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Where To Have Your Wedding Ceremony

Arrange A Civil Ceremony

What Time Should You Have Your Wedding Ceremony?

You can arrange a civil wedding at the Royal Borough of Greenwich register office or at an approved venue of your choice. You need to give notice of your intention to marry for all civil marriage and civil partnership ceremonies.

If you are planning to marry/enter a civil partnership at Woolwich Town Hall, you have three options:

Greenwich register office

  • The fee includes the attendance of the Registrars, your ceremony and one certificate.
  • The Register Office is available only on Tuesdays.
  • The Register Office is strictly the couple and two witnesses only.
  • The Register Office is usually fully booked about six months in advance.

The Edwardian room

  • You may have up to 36 guests.

The Victoria Hall

  • Available on Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays when there are no other events booked within the town hall.
  • It is not available on the fourth Saturday of any month.
  • The fee includes the attendance of the Registrars, your ceremony and one certificate.
  • Ceremonies start at 10.30am or 2.30pm.
  • Maximum capacity is 120 guests.
  • On the day of your ceremony you will have exclusive use of the Victoria Hall for two hours.

If you would like to book a ceremony in any of the venues in the town hall or check availability please call 0208 921 5015 / 5016 to raise a call-back from a Registrar who will contact you to make the booking.

Please note:

Include A Ceremony Program

Programs are great so that your guests can be informed about the day and the timeline. There may also be things that you want to include in the ceremony, but dont have time. The ceremony program is a wonderful way give a shout out to the wedding party, honor deaseased relatives, explain any customs that may be unfamiliar and add a reading if your guests will be reciting together during the ceremony.

How Long Your Ceremony Will Last

Now that you know the sunset time, you will need to know how long your wedding ceremony will last. Some ceremonies are as quick as 7 minutes and others can last 1.5 hours. Speak with your minister and discuss what traditions you will be performing during your ceremony. They can assist you in how long your ceremony will be.

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Check The Calendar For Other Local Events

Every wedding location is different, and certain weekends may be busier than others. Be sure to check the calendar to learn when major sporting events, graduations, festivals and other events are taking place in your chosen location . Big events may mean sold-out hotels, high airfares and heavy trafficnot what you’ll want to deal with on your wedding weekend. And if you’re hosting a destination wedding, consult a local wedding planner to ensure that you’re taking local events and customs into account when picking your date.

You Want To Include Some Special Symbolic Or Spiritual Rituals That Mean A Lot To You

Have your wedding ceremony at he most sunny and warm wedding venues ...

Because a Registrar is not allowed to include any religious or spiritual elements in the ceremony, this can make them a bit dry and boring to be honest.

When it comes to a Celebrant crafted and officiated Wedding Ceremony with no rules, you have total freedom to have any spiritual elements and symbolic rituals that are important to you. Ancient traditions and wedding rituals can be included. For example, handfasting, wine ceremony, candle ceremony, ring warming ceremony, sand ceremony. It will be totally unique.

Its also ideal for couples from different cultures. Special elements from each culture can be included in your bespoke ceremony. This is a wonderful way to make the ceremony so very personal and unique.

You can have the ceremony however you want it .

Choosing a Celebrant to Officiate your Ceremony opens up so many possibilities.

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A Ceremony At An Approved Venue

It is possible to marry or enter into civil partnership in any approved venue in England or Wales.

Ceremonies may take place in hotels, banqueting suites, stately homes and other places that have been licensed by the local authority.

Notice of marriage or civil partnership has to be given in the district where you live.

Before giving notice, it is very important that you make a provisional booking at the venue of your choice and check that registrars from the local register office are able to attend to register the event and conduct the ceremony.

Each local authority sets the fee for a ceremony at an approved venue and therefore these fees are not the same throughout the country.

Can You Notarise Or Legalise My Certificate

All certificates issued to you are genuine, original certificates, stating certified copy of an entry at the top. This means that they are an official and original copy of the entry in the marriage or civil partnership register, which will always be held with us.

Should you require your certificates to be notarised or legalised such as for foreign governments administrative processes you can do with this with the Foreign and Commonwealth Offices Legalisation department. Full information on the process can be found on the Get your document legalised page on the GOV.UK website.

Please note that UK marriage and civil partnership certificates meet the EUs required format.

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Make Your Own Wedding Cake Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Another unique but incredibly fun experience was seeing the chef bringing out all the components for the wedding cake for the guests to put together! Isnt this one of the best wedding entertainment ideas ever or am I totally off?

Gloves were involved, of course, but instantly, a few guests turned into children whilst playing with fruits and cream to build up a delicious-looking cake! Everyone else was taking photos on their phones and sharing them! What a great way to have people talking about your wedding or your wedding venue! Another one of my favorite wedding reception entertainment ideas!

Its so hard to name my top favorite wedding reception ideas, but making your own wedding cake is definitely one of the top 5, at least!

Stunning Ceremony Locations To Inspire You

How to Perform a Wedding Ceremony (In 4 Simple Steps!)

When it comes to weddings, the reception is where the partys at, but the wedding ceremony is where all the magic happens. As such, you need a stunning space that complements you as a couple when you tie the knot. As the first event to kick off your new union, your wedding ceremony will set the tone for the rest of the big day. Its the chance to wow guests with the unexpected, establish your wedding theme or style, and give a hint at whats to follow at the receptionmaking finding the perfect wedding ceremony venue all the more important.

But just like most of the elements of planning a wedding, the options are seemingly endless, and there are a ton of beautiful places to say I do, from rustic barns in the Catskills and vineyards in California to beaches in Bali and stunning chapels in France. And thats not to mention backyard weddings and garden nuptials. But the real beauty of your wedding ceremony venue lies in what you do with itso don’t be afraid to get creative!

If its in an epic spot outdoors with panoramic mountain views or stunning seaside scenery, let nature do most of the work and keep the decor simple.

From fairytale woodlands and castle courtyards to desert landscapes and traditional churches, read on for 43 beautiful wedding ceremony venue ideas you’ll want to say yes to.

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High In The Mountains

Sanaz Photography

Sometimes it’s all about the backdrop! A rotunda overlooking a majestic mountainous landscape is set aglow by a setting sun during this magical ceremony. Featuring a lush wall of greenery with a crescent moon crafted from yellow flowers, this setting will leave your guests speechless.

Walking Down The Aisle

If you are having trouble finding someone to walk you down the aisle, why not do it with your husband-to-be?

Set tradition aside for a touching stroll to symbolize the start of your life together. This wedding ceremony alternative means the groom wont be left anxiously waiting for his bride to show!

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Theres Something Wrong On My Marriage Or Civil Partnership Certificate How Can I Correct It

In your pre-ceremony interview, the registrar will ask you to check that all your details are correct on the schedule, and at the end of the ceremony, they will ask you to check that all the details are correct on the schedule before you sign.

Its important to check that the details are correct before you sign. If anything is incorrect, it can be easily changed before youve signed. If you spot something thats wrong after youve signed, there is a legal procedure to apply for a correction via the General Register Office. There is a statutory fee of £90 for applications for corrections to marriage or civil partnership registrations, which doesnt include the cost of new certificates.

Full information on this process can be found on the Correct a marriage registration page on the GOV.UK website. We are able to assist you with this process please contact us at .

Dont Forget Your Marriage License

I really want to have my wedding here! Calhoun Beach Club! #Minnesota # ...

If you dont have your marriage license, the officiant is not required to perform your ceremony. Most officiants will go ahead with it, but will not be able to pronounce you married. You will then be required to obtain a license as soon as possible, and then with your witnesses meet up with you officiant. Just know, the date on the license–and therefore your legal date of marriage–is when the license is signed, not the date of your beautiful ceremony.

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Picking A Wedding Venue

Choosing a wedding venue for your reception and ceremony tends to be the first step in the wedding planning process. Wedding venues are typically booked 1-2 years in advance, though some only need a few months notice. It all depends on the type of venue and your personal criteria. When in doubt, book as soon as possible so you have the best chance of securing your dream venue.

Anything can be a venue, from backyards to banquet halls, so be creative. Some questions to ask yourself before searching: are you looking for venues that can accommodate a large event, or a more intimate affair? Do you see yourself saying I do in your place of worship, or with sand between your toes? Walk down the aisle surrounded by nature or exchange your vows indoors. Whatever you and your partner have in mind, theres a good chance you can find it, as other venue options include hotels, farms, restaurants, mansions, government buildings and inns.

Dont forget that youll need a place to host your wedding ceremony and your wedding reception. Some couples have both in the same location, while others choose separate venues. Celebrate your wedding outdoors and then move to a banquet hall on-site or meet everyone on the dance floor at a nearby hotel or restaurant. There are no rules when it comes to planning your wedding, so allow yourself the creativity to make your wedding as unique as you.

Youve Totally Set Your Heart On Having A Tipi Wedding

This is not an option for a Civil Ceremony by a Registrar. Because of the rule that they can only use a permanent structure with a roof it just isnt an option.

However, none of these restrictions apply to a Celebrant led Wedding Ceremony. There really are no rules or regulations to follow.

The Ceremony is relaxed and fun. You will have the ultimate chilled-out day that you want. Tipi and Marquee style weddings are now a very popular choice for so many modern weddings.

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Is A Holiday Wedding Right For You

If you’ve always wanted a Christmas tree at your wedding, or you’d love a heart-covered wedding cake, sounds like you’re a holiday wedding couple. Want to celebrate your Irish heritage? Opt for March, when everyone is already in the St. Patty’s Day spirit. Try a wedding party in pastels and an Easter egg hunt in March or April. Have a Fourth of July celebration with flags, barbecue fare and fireworks. A plus: Some holidays fall on long weekends, which might make it easier for out-of-town guests to attend. On the flip side, some guests may not want their holiday weekends and longstanding travel plans upended by a wedding, so take that into consideration as well.

Can I Meet My Registrar Before The Ceremony

HOW TO HAVE A SIMPLE WEDDING CEREMONY: 6 Parts to Include When Planning Your Simple Wedding Ceremony

The register office delivers many services alongside ceremonies, and our team has to flex to meet customer demand. As such, its not possible to promise that a particular registrar will conduct your ceremony as our team duties wont be fully allocated until each morning, and therefore a pre-meeting with them is also not possible. However, by putting your ceremony choices on the Programme of Events form, the registrar allocated to conduct your ceremony on the day will have a very clear picture of the ceremony that you want and will be able to deliver this. If you want to speak to or meet any registrar before your ceremony to ask further questions, please dont hesitate to call into the Register Office in person, telephone us on 020 7361 4100 or email us at .

We also regret that you arent able to choose a particular registrar, however please be assured that all of our registrars are fully trained and display the utmost professionalism and customer care in how they deliver their ceremonies.

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Home Wedding Reception : 7 Top Tips

Youve finally decided on your venueyour homebut how in the world can you pull that off? We can help with our Home Wedding Reception 101: 7 Top Tips for a Truly Successful Event.

The planning for your big day is well underway. Youve finalized what feels like a thousand other details. But a wedding reception at home? Where do you begin? Not to worry. These 7 tips will get you going & make your beautiful home wedding reception a reality.

Carlton Towers North Yorkshire

What makes it unique: The gorgeous and grand gothic architecture.

You can still have a glamorous wedding venue with an alternative feel. Carlton Towers is fabulously gothic in style with a luxurious interior that is guaranteed to impress your guests. The imposing exterior will provide the perfect backdrop to your wedding pictures, and your guests will be arguing over who gets to stay in one of the 16 stunning bedrooms.

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