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How To Foil Wedding Invitations

What Are The Benefits Of Foil Wedding Invitations

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Foil wedding invites have been a firm favourite among brides-to-be for a long time. The hottest wedding invitation trends usually use a touch of metallics to add a wow factor to the design. Lets take a look at the benefits of foil wedding invitations and why they are consistently chosen for adding the finishing touch to printed wedding stationery.

Diy Gold Foil Wedding Invitations

One thing Ive never understood is why beautiful, personalized wedding invitations have to be so expensive. Consider me old school , but its just paper, right?

As a designer I know that a lot of blood, sweat and tears go into designing wedding stationery, and sometimes thats where the primo price tag comes from. But just because youre on a budget doesnt mean you cant have the gorgeous invitations of your dreams .

With just a little bit of glue and a few sheets of gold foil you can doll up your printed wedding invites and make them look like a million bucks all while secretly laughing when your guests gush over how pretty and professional they look.

Now I know what youre thinking youve got 150 invitations to mail out and you cant possibly glue gold foil on each of them but thats actually the beauty of this little DIY. Gold foil looks best when its a little chipped and rustic with torn edges and a hint of paper peeking through. You dont need to spend much time for them to look incredible and in fact, the less perfect they are, the better.

Its a DIY dream.

So round up your bridesmaids to make things go a little quicker and trust me when I say you can do this and it will look awesome.

Read on to learn how to make these glinty, gold foil invitations yourself.

Rose Gold Foil Wedding Invitation With Seal

Laura Jane Designs are based out of Coleraine in Co Antrium, North Coast of Northern Ireland. Offering a wide range of bespoke invitation suites and paper products, they invite nearly-weds to their consultation room where they can see and touch sample designs. Rose gold foil finish invitations are amongst their options, together with autumnal-inspired modern-chic and many others.

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Colours And Styles Of Foil Wedding Invitations

Gold foil wedding invitations are the most popular choice for brides, but gold foil invitations arent your only option. Foil printing comes in almost any colour imaginable. Some of the most popular are natural metallic finishes, including rose gold foil wedding invitations, silver foil wedding invitations, and brass, bronze or copper foil wedding invitations. Foil wedding invites dont have to be a natural metallic colour: foil comes in almost any colour. Some popular choices for wedding invitations foil include red, green, blue, black and white.

Foil printing can also be combined with other print types. Gold foil stamped wedding invitations are a popular choice, combining the shine of foil with the impressive, touchable impact of letterpress.

Gorgeous Gold Foil Printed Wedding Invitations

Foil Wedding Invitations

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Question: What happens when you apply gold foil onto a wedding invitation?

Answer: You get optimum lux that takes a ho-hum invite from everyday mail to something that makes one think of gold, wealth, and royalty!

  • DIY Gold Foil Invitations
  • Combine gold leaf with a beautiful personalized design to create a wedding invitation that each guest will distinctly remember.

    Andrew and I got married at an early 20th century mansion in Vancouver. Naturally, we chaose a roaring twenties theme with gold accents. So, when we stumbled upon Minteds Foxtrot gold foil wedding invitation, we knew wed found the wedding invite for us.

    Thick, foil-pressed, luxurious, and exuding a 1920s style. It makes my stationery meter register a 10 out of 10 just thinking about it. After all, truly well done stationery is like a cherished piece of art that could be hung on a wall.

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    Feed Vellum Into Laminator

    1. Gently place a second sheet of copy paper on top of the material and foil, being sure not to move the foil off of your printed image.

    2. Your material and foil should be sandwiched between two cover sheets of plain paper. Now, feed it into the laminator.

    3. Once it passes through, feed it right back into the laminator* again, keeping the same side up and being sure not to displace the material and foil.

    *Be sure to read Tips & Tricks to see if you may need to adjust the number of times you run it through the laminator.

    Warm Tones Wedding Invitation

    Based in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, Love Invited ships their products all throughout the country. Offering an array of styles from vintage to art deco that can give your wedding invitations the touch of gold you were looking for. A beautiful range of golden foil finish designs are available and can be tailored to what youre looking for exactly – we especially love this unique gold foil wedding invitation that has such a fun vibe.

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    Paper Options For Foil

    The results of our foil-stamped designs are fundamentally dependent on the quality of paper they’re printed on, and Shutterfly’s exceptional cardstock always delivers. Choose between our Pearl Shimmer Cardstock, which lends photos and other design elements a luminous look, and our Signature Smooth Cardstocka thicker cardstock that feels more substantial and luxurious in one’s hand. As with our design templates, our paper is sourced from the very best independent boutiques. The master printers overseeing our production facilities share with these boutiques an exacting approach to create, in concert, wedding cards of unmatched quality.

    Decide What To Do With The Tissue Paper

    Magnetic Light on the BDR Lunch Gathering 5/12/22

    If a sheet of tissue paper came on top of each invitation, it’s your choice whether to leave it in or not. Traditionally, it was used to keep the ink from smudging. While most inks used these days won’t smudge, the tradition has continued.

    If you want to keep the tissue in the invitation suite, place the tissue on top of the wedding invitation.

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    Digital Foiled Wedding Invitations

    WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Digital foiling uses a heat transfer with the foil adhered onto the cardstock. This is a smoother flatter foiling method and guest name personalisation is also available making this is a cost-effective and versatile option if metallic shimmer foil is your dream. A minimum of 30 invitations is required for digital foiling. The foil result is comparable to traditional foil stamping in terms of the final metallic foil look, but please bear in mind that this is a handmade product so the result will not always be 100% flawless. Small black spots or hairlines may sometimes be visible and are considered acceptable, however, we do our best to make sure the finished product is as perfect as possible, often allowing for a few extras in your parcel.Please allow 10-14 working days for digital foil.

    When Should I Order My Printed Invitations

    Typically, you should send your invitations 4-8 weeks before your wedding. If you’re having a destination wedding, you might want to send invitations a few months in advance. Our turnaround time varies depending on your chosen design elements, ranging from 4 – 17 business days, including production and shipping. While it may only take a couple weeks for your printed wedding invitations to reach you, order them a month before you plan on sending them to be safe.

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    Custom Foil Wedding Invites Feature Cardstock With A Shimmer

    Classic and elegant in aspect, our DIY foil wedding invitations offer a luxurious, expensive aesthetic unique to these cards. You’ll find gold, silver, and rose gold foil printed invitations in array of cards, from those featuring monograms to those in tri-fold format to those that can be paired with matching or coordinated envelopes. These are truly the most elegant wedding invitation options available. Get creative and design your own premium wedding cards with Shutterfly.

    When Should The Rsvp Deadline Be For A Wedding

    Gold Foil Stamped Wedding Invitations

    Your wedding RSVP deadline should generally be about 4-6 weeks before the event. You’ll want to check with your wedding caterer and/or venue as well for their requirements on when they need the final head count. Give yourself about a week of lead time between your printed RSVP date on the invitation and the date when you give the venue your final guest count. This allows you to tie up any loose ends and track down anyone that may not have responded.

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    Beautiful Confetti Folded Invitation

    Nothing says celebration like confetti. If your special day is going to be festive, lively and perhaps leaning towards the more modern side of things, Beautiful Confetti might be just what youre looking for. A golden foil finish combined with a range of colours and formats will make your invitation stand out without losing its simplicity – and that terrazzo style is SO chic right now.

    Which Wedding Styles Work Best With Foil

    I really do think it works with all styles, says Montgomery. She finds foil to be both a classic and of-the-moment look at the same time, with trends right now skewing towards rose gold, gold, black on black, and holographic.

    Metallics overall have been in trend for a bit recently, adds Hooper. Gold is certainly the foil color our clients choose most frequently. Hooper prefers foiling on either modern or rustic invitations and says, the script style and design overall set the tone.

    There are so many ways to make it modern or make it softer depending on the printing style and the rest of the invite, adds Montgomery. For one couple, she used holographic foil on a natural, raw edge invitation to merge vintage and contemporary styles for the couple. It was a nice way to bring a modern feel but keep it soft, she says.

    For a more traditional look, experts advise to go for gold. For a fresh take, use a color or monochromatic black on black. As we mentioned, rose gold and holographic are also ultra-modern.

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    Foil Wedding Invitations In Real Gold Rose Gold & Silver Foil By Basic Invite

    Basic Invite takes foil wedding invitations to a new level with quick turnaround times and the ability to add foil to any element on the invitation including your names. Most invitation companies are going to limit you to a few predefined templates but if you want foil anywhere else on the invitation you are just out of luck. Basic Invite lets you customize the card as you would like and then select the parts of the card that you want in foil.

    What Makes Basic Invite Different

    making foil acrylic invitations
    Custom Foil Samples

    With Basic Invite you can design the perfect wedding invitation and then order a sample so you can see it in person before you ever have to place your full order. Don’t settle for a generic card when you can get your actual invite.

    Foil Everything You Want

    Having foil on your invitation is neat but most companies don’t allow you to put what you really want in foil… YOUR NAMES! Once you find the perfect design you can then pick what parts you would like to be in foil instead of being locked into a certain template.

    Full Wedding Invitation Sets In Foil

    With Basic Invite each one of our foil wedding invitations is part of a complete set. So you can find everything from a foil save the date to a foil thank you card and everything in between.

    Quick Turn Around Times

    You can receive your order in as little as 6 business days compared to over 2 weeks from most other providers.

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    Cheap Foil Wedding Invitations: Can Foil Be Affordable

    Some people love the look of gold foil wedding invitations but are concerned about the price, wondering how they can minimise the cost to keep things affordable. If youre on the hunt for cheap foil wedding invitations, you can keep costs down by only adding foil to one part of your wedding invitation suites while leaving it off other cards like your RSVP cards, information cards and other extras. Your set can all be tied together with the design, and the foiling will make the main piece stand out. You might also choose to minimise the number of cards you send out as part of your invitation suite to save money, putting information on a wedding website instead or including more information on the wedding invitation instead of supplementary cards.

    If youre on a budget, avoid the temptation to fall for too-good-to-be-true prices online with sketchy companies. You want to be sure youre getting quality for your money. Oh, and unless you have experience with printing, be wary of investing money in a system promising to let you create diy gold foil invitations. It is very difficult to create diy gold foil invitations that are high enough quality to use, so make sure you are confident that you can do it before you spend the money on something that sells unachievable results!

    Paperlust is your place to buy gold foil wedding invitations Australia wide, with designs by top Aussie designers, and free shipping anywhere in the country with your wedding invitations online order .

    How Much Do The Invitations Cost

    Its top of the line. Its one of your more expensive forms of printing, says Montgomery of foil. Engraving would take the cake, but foil is on the luxury side. But, if you want to incorporate foil on a budget, there are ways to cut costs. First, the cost will depend on how much foil you incorporate. Adding a touch here and there will be easier on your wallet than full foil lettering.

    To save a bit, Montgomery suggests looking for pre-designed cardstock that includes a foil detail rather than going fully-custom. On, for example, foil-detailed invitations sell for about $35 for 10 invites, and Etsy has some options as well. Also, digital flat printing is more economical than letterpress, which uses an actual metal plate to transfer the text to paper versus a printer.

    Invitation by Swell Press Paper

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    Delicate Leaves Invitation With Foil Print


    Gold foiled wedding invitation featuring a delicate leaves design. The print used for these invitations is done with a speciality method called foil which gives an extra elegance and sparkle to the overall design. The invitations can also be foiled in Rose Gold or Silver.

    Invitation Colour: white

    Invitation Size: 12.7 cm x 17.8 cm

    Envelope: white or black, superior quality, gummed other colours available too.

    Coordinating stationery items available in this design: Envelopes Liners Save the Date Cards or Magnets RSVP / Reply Cards Mass booklets / Ceremony booklets / Order of Service Menu Cards Place name cards / Escort cards Table Plans Wedding signs Thank You Cards

    30 invitations + envelopes = 150 euro40 invitations + envelopes = 188 euro50 invitations + envelopes = 175 euro60 invitations + envelopes = 195 euro70 invitations + envelopes = 210 euro80 invitations + envelopes = 224 euro90 invitations + envelopes = 234 euro100 invitations + envelopes = 250 euro110 invitations + envelopes = 264 euro120 invitations + envelopes = 276 euro130 invitations + envelopes = 286 euro140 invitations + envelopes = 301 euro150 invitations + envelopes = 315 euro

    For more than 150 invitations please get in touch for a quotation.

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