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What Should I Wear To My Wedding

What To Wear To Different Ceremonies

What to Wear To A Wedding – Wedding Guest Attire

Typically, traditional Indian weddings last for three days. The first day includes a Ganesha Pooja, a Hindu ceremony that takes place at home with close family and friends. The second day is for the sangeet , where the bride and groom are joined by their loved ones for an evening dancing and celebrating. This is often when the bride has henna tattoos designed on her hands and feet. The wedding ceremony takes place in the morning on the third day, and is followed by a reception in the evening.

Of course, with the popularity of fusion weddings, couples are putting their personal spin on tradition. Indian weddings may include all of these rituals, or just certain aspects. But in general, guests should dress formally for each ceremony they’re invited to. “You will notice as the parties progress throughout the week, they become progressively more and more elaborate,” Gohel explains. “You will want your outfits to follow the same suit, saving your most formal ensemble for the reception.”

Dressing conservatively is important, especially for religious ceremonies. “Depending on the type of religious wedding ceremony you are attending, the dress code will vary,” she says. “Some ceremonies will require covered shoulders and maybe your head, others will not. Typically the more traditional the venuewhere the ceremony occurs in a mosque or templethe more conservative the dress code.”

Sinatra Long Sleeve Top & Calamity Maxi Skirt75 & 55 Little Mistress

We love the idea of mixing and matching your registry wedding outfit and Little Mistress provides some gorgeous complementary pieces for you to pick from. Consider combining the Calamity skirt with the sequined Sinatra top for a casual and cool look.

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For The Playful Bride: Lulus Absolutely Stunning White Lace Off

Courtesy of Lulus

Size Range: XS-XL | Length: Midi | Shipping: Free shipping over $50 | Return policy: Full refund within 30 days

Go whimsical with this off-the-shoulder lace dress. You’ll adore how the full-bodied midi skirt allows for movement while still capturing a vision of elegance. Plus, it’s under-$100 price tag is unbeatable.

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Steer Clear Of Excessive Sequins

While it may be tempting to see that old gown hanging in your closet that has only been worn once, it’s important to remember that this is not the opportunity to give it a second wear and show it off. “Shy away from all over sequins,” said Carillo. “They reflect a lot of light and can be hard to photograph.”

An obvious exception to this rule could be a theme the couple has listed on the invite, but these instances are few and far between so err on the side of caution and choose something else. “Being a walking disco ball is great for a club, but not so great for a family gathering,” Carillo added.

What Not To Wear To An Indian Wedding

What Should I Wear Under My Wedding Dress?

As a rule of thumb, wearing skimpy and revealing clothes is a complete no-no. Not just this, certain styles are also best avoided owing to their casual nature because Indian weddings are gala affairs where the outfits need to suit the occasion. Indians are also sensitive about certain colours not being worn to traditional occasions because they are considered to be inauspicious. We walk you through this and more in our following sections about what not to wear to an Indian wedding.

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How A Man Dresses For His Wedding

People like to talk about weddings in superlative terms. Your wedding should be the happiest day of your life, the most important day of your life, the biggest day, and so on.

Id like to think your wedding should also be one of your best-dressed days as well.

Whatever form your ceremony takes, it certainly merits your sharpest appearance.

In many cases its also going to require some coordination with groomsmen or general wedding themes. And since youll be making up 50% the pictures, thinking carefully about your clothing is almost as important as the brides .

The options for dressing sharp on your wedding day are as varied as wedding ceremonies. However, these basic guidelines will steer any man straight.

Dont Feel Like You Have To Wear A Hat

The recent shift towards more laid-back weddings has meant less pressure to wear a hat. Hats are a personal choice but if the wedding is very formal, it is still a good idea to wear one, advises Lucy. They should be worn throughout the day, but can be removed when the reception is in the evening and no-one leaves to change.

Key wedding guests like the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom will still tend to wear a hat, even when the dress code doesnt require it. If youre not keen on wearing a hat, but feel like your outfit is missing a little something, opt instead for a fascinator or statement headband.

Oliver Bonas Floral Sequin and Beaded Embellished Black Headband | RRP: £29.50

Headbands are big news and this design from Oliver Bonas oozes glamour with its plush velvet fabric and sparkly embellishments. Perfect for jazzing up a more pared-back dress.

Accessorize Bow Disc Fascinator | RRP: £37.50

The soft blue hue will work for both winter and summer weddings. Featuring a slim, satin headband with a statement disc and netted detail, its sure to be just as effective as a traditional hat.VIEW NOW £37.50 | Accessorize

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Casual Second Marriage Wedding Dresses Are Totally Fine But Not Mandatory

Casual wedding dresses for second marriages are pretty common, and that’s for a number of reasons. Maybe you’re over the princess look and want something sleeker. Maybe your budget is smaller or the outfit you’re wearing just isn’t that important to you. Or maybe you just love a daytime celebration. These are all perfectly acceptable scenarios.

If you’re looking for a casual wedding dress for your second marriage, try a shorter hemline or something asymmetricalhigh-low and midi styles are trending. In addition, many lighter fabrics, non-white colors and relaxed silhouettes lend themselves to informal events, as do toned-down embellishments or minimalist designs. And don’t forget that you don’t have to go the dress route at all. Jumpsuits, rompers and separates are all fair game.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to match your outfit’s level of formality to the rest of the wedding’s. Planning a ballroom wedding? You have full permission to wear a big skirt and lots of sparkle.

For A Summer Wedding: Self


Courtesy of Net-A-Porter

Size Range: UK4-14 | Length: Mini | Shipping: $10 standard shipping | Return policy: Full refund within 28 days

If you’re searching for a courthouse wedding outfit that you’ll definitely wear again, look no further than this Self-Portrait dress. This dreamy lace number is divine for summer nuptials and can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

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Do Opt For Comfortable Shoes

While it should be fairly common knowledge, I’m not talking about wearing your bright pink running shoes to a wedding. Rather, nice dress shoes that you can comfortably wear for a few hours. Alyce Head, wedding manager for Hamilton Place at Pursell Farms, suggests, “Choose shoes that are wearable for four hours.”

While we would all probably leave our shoes under the table and head back out to the dance floor during our high school proms, we should know better these days. “This tip combines etiquette and style,” she added. “It’s just not good form to be barefoot and carry shoes, or create a pile of discarded shoes in the corner of the reception space.”

While it may be tempting to buy those extra cute heels to wear just for the occasion, before throwing down your credit card, I highly encourage you to walk around the store and see if you could be comfortable wearing them for hours. If the answer is no, then either reconsider the purchase or pack a pair of flats you can change into between the wedding and reception and leave the extra in the car!

Clemetine Wedding Dress 499 Whistles

The Clementine dress is a beautiful update on the traditional wedding dress which would be perfect for your registry office wedding. With elegant off-the-shoulder straps, a knee-length pleated skirt and elliptical hem it is light and feminine and would be especially pretty in the spring or summer.

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How To Select Colors

You may choose to wear any color except black or white. The guest’s goal should be to blend in with the surroundings and let the bride shine. As her guest, you should avoid attire that could be considered informal or in bad taste. Pastels, jewel tones and earth tones are excellent choices, as are most primary colors.

Masculine Daytime Wedding Attire

Which types of gown should I wear on my wedding?

A daytime wedding means you may wear your suit with a bright tie and perhaps a color-coordinated shirt that matches or complements your jacket. If the wedding is less dressy or on the beach, a nice pair of trousers and sport coat are fine, unless the invitation states otherwise. Put your best foot forward, figuratively and literally. Psst, don’t forget the shoes. Make sure you wear dress shoes that are polished and shined.

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Why Follow The Wedding Dress Code

It is a sign of respect for the couple and the event to get dressed up for a wedding, and your attire should always be respectful, conservative, and appropriate. But keep in mind, the rules of etiquette were designed to help one feel more at ease and comfortable in all social situations. So simply remember your cheerful presence at the wedding is what counts here, and you’re likely to have a good time no matter what you decide to wear.

How To Prepare For An Outdoor Winter Wedding

Typically, winter weddings are held indoors, but it’s not unheard of for some couples to choose an outdoor venue . With outdoor winter wedding guest attire, it’s even more important to wear a warm coat that offers plenty of coverage from the weather. “Guests attending an outdoor event in winter should keep the temperature and elements top of mind,” says Sullivan. “There are plenty of fabulous pieces that are also comfortable and warm,” she continues.

For example, a long-sleeve floor-length gown will offer plenty of coverage, but you can play around with details like a V-neck design and a pleated or ruched skirt to add a touch of glam. Layered winter wedding guest dresses are another great way to keep warm. Consider choosing a dress with ruffles or layers of tulleanything with extra fabric will help you stay warm . For those planning on wearing a suit or tuxedo, Sudhakar suggests pairing your overcoat with “a colorful cashmere and wool or silk patterned scarf.”

When deciding what to wear to an outdoor winter weddingwhether it’s a garden, a woodland setting, or a beachSullivan recommends researching the temperature for both day and night. “Temperatures can vary greatly in the evenings, and there’s nothing worse than being cold,” she says. While a velvet midi dress might be warm enough during the day, you’ll definitely want to have a coat on hand for the evening.

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How To Reuse The Grooms Suit

If youre not that kind of man who wants to wear his wedding suit, just once in a lifetime and then pack it up forever. So, choose the wedding suit considering that how you could re-wear the same suit even after the wedding.

Go for a color that is suitable also for the other formal events or formal office meetings like midnight blue or charcoal grey. This suit will be suitable for interviews, cocktails, special dinners, professional events, ceremonies and business meetings. This suit should be simple to match with different shirts, ties and shoes.

When you are thinking about the fabric try to go for a 100% wool suit in a color that you prefer the most for your formal affairs, this way you will easily wear your all season wedding suit again. For the jacket of the suit try to opt for two side vents instead of one, which will be comfortable when you reuse it as a business suit.

While thinking about these options, remember if you want to get married in a tuxedo, it is an option which you cannot reuse after the wedding it is usually worn only on that special occasion.

Creative Black Tie Wedding Attire For Men

What Dress Should I Wear To My Bridal Shower?!

What It MeansThis code keeps the wedding formal, but eases up on all the rules. A tuxedo will fit in nicely with Creative Black Tie, but you can branch out a little, too. Dinner jackets are a good choice, and both neckties and bow ties are welcome in patterns or low-key colors. If you opt for a suit instead, just make sure you dress it up to keep up with the black tie part of the code.

What to Wear

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Cover Up And Avoid Revealing Clothing

Traditional Indian wedding guest attire covers the shoulders, legs and sometimes all of the arms, so if youre not going for authentic Indian outfits, your Western clothes should be just as modest. Cleavage, mini dresses, and revealing clothing that clings to your body is not acceptable if you’re wondering what to wear to an Indian wedding as a guest. For men, classic suits or long-sleeve dress shirts and trousers are the most appropriate options.

Choosing The Fabric And The Wedding Suit According To The Season

Autumn- winter

While the winter time is not the most popular time to get married in some countries, it is essential to know our options, isnt it? A beautiful autumn wedding is something you can definitely see yourself in, there is a certain magic about fall colors which could compliment your wedding pictures.

When choosing the textile for your suit make sure to pick heavy materials in 100% wool, wool-silk or wool mohair blend. We all know that the dark colors dominate during autumn and winter.

If you are opting for a tuxedo, it should always be black. But for a three-piece suit the colors blue, dark blue, midnight blue and charcoal grey are best in enhancing the personality of the groom.

Picked by Lanieri Style advisors

Fabric produced by Loro Piana

Imagine a blue suit and now imagine you can wear it all four seasons. The Blue Twill suit was designed thinking about you and your special events. Made with a durable Loro Piana wool fabric, it maintains its shape during the day and is breathable when required. In short: the definite suit.

Fabric produced by Carlo Barbera

The Absolute Blue tailored suit is elegant and high-performance. Made through a special carbon fibre combined with fine Australian wool fibres, this garment insulates its wearer from the cold, shelters him from the heat and protects him from magnetic fields. Patented by the Lanificio Carlo Barbera in the 90s, the Absolute Blue is much more than a fabric.

Spring summer

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