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How To Invite Guests To Wedding Reception Only

Ready To Throw The Best Reception

Most Common Wedding Guest List Issues How to Solve Them

Reception-only weddings are becoming a more enjoyable, hassle-free, and exciting alternative to traditional ceremonies. If youre a couple who wants to have this kind of setup, contact us today for help with securing the right entertainment for your reception-only wedding.

Originally published in April 2020. Updated in September 2021.

First Determine The Scope Of Your Large Event

As a starting point, you should determine what next years event will include. Just because youre officially tying the knot privately ahead of time doesnt mean you cant also have a public-facing ceremony, too! If you want to experience the traditional walk down the aisle and vows exchange in front of all your friends and family, then go for it! Likewise, if youre opting for a courthouse ceremony now and want to have your religious traditions incorporated, do that!

If youre skipping the second ceremony and youre hosting a reception to celebrate later on, thats great too! The beauty here is that the choice is yours. But, determine this first, so you know exactly what youre inviting people to. Lets make sure your reception invitation wording after a private wedding is either JUST for the reception, or for a ceremony if applicable, as well.

Where To Tell Guests About Wedding Covid Vaccination Rules

Setting boundaries with loved ones isnt the easiest for many of us, so here are some wedding invitation wording examples for multiple COVID-19 vaccine requirement… Read more

I decided that the best way for me to tell guests we’re requiring vaccines for attendance was at the top of my RSVP page on my wedding website. It’s not immediately in anyone’s face the second they receive their invitation, but it’s the first thing they see when they go to RSVP. It’s also among some other important info on how to RSVP so as not to make it the biggest deal.

In general, I tried to use language around all my possible grievance-inducers that thanked guests for doing said thing rather than apologizing or asking.

Overall, I tried to go positive, assume the best of people, and emphasize that they’re actively making our day even better.

Here’s the wording I used about vaccines:

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Planning A Wedding Reception Only: 5 Steps

Planning a wedding reception-only party isnt too different from planning a traditional wedding. You still need to take note of important factors that will make your event a success. The only difference is that in this case, the wedding ceremony itself is regarded as a separate event with its own guest list and details.

For a reception-only wedding, here are five steps to guide you in the planning stages:

It’s Best To Print The Ceremony And Reception Cards Separately

Custom printed or printable rustic wedding invitation ...

Many wedding invitations come with all the ceremony and reception details printed on a single card. While it’s economical, it won’t work if you’re limiting ceremony attendance. You’ll need two different invites: a reception-only main card and a smaller card inviting people to the ceremony. Guests invited to both the ceremony and reception get both cards reception-only guests receive just the reception card.

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Word The Cards Correctly

Try this sample reception-only wording, which makes it clear the couple already were married by the time the party rolled around: “Amber Davis and Peter Moore request the pleasure of your company at their wedding reception to celebrate their marriage” The ceremony card could say: “Amber Davis and Peter Moore request the pleasure of your company at their wedding ceremony

Don’t Print Adults Only On The Invitations

You shouldn’t feel guilty for keeping your wedding a kid-free zone, but it’s not polite to specify your wishes front and center on the invitations. Doing that is the easiest way to ruffle feathers. Having a child-free wedding can be a very sensitive issue for some guests, especially out-of-town family members and close friends with little ones. For a more tactful approach, have your family, wedding party members and friends spread the word to guests by word of mouth so they have lots of time to secure a babysitter.

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Anyone Who Will Make You Happy On Your Big Day

Weddings are governed by so many traditions and family obligations that it can be easy to forget that this day is all about you and what makes you happy. Invite anyone who would bring a smile to your face as you’re walking down the aisle: old friends you don’t get to see often, your mom’s best friend, a mentor from a old job, even a former teacher. Let your wedding truly be a celebration of you and your fiancé and your journey to “I do.”

How Do We Invite Guests To Our Wedding Ceremony Only

How to Assemble Your Wedding Invitations

I am sure that this has been asked a few time before, but I cold not fine an answer, save the one where they didnt want to be polite, So here goes.

We have a few people that wed like to invite to our wedding ceremony only for example

Fiance has a family friend whom he grew up with and sees occasionally during his travel around town. .

A mutual friend whom has a partner that we are not friends with and there is a chance that she will make him leave early . But wed still really like for him to come.

Sisters ex and his new partner, seems odd I know, but my fiance went to school with this guy, and theyve been friends since before my sister was engaged to him. My fiance and I are still very good friends with him, but having him and his partner at the reception as well might cause some issues with seating.

Are there any wording suggestion that you could offer so that we can invite these people without offending them, but remaining polite? Ultimately we would prefer to invite them to both Ceremony and Reception, but budget restraints and other aforementioned reasons make it hard.

I appreciate any help that you might be able to offer.Thanks in advance,Melody

Donna, Wedding Queen, President Top Wedding Sites, Inc®, a wedding planning guide, and Recent Mother of the Groom

Hi Melody

I so appreciate that you want to be polite!


Thank-you for your fast reply, kindness and honesty

Kind Regards,

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Reception Only Invitations For Weddings

Due to COVID, many couples eloped on their wedding date, some even after postponing their original date. Now, many are planning a reception only wedding celebration to party with family and friends.

Sounds like a fun idea to us!

But the big questions are:

What is proper reception only invitation wording?

Where can I get wedding invitations for reception only?

After all, you dont want to buy the entire wedding invitation suite JUST for the reception portion.

Were here to help with tips on wording for reception only invites, along with beautiful designs to send invites to guests and celebrate your marriage. We hope you find an invitation that ties in perfectly with your style!

How To Handle Missing Or Extra Rsvps

The first important obligation a guest has upon receiving a wedding invitation is to respond immediately. If your invited friends and family didn’t complete this simple task, you’ll need to get on the telephone and politely ask these guests if they plan to attend. Heres how to handle RSVPs with uninvited guests.

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People You Mailed A Save

Imagine your friend’s confusion and disappointment when she receives a save-the-date card in the mail, but never gets an actual invitation. It doesn’t matter if your wedding budget changed, your large venue fell through, or you decided to replace some guests with others it’s incredibly rude to tell someone they’ll be invited and then take it back. Do not send out save the dates until you have finalized your guest list, because everyone who gets a save the date gets a wedding invitation. Of course, the pandemic altered this for couples who were forced to cut their guest list down to honor regulations and restrictions. There are certainly exceptions, but generally, the advice above holds true.

What Does Wearing Black To A Wedding Mean

Reception Only Invitation Template

You do not wear black to weddings because wearing black at weddings means you disapprove of the marriage. Black and white prints are allowable if they would be unsuitable for a funeral. Two: do not wear red. Wearing red is an attention-grabber, and it is rude to try to take attention from the bride.

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Word Your Invitations Well

This is where it gets tricky. Whether physical or digital invitations, its best to be courteous and send out appropriate ones to both sets of guests. But in the process of preparing, its understandable that you might get your ceremony and reception invitations mixed up.

One idea would be to craft the main invitation card for the ceremony and a separate invitation insert for the reception. When inviting your immediate family, you can easily place the insert in the cards. As the insert can stand alone, it can be given directly to your extended family.

Dont forget to word your reception-only invitation sensitively. Its always crucial to invite a guest sincerely. For instance, be sure to provide the full details of the venue and request for them to join in the celebration. These small efforts will assure your guests that you appreciate their presence on your big day.

Include A Message In The Details Panel


  • Out of concern for our guests, in order to attend this celebration you and your plus-one must be fully vaccinated.
  • Our venue requires that all guests show proof of vaccination upon entry. Please plan accordingly.
  • COVID-19 vaccination required to attend see RSVP page for more details.

If you dont feel comfortable asking invitees directly about their vaccination status, no sweat. The details panel is highly customizable, and, in turn, a perfect place for you to include a general message to all invitees and to do so prior to their submission of RSVP.

If after going this route, you want to receive more specific information, you can always reach out to guests through Greenvelopes in-account direct messaging tool.

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  • People Who Aren’t Supportive Of Your Marriage

    Want an adults-only wedding? Here’s how to NOT invite kids

    Gay, interfaith, interracial, and even marriages between young people sometimes bring out the worst in acquaintances who don’t approve of the union. People who don’t support you and your fiancé have no place on your guest list. Why allow negative energy to permeate this special day? Populate your wedding with loved ones who are excited for you, not judgmental.

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    In The Case Of A Same

    • Dont give reception-only guests access to ceremony information. Invitations and wedding websites including this should be limited only to guests invited to both.
    • Have two separate guest lists. This will aid you immensely in sending the right things to the right people.
    • If youre inviting someone to your ceremony, invite them to your reception as well. While its understandable to invite someone only to the latter, you shouldnt do the opposite. Besides, if you want a person there to watch you take your vows, wouldnt you want them to stick around for the party?
    • Have an honest, kind response to any questions like, Why arent I invited to the ceremony? in case it comes up. Whether its budget constraints or the desire to have an intimate ceremony, be truthful and express how excited you are to have them at your reception.

    The Complete Guide To Wedding Invitation Wording

    If so, youre in the right place!

    This handy guide will hopefully help you come up with the details your guests will need to know for your Wedding Day to run super smoothly. It includes information and examples of:

    • Traditional, formal and informal wording for Day & Evening Invitations
    • Venue details to include
    • RSVPs and what should be in them
    • Wedding gifts and how to politely ask for money instead
    • How to tell your guests you arent inviting children
    • Transport & parking

    Along with some other really useful tips and things that you might not have even thought of. So read on!

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    Every Single Person On Your Parents’ Guest List

    This obviously depends on your cultural practices in many traditions, everyone the newlyweds and their parents know is invited to attend. But if your guest list isn’t influenced by cultural norms, and you see names on your parents’ lists that you’re not comfortable with, it’s time to have a talk with them. Go over their list and discuss who you’re not comfortable inviting and why. While you shouldn’t feel forced to invite anyone, your parents will appreciate being able to have a few of their friends at the celebration . So figure out a compromise everyone can live with.

    Do Call Anyone Who Assumes Their Kids Are Invited

    30+ Brilliant Image of Wedding Reception Invitation ...

    It’s normal to start hearing from family members who are questioning why your younger cousins, nieces and nephews aren’t allowed to come. Address the sensitive issue right away by calling and explaining, unfortunately, you can’t invite everyone you’d like. You can blame it on budget and venue constraints , which often wards off further protests and avoids hurt feelings. But remember, you don’t have to give a lengthy explanation. You’re not going to please everyone, but it’s okay to say an adults-only wedding is a personal decision you’ve made, and leave it at that.

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    How To Talk To Guests Who Decline To Get The Covid Vaccine

    I have friends getting married this winter who want to ask guests to be vaccinated, but one spouse-to-be has a big chunk of family who Can’t be bothered to get vaccinated. This completely sucks and is causing the couple a lot of stress, because it makes them afraid to even talk about the issue with their closest friends and family.

    But they’re working on an email to address it.

    We came up with a few ideas for how to talk with wedding guests who are resistant to getting vaccinated :

    • Emphasize that getting vaccinated means no one needs to look silly in a mask use some humor with that!
    • Frame getting vaccinated as something that, even if they don’t want to do it for themselves, they are doing for other guests who can’t get vaccinated due to allergies or age. Be sure to bring up the well-being of children if they’re attending! This can be really helpful.
    • Be vulnerable and honest and let them know why it’s important to you on your special day that they do this for you. Emphasize how much it will make your wedding day joyful and less stressful.
    • Be respectful but matter-of-fact by giving them an out if they need it, one that acknowledges that if they choose not to vaccinate, they choose not to attend. Make it clear that while you will miss them dearly, this is the best solution.

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