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What Do You Do With Old Wedding Rings

Who Gets The Wedding Ring After Divorce

5 Things Never To Do With Your ENGAGEMENT Ring | Wedding Band

A wedding ring has a certain place in the law based on centuries of cultural practices. When a wedding is called off before marriage has occurred, certain states require that the engagement ring is returned to the original purchaser.

However, in California, Texas, and Washington, the ring is seen as an implied conditional gift, and the person who is left at the altar can choose to keep the ring in exchange for their troubles. In Montana, the legal system views wedding rings as an unconditional gift, meaning “not subject to any conditions.” Basically, before a couple is actually married, the legality around who gets to keep the ring is largely dictated by what state you live in.

After you get married, the law is fairly clear. Cohen explains that wedding rings are viewed as an inchoate, or anticipatory, gift to an intended bride or groom. Until the wedding, it remains the property of the donor, says Cohen. Once married the gift is earned and non-refundable. In a divorce, usually seen as in the divorce since it was given as a gift.”

There are exceptions to every rule, but generally speaking, each partner gets to keep their respective rings.

While it might seem like a relief that the ring is the one material possession you wont be arguing over in court, the real question is what you do with the ring once the papers are signed.

Can The Original Wedding Ring Be Made Into A New Design

Simply put, the answer is yes. The original metal can be melted down and re-used. In addition, original diamonds can be re-set to create a new ring. If there is not enough metal, additional precious metal can be added to your new wedding ring. Provided the purity/type remains the same, this is all possible. Most noteworthy is the separation of your wedding ring metal from all other precious metals in the workshop.

Get Your Ring Remodeled

Whether you got divorced or are renewing your vows, you can always consider getting your ring remodeled. We dont just mean having your ring resized. Rethink your ring altogether! If you just got divorced, go for a wild remodeling. You dont necessarily want to remember your ex every time you look at your ring, so go for a design that is completely different and unique in its own way. Think of it as symbolizing your new life, growing out of your shell and coming into your own.

For people renewing their vows, you should consider incorporating the symbol of your love into your ring. What do you think of when you talk about your partner and your relationship? What is it that comes to mind when you say your partners name? Create a ring around that image. Itll help you merge the past with the present, without buying a new ring altogether.

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Points To Remember If You Are Re

If you are re-using your Gold or Platinum in a new wedding ring, remember the following points:

Firstly, there is rarely a guarantee that the finished ring will achieve the exact same purity. Much depends on the precious metal itself. The finished ring will be hallmarked at the highest purity achieved when submitted to the Assay Office.

Secondly, in some instances, small amounts of porosity can present themselves in the finished ring. This is due to the quality of the original metal when melted and re-cast into the new ring

Thirdly, there is a good chance that more metal will need to be added to the new ring. Seek a quote with full details before any work commences so that you are prepared and fully informed before making a decision to go ahead with work.

Before And After Gallery

How often do you wear your engagement ring?

The ring to the left had spectacular diamonds that we reset into a gorgeous right hand style . This stunning sparkler is being worn and enjoyed now on a regular basis.

We combined the above rings to create this new wedding ring. Balanced beautifully, we love the two-tone gold with Ruby and Diamonds.

Our client cherished her collection of opals but wanted a single pendant to feature the beautiful and meaningful gems. The multi color and shape opals really stand out in this rose gold waterfall style design.

These sapphire jewelry pieces were not being worn in their current design. We combined the gemstones to create this showstopping new pendant. We love the combination of rose gold and blue sapphire!

A childhood love for a costume piece inspired our client to create this custom design that she can cherish along with fond memories of her past.

We had many items to combine to create one, magnificent new ring! This showstopper features diamonds that were previously not being worn, which now dazzle in this new daily wear ring.

Set in white metal, the natural beauty of our clients yellow diamond was not showing through. We set the diamond in stunning 18k yellow gold to emphasize now truly beautiful the diamond is. The supplied accent diamonds are a gorgeous contrast to bring light and life to the ring.

We kept the feel of the original ring and gave the ring a modern update. The diamond is now being enjoyed by a new generation.

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Making An Old Wedding Ring Into A Bracelet

Another great case study for a piece of work we a carried out for a client, wedding rings don’t have to be wedding rings all their existence. An old ring that isn’t going to be worn again, could be upcycled into a different symbol, here, appropriately, an infinity symbol.

These are just few examples, as clients are always coming up with interesting new challenges for us! Double sleeving wedding rings is not an expensive undertaking as it would be to buy the ring new. Likewise, reshaping rings into new jewellery starts on an economical footing, but chains, extra diamonds etc will add to costs.

What Kind Of Redesigns Are Available

There are several ways of redesigning your engagement and wedding rings. You can tweak a little part of the design or start with a blank canvas and alter it to a much more contemporary piece. You could maybe add in some more diamonds for extra sparkle or include the birthstones of your children into the design. If your ring needs redesigning because it is an antique and has worn down too much, we can make it look exactly as it would have once been made originally – you dont have to change the style at all.

Your ring may not even need a full redesign perhaps resizing it to make it fit better or re-tipping the claws will help prevent the diamond from being lost.

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How Can An Engagement Or Wedding Ring Be Redesigned

Eventually, the time can come to breathe new life into an old ring. Whether your old engagement ring or wedding ring has simply worn down over the years or you simply want to move forward into a new chapter in your life with a statement piece of jewellery to mark the fresh start, you might want a redesign of your ring.

How To Repurpose Several Pieces Of Jewelry Into One New Piece

Single People Wear Wedding Rings For A Week

If you have several pieces of unworn jewelry, whether inherited or otherwise, you can often use their materials to create one new piece that is a better fit for your style. Before you begin redesigning in your head, however, you should know that some smaller gemstones can be difficult to recover and reset, and stones which are damaged or have many blemishes or inclusions may not be candidates for repurposing.

Your jeweler can examine your unworn jewelry and help you understand what is possible based on each items condition. Together you can create a new design that you will be glad to wear out of the house instead of relegating it to the back of your jewelry box. If you have a drawer full of unworn rings in your jewelry box because you do not wear rings anymore, for example, you might consider repurposing them into a pair of earrings, as seen below, or another item that will get more use.

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Why Should You Redesign Your Heirloom Jewelry

We believe that when a diamond enters your life, it should stay there. Our repurposed jewelry service lets you turn old jewelry or loose diamonds into a new design. You can use old diamonds in a new ring, upgrade your engagement ring, redesign wedding rings, convert a ring to a necklace, a necklace into a ring, and more. Whether you have a family heirloom ring, old wedding ring from divorce, or you just have the diamond, well help reimagine these pieces into something youll love to wear.

Hold On To It For Your Kids

Personalizing your old wedding ring for yourself doesnt always have to be your only option. Consider your ring as a family heirloom. Whatever the reason for repurposing it, it shouldnt matter. Even if it was a short-term marriage youd like to forget, no one else needs to know about ittrust us, its our little secret . Hold on to it for your kids, nephew, or godson. Itll be a nice gift when they have a love of their own. It will feel like passing on a part of yourself to them, too, sharing a little piece of history.

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Buy A Second Diamond To Create A Pair Of Stud Earrings

Another easy way to redesign and repurpose your engagement ring after a broken engagement or divorce is to turn it into a pair of diamond earrings.

To do this, youll either need to have a three-stone engagement ring or buy a second diamond to match the center stone of your old engagement ring.

Buying a second diamond to create a pair of earrings is a surprisingly easy process, especially if you still have your existing stones certification.

Using a trusted online diamond vendor such as James Allen or Blue Nile, you can easily search for diamonds of the same carat weight, color, clarity, cut quality and shape as the existing center stone from your engagement ring.

After youve purchased a second, matching diamond, you can have the new diamonds mounted into a set of diamond stud backings at just about any jewelry store.

Need some inspiration? In addition to their loose diamonds, James Allen stock a great range of diamond stud earring backings, including some that might match the style of your engagement ring setting.

What You Could With An Engagement Ring After Divorce If You Dont Want To Sell

After a marriage (or engagement) ends, what do you do with the ring ...

If the rings sitting in a drawer, the back of the closet, or a jewelry box, collecting dust and spreading bad energy, what can you do with them? Two ideas:

  • Repurpose the diamond into another piece of jewelry like a necklace pendant or right-hand ring. But, lets get real: Its still the same gemstone, with the same memories.
  • Keep it to give to your children

These divorced women created their own meaningful ceremonies with their engagement rings:

Monique: Climbed a mountain and threw it off the summit.

Sarah: Put it in the collection plate at church.

Melanie: Sold my diamond ring. Bought an entrance to a marathon, new running shoes, got my hair cut and colored, bought my kids a toy, and paid my attorney of the money I owed. It was tough, but Im glad its not there burning a hole in my soul.

Misty: Sold it to buy gas to leave his sorry a$$!

Precious: Flushed it. It was cheap just like our marriage.

Joan: Since mine is 3.5 carats I still wear the fucking thing

Eve: I left it on the dresser for him along with a note that said it was as worthless as his vows to me.

Shonda: Bought hardwood floors for the house. Wed fought bitterly over that while we were married. I enjoyed my new floors for three years before selling the house. The realtor estimates the floors added $25,000 value. Win!

Shanna: Wrapped it up in a bunch of scrunchies, and threw it into the middle of a river.

More about my own experience selling my diamond and gold engagement ring:

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Appraise An Engagement Ring

Most local jewelers in your community will offer an appraisal, often for free. This can be a good estimate of the replacement value of your jewelry, which can help you get it insured, and understand its retail value, if you were to buy the sale item at a store, today. Jewelers will often offer this for free.

However, if you want to know the true value of what your jewelry is worth, and how much you can get for it by selling, you really need a certified lab report.

There are just a couple of internationally recognized jewelry grading laboratories, and these include the Gemological Institute of America, or GIA, based in New York City, and the International Gemological Institute, or IGI, based in Antwerp, Belgium.

Worthy works with both of these laboratories, which provide the most respected, independent, third-party certifications on your jewelry.

Where To Sell Your Ring

  • Sell it to a jeweler: After youve had your ring appraised, take it to a local jeweler to see if they would be interested in purchasing it. In some cases, the jeweler will offer you store credit in exchange for your ring.
  • Sell it to a gold dealer: Gold dealers are interested in the value of the metal used to make the ring because they intend to melt it down and use it for something else. As a result, when buying the ring they will only pay you for the metals value at the time of sale.
  • Sell it online: Not satisfied with what youre being offered by the jeweler or gold dealer? You could try selling the ring online either as a bidding style auction or a set listed price. This will, of course, require some marketing on your end.

Ultimately, you want to make sure that you are selling to someone you instinctively feel you can trust. More importantly, dont rush into anything. Take your time when making the decision to sell so that you dont regret it later.

Lourdes McKeenLourdes McKeen is an architect and a traveler currently blogging for Twerys, addicted to everything shiny. Lourdes covers topics such as jewelry, architecture and interior design, and relationships.

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Repurpose Or Reset Your Engagement Ring

Many choose the option of resetting an engagement ring after divorce, because they either absolutely love the diamond or want to hold onto some of the sentimental value of the marriagesuch as the kids or adventures they had together. Some also plan to hand down their ring to a daughter or son for a future proposal. By resetting or gifting the ring, you can turn the difficulties of a separation into the joy of new beginnings.

If you want to keep enjoying your diamonds beauty, you can melt down the setting and place the diamond in a new piece of jewelrylike a diamond pendant or cocktail ring. You could even give this new piece of jewelry to one of your children as a gift.

Many jewelers, such as Brian Gavin Diamonds and Blue Nile, make custom jewelry. They can incorporate whichever pieces of your engagement ring you like the most and create something just for you. The custom piece can be passed down for generations or simply symbolize your new independence.

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