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Unique Men’s Wedding Bands

Affordable Durable And Modern Mens Wedding Bands

Top Black Wedding Rings For Men!

Our collection of affordable men’s wedding rings are durable, modern, sleek and wont break the bank. We carry wedding bands for him made from all the good alternative materials like titanium wedding bands, tungsten wedding rings and more! Whether youre shopping for unique mens wedding rings or just a simple band, we are confident that youll be able to find the perfect ring. All of our modern mens wedding bands are high quality and affordable, making them an excellent option when its time to purchase your wedding ring. With such a wide selection of styles and design options, you’ll have no problems finding your perfect men’s ring in just the right ring size.

Celebrate those special moments with a ring that really represents your personal style. Now, with our collection of mens wedding bands, you don’t have to settle on a choice just because of your budget. At Modern Gents Trading Co., we dont just offer beautifully designed rings. We also make sure they are affordable so anyone can find their dream ring regardless of their price point. Dont spend $300 somewhere else for the same ring! Save yourself some cash and reward yourself . Our affordable mens wedding bands are super durable, backed by a Lifetime Warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Unique Mens Wedding Bands That Make The Exact Statement You Are Looking To Say

Apart from the lifetime commitment that engagement rings represent, what message are you trying to convey with your wedding band? Are you trying to display a commitment to style? Are you looking for a well-crafted ring thats in it for the long haul, just like you and your partner? And are you trying to attain these things without dropping a borderline stupid amount of money?

We trust that yes is the answer to all the questions we just posed thats why youre here. When it comes to expenses associated with your matrimonial wish list, reason often goes out the window. Whether were talking floral arrangements, a photographer or wedding rings womens and mens brides and grooms too often make the oh-so-foolish assumption that if it isnt insanely pricey, it probably isnt worth a damn. And the harsh fact of the matter is that pretty much everyone associated with each and every corner of the wedding industry wants you to think this way that if the diamond ring doesnt break the bank, its not for you.

We would also be remiss if we didnt point out that all of our men’s and women’s rings are without exception conflict-free. That means you wont be finding any blood diamonds here. No way.

Unique Wedding Bands For The Groom

When you think of men’s wedding bands, a wide spectrum of original designs might not come to mind. At least at first. But we’re here to let stylish grooms in on some good news: More and more jewelry designers are creating unique wedding band designs for men, allowing every groom to show off his individual sense of style. Whether your future husband is after a diamond-studded band, an etched design, or a multi-metal spectacular, let him know that there are now just as many jewelry options for men as there are for women.

First up: diamonds. After all, the precious stones shouldn’t just be reserved for you, bride. Whether your future husband is the type of guy who wants a solitaire stoneif so, check out Forevermark’s yellow gold band with a round-cut diamond set at its centeror a diamond-studded delightBlue Nile’s channel-set diamond band or David Yurman’s diamond-rimmed design will do the trickthere are so many fun ways to include this gem in his wedding ring. If he’s not crazy about sparkle and shine, know that diamonds aren’t the only way to set your band apart from all the rest. Texture is another great to way to personalize his wedding jewelry. From etched bands that resemble bark to twisted rings and geometric two-tone rings, there are so many ways to add dimension to his design. The groom can also find a band with antique references. ArtCarved offers a two-tone vintage-inspired design with an almost paisley look.

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Epic Mens Wedding Bands

Remember being carried around by your father as a young child? He would have you tucked close to his chest in line at the grocery store, or a restaurant when you got antsy in your seat. You would look for something to fidget with, and where did you invariably turn? Dads wedding ring.

That classic, iconic gold band adorned by dad was little more than a shiny little object to rub between your fingers and peer through as a bored young kid. You would ask, Dad, why do you wear this ring? And your father would reply, telling you that your mom wore a ring as well, and it symbolized their love for each other.

And then you would be hanging out at a friends house, and their dad would have the same ring on. Another friends dad, the same ring! A stranger on the street – is that a gold ring? It is! Why is everyone wearing the same ring?

Well, we dont know the answer to that. But we do know that once upon a time, and really throughout history, mens wedding bands have been uniformly similar if not the same. And thats not to say a standard gold ring is anything to sneeze at. They give off an air of no-frills nonsense, simplicity, and even tradition.

Customize The Ring Of Your Dreams Rustic mens ring, Unique men

Besides our own unique mens wedding bands, we also offer a powerful, no-hassle jewelry customization service. Our custom mens wedding bands are very popular and make for an even more meaningful piece of jewelry. Whether you want to switch out the gemstone on one of our rings, make tweaks to an existing design, or create your very own ring from scratch, our artists will guide you through the process with drawings and renderings that bring your vision to life.

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Shop Unique Mens Wedding Bands

Buy him a wedding band heâll never want to take off! Our exclusive collection of rings showcase the most unique and trending wedding band styles for men. Going for a modern or classic design? Our bands are available in a myriad of materials, from traditional precious metals to out-of-this-world meteorite. Want a ring with meaning behind it? Go with a band with a Celtic engraving or opt for a rare Dinosaur bone detail. Love nature? Show your affinity for the great outdoors with exotic wood inlays and other Nature-themed rings. No matter the style we offer the widest variety of men’s bands which ensures you’ll find the perfect ring to match his taste and your budget!

Shop Our Collection Of Mens Wedding Bands And Rings Today

From mens black wedding bands to more traditional wedding bands, find the ring that suits his style. Whatever style or design you are looking for, our collection of classic wedding rings offers something for everyone. Each piece of jewelry has been made with precious metal and stones. That way, you can have confidence knowing it will be able to withstand everyday wear and tear. At Modern Gents Trading Co., all of our affordable rings come in a variety of alternative metals and unique designs so you can choose the very best jewelry item that fits you or your partner’s tastes. Don’t spend a fortune to find the perfect fit. Shop our mens wedding bands and engagement rings today and choose an affordable wedding ring that fits you best.

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Inspiration For Unique Mens Wedding Bands

Looking for a wedding band that stands out from the crowd? Perhaps youre after unique mens wedding bands, or youre looking for a ring that complements your partners, which is different from traditional styles.

Finding the perfect ring to symbolize your love and bond can feel even more special when the ring matches your character and traits. After all, when it comes to your wedding ring, its essential that you choose a design that youll treasure and wear with delight for the rest of your life.

If youre looking for wedding bands for men that are a bit out of the box, you may prefer to refashion your wedding band so it suits your taste and highlights a more personal touch.

Our guide covers how to find wonderful wedding bands for men, to assure you that your wedding jewelry feels incredible and meaningful to you.

What Makes A Wedding Band Unique

Meteorite Wedding Band for Men | Jewelry by Johan

There are no set rules on what makes a wedding band unique instead, its about what feels intimate to you and your partner. When it comes to finding the perfect mens wedding ring, there are just as many options to consider as there are for womens wedding rings from opting between gold or platinum, to the cut of the diamond.

If youre searching for ways to make your wedding band feel incomparable and stick out from conventional styles, here are some factors to consider:

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Do Inlaid Rings Need Extra Care

Firstly, you will need to keep the grit out of the inlay. Secondly, try to keep the ring away from ultrasonic cleaners. Use softer cleaning agents for wooden inlays and organic inlays like bone and antler. Gemstone inlays do need special expert cleaning once in a while. Always use a soft cloth and non-corrosive cleansers to clean your ring regularly.

A Word Of Caution For All Grooms

When you purchase a wedding band from any mens wedding bands site, do not forget to mention your sizing and styling preferences. While the right size at the first go will save you a lot of hassle and time, choosing a smaller ring size in the first go can leave you with a big hole in your pocket. If you pick a larger size at first, your ring will have better chances of turning out alright. Always remember, it is easier to go one size down than go one size up. Our jewelers are experts at sizing, and your ring will incur no damage during the process.

We also offer free shipping on specific products, depending on value and occasion to make your wedding extra happy and extra special. We also have a 30-day return policy just in case you change your mind about the purchase. All our products include a lifetime warranty. Although our titanium rings, platinum rings, and tungsten wedding bands are resistant to corrosion. So what are you waiting for? Go through our extensive collection to find out all the latest designs, offers and warranties for yourself.

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Alaska Gold Nugget Ring

by: Jewelry by Johan

You get the best of both worlds with this striking wedding band. A mix of brushed Titanium and whiskey barrel oak wood combine for a unique blend of elements. A comfort fit means this ring is as comfortable as it is aesthetically pleasing.

I have a feeling that this is one of those rings that you must physically touch and inspect in order to truly appreciate.

How Long Does It Take To Engrave A Wedding Band

6mm Unique Mens Wedding Bands in 10kt. Two

Mens Wedding Bands can get your chosen wedding ring engraved with a special message, quote, signature or fingerprint in record time. However, if you are selecting a tungsten ring, order the engraving process with some time in hand. Tayloright Tungsten is notoriously tough and scratch resistant. Jewelers have to spend a lot of time etching names and messages using lasers since the etching tools that work on titanium, gold, and platinum just do not work.

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Over 6000+ Verified 5 Star Reviews

I want to start off by saying Pillar Styles are amazing! Seriously. The quality, now that deserves a whole other rating. The pictures do not do it justice. If I could give it 10 stars I would. Its stunning and my fiance loves it. If you are looking for something totally different that’s great quality and not breaking the bank, this is ring for you. 1000% satisfied!

Gabrielle H.

Pillar Styles were an absolute pleasure to work with! I received my ring about 5 business days and its absolutely PERFECT AND STUNNING. I know my Fiance will love it! Thank you so much for being easy to work with and having my product shipped on time.

Kenni B.

LOVE IT! It is a beautiful ring that was perfect for my soon to be husband. He loves it, too! It’s simple, but not boring. Its unique, but not flashy. It fits his personality perfect. It will be a great ring we can pass on to our children. Everything arrived quickly with no worries of not receiving it before the Big Day!

Ashley E.

My husband and I recently got married and I purchased his ring from Pillar Styles and couldnt be happier. Its so beautiful and everything he wanted. Ava was unbelievably kind and went out of her way to make sure we were satisfied. Thanks again!

Chandrika P.

One Ring To Rule Them All: Mens Wedding Bands Designs That Will Take Your Breath Away

Mens wedding bands, including the Tayloright brand, are more than just accessories. They are a sign of a lifelong commitment. They have to be unique, breathtaking and long lasting just like your relationship. The unique designs from Mens Wedding Bands signify your love and promises. We aim to create a true emblem for your love. Our diamonds are conflict-free, and the processes we use to craft our unique designs are environmentally friendly too.

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Rustic Style Scratches Ring

  • Easier and cheaper to repair as well as re-size
  • Easily removed in a case of an emergency
  • All three karat golds are available in white, rose, or yellow gold
  • The lightness of gold rings make them comfortable
  • Gold rings can be easily made with custom designs or patterns
  • Can be inlayed with other metals or stone


  • Some people can develop allergic reactions from nickel alloy
  • If rhodium is included in the gold wedding band the Rhodium will have to be redone every couple of years
  • Gold wedding rings have a large environmental cost
  • Old wedding bands can scratch and bend

Beveled Wedding Band With Inner Honeycomb

Top 10 Unique Mens Wedding Bands

Another classic take on traditional wedding band design, this ring features a beveled edge with a matte gold finish. It is pictured here in rose gold, another potential style choice you can make to make your ring stand out.Were not sure who first said Real men wear pink, but were inclined to agree. While its icycousins, white gold and platinum, can easily be mistaken for steel, rose gold is distinct andeasily recognizable.After each ring is cast, it is milled by hand to ensure perfection. Our rings are made to order rather than being mass-produced, and the attention to detail is evident in the final product.

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Black Diamond Channel Set Ring

by: Rickson Jewelry


Yup, thats right. Elk antlers and sound waves made it onto our top list of titanium wedding bands.

I seriously love the simple design and natural materials used in this elk antler ring. The 10k gold inlay and hand-turned titanium wedding band means you have a truly stunning piece of jewelry to wear.

On the flip side, a little bit of sound technology is required in order to forge this unique-as-your-voice titanium wedding band.

I wonder what a soundwave ring for Mariah Careys voice would look like!?

How To Choose A Unique Wedding Band

There are few wedding ring details to consider when choosing the perfect band. First, the materialwhat do you want your wedding ring to be made of? Another factor to think about is width. It’s a small detail , but even the simplest wedding band can look completely different in another width. As for style, get inspired by your taste in clothes, profession and personal hobbies. Do you like the idea of rocking a few small diamonds, a sleek black band or an unexpected vine motif? Look through these unique men’s wedding rings to find something that speaks to you.

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How To Make Your Wedding Band Truly Unique

Whether a wedding band is rare enough is entirely your decision. Perhaps, you prefer two-toned rings that combine your two favorite metals, or maybe adding an engraving to your wedding ring will make it special, while offering a sentimental value to your jewelry. While your wedding ring is a daily reminder of the love you and your partner share, its important that it embodies your style and personality too.

The best way to make sure your ring feels exceptional is to have it customized. Here at Diamond Mansion, you can design your wedding ring to your preference. You can even personalize your ring by the type of diamond, as well as the shape, color, clarity and cut, so your wedding band is tailored to your liking. That way, youll have the perfect ring that is individual to you, that you can wear with satisfaction for the rest of your life.

Hammered Gold Wedding Band Copper Wedding Band, Male wedding rings, Unique Wedding ...

This ring combines a sleek, modern white gold tone with a totally one-of-a-kind hammeredtexture. At just three-millimeters, it is slender, but packs a major punch, thanks to itsunique surface.Gold is a highly malleable element, and has been hammered for centuries tocreate custom designs. This piece has a matte, unpolished finish for a slightly distressed look.Its smooth interior makes it as comfortable to wear as any other band.

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