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Platinum Wedding Rings For Men

The Popular Choice Is Platinum

SCOTT KAY Mens Platinum Wedding Band Ring ~ Authentic Certified Designer Ring

The brilliant natural white colorof platinum complements light, medium, olive, and dark skin tones, so every man will be able to wear this precious metal well. It is also a heavy and durable metal, so it is ideal for low maintenance men who do not want to fuss over their wedding bands. Because this metal is so resistant to scratches, theres no need for men to worry about whether their active lifestyles will put excessive wear and tear on their ring.

Nothing will make a man happier than wearing an exclusive platinum wedding bandexcept for his significant other, of course!

Do You Need Additional Help With Womens Or Mens Platinum Wedding Rings

If youre struggling to find the perfect Platinum ring. Or, if you just need some additional guidance, please contact us. We have a lovely, friendly team on hand Monday to Saturday to help.

We provide showroom appointments to try designs from our UK store. In addition, we offer a try-at-home service for most of our designs. Look out for regular monthly promotions online and dont forget to subscribe for updates and to follow our work on social media.

Platinum Comes Back As New When Re

Many of our clients love the way that Platinum restores to an as-new condition. An old, dull Platinum wedding ring is transformed through professional polishing. It really is remarkable how different a ring looks after years of wear, once it goes through re-polishing. With this in mind, Platinum makes a great choice for a lifetime of wear.

Most importantly, we should point out that Platinum does scratch and wear over time. In fact, all precious metals scratch and wear.

Interestingly, many antique jewellery lovers covet the natural patina that develops over many years of wear.

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Style The Platinum Up

There are countless styles of platinum mens wedding rings, so it wont be hard to find one that matches your personal taste. Traditional men should choose a classic style, such as a simple platinum band with a shiny finish. A platinum ring with milgrain detailing or beveling is perfect for men who want a timeless ring with a bit of character.

Mixing metals or applying a satin finish can make platinum look more modern and edgy, which is ideal for trendsetting men. Diamonds can also be incorporated into the design to make this metal look even more luxurious and high-end.

Platinum Escapes The Volatile Price Increases Of Gold Trading

Platinum 950 Mens Diamond Set Wedding Band 0.45ct

During times of economic uncertainty, many investors pile money into Gold. As a result, the price climbs. Often, this has an adverse effect on the cost of jewellery. Unlike Gold, Platinum rarely experiences the same volatility as Gold.

But, at the same time, the rarity of Platinum helps this precious metal retain its intrinsic value. Most importantly, at the time of this article, 80% of wedding rings sold at Serendipity Diamonds are made of Platinum for all of the above reasons.

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Platinum Mens Wedding Rings

Our collection of mens platinum wedding rings are crafted with forever in mind, with contemporary yet timeless designs and high quality materials that are ready for lifes adventures. The perfect companion to our signature engagement rings, these platinum wedding bands are designed with care and handmade by the Taylor & Hart team. From diamond pavé to curving shapes, weve breathed new life into the classic wedding band, giving you an exciting selection of contemporary designs to choose from. Our collection of mens wedding rings are understated yet expressive, making them the perfect way to show your partner you love them each and every day.

When you make a commitment as big as this, we know you want to be sure that your ring will last a lifetime. All our wedding rings and engagement rings come with a lifetime warranty and accessible financing options.

The Perfect Ring Is Platinum

Platinum is one of the most valuable precious metals in the world. Its natural white color may look similar to white gold, but theres no doubt that mens platinum wedding rings are in a league of their own. Why? Men truly enjoy wearing platinum rings, not just because theyre comfortable and visually stunning, but also because of the deep meaning they carry. Platinum is a symbol of strength and durability, not to mention style and sophistication. Because platinum is so valuable, many men also associate this precious metal with success and wealth.

Take a look at some of our favorite platinum rings from our exclusive mens wedding ring collection:

This classic platinum Men’s wedding band is 5mm wide and features milgrain detailing with rounded inside edges for a comfort fit in your choice of 3, 4, or 5 mm. Proudly made in the USA.

Stock Number:

This platinum Men’s band is 7.5 millimeters wide and features twenty round cut black diamonds that are burnish set in a brushed channel setting. Comfort fit and proudly made in the USA.

Stock Number:

This platinum Men’s band is 6 millimeters wide and features a satin-finished carved design, high-polished round edges and 8 vertical grooves along the center. Comfort fit and proudly made in the USA.

Stock Number:

This modern wedding band features a domed center section with a step edge for a dynamic accent in platinum. Proudly made in the USA and comfort fit.

Stock Number: Stock Number: Stock Number: Stock Number:

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Your Wedding Rings Can Be Extensions Of Your Personalities

Platinums renowned durability means it can be fashioned and textured in many highly attractive ways. Among the wide selection of Wedding Bands and Rings we offer, you will see traditional, classic, and modern designs. You know your personality and tastes, and those of your partners best you know whether the simple elegance, elaborate ornamentation, or subtle sophistication of your platinum and diamond wedding bands will best suit you as embellishments. We are confident you will find the ideal tokens of your love and affection in our collections of Platinum Wedding Rings. You may have special requirements, we can meet these. Our experts can contour a Platinum Wedding Band so it will be set off to the very best of its potential on your hand, think tailor-made or bespoke, rather than off the peg.

Sample Before You Select Your Platinum Wedding Ring

40 Best Mens Wedding Bands Platinum Ideas | Latest wedding rings for men

As you browse through our selection of mens and ladies Platinum Wedding bands you will realise we have an extensive selection of shapes and styles for you to choose from to make your rings as special as you could wish for on your happiest of days. A multiplicity of choices can be bewildering, so do take advantage of our sampling service before you arrive at your final decision. We want you to be absolutely satisfied with the Platinum Wedding Rings our experts craft for you, so, sample as many as you need to.

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Do Men Select Their Own Wedding Ring

It is up to the couple how they go about choosing their wedding rings, but an engaged couple will usually shop for wedding rings together. Whether or not you choose matching wedding rings, it is a good idea to shop together, as these are significant pieces that you will wear for life. It also ensures that you can each choose a ring you love.

How We Ensure You Get Quality Platinum Wedding Rings And Bands For Less Than The High Street Asks

The value of Platinum and is high because both are rare. This does not mean that you cannot find affordable Platinum Wedding rings set on offer in the U.K. As we are an internet only company, our Platinum Wedding Rings are cheap when compared to similar Platinum Wedding Rings in High Street Jewellery shops. Not only that, but we deliver your Platinum Wedding Rings for men and women free of charge, and guarantee you your money back within thirty days if the rings you have ordered do not suit you. Do note that you can order our rings anywhere in the world. Just because we are based in the U.K does not mean we cannot deliver jewellery to you outside the U.K., we can.

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What Is The Best Metal For Mens Wedding Rings

Mens wedding bands are available in a variety of materials, including precious metals, so you can find a ring you love and to match your partners wedding band if desired.

Gold wedding bands are among the most popular choice for men, as they offer a timeless look and lasting shine, crafted in precious metal. Choose from yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold, for a wedding band to suit your style.

Titanium is an extremely durable metal, making it a popular choice for rings that are worn every day. Our black titanium rings offer a modern yet classic look, and our styles featuring black diamonds have an extra unique touch.

Tungsten is a metal with a natural grey colour. It is a hard and largely scratch-resistant metal, making it a great choice for rings especially for those who work with their hands.

At Michael Hill our mens wedding ring designs also include polished, brushed, and patterned metal, so you can find the ideal piece for you.

Buy Mens Wedding Bands Online

Mens Platinum Wedding Ring Wedding Ring from The Platinum Ring Company ...

Whether you choose a classic or more modern appearance, we understand that shopping for a men’s wedding band can be extremely intimidating and stressful. But when you shop online for handmade mens wedding bands, you can shop at your own pace from your comforts, without bothering about the hovering salespeople. Our special ring collection features the most creative and contemporary wedding band styles for guys. Are you looking for a modern or vintage design? Our bands come in a variety of materials, ranging from classic precious metals to out-of-this-world meteorites. Do you want a ring with meaning? Choose a handmade mens wedding band with Celtic engraving or a customized detail. Do you want something simple yet elegant? Go for a gold wedding band or a diamond ring. At Love Wedding Bands, you can discover a large and diverse range of mens wedding bands in different styles and materials.

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Why Love Wedding Bands

Love Wedding Bands has mastered the blending of luxury, elegance, and class in each of its items, which are precisely created and guaranteed to be of the finest quality. Whether you shop in person at our store or on our website, we strive to provide personalized service and trusted expertise to assist you in making the best decision. In addition to the finest quality and most beautiful set of unique mens wedding band, we also offer free resizing and engraving for our customers. Buying mens wedding bands is easy and convenient with Love Wedding Bands as we offer free returns and free shipping.

Love Wedding Bands thrives to design and deliver the best wedding bands, diamond rings and a classic collection of modern jewelry to resonate the style of today!!

2408 Crossing Way, Wayne,

Why Birthstones Complement Platinum

Ladies have long had their ring fingers graced with eye-catching jewels, and now mens Wedding Rings can be adorned with gemstones. What stone could be more suitable to complement Platinum other than birthstone? Birthstones get their name from the jewel associated with the month you were born. So, mens and ladies Platinum Wedding Bands with added birthstones can symbolise you, your partners or your childrens month of birth or marriage. Birthstones have been around for centuries. The way they can catch and reflect light delights the eyes, and captures the imagination. Many Birthstones have names reflecting their origin and history. Controversy, scandal, and myths have been attached to some, this shows the extent of the spell they have cast over us, and how we can be awed by them. Our specialists will cut, select, match, and set the stones you decide on just as you wish.

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About Men’s Platinum Wedding Rings

No longer only plain vanilla, men’s wedding rings today come in a wide range of styles as unique as you. Stylish men have discovered that a wedding band design with gems, interesting texture, or meaningful symbols expresses your own personality. Gemvara’s wide selection of Men’s Platinum Wedding Rings means you can find the perfect style. Gemvara selects the finest possible materials to make one of a kind Men’s Platinum Wedding Rings to order, just for you. Our precious metals are recycled or responsibly mined. Pure, rare, and eternal, platinum is the world’s most precious metal. One touch and you’ll immediately notice the difference: platinum is significantly denser than gold. Its purity makes platinum an excellent choice for people with metal sensitivities. Platinum is naturally hypoallergenic.Gemvara’s beautifully custom-made Men’s Platinum Wedding Rings are handcrafted to order, just for you, by skilled craftsmen in the United States.

What Is 950 Platinum The Benefits Of Purity

Platinum on a Budget: 10K Men’s White Gold Wedding Rings

Stamped 950, the number inside a Platinum ring identifies 95% purity. Additional metals make up the other 5%. For example, Cobalt and Iridium to increase surface hardness and to improve the flow of molten metal during casting.

The high level of purity benefits wearers with 100% hypo-allergenic properties. In fact, some wearers with allergies often misdiagnose Platinum as the cause of rashes whilst wearing this metal.

Overall, we regard Platinum as the purest choice of precious metal for mens wedding rings.

The Osborne wedding ring, 5mm wideour most popular Platinum wedding ring for men.

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Signify Your Commitment With A Wedding Band

For years, wedding bands for men were cliched for being plain and boring. But in recent times, men’s wedding bands have evolved so much that they now nearly match their female counterparts, with alternatives ranging from gold to silver, diamonds, platinum, and the male favorite – titanium. This move is excellent in terms of options, but it makes something else a lot harder – making the right pick. And that is why we have our team to guide you along the way. Just let us know what you are looking for and we would be more than glad to help you out or design it for you. When it comes to buying unique mens wedding bands, trust your intuition and your preferences. Because you’ll be wearing the ring for the rest of your life, you should fall in love with it as much as you did with your betrothed. Wedding rings for men are much more than just a ring that you put on your finger. Instead, they are a reminder of a groom’s strength and devotion for his bride.

Different Costs For The Same Mens Platinum Wedding Ring

The cost of a single mens Platinum wedding ring varies based on two main factors. Firstly, the depth of the wedding ring. For each of the different wedding ring profiles, we create a light, medium and heavyweight ring. In addition, we offer each variation in a choice of widths. For men, we recommend a width from 3mm upwards.

The following video shows a light, medium and heavyweight variation of three very popular wedding ring styles. .

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How Platinums Lustre Deepens Over The Years

You are likely to wear your Platinum Wedding Ring every day, and you will want the designs you have ordered to last and impress others just as much as they did on the day you were wed. Engravings in gold wear over time and become fainter happily, this is not the case with shaped and textured Platinum Wedding rings. As time passes, Platinum will develop a patina which gives a wedding band fashioned in it a deeper, richer lustre in much the same way that well cared for leathers sheen mellows with age. The patina will not diminish the colour, and will make the special features with which our service has provided you stand out even more proudly.

Platinums Royal Reputation Makes It A Desirable Material For Platinum Wedding Rings And Bands

Beveled Men

Louis the Fifteenth of France declared that Platinum was the only metal fit for a king. A bold claim, as Europe only began to research Platinum seriously towards the end of his reign. However, the noble metals beauty, durability, and extreme resistance to corrosion, justify this royal claim. Platinum can also claim a royal seal of approval for queens since it frames the Crown of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. These qualities make Platinum a highly desirable choice for wedding rings.

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Why Shop Jewelry Point

All US orders are shipped free and discreetly via FedEx Express. International orders are shipped for a nominal fee via FedEx Express for a quick delivery anywhere in the world. Our shipping options.

All orders including customized items can be returned for a full refund within 60 days – no restocking fees, no questions asked! Learn more about our return policies.

Save now even more! JewelryPoint does not collect sales tax on orders shipped outside the state of New York or outside the USA.

With our free Life-Time warranty you can enjoy your purchase without worrying about expensive repairs in the future. We will also refinish your jewelry for no charge. Our Life-Time warranty

Buyers Love The Luxurious Weight Of A Platinum Wedding Ring

Did you know, Platinum weighs a third heavier than Gold? We sometimes quote a fact that a 6-inch cube of Platinum weighs around the same weight as an average adult man.

During wedding ring appointments in our showroom, many clients agree that the density and weight of Platinum add to the luxurious feel of this precious metal. Platinum weighs a third more than the same ring made in 18ct Gold.

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