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Blue Nile Wedding Bands For Him

Classic Wedding Bands For The Groom

Blue Nile | Jewelry Education, Platinum

There’s a reason classic wedding bands are, well, classic: They’re timeless designs that will always be in style. If your groom is the type of guy who likes to steer clear of trends and wants to keep his look buttoned-up, traditional, and sophisticated, he should shop for a wedding band that fits with his personal aesthetic. Luckily, we found plenty of classic wedding bands that will surely do the job.

But what should a guy look for in a classic wedding band? We suggest choosing a ring that’s sleek, simple, and without too many embellishments. A band made of either high-polished platinum or white gold will never go out of style, and he can choose a size and weight that he feels comfortable wearing daily. Those aren’t his only metal options, though. Deciding on a classic band doesn’t mean your guy has to give up on the idea of color. In fact, yellow gold bands, especially those with a high-polish finish and a rounded shape, have been a popular style choice for newly-married grooms for years. If he’d prefer to match his band to yours, rose gold is another nice option, and it can be surprisingly subtle.

To help him start shopping for his wedding band, click through here for some of our favorite classic rings.

Rustic Style Scratches Ring

Contains 25% alloy and 75% gold have a brighter yellow tone. 14K Gold Band Contains 41.7% alloy 58.3% gold have a darker yellow-orange tone. 10K Gold Band Contains 58.3% alloy and 41.7% gold paler in color with a less yellow tone. In short, in order to make gold jewelry thats long lasting and durable, gold is mixed with other metals called alloys. These alloys make the gold stronger and even change its color if desired. The alloy may add strength, but it will also diminish the value and may even cause allergic reactions and/or tarnish. In order to try and achieve the best balance between the desirable and valuable properties of gold the three standard gold combinations were created. All three of the gold karats are available in yellow, white, and rose gold. Typically, white gold alloys are stronger than yellow gold alloys, so a white gold ring will be slightly stronger and last a little longer than a yellow gold ring. With all the different options for mens gold wedding bands available, make sure to choose the right karat grade to fit your budget, style, design and color the possibilities of this wonderful metal are truly endless!

Gold wedding band pricing

A 10k gold ring is the most affordable wedding band because it has the least amount of gold content. At the opposite end of the spectrum, an 18k gold ring is considered the most posh and expensive. For a mid-range wedding band, stick with a 14k gold band that combines a balance of good quality and price.


General Price Range Of The Most Expensive Rings

The most expensive mens wedding rings range from $3,000 to $40,000 on average.

And when you take into consideration the four Cs of the diamonds in your wedding ring, you can easily surpass the $40,000 mark. This is a far cry from the general average range of $100 and $2,000.

If youre willing to spend more on a wedding ring, consider looking at the big brands first, as they have some of the classiest picks. Plus, you know that they wont let you down in terms of quality and longevity.

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How Much Do Women’s Wedding Rings Cost

The price of wedding rings varies based on a number of factors. First, consider the kind of metal you want, as this could impact the price tag. For example, a gold ring may be more expensive than a silver band. Youll also find the simpler designs, which are less intricate, tend to be more affordable than the more elaborate wedding bands. If youre looking for one with diamonds or gemstones, the more embellished and more stones it has, the pricier it may be. Whats more, you might find that the price tag on wedding rings for women may differ depending on the designer and the brand. Browse through our selection of wedding bands and youll see that each ring has a $ symbol next to it. The more symbols you see, the more expensive it is compared to one with fewer symbols. Following this is a smart way to gauge the price range when youre getting to know the inventory.

Simple Wedding Bands For Her

Classic Wedding Ring in Platinum (3mm)

Perfect as part of a matching set with your partner, this classic wedding band is a perfect example of a simple wedding band for women that goes the distance. Its comfortable for everyday wear, with rounded edges and a smooth interior, while the high-shine finish will dazzle. Choose from a variety of sizes and metal finishes.

Blue Nile classic wedding ring, from $150, Blue Nile

If youre looking for something simple yet stunning, this pave eternity band is it! With a full circle of pave diamonds, youll be covered in bling whether you choose the ¼ carat or something slightly larger. Available in white, rose or yellow gold, and platinum as well.

Blue Nile Riviera petite pave eternity diamond band, from $1,090, Blue Nile

You don’t have to include gemstones or diamonds for your wedding band to make a statement. Case in point: this unique, stunning chain-link band.

Mejuri thin chain ring, $160, Mejuri

If youre looking for a simple wedding ring in white gold, consider this low dome band from Blue Nile. Low dome means the ring has a sleeker profile than a traditional band, for a more modern look thatll match nicely with your engagement ring without overpowering it.

Blue Nile low dome comfort fit ring, from $200, Blue Nile

Add a touch of color to your wedding band with precious gems. We personally love the choice of sapphire because it’s the most durable of the stones. However, feel free to incorporate any colored stone your heart desires.

Mejuri thin band, $450, Mejuri

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Why Shop For Your Wedding Band At Blue Nile

There are several online retailers that offer excellent wedding band options as well as a great shopping experience. So, why should you choose Blue Nile over other retailers? In addition to the impressive quality of Blue Nile wedding rings, the company offers some excellent tools and policies for a superior shopping experience every time. Here are a few reasons to choose Blue Nile for your wedding bands:

How Do I Measure My Ring Size

This is not a do-it-yourself sort of thing. Its best to have a jeweler do it with his or her ring sizer that displays bands in sizes that go from 2 to 12. Remember that you dont have to buy your ring on day one you can stop in to browse different styles and try them on. You could also buy a ring-sizing kit for $12.99 from Amazon . But the jeweler knows best.

If the ring is really wide 6mm or more , you should go ½, ¾ or one whole size up. For example, if you wear a size 9 in a thinner band, you might want to try a size 10 to see if it is more comfortable in a wider style.

You know the ring fits when you can put it over your finger and no matter how much you wiggle your finger or try and fling the ring off your hand, it wont move over your knuckle. Not very scientific, I know, but it works. As long as it doesnt go over your knuckle, you can wear the ring a tad looser if youre not used to wearing jewelry. This way you wont be playing with it or moving it up and down when youre supposed to be answering emails.

You can also go lighter weight with the ring you choose. Some mens wedding bands are super heavy, rendering them uncomfortable and almost claustrophobic to wear. Also, consider the metal . For example, the same ring cast in platinum will be much heavier than those cast in 14K or 18K gold.

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Wedding Day Jewelry From Blue Nile

We love timeless jewelry for your wedding day. We spotted these Petite Diamond Huggie Hoop Earrings as well as these Mini Diamond Dot Brushed Hoops which would be perfect for all your wedding events and to wear after the big day! This Micropavé Button Diamond Necklace would look gorgeous for your rehearsal dinner, dont you think?

These Sunburst Diamond Stud Earrings are perfect for the bride who wants to incorporate a bit of vintage into her day. Love the celestial vibes? These Three Star Ear Climber Stud Earrings are a perfect option. Mini Diamond Bar Stud Earrings make for an excellent gift as well as this heart locket.

Can Women Just Wear One Wedding Ring

Blue Nile Jewelry Review & Unboxing: Classic Wedding Ring Platinum & Riviera Pavé Diamond Ring

While women and femme-identifying folks typically wear a wedding band and an engagement ring, there are no rules when it comes to your wedding jewelry. You can wear as many or as few wedding rings as youd likeno matter your gender identity. However, if you use your hands a lot, work out frequently or simply want a more understated look, its perfectly OK to just wear one ring. On the other hand, you can absolutely rock your engagement ring and wedding band full-time. If that’s the case, make sure the wedding band fits alongside your engagement ring so that there’s no extra fitting to be done after you purchase. TL DR: Toss out any rulebook you may have heard about regarding wedding rings. Wear what makes you feel happy and confident.

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Alaska Gold Nugget Ring

by: Jewelry by Johan

You get the best of both worlds with this striking wedding band. A mix of brushed Titanium and whiskey barrel oak wood combine for a unique blend of elements. A comfort fit means this ring is as comfortable as it is aesthetically pleasing.

I have a feeling that this is one of those rings that you must physically touch and inspect in order to truly appreciate.

Championship Wedding Rings For Sports Enthusiast

by Etsy: ScoreCustomJewelry

Dear brides: please dont hate us too much for suggesting these amazing sports themed mens ring designs.

We understand that not everyone enjoys sports one-half of L& L is included in that category! However, chances are your future spouse has a secret or not-so-secret obsession with football, basketball, baseball, or even cricket !

These baseball and basketball-themed gold wedding band designs have a classic appeal. Andrew could especially see himself wearing the basketball ring. Of course, the fact that hes watched NBA games for over 25 years could have something to do with it!

Definitely consider this a #1 draft pick for your mans wedding ring!

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Wedding Bands For Him

Wedding bands for men tend to be simpler than those for women, but some include beautiful detailing and intricacies. For example, you can have diamonds embedded into your band like this ring from Blue Nile. Or your metal can be polished, brushed, hammered or hand-braided.

Matte Inlay Wedding Ring

Choose a style that matches your personality, but also fits your lifestyle. If you use your hands frequently for work or recreation, youll want to keep any diamonds flush within the band.

We prepared a Mens wedding bands guide for you to get all the information you need to make a smart decision.

Examples of wedding band designs:

Stainless Steel Wedding Bands


Although used in watchbands for ages, stainless steel is a metal that is relatively new to wedding jewelry. Its durable, accessibly priced, and makes for a steely white metal. However, it doesnt wear as well as some of the other metals and therefore might need to be polished more often.

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Sterling Silver Wedding Bands

Sterling silver is a favorite among men who prefer either an extremely toned down look or a rock-and-roll look at an affordable price. Its one of the least expensive metals in wedding rings and like gold, it has been around for centuries. Textural interest is a big draw when it comes to sterling silver as the softness of the metal allows for all different types of design details. But this is also one of its drawbacks its high maintenance, scratches easily, and could bend out of shape if its really light weight. It will also tarnish quicker than other metals so you will need to have it polished, cleaned, and checked regularly.

Best Places To Buy Wedding Bands

Similar to when you buy an engagement ring, you want to purchase your wedding band from a reputable jewelry vendor. From our extensive experience in the industry, the best places to buy wedding bands are from these recommended online vendors.

James Allen: James Allen offers superior customer service and stunning jewelry craftsmanship. Their website provides high-resolution photography of every ring, so you can confidently buy online. Their beautiful collection of well-crafted settings like this White Gold Prong Eternity Ring make them an excellent choice for fine jewelry.

Blue Nile: Blue Nile has developed strong relationships with diamond and jewelry vendorsgiving them the largest online selection of diamonds and settings. Their prices are competitive and their jewelry craftsmanship is exceptionalmaking it one of the best places to buy wedding bands online. See this beautiful Cathedral Pavé Diamond Ring as an example.

Brian Gavin Diamonds: Known for selling some of the best cut diamonds in the world, Brian Gavin diamonds offer unparalleled brilliance. Their collection is full of exceptional jewelry at competitive prices. For example their gorgeous Fishtail Pave Band would be a fantastic choice.

Boutique options: If youre looking for something unique and willing to pay extra, please contact us. We have connections with boutiques who can provide this extra level of service to you.

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Trending Wedding Band Styles For Your Future Hubby

It’s no secret that ladies’ engagement rings tend to get all the attention, but your man’s wedding band is important too! Not only is it a symbol of your lasting love and commitment to each other, but it’s also the one piece of jewelry you see every day that needs to fit his lifestyle and personality. For many men, their wedding ring is the only piece of jewelry they wear, so why not make it stand out? Not sure where to start looking or what he’d be into? Well, you came to the right place. Whether he’s looking for something durable, unique, classic, or he isn’t quite sure what his style is yet, we’ve got you covered. We’ve selected each of these wedding bands using our data-driven algorithm that finds only the best, top-rated, and highly-reviewed products on the market. Say I do with something you know hell love.

Did you like our 10 Best Men’s Wedding Bands? Shop all our Top 10 Men’s lists to discover more top-ranked finds!

Top 10 Lists serve as unbiased shopping guides to the most trusted product recommendations on the internet. Products are scored and ranked using an algorithm backed by data consumers find most valuable when making a purchase. We are reader-supported and may earn acommissionwhen you shop through our links.

The Rankings

Simple Mens Wedding Bands

Blue Nile Engagement Ring Unboxing | The Diamond Pro Review

When it comes to simple mens wedding rings, you cant beat a classic. This shiny ring will look just right on your hand. Its available in a variety of sizes, from a slim two-millimeter to the standard seven-millimeter. The best part? The four different finishesyellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum will match perfectly with your spouse’s ring.

Blue Nile classic wedding ring, from $120, Blue Nile

This brushed and polished wedding band is the perfect combination of rugged and sophisticated. Choose from black, silver or white tungsten carbide in a generous six-millimeter width.

Blue Nile brushed and polished comfort fit wedding band, from $195, Blue Nile

We love this simple wedding ring because it puts a unique spin on the classic wedding band. Plus, the flat top won’t get in the way of anything. Form and functionwhat more could you ask for?

Mejuri titanium signet ring, $125, Mejuri

If hes looking for a wedding band thats easy to slip on and off, hell love this mid-weight band from Blue Nile. Available as a four- or five-millimeter band, its designed for a lighter feel on his hand. Available in white gold, yellow gold or platinum.

Blue Nile mid-weight comfort fit wedding band, from $320, Blue Nile

Get a simple wedding ring that makes a statement. This gold signet ring comes with a center made of forged carbon, which gives it a fashion-forward feel without looking over-the-top.

David Yurman forged carbon signet ring in 18k yellow gold, $3,400, Nordstrom

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Tantalum Wedding Bands: The Complete Guide


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Courtesy of Blue Nile

Theres a lot to love about classic gold wedding bands and so many good things to say about silver or platinum. However, if youre looking for something unique, affordable, and oh-so-cool, you may want to consider tantalum wedding bands.

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