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Does Rent The Runway Have Wedding Dresses

Easy Breezy Fall Florals

Rent Designer Dresses: My Rent The Runway Review

Were starting our roundup today with easy-breezy fall florals. The key to making floral bridesmaids gowns work for fall is to opt for longer-line dresses in deeper hues. We love this Nicholas Pink Evie Maxithe deep cabernet florals against the pale-pink background make for a pattern that works, not only for spring, but for autumn as well. We also love this ASTR Rust Floral Off Shoulder Dress and this both in deep crimson hues that are spot-on for fall weddings. Our favorite fall floral, though? This dreamy Ruffle Dress by Free People.

Nwr: Any Petite Ladies Use Rent The Runway Mrs Ck

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I got invited to a formal wedding and think I should wear a longish dress. I don’t want to spend a ton of money on a dress I’ll rarely wear, so I’m looking at Rent the Runway. My problem is I can’t hem these dresses so I need to make sure I’m not dragging 6″ of dress around.

I’m 5′ on a good day and always wear heels to formal events, but that still makes me only about average.

Have any minis on here gotten long dresses from Rent the Runway and made them work? There are some high-low dresses that I think would still work for a formal wedding, but I would really like to know if a floor-length dress is even doable.

Sustainability Is A Cornerstone Of Our Brand

We are not mindlessly feeding into the endless loop of consumption, leaving a trail of social and environmental impact along the way. Our brides are modern-day, environmentally conscious women who are intelligent buyers, consuming mindfully and responsibly. We at Borrowing Magnolia want to ensure that every wedding dress is not a one-and-done deal, but rather a possibility for another beautiful day. These ethical wedding dresses are not only lighting up the faces of many brides throughout their lifetime, but they also leave minimal carbon imprint on their way out.

Talk about an environmentally, feel-good, responsible thing to do! We hope youll join us and add to the wave of the resale revolution.

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What Is Rent The Runways Shipping Policy

Rent the Runway is currently only available in the United States. Shipping costs are automatically charged by the company to ensure customers items arrive to them on their rental delivery date. Here is a list of their shipping options in the US:

  • Standard: $10
  • Manhattan Saturday Delivery: $10
  • Non-Manhattan Saturday Delivery: $35

Customers are able to see where their purchases are through a given tracking number from the order tracking link on each item theyve requested. Orders will ship in 1-2 days before your rental date begins.

That Dress You Ordered Its Not Coming

Say I Do Tulle Gown by Theia for $179

Alls good, right up until the day Rent the Runway tells you your dress isnt coming. And if that happens just a few days before your eventwell, too bad. Now you have two options. Hustle on over to the mall, or show up to your best friends wedding wearing a random sundress from the back of your closet.

Sadly, this scenario has been all too real for Rent the Runway customers. Heres an actual email Megan received from Rent the Runway when her order of two dresses went sideways.

We are very sorry to let you know that Rust Two Minds Dress in size S and the Riscal Gown in size SR is now unavailable to ship out to you in time for your event. This occurred because it was either returned too late by the previous customer or did not pass our quality assurance check. To confirm, you will still be receiving the size XSR.

We are afraid that we did not learn about this issue until very late in the shipping process. To avoid delay or not sending you anything at all, one of our stylists added a new style to your order at no additional cost. If you dont like what was selected for you, we would be happy to overnight you another option for delivery on 10/05, or we can refund you accordingly. Please reply to this email with what you decide, and we will handle it right away.

Bad news, for sure. But what happened next was possibly more upsetting.

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About Rent The Runway

Rent the Runway is no ordinary retail clothing and accessories company. For a discounted price, customers can don designer outfits for a rented period of time. This wardrobe membership service is exclusive to women, and carries notable brands such as Phillip Lim, Giambattista Valli, Polo Ralph Lauren and many more.

Rent the Runway has been featured in prominent publications such as Vogue, The New Yorker, and Cosmopolitan. The brand has an impressive viewer base of 347K on Instagram. Online attention aside, Is Rent the Runway worth it?

If youre curious to know if this company is legitimate or not, then youre in luck. This Rent the Runway membership review will give you the rundown of their selection, customer reviews, deals, and more to help you make an informed decision.

Rent The Runway: Take Home Designer Dresses For Less

Rent the Runway: Take Home Designer D…

About two months ago I found myself panicking over my cousins wedding. I needed something that was flattering and stylish, but within my budget. Most of all, I didnt want another dress I would only wear once and then never wear again! A lovely ice blue lace dress was calling my namebut the retail price was $400 and there was no way I could pay that. Luckily, I found out that I could rent the dress for $95 on Rent the Runway!

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What Is Rent The Runway Unlimited Faqs Answered

Rent The Runway Unlimited is a subscription program that you sign up for monthly where you can choose up to 4 items at a time whether they be dresses, skirts, jewelry, shirts, pants, shoes, handbags, you name it, and you can rent it.

The Unlimited subscription costs $159 per month and you can cancel at any time with no contract or commitment to a certain number of months. Also, if its your first-month trying RTR Unlimited you can get it at a discount for $119 per month, or $80 off a 60 day trial.

What If I Want More Than 4 Items?

With your membership, you can choose more than 4 items but anything over 4 is an additional cost to rent, but its at a significant discount compared to the normal price to rent.

If you want to rent a 4 day or 8-day rental on top of your unlimited items, Rent The Runway gives you 25% off the cost.

Do I Have To Dry Clean The Items?

Included in your Unlimited monthly membership, you get free dry cleaning and free shipping. You also get free insurance with your Unlimited membership as well in case something happens to the items you rent or if they get damaged. It only covers minor damage and theft or lost items are not covered.

Does Rent The Runway Have Shoes?

At this time you can not rent shoes on Rent The Runway.

What Do When Im Done With An Item?

If youre done with 1 item, 2 items or even all the items you rented, all you have to do is send them back. A return shipping label is provided to you so you dont have to pay for return shipping.

Rent The Runway Reviews: What Do Customers Think

TRYING ON WEDDING DRESSES FROM RENT THE RUNWAY | sustainable wedding dress shopping

This Rent the Runway membership review looked at multiple consumer review websites and found a majority of negative customer experiences. SiteJabber ranks the wardrobe rental company with a 1.4/5 star rating out of 503 reviews. Most customers detail poor customer service and general confusion in charges with differing membership plans.

The customer experience is awful. The help button on the website is merely decorative because they never respond to emails and they are never available on chat. One Rent the Runway membership review said.

On the Better Business Bureau, Rent the Runway scores a D- with numerous one star customer reviews. Like Trustpilot, most consumers experience detailed bad customer service, specifically in longer than average wait times for responses. Others dealt with problems cancelling their memberships, delayed orders and damaged items.

Towards the last 2 months of my membership, I was having at least one issue every week: from missing pieces in my shipment, to delayed shipments and no notifications, and ordering an item for an event or weekend that ended up not being available therefore canceled. One BBB Rent the Runway subscription review read.

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Rentals May Smell Bad

Funky fashion is fun. Funky-smelling fashion? Not so much. There have been some complaints that RTR rentals have various odors. “They all had a very strong chemical smell, I assume from the cleaning fluids,” noted a user on the DC Urban Moms and Dads board. RTR, however, says it stands by its “conscientious cleaning processes, focused on both wet- and dry-cleaning, us biodegradable detergents that are free from added fragrances and zeolites,” according to the company’s site.

Even with this apparently rigorous progress, there have been times when a previous wearer’s body odor haunted a dress that made it through RTR’s detox. This actually happened to a die-hard RTR fan interviewed by Mama Kate Knows Best.

One hack to avoid renting an item that’s seen better days is, when you’re shopping, to sort by “newest” instead of the default, which will show items by “recommended” . You may even end up with a never-worn-before item!

Wedding Dress For Rent

Wedding Dress For Rent carries international wedding brands such as the South Korea-based Rose Rosa and the Romania-based Ersa Atelier. It also specializes in traditional Chinese clothing, which is typically worn during the tea ceremony for parents, a cultural wedding tradition. Sizes are limited and the companys website could be more user-friendly, but its a viable option for renting a wedding dress.

Established: 2014 overseas 2018 in the U.S.

Selection: The company has over 260 wedding dresses for rent as of January 2021.


  • From the website, its unclear what sizes are available. Many dresses are listed in medium, but their pages ask you to email the company with your measurements.
  • In a conversation with Wedding Dress For Rent, we learned that its dresses can be altered to fit sizes 0 through 10.

Try-ons: Wedding Dress For Rent doesnt have a physical store. However, you can order your dress and try it on well before your wedding, according to our conversation with the company. If the dress that you ordered doesnt fit, you can exchange it and get a store credit if the new dress is cheaper or pay the difference if its more expensive. You wont need to get a refund and pay the full price for another dress.

Rental length: Three or five days

  • Shipping to you is calculated based on your location, according to the company.
  • Free return shipping

When you get charged: Upon placing your order

Who cleans the dress: Wedding Dress For Rent

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Thinking About Renting Do This First

Now that you know everything there is to know about the possibility of renting your wedding dress, you may be thinking: “Wow, I just might do this!” Before you do, do yourself this favor: Go to a local bridal boutique and spend an hour trying a few gowns on. Just to get a sense of what you like, what you don’t, what dress size you are, what elements work great on you and what may not . This is a smart way to pregame renting, so that you can place your rental armed with knowledge and have a better chance of ending up with a dress you love. Which will take you one step closer to your dream wedding.

How Much Does A Wedding Dress Rental Cost

Elie Saab, 2006 from Most Show

For the current bride, the wedding dress plays a leading role in her wedding. Investing in a brand new gown can tie up a strong piece of the couples spending budget, using up funds that may go to other parts of the wedding. Renting a wedding dress is an emerging style which gives brides the choice to wear a stunning gown without fully emptying their wedding budget.

Even brides that will not be constrained by a spending budget can gain several enticing advantages by renting a wedding dress. For a long time, couples have rented any number of significant wedding components, from tuxedos to folding chairs and tables for the reception.

If you buy a wedding dress, you will need to do something with it after your wedding. Some brides store their wedding dress for many years in the closet, never to put on it again.

Twenty years after your wedding, tastes may have probably changed, your time fashionable wedding dress can be an embarrassing reminder of an out-of-date fashion trend. After your wedding is over, you can just return the dress to the shop. Are we right?

So, whats the cost to rent wedding dress?

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Renting A Wedding Dress 101

According to Brides and The Knot, the average cost of a wedding dress is about $1,600. If you cant afford that , theres a cheaper option: renting your wedding dress.

With renting, youll pay a fraction of the purchase price and keep the wedding dress for a fixed amount of time before sending it back. This option can drastically reduce the total amount you shell out. In fact, you might be able to choose from designer gowns that would otherwise be too expensive to buy.

Pro: Renting Isnt Limited To The Wedding Dress

Its not just brides who can rent their attire. Grooms, members of the wedding party, and guests may also save money and find it convenient to rent. No matter how convinced you are that your bridesmaids will definitely want to wear their dresses again, giving them the choice to rent or buy will likely be appreciated.

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Where Can You Rent A Wedding Dress

Two popular favorites for gown rentals are Rent the Runway and Wedding Dress For Rent , but a quick Google search will yield lots of smaller outfits that rent designer dudsjust filter by white and shop away. If your heart is set on renting, keep in mind that a gown doesn’t have to be “a wedding dress” to be a wedding dress! There are lots of gorgeous dresses out there for rent that are just as dramatic, beautiful and one-of-a-kind as an “official wedding dress,” so be creative and open-minded.

Additionally, any company that rents bridesmaid dresses will likely have all their options available in white or ivorypoof, that simple, floor-length bridesmaid stunner just became an excellent contender for the bride. Every site has its own rules and requirements, so be sure to review those closely before you place your rental. As you always do, read over plenty of reviews before placing your order, to ensure you can trust that you’ll get what you pay forRent the Runway has customer galleries of real renters in their dresses, which can help you assess quality and fit. And don’t forget to call around at dress salons near yousome may rent gowns on a local basis.

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