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What Colors Not To Wear To A Wedding

Colors To Avoid Wearing As A Wedding Guest

What Colors Can’t You Wear to Weddings? : Wedding Dresses & Attire

When you find yourself rummaging through your closet, trying to pick out the perfect dress to wear to an upcoming wedding on your calendar, take note that there are a handful of colors you should avoid so that you don’t find yourself committing any attendee faux pas like getting mistaken for the bride, a bridesmaid, or even just a guest who stumbled into the wrong party.

So go ahead. Lay out all of your options, and immediately eliminate any dresses that are one of these colors or fabrics, lest you transgress and become that guest.

Watch Out For The Pantsuit

When it comes to wearing a pantsuit to a wedding, it isn’t necessarily something you need to completely avoid, but there is a relatively fine line with what is wedding formal and what is going to come across as business casual. If you’re going the route of a pantsuit, Stafford suggests keeping fit, fabric, color, and accessories in mind.

“Proper fit is a must and a wide leg that is flowy for pants will come across more formal,” she said. “Black, gray, and navy will certainly seem business. Choose a color other than white or ivory.” She suggested wearing a lace blouse under the jacket and choosing some nice accessories to enhance the overall formal look.

Wearing Red To A Wedding What You Should Know As A Guest

A wedding invitation just came in the mailyou have been invited to a wedding! While its a pleasure to partake in the couples big day and celebrate with them, attending a wedding requires a lot of effort too from picking a proper wedding gift, booking a hotel, and most importantly, choosing your outfit! When it comes to what to wear to a wedding, you have a lot to consider: color scheme, designs, price, etc.

With regards to the color scheme, weve found that many people are considering wearing red to weddings and we can certainly understand why! Its a dazzling, romantic, and elegant color. And its also a lucky color in Chinese culture! So wearing red to a wedding should be a good choice, right? Well, not always!

Wearing Red to a Chinese Wedding Could be Inappropriate

If you are attending a Chinese wedding, wearing red is not recommended in most cases. While the color red is auspicious in Chinese culture, naturally, many people might think that its totally acceptable to wear it to any celebratory occasion. But weddings are an exception, wearing red to a Chinese wedding might offend the couple, especially if you are thinking of wearing a red qipao.

As a guest, you wouldnt want to be mistaken as the bride, which could be offensive. Of course, if the couple specifically requests that their guests wear red to bring them more luck and happiness, then you are more than welcome to wear red for their wedding.

Other Dress Color Options for Wedding Guests

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Do Make Sure Your Skirt Is At Least Finger

While not all weddings will take place in a church, Carillo told me “the best rule of thumb is, if you can wear it to church, you can probably wear it to a wedding.” While we agree you look hot in that mini dress you recently picked up, a wedding isn’t the place to show it off, so leave it at home and opt for something a little longer and more appropriate.

“Dresses and skirts should be finger tip length long as you will be doing a lot of sitting and it’s not fun having to constantly pull down your dress,” Carillo added.

What The Experts Say

The One Color You Should Never Wear to a Wedding

Despite the seemingly simple nature of this discussion, color and psychology experts have also weighed in on what colors should and should not be worn to weddings and why that may be.

Were going to explore the rich history behind wedding customs, where they came from, and why color is so important at weddings today.

To start, in Clare Finnells dissertation on the subject entitled A History and Analysis of Weddings and Wedding Planning, she goes into great detail on the origins of current cultural traditions for Western weddings.

Originally, the idea of the traditional western wedding originated in Medieval Europe. Finnell explains that At the time, what we now think of as a wedding was typically just a nice feast, not necessarily even one with decorations or special outfits unless the couple was very wealthy, in which case occasionally new or matching outfits would be worn for the wedding during this time period.

As Finnell stated, color was not even an issue in early Western weddings. So, when did it become so important?

Indeed, the major concern of early weddings was security. Finnell goes on to explain that the groomsmen were originally knights whose job it was to protect the bride from potential kidnappings. Thankfully we dont have to worry about that in modern times.

Knights were the original groomsmen at weddings.

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Be Careful Not To Over Accessorize

While it’s nice to find a few pieces of jewelry or other accessories that go with your dress, the best rule of thumb is to keep it simple. Schweitzer suggests avoiding “jewelry that symbolizes your own faith when attending a wedding of another faith or religion.” She went on to add, “Accessories should be a subtle embellishment. Overly large, bright, or colorful accessories can be a distraction from the ceremony.”

Looking for an excuse to buy a large feathered hat? A wedding is not the time or place.

Colors You Can’t Wear To A Wedding

Brides often state they want their guests to be comfortable. However, the rule is that you’re allowed comfort as long as it doesn’t make others uncomfortable. Knowing what colors not to wear to a wedding is just as important as knowing what is appropriate to wear to a wedding. Clothing in sheer fabrics and lighter colors can often create a fashion faux pas at a wedding. Err on the side of formality and subtlety when in doubt.

  • White
  • Overly sparkly or heavily metallic
  • Bridesmaid dress color
  • Mother of the bride or groom dress color

Avoid colors that resemble or coordinate with the wedding colors unless you are told otherwise. Also, remember to avoid white unless you are specifically asked to don that color by the bride and groom. More traditional couples may also have an aversion to black, so check with someone close to the couple before choosing an all-black ensemble for an afternoon wedding.

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The Reasons Why Wearing Red To Awedding Is Rude

One of the biggest wedding no-nos is a colorred. Why is that there is no one right answer. There are a few reasons youshould avoid red. However, some women dont follow the rule of not wearing red.And that is fine as well.

Classic red is a bold and vivid shade. Itdraws attention some brides dont like it. It can steal the show, be morethan visible in photos, especially in the group ones.

If you still opt to wear red, and you absolutely can, make sure to ask the bride if she is okay with it. Choose minimalist silhouettes that wont draw attention from the happy couple. Deep cranberry or burgundy dress might be a good alternative to red.

What Colors To Avoid Wearing As A Wedding Guest

7 Things You Should Never Wear to a Wedding

Planning to attend a wedding but not sure what colors to avoid wearing as a wedding guest?

Well, no worries! In this post, we will walk you through the colors that you should strictly avoid wearing as a wedding guest.

Ready for the stride?

Lets get started..

When it comes to the colors that wedding guests should avoid wearing, different cultures follow different rules. Like in Indian culture, Black and Blue colors are considered inauspicious, and hence even guests avoid wearing them.

However, in many cultures, people are okay to wear Black to most weddings. But still, there are some colors which should be avoided entirely by wedding guests. Here is a list of colors that you should not wear to a wedding.

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What To Wear To A Muslim Wedding 8 Dress Code Guidelines

Weddings are a celebration of love, commitment, and family. They are an opportunity for a couple to declare their relationships to their community. However, every wedding is different this is the result of varying religions, cultures, and traditions.

Muslim weddings have a specific set of etiquette that guests have to follow, regardless of their religion. Below are eight dress code guidelines that will influence your decision regarding what to wear to a Muslim wedding. This is followed by other tips to keep in mind and outfit ideas you can use as inspiration.

Daytime Wedding Attire For Men

Wearing a black tux at a daytime wedding is risky, as the black fabric will soak up the suns heat. Thats not to say a tuxedo is completely off-limits for daytime wedding attire, but the later in the afternoon the better when it comes to a tux. If the wedding is earlier in the day, a lighter colored suit is a safe, smart bet.

What to Wear:

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The Color The Bridesmaids Are Wearing

If you’re close with the bride, ask her for a heads-up on what color the bridesmaids’ dresses are. That way, you won’t look like you’re trying to be a third wheel to the wedding party by wearing a different style mint green dress than the other girls in the bridal party. Trust us, and take heed of our past experiences as this has happened to us before. Awkward…

Why Follow The Wedding Dress Code

5 Colors to Wear to a Fall Wedding

It is a sign of respect for the couple and the event to get dressed up for a wedding, and your attire should always be respectful, conservative, and appropriate. But keep in mind, the rules of etiquette were designed to help one feel more at ease and comfortable in all social situations. So simply remember your cheerful presence at the wedding is what counts here, and you’re likely to have a good time no matter what you decide to wear.

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Overlysparkly Or Heavily Metallic

Glitter is fine, but make sure you wont goover the line with it. Otherwise, save that dress for a Saturday night out orfor a bachelorette party. When it comes tometallics, they should be avoided as well as sparkles. Especially if thewedding takes place during the day. You should pick dresses with sparklydetails, sure, but avoid all-metallic-everything looks.

Clothing Outside Of The Dress Code

According to Julie Sabatino, a wedding fashion stylist at The Stylish Bride, “You show up to the wedding to honor the couple. Your appearance should reflect that.” Make sure your ensemble is respectful and appropriate for the event. Take the extra effort to ensure you understand what you should and shouldn’t wear to a particular ceremony. You don’t want to be the girl in a long ball gown while everyone else sports a cocktail dress. If you can’t figure out exactly what “beachy chic” or “festive casual” entails, reach out to a bridesmaid for help.

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Why Do Brides Wear White

verifiedThe Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica

In many societies the color white has long been associated with purity and virtue, and that is one reason why some brides choose to wear white, especially in the West. More often than not, though, you will hear claims that brides wear white because its tradition. But, historically, white was not the only color considered for wedding dresses. In fact, other colors were chosen far more frequently than white. For many centuries in Western societies, wedding dresses were of all different colors. This was for reasons of practicality as much as anything else. Brides tended to buy a wedding dress that could be worn again, or they simply wore the best dress they already owned. And white does not lend itself to practicality: it is difficult to keep clean and is therefore not ideal for many situations or for repeat wear. Many brides chose to wear dresses of other colors for their weddingand beyond. So why do so many of todays brides wear white? They do so largely thanks to a trend that started with Queen Victorias 1840 wedding to Prince Albert.

Rustic Wedding Attire For Men

What Color Suit Should One Wear to a Wedding? : How to Dress for a Wedding

Is it required that the couple planning a rustic wedding have a passionate love of wood . What does that have to do with your outfit? It tells you that itd be a good move to incorporate varying textures, like a wool necktie, or a simple plaid linen bow tie . Itd also be wise to opt for a darker suit if youre a guesttan is a popular suit color for the wedding party at rustic weddings. Besides, a charcoal or navy suit will let those brass cufflinks shine. This is also the perfect time for a 3-piece suit, so dont forget the vest.

What to Wear:

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How To Tell Wedding Guests What To Wear: Wedding Color Dress Code

When it comes to asking wedding guests to wear certain colors, you might be wondering if its appropriate to ask and how to tell wedding guests what to wear. This is something youll likely want to include on your wedding invitations, along with dietary restrictions, guest limitations, and whether you will allow kids to attend.

So, how to tell wedding guests what to wear? Your guests will be excited to attend your wedding, but they likely wont like being told what to wear. If its important to you that your guests wear a certain color, you should ask politely and nicely. Dont tell your guests what to wear but rather simply ask them if they would wear a certain color.

Here is more information that you might find useful when deciding if and how you should ask your guests to wear certain colors.

Don’t Break Out Your Old Prom Dress

Whether they have sequins or not, prom dresses are a no-go for weddings. While it may be a shame that I have two beautiful prom dresses hanging in my closet that will likely never see the light of day again, it’s better to keep them there than break them out to wear to a wedding.

“Often there is a correlation between colors, fabrics in bridesmaid and prom dresses,” said Stafford. “Remember prom was a time when you wanted to shine, so chances are it would be an attention grabber at the wedding where all attention belongs to the bride.” Be safe, don’t reach for your “Night Under the Stars” attire.

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