easy to estimate the cost of the entire event and then determine how much money they have budgeted for wedding photography based on the 15% estimation we talked about above.

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