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How To Address Wedding Invitation Envelopes

How Much Does It Cost

How to Address Wedding Invitation Envelopes for Different Scenarios | The Knot

As you can imagine, calligraphy is a time-consuming process with a price tag to match. Pricing can range anywhere from $1 to $5+ per envelope. There are a few different pricing factors when calligraphers price work: turnaround time, the style, special materials like metallic / custom ink colors, along with the type of material or paper written on.

Inviting The Whole Family:

There are a few ways to address the family based on your formality preference and whether or not you are using an inner envelope. Options here:

If using only an outer envelope:

Address the invite to The Armstrong Family. This implies that you will be inviting the whole family and that all family members are invited to both the ceremony and reception.

If using an outer and an inner envelope!

You only need to address the adults on the outer mailing envelope. Then, utilize your inner envelope to spell out exactly who is invited.

On the inner envelope, include the name of the parents with the children listed below. The formal Emily Post etiquette suggests using Miss for young girls and Master for boys under the age of thirteen. ????

Individuals Male Female Kids

Lets start with the easiest ones to address: individuals. For a man, Emily Post says, the correct addressing in a formal setting will get the addressing of Mr.. This goes for whether he is divorced, widowed or unmarried:

Mr. Andrew Johnson

A woman, unmarried, usually gets addressed as Ms.. If the woman in question is separated, but not divorced from her husband, you will keep using the married name. Should she be divorced, there are a few different options. If she took on her maiden name again, she will be Ms. Jane . If she still uses her ex-husbands name, we use either Ms. or Mrs.. If widowed, and you know her preference, you can still invite her by her married name, using the deceaseds full name, or use it with her first name. Below are all examples:

Ms. Jane Potter

Mrs. Andrew Johnson

Mrs. Jane Johnson

Ms./Mrs. Jane Johnson

Since you normally wont invite kids by themselves, unless it is a kids party, I will get back to this under the Families section. If you really need to invite children separately, according to wedding etiquette, you can address them with Master for a boy , and Miss. for a girl.

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How To Fill Out A Wedding Rsvp With Everything The Couple Needs

Despite the fact that they are only a regular 3×5 piece of paper, RSVP cards carry a punch and include essential information for the wedding planning process. However, not everything is necessary explained in detail. Learn how to fill out a wedding RSVP card in such a way that you strike all of the high notes that a couple will require as they complete the arrangements for their special day.

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If Your Invitation Doesnt Say Plus One That Means You Werent Invited With A Guest End Of Story

How to Address Wedding Invitation Envelopes

It sounds obvious, but this extremely important rule is worth repeating: no plus one on your invite means you were invited alone. Being invited to a wedding does not automatically mean you were invited with a guest. Being invited on your own does not mean bring someone if you want. Its incredibly rude to RSVP with a guest if you werent invited with one, and its even worse to just show up with someone. Youre essentially telling the bride and groom theyll be paying for one more person without even asking. Not cool, man.

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Addressing Inner And Outer Envelopes

In general, well refer to the addressing of the Outer Envelope in this post. But what are inner and outer envelopes? This practice is less common these days, but for formal weddings its still used sometimes. Basically, the entire invitation suite is placed in an envelope and then that envelope is then placed in a slightly larger envelope. The outer envelope is for mailing and the inner envelope is for protecting the invitation suite.

Wedding Invitation address etiquette tells us to use formal addressing on the outer envelope and less formal addressing on the inner envelope. Usually the inner envelope includes every invitee specifically and uses whatever language youd refer to that person as in real life.


Outer envelope: Mr. and Mrs. Jack Conrad Geller

Inner envelope: Mom and Dad / Aunt Judy and Uncle Jack / Judy and Jack

As a note, the inner envelope is also usually ungummed meaning it has no adhesive to seal the envelope. It remains unsealed so none of the inside contents get ripped. If you use a decorative envelope liner, its best to put this on the inner envelope.

How To Address Wedding Invitations To An Unmarried Couple

  • It is possible to choose between two choices if a couple is not married but is living together. You may either put their names alphabetically by last name on separate lines or list them alphabetically by first name on a single line:
  • Alternatively, you can include both names on the same line, beginning with the name of the person with whom you are most familiar. If youre similarly near with both, try going through the alphabet again:
  • It is OK to send separate invitations to each visitor if a pair is not married and does not live together.

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How To Address Wedding Invitation Envelopes

Its time to address your wedding invitations. This is one of those wedding tasks that seems quite simple until you begin. Then suddenly, youre hit with all sorts of questions. No worries, weve got you.

A little advice before we get started dont simply dive right in to addressing those envelopes. Youll want to ask yourself a few questions before you begin the process of adding your guests names to those perfectly blank envelopes.

Featured Invitation: Just Love

First, think about the formality of your wedding. This will affect the way you address your invitation envelopes. A black-tie affair might call for one style of addressing while a casual country wedding will use a more informal approach. Weve included examples for both formal and informal addressing below.

And second, decide how youll address those envelopes. Hire a calligrapher, find a generous friend who has fantastic handwriting or create custom printed labels right from your computer.

Addressing Wedding Shower Invitations: Wording Examples

DIY Wedding Invitations: Addressing Envelopes with Calligraphy

Figuring out bridal shower invitation wording isn’t as daunting as it soundswe promise! And if you’re already at the stage of addressing envelopes, you’ve probably got the actual invitation wording nailed down already, from adding RSVP details to including the couple’s wedding website or wedding registry information.

As a general rule of thumb, the address on wedding shower invitation envelopes should have the same level of formality as the couple’s wedding invitations. Typically, this means writing each guest’s full name, including prefixes. You should also avoid common abbreviations in the street address, such as “Rd.” for “Road” or “Ave.” for “Avenue.” It’s considered more formal to spell these out in full. Numbers should still be written in numerical form for clarity and ease of delivery. Keep reading to find out the proper etiquette for addressing bridal shower invitation envelopes for married guests, unmarried guests, families and more.

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Be Prepared For People To Ask If They Can Bring A Plus

Guests who do not receive a wedding plus-one may reach out about bringing a guest. Harrison says its okay to reply with something kind, along the lines of: We would love for you to bring a guest, but this is a very intimate affair. It might feel rude and hard to say, but just remember: You had that conversation with your partner and family ahead of time. By sticking to your guns, you become one step closer to the wedding that you wantnot one that wedding guests have dictated.

Wedding Invitation Envelope Printing

Want to save time on your invitations? Minted will address your envelopes for FREE, in a variety of hand-styled fonts and unique designs that match your invitation. Simply upload your addresses, choose recipient addressing and select your guests, and Minted will include complimentary printed envelopes with your order. Plus, your address book will be saved for future stationery occasions, like thank you cards and holiday cards.

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How To Address Bridal Shower Invitations To A Couple

If you’re planning a couple’s shower or a Jack and Jill-style event, it’s likely you’ll be inviting both members of a couple to celebrate the to-be-weds. Keep in mind that not all couples share the same last namewhen in doubt, reach out to the guest of honor or a family member who can help clarify. Here’s how to address a married couple on formal wedding shower invitations:

Mrs. Anne Jones and Mrs. Nicole Jones123 Oak Street

Mr. Thomas Johnson and Mr. Michael Smith123 Oak Street12345

How To Address Bridal Shower Invitations To Multiple Guests In One Household

DIY Wedding Envelope Addressing Tips

If you’re inviting multiple guests from the same household, traditional bridal shower etiquette dictates that each person should get their own invitation. The exception is if you’re addressing an invitation to a couple. That said, it’s not uncommon for some hosts to ditch this rule, in which case there are some examples you can use as a template. This is how to address bridal shower invitations to a family with children:

Mr. Michael Smith and Mrs. Nicole Smith Sarah, Emma, and MarkNew York, New York12345

The above is the most formal way to address a family without sending separate invites to each person. Alternatively, if you’re planning a casual event, you may feel comfortable using this format:

The Smith FamilyNew York, New York12345

Addressing wedding shower invitations to a mother and daughter? Follow this template if you’d rather not send separate invites to each person.

To Mrs. Anne Jones and Miss Nicole Jones123 Oak Street

P.S. Calligraphy

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Does Etiquette Still Matter

To some folks, yesabsolutely. But some wedding invitations, like many weddings, have become less formal.

So the decision to use traditional wedding envelope addressing etiquette has become a mix of wedding vibe, couples choice and respect for the guests preferences. For example:

  • Especially in the case of occupation-related honorifics, titles are earned. Using them correctly shows you hold your guests in high esteem.
  • Women may prefer to have their first names included in addition to their husbands.
  • Women or both members of the couple may hyphenate their two last names.

If you choose to depart from traditional wedding etiquette rules, you can mix and match to suit the styles of your guests. Address your always-proper great aunt and uncles envelope to Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Sells and the one to your close couple friends to Bailey and Parker Johnson-James.

Making It More Informal

Now to make sure we keep to the aesthetic of the wedding. If you are having a laidback wedding, heres how you can make sure the envelope will send the right message to your invitees:

  • Drop the titles. No Mr. or Mrs. already sends a message you are not too formal on your wedding day. For individuals with titles, out of respect, I always recommend still using the etiquette rules.
  • Your calligraphy style. You didnt think I would go an entire blog post without the mention of calligraphy, did you? Your chosen calligraphy style says a lot about your vision for your wedding day. Chosing a more whimsical calligraphy style to address your envelopes, rather than traditional, visually helps create an informal tone.
  • Color. Chosing a fun ink color shows that you want to have fun on your big day! You can also show this in your choice of envelope color, and your stationer can help you picking the right one. For formal invitations I recommend: stick with a black-on-white color scheme, or at least a white envelope.

And that is about it! Now you are fully informed on envelope etiquette and armed to write those envelopes or you can always tap me in to do it for you!

Charlotte Rosales is a calligrapher and wedding stationer in San Antonio Texas. Her studio, CalliRosa handles everything from custom invitations, to placecards, envelope calligraphy and wedding signs. Charlotte serves the San Antonio, Boerne, Fredericksburg, Spring Branch, New Braunfels, and Texas Hill Country area.

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How To Add And Guest

Since its awkward and impersonal to address the outer envelope as Mr. James Smith and Guest, the two envelope system works well. Address the outer envelope to Mr. James Smith and the inner envelope to Mr. James Smith and Guest. If youre only using one envelope, include a short note with your invitation: Dear James, Youre welcome to bring a guest to the wedding. Please let me know. Best, Laura. If theres time and James supplies the information, you can send his guest an invitation, too.

Important Things To Remember In Addressing Envelopes

Addressing Wedding Envelopes Using a Cricut | Wedding DIY

In addressing your envelopes there are things you must keep in mind after learning about how do you address wedding envelopes. The first thing is that you could make it as appealing as possible because it would serve as a great reflection of your wedding. This could also serve as a great memento for your wedding which you could store in your memory box and see whenever you feel like reminiscing your wedding day.

The next thing to remember is that you could do this without spending much money. You should write as beautiful as you can and do non-script handwriting in writing the address. This will ensure that you will not be needing extra money on postage when usually it requires a person to read your address individually which is called non-machinable postage. Having the machine read it out for you would be cheaper so go for it. Lastly, if you can do it by hand because of the number of guests you have, you could employ the help of your family members. It is okay for you to have some help around to do things better and in doing so you might have a special moment together with your family before your wedding. With this, you now know everything about how to address wedding envelopes. Find out more about wedding invitations.

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How To Address Guests On Wedding Invitation Envelopes

Consider this your etiquette cheat sheet, so you can mail the good news using the correct wording.

Wedding invitations are undeniably important: Not only do they inform your guests about when and where the celebration will take place, but they also set the tone for the entire party. And since this is one of the very first wedding-related details your family and friends will see, it’s important that you go about sending your invitations correctly. That’s why learning how to properly address wedding invitations is a key step in the process there’s a lot more to it than you might think. To ensure you get it right, we’re explaining exactly how to address your envelopes based on the different attendees who may be joining you.

Finalizing the guest list is one of the wedding-planning tasks most couples dread, but it’s essential and must be done before you get ready to mail those invites. Still, just because you know who gets an invitation doesn’t mean you know how to address everyone on your guest list. That’s where we come infrom figuring out how to address a judge to the right way to mail an invitation to a family full of doctors, we have all of the information you need to ensure these important pieces of mail get sent out without a hitch. These guidelines can be tailored to your guests’ preferred pronouns, too.

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