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How To Write Reception To Follow On Wedding Invitation

How To Write The Date On Your Wedding Invitations

How To Write Wedding Invitations In Honor Of Deceased Parent
  • British Format: Day Month Year .
  • American Format: Month Day, Year .
  • We would recommend including the day of the week and the year on your wedding invitations laying them out like this: On Saturday, 16th August 2025.
  • The th, st or rd of the date should be in superscript but this cannot always be added via our editing tool, so our graphic designers will adjust the date appropriately.
  • If you would like to write out the date in words then only the day of the week and the month should be in capital letters e.g. On Saturday, the sixteenth of August two thousand and twenty-five.

Children Or No Children

People often decide not to invite children to their wedding for reasons that could be a matter of cost or personal choice. It can be a delicate subject to get right on your invitation. A carefully phrased note like Regrettably, children are unable to attend we hope you understand., or Our wedding will be a child-free occasion we hope you can still come and enjoy a night off. makes it clear to your guests, while remaining sensitive to their feelings.

So, as you can see, theres a lot to think about when choosing your wedding invitation wording. Weve printed all sorts of styles over the years. Here are some examples to help get you started with yours:

Q& A: How To Word Your Formal Wedding Invitations

If youre hosting a traditional wedding, youll want to word to word your wedding invitation in a way that conveys a sense of formality. But, when it comes time to word your wedding invite, you may find yourself pausing and wondering about grammar, punctuation and other technicalities.

Honor vs. honour? Whose name goes first? Where are the commas and periods? These are just a few of the questions you might have while personalizing and ordering your wedding invitations.

These are the most-asked questions about wording your formal invitation.

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Bride And Groom Names

If you’re paying/hosting the wedding and names of bride and groom appear in the host line, it’s not necessary to repeat it again.

However, if only parents’ names are included in the host line, then the names of future newlyweds need to be mentioned clearly.

The practice is that a bride’s name precedes the groom’s name. As seen above, the brides surname isnt necessary if its the same as her parents.

This section doesnt feature courtesy lines such as Ms. and Miss. Grooms name is written in first name + middle name + surname fashion.

Same-sex marriages are different since the rule brides name precedes the grooms doesnt apply here you can arrange this section in alphabetical order or based on any other criteria.

When You Want To Keep It Short And Sweet

Wedding Invitation Details Card Wording

Please join us for an adult reception at six oclock.

Please note this will be an adults-only celebration.

Adult reception to follow.

We respectfully request no children under 16 at the reception.

Although we love your little ones, this is an adult only affair.

The bride and groom request that this be an adults-only reception.

Please celebrate with us at an adults-only reception immediately following the ceremony.

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate children thank you for your understanding.

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Invites Wording Help For Ceremony Arrival Time

Hi everyone,

Hoping you guys can give me some cute, creative ideas on wording. I want to add a line on our invites informing our guests that they need to arrive at the ceremony site approx. 20-30 mins early. Our venue is a golf course and we are having the ceremony in a private tent that is out on the course, inaccessible by any other means except by the golf carts & drivers that we are providing. Ceremony starts at 6:00 pm, so I want to say something about arriving by 5:30 to be chauffered to the ceremony, since the golf cart drive takes about 15 mins. If guests are late, the golf carts wont be running and they will miss the ceremony. I dont want to sound harsh, but I do want to make it clear that if they dont get there early, they will be left behind. What do I do?

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What Is Cocktail Wedding Reception

Whats the difference between the two? The bottom line: a cocktail reception is far more laid-back, and your guests will be able to fill their bellies with hors doeuvres and small snacks throughout the reception. If you choose for a sitting reception, your guests will either dine from plated dinners or assist themselves to a buffet spread.

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What To Include In Wedding Invitation Wording

You dont have to be a wordsmith to craft the perfect wedding invitation. Before you get started, think about the theme and mood that you and your partner want to convey. You want the language to be clear and informative, but you also want it to have a sense of your personality as a couple.

With this in mind, itll be easier to choose an invitation design that complements the tone and style of your upcoming nuptials. Whether youre throwing a backyard BBQ-style soiree or an elegant rooftop celebration, heres a quick rundown of the basic information to include on a wedding invitation.

What Else Can You Call Cocktail Hour

Creative Writing Tips for Students & Teachers : How to Write a Wedding Invitation

Were dubbing it Mocktail Hour, and the bartender will be whipping up mocktails for us while were there. Im baffled as to why you feel the need to label it anything. The cocktail hour is included in the reception and is not mentioned or designated as such apart from the rest of the event. During our tour, one of the establishments we visited liked to refer to this as the Social Hour.

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Sending Them Too Late

Look at your wedding date and count back eight weeks . This is the latest you should mail your invitations to give your guests enough time to RSVP and make any travel plans. Having a destination wedding? Count back 12 weeks so your guests dont feel rushed and can shop around for the best travel prices.

Tips For Your Wedding Invitation Wording

If you still need some more hints and tips to find the perfect wedding invitation wording, then here a few grammar tips that will help you create flawless invitations. We are also here to help thanks to our complimentary retouching service. Your wedding invitations will be checked over by our talented proofreaders to make sure that there are no spelling mistakes and we may suggest alternative wording where necessary. These tips are based on errors commonly seen by our proofreaders!

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Quick Tips Before Getting Started:

There are a few basic things to keep in mind when planning this type of celebration.

follow this one rule

If you only read one thing, read this: All ceremony guests must be invited to the reception, too.

So, yes, even your Aunt Mae should be invited to your reception if she is also invited to the ceremony.

However, the rule doesnt apply the other way around. You can have a small ceremony followed by a large dance-til-dawn reception.

Make two separate guest lists

Plan two separate guest lists. One list will include those invited to the ceremony and reception. The second list includes those invited to the reception only.

do you need two separate invitations?

If your wedding and reception are on different days, you will likely need two invitations for each event. One invitation will be for your wedding ceremony. The second invitation will be for your receptioni.e. if youre having a destination wedding with a stateside celebration a few months later.

If both events are on the same day, the main invitation should to include reception details only. Then, include a smaller insert card with ceremony details. Your ceremony insert card will only be included in envelopes being mailed to guests who are invited to both events.

dont skip rsvp cards

The same rule applies here as it does with wedding invitations. A reply card should be included in every envelope so you can get an accurate head count for both events.

How To Word Your Wedding Invites

Wedding Invitation Wording  Writing your Day Invitations ...


Not sure how to word your wedding invites? Look no further! We wanted to share with you some tried and true examples of invitation etiquette for all types of weddings. From the ceremony card, RSVP, accommodations, wedding weekend event card, or anything else you may need to include we got you covered!


First question to ask yourself for the ceremony card is, who is hosting the wedding? Who is hosting for the wedding determines the wording. For example, if the bride and groom are hosting with the help of their parents you could say something like: Together with their families, or, if the brides parents are hosting exclusively, you can say Mr. and Mrs. Smith/request the honor of your presence/at the marriage of their daughter Traditionally, the brides parents host the wedding, however, times have changed and thats why theres so many different variations below!

Before you get started, some quick tip on how to word your wedding invites:

brides parents hosting

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Manningrequest the honor of your presenceat the marriage of their daughterArianna ManningSaturday, the fourteenth of Augusttwo thousand fifteenfive oclock in the eveningThe Cheney Mansion

both sets of parents hosting

Mr. & Mrs. Manningrequest the pleasure of your companyat the marriage of their childrenArianna RoseSaturday, the fourteenth of Augusttwo thousand fifteenfive oclock in the eveningThe Cheney Mansion

divorced parents hosting

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What Should I Do Before Sending Reception Only Invites

If youve never helped out with organizing a wedding before, you might be feeling unsure about how to invite a certain number of people to your ceremony while leaving the rest to attend your reception only.

Know that youre not alone and countless couples have asked the same questions about reception only invite wording. How should I design my reception only wedding invitations? Can I be formal or informal when writing a wedding reception invitation?

We break down in this guide how to accomplishreception only invitation wording without hurting any feelings or causing confusion among your wedding party!

Formal Wedding Breakfast Or A Knees Up Party

Its a good idea to let guests have a hint of what to expect on the day, so they can prepare. The wording could include something like followed by a wedding breakfast and evening reception or followed by a dinner reception and dancing, depending on the type of wedding youre planning. If you wont be serving food, you can imply this on the invitation by specifying that it will be followed by drinks and dancing. Plus, if you have a dress code, its helpful to make this clear.

The invitation will usually include the time, date and location of the wedding. A separate information card can give your guests the finer details of the day.

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What To Write On Wedding Info Cards

All our invitations come with the option to add a matching info card a place to add any extra details that wont fit on your main invitation.

Inviting children

If youre inviting children to your big day, then make this clear on your invitation by including their names or the parents names + and family. If youve chosen not to invite children, a note such as: As we have chosen an intimate service, its only possible to accommodate the children of immediate family. will politely let your guests know they need to arrange a childminder.


If your wedding venue isnt the easiest to find, add some directions for guests. For example, Follow signs for Bramley on the A3 for nine miles until you reach Gate Barn House. Or if your evening reception takes place at a separate venue to your ceremony, include directions to let guests know how to get to your second location.

Gift list

You can add details of your wedding gift registry or a brief note to say: No gifts please. If youd like to give any monetary donations to a charity thats close to your heart, the info card is also a good place to mention this.

Wedding website

You can add the url of your wedding website or the hashtag you want guests to use when they share photos from your special day.

Dress code

Set out whether theres a dress code: black tie, semi-formal, cocktail attire, summer suits, etc. You can also specify if theres no dress code.

Dietary requirements

What Should I Put On My Wedding Website For My Stories

Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas – How to Announce Your Marriage

How to Write the Our Story Section of Your Wedding Website

  • Write for your wedding guests, who may or may not be familiar with you. Introduce yourselves.
  • Tell your narrative in the order in which it occurred.
  • Avoid providing too many specifics. Fill in the blanks with personalitybut keep it suitable. Consider the possibility of writing separate stories. Divide the document into parts.

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Stick To Your Guns About Who Is Invited And Who Isn’t

Once the RSVPs start trickling in, stick to your guns: Some guests may try to pressure you into inviting them to the ceremony also. But if you make one exception, you’ll invariably have to make another one. So stay strong and don’t go back on your original decision. Just be sure to convey how excited you are to party with them at the reception!

Do I Need A Reception Card

What is a reception card and do you need one? Reception cards are a traditional way to convey information about the festivities occuring after the wedding ceremony. They are most commonly used for religiously-based ceremonies that take place in a place of worship with the reception taking place at a separate location afterward. They can also be used for non-religious ceremonies taking place at a different location from the reception.

Do you need a new card for this? It depends. Reception cards are traditional and the most etiquette correct way to inform your guests that the festivities after the wedding will take place at a new location. If you feel strongly about using the most appropriate etiquette, then yes. If your invitation card is short on space and you want to keep it looking clean and uncluttered, then yes. If niether of these are a concern, then this information can typically be conveyed on the invitation.

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Elements To Include In Your Wedding Invitation Wording

The truth is, theres not a big difference between formal and casual wedding invitations. If your wedding is formal, you might want to choose classic wedding invitations, which tend to have script, foil elements, and lots of sparkle. On the other hand, if youre going for a casual gathering, you may choose one of our rustic wedding invitations, which tend to feature muted colors, barnwood graphics, and simple typography. However you style your wedding, the who, when, where, and why details of your wedding are the same and they should be very clear and easy to read. Below find additional elements to include in your invitation and how to address wedding invitations. A few things to make sure to include in your wedding invitations are the names of the hosts , the couples names, specific details on the location and venue, and any post-ceremony plans your guests should be aware of.

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