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What Finger Is Wedding Ring Finger

In The Uk Which Ring Goes On First

Which HAND Does a Wedding Ring Go On | Wedding Ring Finger

In the UK, women normally wear their engagement ring on top of the wedding ring, meaning that the wedding ring is placed on the finger first. The reason for this is an old British superstition which states that a wedding ring must never be taken off.

During the wedding ceremony the bride puts her engagement ring temporarily on their right hand. This leaves the left hand free for the wedding ring.

When the ceremony is over, the bride slides the engagement ring on top of the new wedding band to seal it in place.

Which Is The Ring Finger For Males In India

In India, the ring finger for males is the fourth finger of the hand, right beside the pinky finger. The engagement/ wedding ring for males in India is worn in the right hand. The women in India, however, wear the engagement/ wedding ring on the same finger but on the left hand. Traditionally, in India, no concept of engagement rings was being followed and the shagun/ roka ceremony was the *only* thing that made everything official. However, now, with Westernisation and personal preferences, both boys and girls wear engagement/ wedding rings on their ring fingers.

Which Finger Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring On

Given this knowledge, most wearers dictate their fourth finger on their left hand as their engagement ring finger. Since it’s become so mainstream over the years, the engagement ring finger is generally known to be on the left hand. However, there aren’t any steadfast rules about ways you must wear your wedding jewelry. If the ring feels comfortable on another finger or your opposite hand, you can wear it wherever you please.

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If you’re planning your wedding and looking down at that sparkler, you’re probably wondering how you’ll wear your engagement ring on your wedding day. The first thing to note is that married people typically wear their wedding bands closer to their heartsâin other words, below the engagement ring.

Probably the most popular way to swing this is to move your engagement ring to your right hand for your walk down the aisle. That way, your fiance can slide your wedding band onto your left hand, and you can then later place your engagement ring on top of it.

“Usually people have slightly larger ring sizes on the right hand, but as long as it is within a quarter of the size, this should work,” Ghanimian says. If the engagement ring is too big or too small to do thisâor you just don’t want to take the engagement ring off âit’s okay to put your band above your engagement ring. Some people even have their wedding band soldered to the engagement ring so that it becomes one piece of jewelry and represents the marital bond.

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But Wait Which Finger Is A Promise Ring Worn On

Engagement rings are not to be confused with promise rings. Long ago, promise rings used to symbolize an engagement was to follow, but nowadays, that notion may not necessarily be true. The promise ring from the sixteenth century has a much different connotation today as many people choose to wear one to symbolize love or an exclusive relationship.

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What Does The Left Ring Finger Symbolize

Inspiration 70 of What Finger Wedding Ring Women

The Ring Finger is the ring finger on the right hand. When it comes to men, the left ring finger represents marriage and engagement. It was referred to as the vena amoris, which literally translates as love vein. Since then, it has become customary to wear a wedding band on the ring finger on the right hand. Back in the twentieth century, wearing wedding bands on the ring finger was not customary practice.

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The Wedding Ring Finger Meaning

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Wedding rings are a sweet symbol of eternal love throughout history. “The tradition of wedding rings came about in Egypt, about 4,800 years ago,” Ghanimian says. “The circle symbolizes eternity, with no beginning or end. What most people don’t know is that the hole in the center of the ring also has significanceâit’s not just space, but rather a gateway or door. When you give someone a ring, it signifies immortal love.”

Couples typically exchange rings during their wedding ceremony, placing the ring on each other’s wedding ring fingerâthe fourth finger of the left handâafter saying their vows. As for determining what hand does the wedding ring goes on, the choice is really up to you. Traditions are nice, but etiquette rules have softened through the years.

There are no rules on which metal your wedding rings must be made of, or whether or not they should match. You can opt for simple bands or more elaborate ones with stones or designs. Some couples choose to have their wedding date or a romantic phrase inscribed in their bands.

Can I Wear My Engagement Ring And Wedding Ring On Different Fingers

Sure! You can wear your engagement ring and wedding ring on different fingers or even different hands.

Its common for married folks to wear the wedding band and engagement ring on the same finger, and some people even get the rings fused together into one larger ring. But if youd rather separate the rings, its totally up to you!

You could wear your rings on different fingers or hands based on your cultural or religious beliefs, or even just because you like how it looks! How you wear your jewelry is completely up to you theres no right or wrong way.

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How To Wear Them

The great thing about promise rings is that there is no strict rule on what finger we should wear, and it is optional for every person and every couple. Regarding that, we can wear them on every finger we want, or even decide to wear them on the chain on our neck if we are not someone who loves to wear jewelry on our hands. Everything is about their meaning and what they represent to us, so there is no wrong choice when it comes to wearing them.

The Ring Finger Of The Left Hand: A Tradition That Continues Until Today


In Western countries, the left ring finger is where a wedding ring is most commonly worn. This custom has its roots as far back as the ancient Egyptians. They believed in the so-called vein of love”, which was supposed to lead from the fourth finger of the left hand directly to the heart.

The placement but also the shape of the “ring of love” was symbolic.A circlethat has neither an end nor a beginning which representedthe infinity of love. The open space that the ring encircles then symbolizing the gateway into the new and as yet unknown relationship.

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Wedding Ring On Right Hand Meaning

Ancient Romans are widely credited for sparking the tradition of wearing ones wedding ring on the right hand. During these times, Romans believed that the left hand was unreliable, untrustworthy and unhappy. Similarly, wearing rings only on the right hand was customary in India for several years because the left hand was considered impure.

Luckily, the stigma of wearing a ring on the left hand isnt such a big deal in modern times. However, some countries and cultures still prefer the right hand vs the left or a mix of both. For example, in Germany and the Netherlands, golden engagement rings are worn on the left hand and wedding rings go on the right hand.

Who Wears a Wedding Ring On The Right Hand?

There are several cultures that wear their wedding ring on their right hand instead of their left. Additionally, sometimes the diamond engagement band is moved from the left hand to the right after marriage, or the bride and the groom wear their rings on different hands post-ceremony.

Other Male Celebs Who Wear Diamond Rings

Ed Sheeran is not the first celebrity male to wear an engagement ring. For example, Scarlett Johanssons first husband, Ryan Reynolds, wore an engagement ring. Singer Michael Bubble also wears one. Some women also say the reason they want their fiancé to wear a ring is to show he is off limits they believe the ring tradition should not only apply to women.

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Mens Wedding Ring For All Styles

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How Are The Engagement Ring And Wedding Band Worn

25 Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas That Don

The answer to this question can get a little complicated as the rings typically do some shifting in the journey to marriage.

When an engagement ring is first received, its most often worn on the ring finger of the left hand. This is typically the case right up until the wedding ceremony.

During the wedding ceremony where there will most likely be an exchange of wedding bands, the engagement ring shifts to being worn on the right hand ring finger. This is done because due to another tradition, as a symbol of ultimate love and devotion, the wedding band is typically worn closest to the heart with the engagement ring on the outside.

Wearing the engagement ring on the right hand during the ceremony also makes it easy for the wedding band to slip on the left hand without having to move a ring. After the ceremony, many will choose to shift their engagement ring back to the left hand ring finger so the two rings start to be worn as a pair.

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The Traditional Ring Finger Meaning

The tradition of wearing an engagement and/or wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand is a romantic oneâbut the meaning is totally untrue. Kristen Lawler-Trustey, a spokeswoman for jewelry brand Forevermark, explains that the ancient Romans believed this finger had a vein that ran directly to the heartâthe Vena Amoris, or “Vein of Love.” So of course, couples in love should wear the symbol of their love and devotion on that lifeline.

Today, we know there’s no such vein , yet the tradition of wearing the engagement and wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand continues here in the US. But there are some countries, says Zaven Ghanimian, CEO of Simon G Jewelry, where the ring finger of the right hand is the more popular choice for brides and grooms to wear their rings, like in Russia, Greece and Colombia.

Want to know more about which finger and hand to wear your wedding, engagement or promise ring? Read on.

Middle Eastern Jewish And Asian Customs

In Sinhalese and Tamil culture, the groom wears the wedding ring on his right hand and bride wears it on her left hand ring finger. This can be seen in countries like Sri Lanka where there is a rich Sinhalese and Tamil cultural influence in the society.

A wedding ring is not a traditional part of the religious Muslim wedding and wedding rings are not included in most Islamic countries. However, if a wedding ring is worn in an Islamic country, it may be worn on either the left and for example . As opposed to the wedding ring, use of a ring to denote betrothal or engagement is quite prevalent in Muslim countries, especially those in West and Asia. These rings may be worn on the ring finger of either the right or left hand by both men and women.

In a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony, the wedding ring is placed on the bride’s righthand index finger, but other traditions place it on the middle finger or the thumb, most commonly in recent times. Today, the ring usually is moved to the left hand ring finger after the ceremony. Some Jewish grooms have adopted wearing a wedding ring. However, in Orthodox Judaism, most men do not wear wedding rings.

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Can I Wear Rings On My Ring Finger If I’m Not Engaged Or Married

An old wives’ tale denotes that wearing a non-committal ring on your left-hand ring finger could be bad luck. Not the superstitious type? If the ring fits, wear it! That being said, wearing a ring on that finger could signify to others that you are in a committed relationship, which might not be ideal if you’re out on the dating scene.

Wearing A Ring On Your Ring Finger While Not Engaged Or Married

Rings & Their Meaning, Symbolism For Men – What Finger(s) To Wear A Ring On

Some wonder if you can wear a diamond ring on the left-hand ring finger if youre not engaged or married. Of course, no one can tell you which finger you can and cant wear a ring on. An old wives tale says that wearing rings on your engagement ring finger is bad luck and that youll never be proposed to if you do. Yet, we dont know how true this superstition is! If you want to wear a ring on your ring finger, then go for it.

If you wear a ring on the left hands ring finger, people may assume that youre married or engaged. This may not do you much favor in the dating scene but could be beneficial in some instances. Having a diamond ring on your wedding ring finger can scare off unwanted attention.

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History Of The Wedding Ring Finger

The Vena Amoris

The ancient Romans recognized a small vein they believed ran straight from the fourth finger on the left hand to the heart. In Latin, this vein is called the vena amoris, which translates tovein of love. The idea of this vein was popular in the 1600s in ancient Rome and Europe. It created the tradition of wearing wedding rings on this finger. Wearing a wedding ring on this finger symbolized a connection of two hearts between couples. When newlyweds joined the rings together, the vena amoris connected the hearts in a single line.

Modern-day understanding shows that this singular vein does not exist, and there are veins from all fingers to the heart. Despite this, these wedding traditions have stuck in many Western cultures because of their history and heartwarming backstory.

On Which Hand Is A Wedding Ring Worn After Divorce

Let us start with whether there is such a will at all. Most divorced people stop wearing wedding rings. Many married couples decide to take off their wedding jewelry already at the stage of the breakdown of the relationship, even before the divorce. No wonder: if specific rings are a symbol of a particular marriage, and it falls apart, the symbol loses its validity.

If the divorcees decide to wear wedding rings, they transfer them from right to left hand. Most, however, take off the marriage ring and hide it in a casket as a souvenir, dispose of it or give it to the child who was the fruit of this union.

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Can A Single Woman Wear A Ring On Her Left Hand

Of course she is capable. She may put it on as long as she has the appropriate finger and a ring that fits it. Wearing rings on their fingers is common among single women, since it serves to fend off guys who are attempting to harass them or ask them out. Its also a fantastic deterrent for individuals who dont want to be in a relationship for any reason.

Dorsal Digital Nerves Of Radial Nerve

Wedding Ring Man Which Hand
Dorsal digital nerves of radial nerve
Diagram of segmental distribution of the cutaneous nerves of the right upper extremity.

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