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When Are You Supposed To Send Wedding Invitations

Where Do I Put Return Address

When To Send Wedding Invitations (AND SAVE THE DATES)

For mailing, the return address usually goes on the back flap of the outer envelope and is traditionally the address of whoever is hosting the wedding. For the RSVP return envelope, the address used should be that of the person whom youve designated to receive response cards, be it your parents or you . Dont forget that the RSVP envelope should include the proper postage for return mailing.

How Do You Tell Your Guests About Your Wedding Registry

As we mentioned above, providing a link to your wedding website on your invitation is a subtle way of passing along your wedding registry, without being pushy. If you’re really concerned that no one will be able to find your registry, do as couples did before there were wedding websites. Have your close family and best friends spread the word to whoever asks about it. Chances are, your guests will have no problem asking you directly if you have a wedding registry and where they can find it.

When To Send Save The Dates

Would you believe us if we told you that save the dates were one of the more contemporary pieces of wedding stationery we made? Go ahead: ask your parents. Thereâs a real chance that they didnât send wedding save-the-dates and didnât have friends that used them, either. When they were getting married, there werenât many uses of invitation to follow. Couples just sent wedding invitations. While you might find earlier ones, they are mostly a 21st century phenomenon: the era of destination weddings and of generational migration away from hometown weddings. Accordingly, we are all learning the whyâs and howâs of them together. We think they are a courteous gesture and a brilliant way to start your ceremony planning with a bit of personal style.

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What About Rehearsal Dinner Invitations When Should We Send Those Out

After your guests have received your wedding invitation, they might be wondering if theres a rehearsal dinner and if theyre invited. We recommend sending out your rehearsal dinner invitations a week or two after sending out your main wedding invitations. That way, your guests will have enough time to adjust travel plans if needed. Rehearsal dinner invitations should be sent separately from your wedding invitations, even if the guest list is generally the same.

When To Send Save

Wedding Invitation Tips + Advice on When to Send and What ...

A save-the-date is different from a proper wedding invitation. They typically stand as a placeholder for the real invitation to ensure that guests know to clear their schedules on that day, or avoid committing to any other events.

Save-the-dates are sent out before wedding invitations, and the general rule of thumb is to send them between 6 and 12 months before the wedding. If your engagement is on the longer side, its common to send the save-the-date 12 months out.

In light of COVID-19, couples across the globe have had to reschedule their weddings. Right now, many brides and grooms are grappling with rescheduling venues, vendors, and alerting their guests.

If you are scheduling your wedding in the aftermath of the global pandemic, it may be wise to send out your save-the-dates slightly earlier. With so many couples rescheduling at once, dates are being scooped up quickly, and it may be necessary to let loved ones know your date earlier so that they can save it and avoid missing your special day.

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What To Do Before Sending Save The Dates

Before mailing your save the dates, your wedding website should be up and running. You should have your room blocks arranged, and you should have started to assemble your wedding registryjust in case any guests who are booking early decide to beat the crowds and send you a gift early, too. Even if the rest of your site isnt finished , filling out those most important pages will be immensely helpful for your guests.

How It Worked Irl

For her 2018 wedding in Blaine, Washington, Lilia, 28, went the online route and used Greenvelope. Not only were digital invites more sustainable, but Lilia was able to make changes to her list on the fly, giving friends plus-ones at the last minute. Lilia loved how she could add links to the digital invitation, directing guests to other important information, like the coupleâs wedding website, the venue, and their registry. Because the invitation was in an email, she felt it allowed guests to ask questions immediately and encouraged easy and open communication. âA lot of time and money and effort goes into the paper invites, and I totally understand it’s a beautiful touchpoint, but I think it’s not the most valuable area that I wanted to place effort,â Lilia says. âFor us, we wanted to be more sustainable and didnât see the value as much and digital seemed way easier.â

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When To Send Out The Save The Date

These are best sent out eight months before the wedding, if youre having a long engagement, but at least 4 months. Everyone seems to be getting busier and busier these days and you want to give everyone time to clear their calendar, especially for interstate or overseas guests or for a destination wedding. If you think lots of people are going to need to book annual leave and accommodation to attend your wedding, dont leave it too late . You also want to make sure that there is plenty of time between sending these and your wedding invites.

When To Send Save The Dates For Your Wedding

How far in advance should you send wedding invitations?

One of the first wedding-planning tasks you must take on is sending save the dates. But, many questions come to mind when tackling this project. Specifically, you’re probably wondering when to send save-the-date cards. This particular announcement will be your initial segue into the world of wedding stationery suites, so we’ve done all the research to get you prepared.

Read on to get answers to all your questions about etiquette concerning the first piece of wedding stationery you’ll send out.

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Wedding Rsvp Etiquette: 9 Tips All Brides Should Know

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In this article, were going to cover everything there is to know about wedding RSVP cards. Were going to explain how to create them, and what to do about those invitees who forget to RSVP

Getting ready to send out your wedding RSVP cards?

Stressed about how to go about it?

Planning a wedding is not easy. With everything there is to plan, the last thing any bride wants is for her RSVP list to go haywire. Lets get you sorted out!

Make A Preliminary List With Just Your Partner

Before you involve your families, sit down with your partner to start the guest list. Begin with your immediate families and then add those close family members you really want to have there. Next, move on to your closest friendsthe ones you simply cant imagine getting married without.

This probably wont be your entire guest list, but its a good place to start and should cover those must-haves your parents will be looking for. But dont involve your families just yetyoull want to get this starting point ironed out first so you can make sure everyone is equally represented down the line.

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Map And/or Direction Information Card

Depending on the type of venue or style of wedding, maps and directions are often best included as their own piece of the wedding invitation suite. Many couples opt for custom maps to add fun details about their hometown or destination wedding with tips on places to visit.

When to Order: An average of 6 months ahead of sending them.

When to send: This is sent with the invitation.

It is considered mandatory to include the invitation, directions, response card, and envelope as well as mailing envelope and postage.

Optional elements include reception cards, accommodations cards, or weekend schedule cards.

Are You Wondering About When To Send Out Your Wedding Invitations

When to Send Wedding Invitations (and Everything Else!)

To give you a fast and precise answer, for when to send out your wedding invitations, here is a quick answer. For people that live in the the US and U.K, it is quite normal to send out your wedding invitations, at least 2 months before the wedding. However, sometimes if its possible people send out their invitations anywhere from 3-6 months before the wedding as well. It all depends on your personal circumstances and whats right for your wedding. Yet people that live in Sweden send out their wedding invitations 1 year in advance! It all depends on your culture and where you live!

With so many details to arrange, planning a wedding and knowing when to send out your wedding invitations can be a busy time!

Once youve settled on a date and a venue, you need to make sure you let your guests know as soon as possible. If youre getting married abroad, it makes sense that you need to give your guests time to save and book the trip, but it can be difficult to know when to send out your wedding invitations whether your guests live in the states or in the UK.

Put simply, you want to give your guests as much notice as possible, especially if it takes them a while to RSVP. As such, its customary to send out your save the date around 6-12 months before the wedding and your invites at least three to four months before.

View the above collection here. Photography above by Auras Studios

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What Should I Include In My Wedding Invitations

A wedding invitation seldom is just a single printed item, usually there are several inserts along with the main invitation. The main invitation typically includes the couples names as well as the names of those hosting the wedding , the weddings date, time, and location. If your reception is in a different location from your ceremony, you may need to include a card with the reception details printed on it. Youll also want to include a response card and pre-addressed and stamped envelope, so that your guests can send them back to you. Directions cards, accommodations cards, wedding website cards, and other inserts may be needed as well, depending on your event.

When To Send Save The Dates For Destination Wedding

Destination weddings require you to give guests ample notice so they can make the proper travel arrangements. Go ahead and send save the date cards for destination weddings as soon as you lock in your date. Donât worry about any of the other details, that is what the invitation to follow is for. Sending early ensures youâll give guests more time to plan and also lets them look forward to their upcoming vacation!

From beachside and tropical ceremonies to city and European receptions, build excitement by adding information about the location to your save the date cards. Sending a digital save the date also allows you to include a link to your wedding website, registry, or your accommodation suggestion or hotel block.

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Include More Details In Your Invitation Suite

The design of the invitation itself is truly up to you to choose, though professional wedding planners often recommend that you tie it into your wedding theme in some waythrough colors or design embellishments.

Wedding etiquette demands that the invitation only contains the above key details of the event. However, the invitation suite can include other important details:

  • the appropriate attire for guests at the event
  • a map to the event location
  • accommodation details
  • information about any wedding-related activities.

It can also include an RSVP card, with a please respond by date that is roughly four weeks prior to your event. Dont forget a self-addressed, stamped envelope!

Wedding etiquette also demands that you leave gift or registry information out of your invitation suite. If you have prepared a wedding registry for your guests convenience, family members can help to spread this information. Additionally, you can include registry information on your wedding website, with easy links to follow.

Another important detail is the wedding invitation envelope, which should always be hand addressed in beautiful handwriting. Your guests names should be written out in full, preceded by social titles like Mr. and Ms.

All the words in the address should be written out in full, with house numbers under twenty spelled out. The return address should be written on the back flap.

Timelines To Consider In Planning When To Mail Wedding Invitations:

How To Send Wedding Invitation To Married Couples

: If you’re using a calligrapher to address your envelopes, be sure to get in touch with him or her as soon as you’ve confirmed your invitation printing schedule. Calligraphers require anywhere from 2-3 weeks or more to address your envelopes, so you’ll need to confirm dates and tack that onto your timeline.

Assembly: If you’re sending out hundreds of envelopes, don’t forget it may take you a few days to stuff and seal all of that stationery. Don’t plan to be able to take your invitations straight to the post office as soon as you receive them.

Postage: When you have a fully assembled invitation to test, weigh it at the post office you plan to use for the mailing. If you’ve been eyeing a particular set of stamps, you’ll need to ensure the envelope weight matches the postage you plan to use before placing stamps. Believe it or not, the weight can slightly vary from one post office to the next, so be sure to stick to just one location.

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Coordinate Rsvp Cards With Wedding Scheme

One of the fun parts of sending out wedding RSVP invitations is designing them!

If your wedding has a color scheme or theme, make sure to incorporate it on the RSVP cards. Doing so reminds people of your colors and design scheme.

Color schemes and themes help people remember wedding dates!

Summer is the busiest time for weddings. Your guests are likely to attend other weddings around the same time as your summer wedding.

Wedding stationery kits can help you color coordinate your RSVP cards and envelopes. There are a plethora of wedding stationery sources online. They can help you customize your Save-the-Date memos, RSVP cards, and corresponding envelopes!

Someone Like You RSVP cards from Minted

When Should Guests Rsvp To A Wedding

Its standard etiquette to ask guests to RSVP to your wedding around one month before your wedding date. Anything less than four weeks, and you run the risk of not getting an accurate headcount in time for your wedding vendors to properly prepare for your event. You will have guests who dont RSVP by your deadline, so four weeks prior to the big day allows you some extra time to hunt down those stragglers that have not yet replied. Read more about your wedding invitation etiquette timeline.

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