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What To Say In A Wedding Thank You Note

Wedding Thank You Verbiage Ideas

Writing & Education : How to Write Wedding Thank You Notes

Wedding Photographer: Erin Latimore Photography | Thank You Card: For the Love of Stationery

Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding day, in what was honestly the best day of our lives! Your generosity, thoughtfulness and kind words will always be remembered. You were all what made the day so special and we hope you found it as enjoyable and memorable as we did.

Words cannot express how honoured we are to be surrounded by such loving and supportive family and friends. Thank you for your abundant generosity and kindness with your gift, we are beyond grateful.

How Long Do You Have To Send Thank You Cards After A Wedding Is It Ever Too Late

Many months may have passed since you tied the knot, but the chance to mail out your wedding thank you notes has not.

Better late than never.

Whether its been 8 months or a full year, dont let the build-up of having put off this special task be used as an excuse to never mail out your thank yous.

The key is to just realize whats done is done and get those bad boys written! Dont worry if youre already feeling overwhelmed by reading this because weve got a step-by-step process you can easily follow to get this done in no time.

What If Guests Had Additional Wedding Roles

If any of your family or friends helped with the wedding planning, set-up, clean-up, calling relatives for RSVPs, or spent any other time or energy other than simply just being a guest, PLEASE make sure to mention that! Thanking them for playing a helpful role in your big day will mean more to them than being thanked for the new crockpot.

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Split The Task With Your Partner

Writing thank-you notes should be a shared task between you and your partner. Before getting started, talk to your future spouse about how youll divvy up the workloadperhaps youll write thank-you notes for your side and your partner will handle his or hers. Or maybe youll write thank-you cards for family members and your partner will handle those for friends. However you share the responsibility, just make sure that expectations are managed on both sides. And, no writing thank-you notes is not a task you can delegate to wedding party members!

Common Wedding Thank You Card Mistakes To Avoid

What To Say In A Thank You Card Wedding

A few additional things to keep in mind as you begin your wedding thank you journey These 7 wedding thank you note mistakes to avoid at all costs! A bit too dramatic? Forgive us, the wedding drama is still very much in the air.

Regardless. There are a handful of wedding thank you card no-nos that we really believe should be deal-breakers. However, were also quite big on folks playing by their own rules. So with that do what you will with these wedding thank you card mishaps.

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Save Time And Send Them Digitally

If youre really looking to save time , consider sending digital thank you cards. With Greenvelope, you can send customized thank you notes to each person or the same thank you note to a larger group. Its up to you.

Choose a design and customize it until it matches your wedding theme perfectly this is especially easy to do if you sent online invitations. Once your custom-design card is created, you can personalize the wording before you send. And unlike waiting for the mail to carry your message, the note will reach your guests inbox within minutes.

Thank You Notes For Wedding Guests

To help you send your guests some thoughtful notes, weve compiled a list of beautiful thank you notes for wedding guests.

It is with humble gratitude that we take this time to say thank you for gracing our wedding with your presence. Words are not enough to show our gratitude but we pray that God will bless you and bless you indeed.

You shared our day and made it so special. Thank you for attending our wedding, we are most honoured.

We are most touched that you chose to attend our wedding, considering your busy schedule. With humble gratitude we hereby express our deepest thanks. God bless you.

Now we know that we are truly blessed indeed for having you as a guest at our wedding. You made our day really special by attending our wedding. Thank you very much.

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Thank You Card Wordings For Wedding Shower Gift

Gifts received at wedding showers are something that the couple can remember and cherish for life. You can use suitable thank you card wordings for the unique gifts you have received.

  • A cookbook for a just-married couple is an awesome idea. Loving it! The tips and recipes come handy for a kitchen novice. We refer to it whenever we feel like trying something new. Looking forward to meeting you soon to have you try one of the recipes.
  • Thanks to the thought of adding some personality to our abode with the wall art. The classic and vintage piece of painting is complementing our taste and style of the home. Your gift is timeless!
  • Dear friend! I appreciate the choice of jewelry you gifted us. It was a big dream to buy it. We know its not the price that matters, but at the same time, we are worried about how you must have saved enough to buy it. I had to hold my tears while unboxing it. There are no right words to thank you for the pair of pendants.
  • What Should Your Thank

    Practical & Creative Writing Lessons : How to Write a Wedding Thank-You Note

    For weddings, the most traditional thank-you cards are white or ecru and measure approximately 3 1/2 by 5 inches, with a top fold. They can be monogrammed or embossed with a motif you’ve used on other decorations. With a monogram, remember that it’s improper to adopt your married moniker until after the ceremony. You might combine the initials of your first names instead, or use different cards for thank-you notes that are sent out before the wedding date.

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    + Catchy Thank You Messages For Attending Wedding

    Wedding day is the most special day not only for the bride but also for the groom. On this day both of them are tied together into a bond of marriage. These celebrations we always celebrate with our loved ones whether it be our family or friends.

    So as they made you feel special as a bride or as the groom then you should also make them feel the same by expressing your thanks to them. Mentioned below are some quotes for thanking them who attended your wedding day.

    What To Say In Late Wedding Thank Notes

    The messaging in regular wedding thank you notes still applies here, youll just have to add one extra item: a short apology.

    Now, dont take this opportunity to write a novel about how busy life has gotten being married and all or how sorry you are that the notes are late. Mention it once and move on. Nobody wants to read a long winded apology in their thank you note. Keep your apology short and sweet just like the rest of the message.

    Heres all the things to include:

    • Salutation
    • One specific detail about the gift
    • Look ahead

    Joanna & Billie

    Remember always keep your messages short and sweet, write with sincerity and spell check names.

    Want more wording examples? Read through all these wedding thank you note wording examples and just remember to acknowledge the lateness.

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    Include A Personal Note

    As youve seen in the wedding gift thank-you note templates above, its important add a personal touch to each note. Whether you say something specific about the gift received or add a brief detail about your relationship with the card recipient, making each thank-you card unique is pretty essential.

    Using Postable To Manage And Write All Of Your Wedding Thank You Notes

    How to Write a Wedding Thank You Card

    Okay, now that you know what to avoid youre ready to hit the ground writing. If youre going to write all of your thank yous by hand may the force of all forces be with you! If you want to streamline the process without losing the personal touch weve got three easy steps anyone can follow to finish their wedding thank you notes once and for all.

    • Step 1: Have a list of your gift-giving guests ready to rumble.
    • Step 2: Write your thank you message.
    • Step 3: Sit back & relax !

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    To Bridesmaid Or Groomsmen

    Thank you notes to your bridesmaids as well as your groomsmen should be written with care. These will be some of the most personal and appreciative cards youll write. They may or may not give you a gift, but that pales in comparison to the gift of their friendship. You should emphasize what their friendship means to you. And, of course, thank them for their gift if they had given you one.

    Dear XXX,Thank you for all your help before and on our wedding day! We loved having you by our sides for this special moment and were so happy that you could share in the celebrations. Thanks for making our wedding day unforgettable. We couldnt have done it without you!Lots of love,

    Dear XXX,Thank you for being my bridesmaid/ groomsmen.To have you here supporting me is something that I treasure. Our friendship has no boundaries, that alone is hard to measure. I know you will be guiding me and keeping me so calm. A gentle hug when needed most is all part of your charm. So thank you is my message here, but not just for today. For always being my best friend and knowing what to say. Well always have our memories of our past and future too. When you are here to witness as I turn to say I Do.Best,

    Keep Your Stationery On Theme

    “A good idea is to find thank you cards that follow in suit with the theme of the wedding,” advises Swann. If you have the budget, order customized stationery along with your invites, complete with the same monogram or logo. If not, don’t fret. “Just find something that matches the theme, color, or style of your wedding,” says Swann.

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    What To Write In A Thank You Card: Wording Examples

    When it comes to crafting the perfect thank you card, a personalised message is always best. While it might be more time consuming, it will be much more meaningful for your recipients.

    With this being said, you can streamline the process by creating a general format to follow, and simply tweak the messaging to reflect your relationship with each guest. An easy format for a wedding thank you card might look something like this:

    • Address your guest/s
    • Thank the guest/s for joining you on the day
    • Thank the guest/s for their gift or wishing well contribution and elaborate on why you love the gift and how you plan to use it
    • Mention how much you enjoyed seeing them at your wedding, and any memorable moments you shared
    • Express a final word of thanks and an invitation to catch up soon
    • Sign off from you and your new husband/wife

    Your thank you cards dont have to be lengthy 4 or 5 sentences is completely acceptable!

    How Formal Should Wedding Thank You’s Be

    Sample wording for wedding thank you cards – How to write a great thank you card

    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Anderson Ew. Stop. These are your family and friends that you are writing too! Its totally okay to be conversational and lighthearted. If you want to tell your uncle Mark how much you appreciated his killer dance moves do it! If you want to tell your cousins that you cant wait to host a drunken margarita night with the new blender let them know! Theyll love a letter that actually sounds like it came from you rather than a template.

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    Other Lines To Use In Your Thank You Notes

    Dont worry about your thank you cards being similar. Your guests will never know! The important thing is that whatever you write makes them feel appreciated.

    If youre feeling stuck how the right words to use, here are some sure-fire winners.

    You are a great friend I will think of you every time I use _____.With friends like you, every day is truly a celebration.Your generosity is truly appreciated.Your thoughtfulness and friendship mean so much to us.Thank you for making our wedding day absolutely perfect.You looked so beautiful in that dress! I cant wait to hear more how you found it.Your friendship is a priceless gift.The support youve provided us our journey has been invaluable.Thank you for always making us feel so loved and supported.

    Wedding Thank You Note: Amazing Wedding Guests

    Dear _______________,

    Seeing your bright smiling faces beaming at me as I walked down the aisle was so delightful! Thank you so much for traveling across the country to attend my wedding. You are both completely amazing. And thank you so much for the beautiful wedding gift. I absolutely love the blue KitchenAid hand mixer. Its a perfect fit with our kitchen decor. Next year we hope to have an opportunity to visit you in New York.


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    Thank You Notes For Wedding Guests & Organizers

      A wedding is an incredibly involved event and is usually only successful due to the support and effort of your friends and loved ones. Sending thank you notes for the wedding to your guests is an important step in expressing your appreciation to your guests.

      Thank you notes demonstrate how much their contribution toward your big day meant to you. To help you write a compelling message, here are some examples and ideas.

      For Wedding Vendors And Suppliers

      Wedding thank

      Its not just your loved ones who help make your wedding day special. Your venue, vendors, and suppliers helped you turn your ideas into reality. Express your gratitude with these wedding thank you card wording ideas.

      Dear Francisco,

      Thank you so much for helping us put together our floral arrangements they were just perfect! You really helped us create a gorgeous atmosphere for our special day, and everyone commented on how lovely the flowers looked. Were so glad we chose you!

      Best wishes,

      Dear Shannon and team,

      Thank you for playing such a huge role in our wedding day. We loved getting married at and everything was magical from start to finish. Many thanks for being so accommodating and offering your support on the day. Please pass on our gratitude to the rest of your team and to everyone at for helping us celebrate the start of our new life together.

      With love,

      James and Noah

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