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Do Wedding Bands Have To Match

Do Mens And Womens Wedding Bands Have To Match

How to Find Wedding Bands for Men to Match An Engagement Ring

While wedding bands dont have to match, they should complement each other. Yet, this can be easier said than done when youre trying to balance two different styles and personalities. Fortunately, the Paul Medawar team is ready and more than happy to help! In this blog post, well help you better understand the benefits of matching versus complementary wedding bands.

Questions For You and Your Partner

  • Is the engagement ring part of a set that includes a wedding band?
  • Do either of you have metal sensitivities? If so, consider a hypoallergenic metal like platinum.
  • What types of clothes do you and your partner wear? In other words, what are your personal styles?
  • What metals complement you and your partners skin tones? For example, white gold and platinum flatter most people, but rose gold and yellow gold are excellent options as well.

Do Wedding Bands Need To Match

Remember how much time, thought, money, and effort you put into buying an engagement ring? You should, because it wasnt that long ago: you might still have some PTSD. But its time to face reality: youve got another ring to buytwo in fact: the wedding bands. Breathebreathestay with us. Its going to be OK, because this round of ring buying is easier. The rings are considerably less expensive and buying them will be a team effort. Plus, you get to buy one for yourself as well.

Now there are two important things to consider. First, if youre like most men, your wedding band will probably be the only piece of jewelry you wear day in and day out . Make sure your wedding band fits who you are. Second, what does your fiancée want and how does it match up with your own style?

Traditionally, couples have chosen to match their bands as a set to symbolize that they now have become one and that they have similar tastes. As warm and fuzzy as that may sound, these days wedding bands are trending in different directions. But no matter what route you take, weve got you covered.

Are Your Rings With Wooden Inlays Suitable To Be Worn Every Day As Wedding Rings

The vast majority of our customers have worn their wooden inlay rings every day since their weddings with no problems. If you choose to wear a ring with a wooden inlay as a wedding ring, please follow the advice below. As we can not monitor whether or not people follow this advice, we regret that we cannot accept responsibility for any deterioration in the wooden inlay after three months from when we dispatch the ring. We can, however, replace the inlay for a charge equivalent to the cost to us. We will not make any exceptions to this three-month limit.

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Why Do We Exchange Rings

There are many reasons for exchanging rings dating back centuries from all over the world, mostly in Europe.

One was that the ring finger had a vein that was connected to the heart, and this showed true love. Another one was to show the exchange of values. It was not always that the couple always truly loved each other, it was more of a business transaction.

As with most traditions, this is not the case now. Rings have many different meanings now, such as to show a bond between a couple and their commitment to each other.

Some get them to show fidelity and purity. Putting on a ring also shows that while following traditions, you are looking at the future together.

For me personally, I would fall into the camp of showing a bond. I have never worn jewelry before and always thought I couldnt bear to wear a ring, but for the right person, its no burden at all.

Does The Wedding Band Come With The Engagement Ring

Matching Wedding Bands: Do you have to match?

Wedding bands and engagement rings, oh my. If youre getting married, you already know its a monumental life step, and it can be somewhat scary to contemplate too deeply.

Along with rational fears that accompany taking such a step, you might be stressed over more minor things, such as making sure you follow the proper etiquette when you send out wedding invitations or wondering how PC it is to skip cocktail hour and go right to the wedding ceremony.

You might even be mulling over questions like, do engagement rings come with wedding bands, or do wedding bands have to match? These questions seem like no brainers, but they are questions many couples have, and for a good reason. After all, there are so many choices in todays jewelry market, and it does feel like a wedding band should come with an engagement ring purchase, right?

The short answer is that even though it seems like the two should always come together, its entirely possible to buy an engagement ring and wedding ring separately. Though this is a great option for couples that highly value individuality, the only problem with this scenario is that you could accidentally buy rings that dont even complement each other, much less match.

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What Are Some Popular Wedding Ring Styles

In addition to the popular engagement rings listed above, there are several options for gorgeous wedding ring styles, too. These include:

  • Pavé – One of the most common wedding ring styles is the pavé band . These bands are lined with diamonds, which complements the sparkle of your engagement ring. Pavé wedding bands come in half eternity and full eternity options: half eternity bands feature diamonds on half of the band, while full eternity bands have diamonds around the whole circumference of the band.
  • Channel As we mentioned above, channel wedding bands feature small diamonds or gemstones that are bordered on either side by the band. This is a secure way to protect the stones, and the flush edges make it easy to pair with an engagement ring.
  • Curved – Curved wedding bands are designed to complement halo settings or large center stones. They feature a slight dip in the middle to accommodate the unique shape of the engagement ring.
  • Plain – When it comes to wedding bands, sometimes less is more! A plain wedding ring can really complement a stunning engagement ring because it doesnt fight for center stage. For the minimalist bride, this is the perfect pairing.

Do The Bride And Grooms Wedding Bands Have To Match

Photographer: Katie Martin Photography

Weddings offer the unique opportunity for a bride and groom to incorporate each of their unique styles in a cohesive way while celebrating individual personalities. As you start thinking forward from the day-of to the days-to-follow, you may be wondering about whether or not your wedding bands should match. Traditionally, wedding bands match, but thoughts on tradition are changing. Matching bands might not make sense in the long run. Wedding bands are worn every day, and youll want to take into consideration the various options available and your individual lifestyles. If youre still on the fence, weve put together some considerations to help you make this important decision.

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Are Engagement Rings And Wedding Rings Different

Yes, they are different as engagement rings are given at the time of a proposal, while wedding rings are exchanged at the wedding ceremony. Engagement ring styles tend to be more intricate as well, such as one featuring a center diamond or gemstone. Wedding rings, on the other hand, are usually classic and simple in design.

How To Choose A Ring

6 Tips for ‘Matching but Different’ Wedding Rings

Choosing a ring by yourself can be a daunting endeavor, and when two people are involved even harder.

Rings are works of art and no two are alike. The more you understand the components that make up a ring, the easier it will be to choose a quality piece.

Before you go to your jeweler it is good to have a good idea of what you are looking for.

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Wednesday October 25 2017 1: 2: 52 Pm America/chicago

When you choose an engagement ring and wedding bands for your impending marriage, youll consider your style, budget and other factors when choosing the rings. One question we tend to hear is: Should couples’ wedding bands match? In other words, should the bride and groom wear the same style rings?

While the tendency was more toward matching in the past, there is now no hard-and-fast rule or proper etiquette you have to follow. Its up to you as a couple, and people are able to make a case for both sides. Here are some thoughts to consider before choosing your rings.

How Do I Wear My Engagement And Wedding Rings

Traditionally, the wedding ring is on the third finger of your left hand with the engagement ring above it. Although this is the most common way to wear your two rings, there are other ways to show these off!

One creative way is to wear two thin wedding rings on either side of the engagement ring. This enhances the brilliance of your engagement ring, keeps the gemstone in focus and gives your ring a dynamic, stacked appearance.

Another way to wear your rings is to transfer the engagement ring to the right hand, while keeping the wedding ring on the left. This adds sparkle to both your hands, and is also excellent if your rings have two wildly different styles.

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Wedding Band Matching: The Traditional Choice

If you and your partner are looking to honor tradition, matching bands are for you. The idea of matching wedding bands goes back thousands of years. During the time of the Renaissance, wedding rings were made to actually fit together like a puzzle. During the wedding, the groom would remove the ring from his finger and match it up with the ring from his bride.

In some cultures, only the woman would wear a wedding ring. Around the time of World War II, many servicemen started wearing a ring while stationed overseas to help remember and honor their wives. The tradition of wearing matching bands gained popularity during this time. Civilians picked up on the tradition and started wearing matching bands too. His and hers wedding bands were often simple and sweet in style.

Other reasons to match include expressing that the two of you are now a unit and you share the same taste and style. It sounds good in theory, but we all know that’s not always the case!

The Ring Should Be Unique To The Couple And Not Just For Their Marriage

Pave wedding band from Costco  does it match my e

People get so wrapped up in matching wedding rings that it’s easy to forget about what they really want. Wedding rings should be unique and not just a sign of marriage or an heirloom. Matching wedding rings shouldn’t be a requirement. These are some points to keep in mind:

  • It could get in the way. Even though you may love your partner deeply, does that mean all of the jewelry you own should match? It doesn’t make sense to purchase matching wedding bands if one person prefers gold jewelry while the other wears mostly silver. It can also ruin the surprise if you are planning a custom ring.
  • Non-matching rings can be more costly than matching rings. You can save money by having different styles for each ring. It should be unique and reflect the individuality of each person.
  • A matching ring may not be indicative of individuality. The groom and bride see each other daily. The bride and groom know each other well enough to not need matching wedding bands. Each person should have a unique ring that reflects their individuality.
  • It might not be practical to match rings. Wearing matching wedding bands can be dangerous if you play a lot of sports. It is a smart idea to talk with each other about whether the bands are right for them.
  • It seems excessive. Although matching rings are a great choice for some people, many couples want their rings to reflect their love. They may be happy to have non-matching or even no matching bands.
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    What Wedding Band Looks Best With My Engagement Ring

    One of our most frequently asked questions is, which wedding band looks best with my engagement ring?. Like your engagement ring, a wedding band is a piece you will wear every day and should reflect your personal style. Our Find My Matching Wedding Ring tool can help with your decision by allowing you to see your engagement ring paired with any Brilliant Earth wedding ring to find your perfect match. If you are opting for a stacked or nested bridal look, our Create Your Own Ring Stack Tool allows you to see up to three wedding rings stacked with your engagement ring for endless styling options. Our Jewelry Specialists are also ready to lend their expertise in a personalized appointment to help you find your dream bridal set both virtually or in person!

    Consider Diamonds Or Other Stones

    I have two friends who chose turquoise centers surrounded by diamonds. I know others that have picked other stones, like sapphires and rubies and emeralds–most likely a stone that has a personal meaning to them.

    Its traditional that an engagement ring has diamonds, but you dont have to stick with diamonds if you dont want to! If you do, however, it could be fun to have the wedding band sport a different stone youve been interested in, so you still have a diamond in the engagement ring and something else for the wedding band.

    Stones can be tricky if youre planning on matching your wedding bands, perhaps even trickier than matching metals. If youre a less bling-y person, for example, you might opt to not include a stone.

    If you like the bling, you could think about some innovative ways to match your rings:

  • Use each others birthstones. That way you have a more intimate piece of your partner with you wherever you go.
  • Use each others favorite color.
  • Use the color of your partners eyes.
  • If you bonded over sports, you could use the colors of your favorite sports team.
  • Whatever you choose, it could be fun to get creative. Matching doesnt have to be identical–it could be a matching idea!

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    When Not To Match Wedding Bands

    Today, many couples choose not to match their wedding bands so that they may customize their rings to their personal style and preferences.

    For the bride, she may want a band covered in diamonds that complements her engagement ring, while the groom may want an alternative metal. Many modern guys are partial to sleek metal bands or a band with an ornate design. Shiny black is even becoming a popular color for men’s wedding bands.

    Even if your bands aren’t identical, they can still share a similar theme. A couple could use the same metal type. They could also share similar design elements or even custom design rings that interlock like a puzzle when brought together.

    No matter your choice, make sure it is true to you as a couple and you won’t regret your wedding band choices.

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