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Titanium Men’s Wedding Rings

We Are All About Firsts

Making the Ring – Men’s Titanium Wedding Band With Inlay

TitaniumRings.com has the honor of being the first in many aspects of the design and technology of titanium rings. Our titanium rings have a look and feel like no other piece of jewelry. They are eye-catching and impressive the perfect choice to reflect your individuality.

Browse our site to find the perfect titanium ring for your special first moment or contact us about creating a custom titanium ring design that will be unmatched in quality and beauty. Welcome to TitaniumRings.com – we are what youve been searching for.


Our Entire Range Of Titanium Rings & Titanium Wedding Bands Matching Designs Also Available

Made from hypoallergenic titanium, our titanium rings are 4 times stronger than steel, but only a fraction of the weight making them very comfortable to wear. We have a very extensive range of titanium rings in stock which can either be highly polished, or have a satin brushed finish applied, should you require another finish then contact us as this may be possible. We also have a selection of titanium rings with either sterling silver inlays, or even black carbon fibre for a contrasting effect. Our men’s titanium rings are typically available in men’s UK sizes P to Z+6, whilst our Women’s titanium wedding bands are available in Women’s UK sizes I to S. Each of our titanium wedding rings is also laser engraved on the inside of the ring with our own unique titanium logo. Most of our titanium wedding bands can be engraved inside with your own personalisation, or even have a range of coloured gemstones set, or even a black or white diamond.

Do Men Select Their Own Wedding Ring

It is up to the couple how they go about choosing their wedding rings, but an engaged couple will usually shop for wedding rings together. Whether or not you choose matching wedding rings, it is a good idea to shop together, as these are significant pieces that you will wear for life. It also ensures that you can each choose a ring you love.

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Is Titanium A Good Metal For Men’s Rings

Titanium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metallic element. This is why it is a common choice in the aerospace industry. It’s also part of what makes it a great choice for men’s rings. We use the alloy Ti6AL4V, which is an aerospace grade of titanium. It is also more expensive and harder to work with than commercially pure titanium which many jewelers use, but the added strength makes it well worth it. Titanium can scuff and show wear over time, but it holds up to a lot of abuse without breaking, cracking, or bending and it will not fade or change color over time. If you ring ever needs to be refinished, it is covered by our Lifetime Warranty.

Which Is More Expensive Titanium Or Tungsten

8 MM Men

Titanium and tungsten are about the same price and are considered affordable metals to use in wedding bands. While not cheap, the cost varies depending on factors like craftsmanship and other materials used.

Compared to precious metals like gold and silver, tungsten and titanium are pretty affordable. These metals are around the same price. You can get great quality titanium or tungsten rings for around $100-$300 .

The prices of these wedding bands can vary depending on the following:

  • Quality
  • The design of the ring
  • Additional elements used
  • Skill and craftsmanship of the manufacturer

You can get tungsten or titanium wedding bands for an affordable price or upwards of $5000 for a more intricate, high-quality design.

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Choose A Titanium Wedding Band From Modern Gents Trading Co

You can’t go wrong when you choose an engagement ring or wedding ring from Mod Gents. We make ring shopping less complicated with a lifetime warranty and hassle-free returns and exchanges. That way, you can focus more on finding the ring style you’re looking for. From brushed finish to matte finish, or two-tone options to sterling silver classics, shop our men’s wedding ring collection today to find a titanium wedding band or other precious metal option to rock on your ring finger.

Pros Of Tungsten Rings

  • Tungsten wedding bands are very durable
  • They are scratch-resistant
  • Tungsten wedding rings are really heavy

Tungsten rings are strong, long-lasting, and durable. Theyre scratch-resistant, making them a great option if you work with your hands. And since they feel heavy, youre less likely to lose them, as youll notice when youre not wearing them.

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Titanium Wedding Rings For Men And Women

Titanium rings for men and women last a lifetime, which make them the perfect choice for the most important day in your lifeâyour wedding. Here at TitaniumStyle.com, you can find the widest online collection of titanium rings for women and men available in a variety of unique, elegant styles.

Say “I do” and symbolize your vows with men’s and women’s titanium wedding bands for rings that will last a lifetime. Your wedding day is one of the most precious and special days of your life. The small circle on your finger symbolizes love, honor, and commitment, which is why it is so important that the wedding band you ultimately choose to wear for the rest of your life is guaranteed to last.

Infinity, Semi-Domed, and Hammered Finish Titanium Rings – Perfect choices for wedding bands, cocktail or anniversary rings.

TitaniumStyle.com boasts a large selection of gorgeous titanium rings for men and women, so we’re sure to have something that fits your preference.

A wedding band should suit both of your lifestyles, tastes, and personalities. Our titanium wedding bands are offered in a variety of styles so you can find matching men’s and women’s wedding bands that you’re looking for. Whether you choose a style that has timeless elegance or a contemporary laser texturing, our quality titanium rings for women and men are precisely designed and meticulously polished for a lifetime of wear.

Titanium Wedding Rings with Diamonds and Offset Groove.

What’s That Metal Like

Mens Titanium Wedding Ring with Gold Inlay by Edward Mirell, 7mm

Titanium’s strength makes it, ounce for ounce, one of the toughest metals you can wear on your hand. That explains why, despite the fact titanium rings have only been around something like 30 years, they are so stinking popular. Manly men want a ring that can handle the same day-to-day stress they do, without bending or scratching. You need emergency cutting implements just to cut the thing off

But titanium is still a sexy, shiny piece of metal, and can be anodized to offer color variations. It is the perfect match for a man that respects the tradition of standard metal bands, but wants so much more.

Titanium’s strength means you don’t have to worry about wrecking your ring when you go off to earn your living. It is tough, and scratch-resistant, making it an awesome choice for a hard-working man who uses his hands for something more than lifting beer cans and tickling his spouse-to-be. Titanium wedding rings are hypoallergenic, so if you are the type who needs to think about such things, titanium has your back. It is also lightweight, so it won’t get in the way of whatever manly tasks you need to accomplish, like a stainless steel ring might do.

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Men’s Titanium Wedding Bands That Are Lightweight Durable And Affordable

In the market for a men’s titanium ring? Look no further! Titanium is a hypoallergenic, ultra-durable metal that makes a perfect alternative to a traditional white gold or yellow gold wedding ring. Our collection of affordable, titanium wedding rings feature ring styles with sleek beveled edges in multiple color options. Whether you’re looking for the perfect wedding ring or you’re creating an accessories wish list, our men’s titanium wedding bands are the perfect pieces of jewelry. If you are looking for a masculine yet timeless design, our stylish titanium rings may just be your perfect fit.

At Modern Gents Trading Co., we offer a variety of mens wedding bands to suit a variety of preferences. Whether you’re looking for a tungsten men’s ring with a hyper-stylish inlay or a mens black wedding band, we are sure you’ll be able to find the perfect style that suits you best. If that wasnt enough, our entire collection of stylish rings is made from precious metals and high-quality material. That way, you don’t have to worry about damaging your ring from everyday wear and tear.

Looking for something more traditional in your men’s ring selection? If you’re interested in other ring styles and metals, check out the rest of our affordable men’s wedding bands.

A Brief History Of Titanium Wedding Bands

So, back in 1791, some manly dude named William Gregor discovered titanium in Cornwall, England. In 1795, named the metal after the Titans of old Greek mythology… Yes, the metal was named after friggin’ god-like beings. Are you not edutained?!?

Of course, just discovering the metal wasn’t enough. Humanity had to wait until 1932 for dude-bro William Justin Kroll to finally discover how to work with the stuff. You see, titanium doesn’t just roll out and allow itself to be shaped like some other less-manly metals. Titanium is strong, tough and doesn’t bend just because the world says to. Sound like anyone you know?

Titanium bands haven’t been around all too long, with one of the first known references being 1989’s hit movie, “The Abyss.”

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Caring For A Mens Titanium Ring

One huge benefit of titanium rings is that they require very little care and upkeep compared to jewelry options made of precious metals. Still, you want to take care of the ring as best as you can to avoid any potential issues with it.

This is especially true if you choose a titanium ring that features an ion black plate, or any color plate, applied to the surface of the titanium. The coating will eventually wear away, although ion treatments are more durable than a standard plate. If your ring features any kind of plate, extra care is needed to ensure the coating remains looking its best for as long as possible!

Shop Kohls for jewelry options of all kinds, including mens wedding bands and more! You can also find womens engagement rings and wedding bands, meaning youre able to shop for all your wedding jewelry essentials in one convenient place! With watches, rings, necklaces, and earrings also available, Kohls is your one-stop shop for jewelry for any occasion!

What Makes Titanium Wedding Rings A Great Option For Men

The Mens Titanium Wedding Rings

A lot of guys arent especially comfortable wearing rings. Indeed, the thought of wearing a wedding band for eternity can feel like a major burden for a lot of guys. The reaction is basically the exact opposite from that of a lucky lady whos just said yes to a proposal and cant wait to show off her engagement ring. The reasons for reluctance men feel around rings are fairly obvious. Most guys simply arent accustomed to wearing rings and don’t even know their ring size, so they naturally feel awkward with a wedding band snug around the finger.

But theres good news. A titanium wedding ring tends to be the right answer for a lot of guys, even for those whove been historically ring-averse. Loads of guys actually come to like wearing titanium. The reasons for this are fairly obvious, too. Most importantly, titanium is genuinely cool. For proof on that front, just check out our ultra-modern, ultra-sleek black titaniumTitan ring. Another big check in titaniums favor is how absolutely lightweight these rings are. They are so light, in fact, you can forget youre wearing one until you glance down and see how stylish the comfort fit band looks on your finger.

And while our black titanium rings are indeed modern-looking, at Modern Gents, we also offer titanium rings that have a more traditional aesthetic like polished edges or a satin finish. They arent all badass black. So, yes, you can get that lightweight, scratch-resistant appeal in silver, yellow gold or rose gold, too.

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Titanium And Zirconium Wedding Rings

Choose from our range of Titanium and Zirconium wedding rings below or create your own unique design. Every wedding ring featured below can be personalised to suit your individual style and budget. Read more

Titanium is extremely durable, and as such is a popular choice for mens wedding rings. Titanium is a very lightweight metal and has a natural grey colour. It is a more affordable metal option compared to gold or platinum because it is not considered a precious metal.

Zirconium is another highly durable choice for wedding rings. Though it has a naturally grey colour very similar to titanium, after a process of heating it forms a black, hard, ceramic-like surface. This outer layer is very hard and cant be rubbed off like the coating or plating on other black metal ring options.

Titanium and Zirconium rings can only be made by machine and are therefore not an option for the Wedding Ring Experience and are only available as ready-made rings. It is also important to note that when choosing a titanium or zirconium wedding ring, it is important to get the sizing correct, as they are not able to be resized once made.

The range of Titanium and Zirconium wedding rings shown on our website is only a small selection of what is possible, and we encourage you to come in and speak to one of our jewellers, who will help you choose a Titanium wedding band that is perfect for you.

Melbourne Jeweller

Which Is Better For Mans Wedding Ring Tungsten Or Titanium

Tungsten and titanium are both excellent choices for a wedding ring, and neither is better than the other. When choosing between the two, it is really about personal preference and your lifestyle. However, after talking with multiple couples, tungsten seems to be the preferred choice with real buyers.

When shopping for a wedding band, you will likely consider the following:

  • Durability

Lets explore each factor further.

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Pros Of Titanium Rings

  • Titanium wedding bands are very lightweight
  • They are really strong
  • Titanium rings will last a long time
  • They are very easy to maintain

Titanium is light and comfortable to wear while also strong and durable. It wont bend, stretch, rust, or fade, so it will last a lifetime. It is easy to maintain, but you need to wash it with soap and water every few months to keep it clean.

Our Range Of Titanium Wedding Rings

FREE Men’s Titanium Wedding & Engagement Rings

Take a look at the Architect, a sleek, etched titanium band. It is mellow and subdued, but you just know this mild-mannered band has an epic war-cry waiting inside it, just itching to come out and show the world it has more than just good looks and brains. It’s tough, so freaking tough, and one day, it’s going to show you just how tough it is, Frank! It’s gonna… OK, maybe I went a bit far there. But you get the drift.

The Hunter is a titanium band with deer antler and Koa wood inlays. It is the perfect blend of nature and industry. The sleek shine of metal blends flawlessly with the rows of natural materials, showcasing the ring’s dual nature. It is a complex combination of different forms that join together to make a perfect whole. It is deep, intriguing and awesome.

And, of course, we have the King Arthur, etched titanium with Koa rosewood. Regal, stunning, a ring for a man that knows what he wants, and wants the world to know it too. It is bold, exciting and so much more than a regular gold band could ever dream of being. It takes much to be the king, and this ring proves who is fit to bear the title.

Titanium may be one of the ring world’s newest kids on the block, but don’t let that fool you. Titanium is one of the manly man’s best options for a wedding band, offering strength and style unmatched by any other material. Take a look around at our titanium wedding bands and find the ring that represents the strong force of nature you and I both know you are.

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What Makes Titanium Popular For Mens Rings

A titanium ring will stay truly round throughout its life. It is considerably stronger than silver and platinum. A titanium ring resists scratches and dents, too, ensuring they retain their look for years.

Titanium rings are also lighter and less expensive than other precious metals. And as an added bonus, titanium rings are hypoallergenic, meaning your skin will not react to it if youre prone to allergies when wearing jewelry.

Competitive Price & 1

Joancee’s goal is to make high quality, fashionable, meaningful jewelry at affordable price by selling directly to customers, instead of traditional reseller channels. We accept 30 Days Return & One Year Warranty Guaranteed. 100% Worldwide Fast Shipping for all jewellery items.



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We don’t have payment plans such as layaway for the time being.

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