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Rustic Chic Wedding Guest Attire

Your Date Goes Western


Your date might choose to wear a western style double pocket with cotton flaps. Short sleeves or 3/4 length sleeves are both good choices. A white and blue narrow plaid shirt will look good with a pair of navy pants or if a truly casual wedding is planned, a pair of jeans. Both of you should wear your best western boots for a fun time square dancing at the reception.

What Color Can You Wear To A Rustic Wedding

Natural colors and fall colors come to mind when imagining a rustic wedding. The wedding guests can consider a palette of reds, browns, and greens for their outfits.

The key is selecting the darker shades as bright tones do not fit the rustic theme. Then, of course, you must follow the etiquette applied to the colors you can wear to a wedding.

Avoid white as its a color reserved for the bride. You shouldnt also wear the same color as the wedding party, and make sure whichever color you choose to wear is not interpreted negatively by the couples culture.

Formal Wedding Attire For Guests

Formal wedding attire can be somewhat ambiguous. Sitting between semi-formal and black tie, the dress code denotes an elegant appearance. As such, you can wear a short or long formal dress, pantsuit or dressy separates. Like the black-tie optional dress code, formal wedding attire does not necessitate a floor-length gown. However, you can wear one if you wish without appearing overdressed.

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Couples That Wears Turtlenecks Together Have Fun

Your date might not want you to outshine him. He may decide to level the fashion field by wearing a turtleneck sweater with stylish tweed pants. You can advise him how to give this nice winter look a touch of sophistication with a pinstriped coat. He can add a sexy felt hat, but make sure he adjusts his sunglasses when the sun goes down so he’ll be all set!

Black Tie Wedding Attire For Guests


Black tie is a highly formal wedding dress code that is typically called upon for evening weddings. For female guests, it requires a formal, floor-length gown. However, you may be able to get away with a sophisticated cocktail dress. Just be sure to double-check with the bride or someone in the bridal party beforehand to ensure you dont appear underdressed.

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Rustic Wedding Attire For Male Guests

Rustic Wedding Attire For Male Guests. A casual dress will be a nice idea as its easy to style, it always looks cool and chic. Figuring out what to wear can be tricky, as you don’t want to look overdressed, but you don’t want to look too casual either.

Rustic chic wedding attire up to 53 off. As a wedding guest, you will always want to look chic while still being comfortable in your outfit. For women, a nice daytime dress, skirt, and top, or jumpsuit are good choices.


At its least formal, men can get away with polos and shorts. Even if youre just looking to be comfortable, then a breathable and loose short dress would make a good choice.


What does that have to do with your outfit? We will help you find the perfect thing to wear to a spring wedding.


Paired with the right accessories and shoes, beach wedding guest dresses can steal the evening. Rustic chic wedding attire up to 53 off.


Floral spring dresses, prints, and spring maxi dresses in pastel colors. Even if youre just looking to be comfortable, then a breathable and loose short dress would make a good choice.


Rustic chic wedding attire up to 53 off. Choosing the right rustic country wedding dresses is one of the most special moments in planning your rustic country wedding.

Source: hardyfarm.comSource: Source: Source:

Dont Overdo It On The Makeup

While having the perfect hair and makeup will ultimately complete your overall look and make you feel your best, try to keep in mind that less is generally more. Particularly in this instance where the event is more than likely to take place outdoors, a softer, more natural makeup look will work better with external lighting properties.

TIP: For a youthfully organic glow, keep it fresh faced. When it doubt, a swipe of mascara and adding a dash of sweet peach gloss to your lips will do the trick!

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We Have Guest Dress Ideas For Country Weddings And Attire Guidelines For Female And Male Rustic Wedding Guests

Choosing the right rustic country wedding dresses is one of the most special moments in planning your rustic country wedding. When planning a rustic wedding, it is required that the couple have a passionate love of wood . For women, a nice daytime dress, skirt, and top, or jumpsuit are good choices.

What To Wear To An Afternoon Winter Wedding

the best wedding-guest dresses for every body/floral lace net women skater dresses design and ideas

Youre invited to an afternoon winter wedding!

Its the time of year when youre wondering what to wear. You want to look nice, but you also want to stay warm. Weve got your back with our guide on what to wear to an afternoon winter wedding.

Well cover everything from your dress to your shoes, and even down to your accessories. We have plenty of options for all body types and styles, so no matter who you are or what youre into, theres something here for you.

If youre planning to attend an afternoon winter wedding this holiday season, youre probably wondering what to wear.

Youve got a few options here:

Weddings are a time to celebrate love, family, and friendship. Theyre also a time to get dressed up in your favorite outfit and feel fabulous. But it can be hard to know whats appropriate for the setting of the wedding itself. What should you wear for an afternoon winter wedding?

Weve got your answer! Here are some tips on what to wear for an afternoon winter wedding so that you look great and stay warm throughout the ceremony.

While you might want to wear a slinky mini dress or an off-the-shoulder gown, consider how the weather might affect your fashion choices. A cozy wrap or shawl can easily winterize a look while keeping you warm, so consider investing in a coverup for all of your winter events

In this article:

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What Do You Wear To A 4 Pm Wedding

If you are attending a 4 pm wedding, you must first note the location and any dress code that the invitation has required. If it is a formal event or casual one, dress appropriately, choosing something that can easily be transitioned from day to night. You may want to bring a shawl or something similar to cover up in the evening if you expect it to get cold.

Rustic Wedding Guest Attire For Men

Of course, it’s not just women wondering what to wear to a wedding! Men’s attire for a rustic wedding can range from the casual hats, vests, jeans and cowboy boots to suits and jackets. Just like what you’d wear to any other outdoor or partially outdoor wedding event! Cotton, linen or tweed jackets or suits in medium colors are a good choice.

A nice matching vest and pants worn in suiting material worn with a nice shirt can be a good choice too. Bow ties and even suspenders, if you wear them, also add a nice ‘rustic’ style.

If you have the feeling ties are not needed at the event you are attending, just a blazer in cotton, wool or a pattern with good pants is also an option. Here are some ideas for getting that rustic wedding guest style for guys!

Here’s the older post that was the original post about rustic wedding attire!

Happy Sunday, everyone! I just wanted to recap a few things this week and show you the second look I created for my guest post earlier this week on Rustic Folk Weddings.

Sources: Floral Printed Fit & Flare Dress | Flower Earring | Mint Flats | Ombre Marquise Bracelet | Sand Dollar Clutch

When Charmaine of Rustic Folk Weddings kindly asked me to guest post, it leads me to think more about appropriate attire for outdoor or other country-style weddings, which could include a backyard wedding in a rural setting, or a barn wedding.

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Summer Wedding Guest Dresses

Styles D39NY22402, WBM3021V1W, D24NY22050V1

Summer wedding guests attending celebrations in July, August, and September can expect to be spending time outdoors. For a more low-key and casual wedding, pick a fun mini or midi dress with spaghetti straps to keep you comfortable and cool. If youre attending a semi-formal or formal event, consider dresses with an asymmetrical hemline or a slit to ensure your legs have room to breathe .

How To Have A Country Chic Wedding


Weddings are some of the most exhilarating and look forward to events. You can choose so many different styles and themes, one being country chic.

If you are fond of the outdoors, then a country-style wedding might suit you well. If thats the case, then make sure to read this article on how to have a country chic wedding. Heres a guide to help you know what to do in order to start planning.

Why Choose a Country Chic Wedding

When people think of wedding events, they usually have an indoor image that comes to mind, such as a chapel. However, wedding celebrations have expanded to other more unique, and sometimes more stylish, places nowadays. Most of these new wedding venues take place outdoors.

You can make the most of the outdoor weather

Having your wedding outside can offer new perspectives and ideas you can incorporate to celebrate your big day. The best thing about the outdoors is you can make the most of the weather. Out of the four seasons, spring and summer are the most ideal to have your outdoor wedding. With the sun brightly shining in summer and the trees beautifully sprouting in spring, theres plenty to love about these seasons.

You can enjoy the open atmosphere

It is more friendly and casual

It suits some couples personalities

Where to Have Your Country Chic Wedding

What to Wear at a Country Chic Wedding

For the Men

For the Women

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Rustic Wedding Guest Guide 2019


Hello Lovely!

Today I am finally sharing a long overdue update on the most popular post on my blog.

For the last two years, my Rustic/Barn Wedding Guest post has brought more viewers to my blog than any other post and has been the most shared post I have pinned to Pinterest!

As you can imagine, the styles from the spring of 2017 are no longer available online so where does this bring viewers? The answer is to inactive links that do nobody any good!

Rustic or barn weddings seem to be going nowhere for the time being, so I decided to FINALLY give the people what they want! I am happy to reveal my Rustic Wedding Guest looks of 2019.

Now, I reread my post and just giggled to myself. The advice is still really good! I highly recommend going back to this post for some useful tips on picking out the best dress for each specific wedding!

I giggled reading the post because I realized what day it was posted. It was the day I told Justin we were having Miss Cecelia Cassidee! I had found out three days prior and had to keep the secret to myself because Justin was on a hunting trip. I did tell our random neighbor before J got home because I was SO excited. haha. Wed been trying for almost an entire year for our second baby, so it was a really big surprise.

Okay, now back to this rustic, chic barn venue wedding!

Feminine, dainty, soft, romantic, whatever you say to describe a rustic wedding can be said the same for the styles selected above!

xo Tay

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What To Wear To A Country Wedding

If youâve ever been invited to a country wedding, chances are at first glance the invitation may make you feel a little perplexed as the age old question of âwhat do I wearâ comes to mind! No need to stress ladies as GlamCorner is here to help. The key to success in this scenario would be to consider the surrounding elements as this will make it much easier to choose an appropriate outfit. Everything from venue details , terrain conditions to overcast skies should be considered when picking your outfit.

Then, of course, there is the wedding theme to consider which can also help in deciphering the dress code! If the invitation states âoutdoor garden ceremonyâ then the theme would suggest that whimsical floral prints may be a great option for you. Another great tip is to always keep in mind what season the wedding will be held in. A summer country wedding would call for light and free flowing fabrics, whereas a winter wedding may require you to consider slightly darker coloured options. Whether youâre headed to a traditional wedding or perhaps a slightly more modern event, your mind will be put at ease with our Top 5 Trends ready for you to try at your next countryside wedding!

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Dont Be Afraid To Experiment With Accessories

Remember you are ultimately dressing for a celebration, so have a little fun with your accessory choices. Try teaming up your free flowing relaxed floral maxi with a pair of oversized drop earrings and complement your full A-line skirt by holding a glamorous metallic clutch. Itâs all in the detail so donât be afraid to set the countryside tone through your accessories.

TIP: If your dress already has a lot going on, choose minimalist accessories for a subtle statement.

Cowboy Style Suits For Groom

Custom Bridesmaid Dresses| Rustic & Chic Summer Wedding | Wine Country

iSave to

If your rustic wedding is country-themed, then you have the opportunity to dress up cowboy style for your special day. As these types of days dont come by often, it is the perfect time to let your personality shine. If you have no problem with the unconventional then consider this rustic wedding mens attire.

Snap-on a leather sports coat over a pearl shirt, complete with a pair of blue jeans. The coat can come extra special with detailed stitching to add to the overall vibe. Finish your look with classic cowboy accessories, like cowboy boots and felt hats and you are ready for a rustic wedding day.

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Best Wedding Guest Dresses

Anthropologie has an unforgettable collection of wedding guest dresses, from long and flowing to short and structured. Weve made it easy to find the perfect dresses to wear to as a wedding guest in our cant-miss collection. With so many colors and materials, you wont know which wedding guest dress to choose. Discover our unique jewelry to complete your wedding guest outfit.

White Tie Wedding Attire For Guests

White tie is the most formal and sophisticated of all dress codes. So, be prepared to dress to the nines with an elegant, full-length evening or ball gown. Traditionally, long gloves are also worn for white tie. However, theyre more of an optional extra in todays modern world. If you do choose to wear gloves, you should leave them on while drinking and dancing and take them off for dinner.

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Country Theme Wedding Dcor Ideas

Rustic themed weddings are more sought after now than ever before. Add the country vibe and you have a completely customized and personalized wedding, different from the usual classic weddings we have all become accustomed to. From western themed centerpieces to wood adornments, wildflower wedding bouquets, burlap accents, and neutral soft hues, there is an abundance of ways to include western wedding décor in your celebrations.

A country themed wedding usually has a laid back appeal. And so, whether you choose to use a barnyard venue or not if you pick the right type of rustic country décor, you are sure to create that country vibe for your nuptials.

Choose The Right Colors Textures And Prints


If the couple is having an outdoor wedding reception in a barn, theres a good chance theyre not looking for total glitz and glamour. Keep that in mind when choosing a dress. The only thing worse than being underdressed is being WAY too dressed up for the occasion.

Lots of beading and tons of bling may be appropriate for a ballroom wedding at a luxury estate or a five-star hotel, but barn weddings always have a more rustic feel. Instead of sequins, metallics, and satins, embrace effortless looks in soft fabrics like lace and chiffon. Look for pretty prints and details such as ruffles, wrap belts, and flutter sleeves.

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What To Wear To A Rustic Wedding

We tend to focus on the women around here with all of this wedding inspiration but we cant forget the men in all of it! Today I am very excited to team up with another blog to bring you a little style advice that focuses on the men. Have you ever wondered what to wear to a rustic wedding? Thanks to our friend Megan from Style Girlfriend whos blog focuses on guys style, from a girls perspective we have the perfect answer!

A reader asked:

Im going to a wedding later this month with my fiancee. Its an outdoor wedding in Philadelphia , so I know I need to dress warmly, but I dont know whats appropriate. Heres the note from the bride herself:

Some of you have asked us what to wear. Our dress code is rustic chic, and therefore, you should wear whatever makes you happy.

What does rustic chic entail?!

James, Newark, NJ

Megans Response: Rustic Chic is a new one, even to me, but I love it. It sounds like one of those slow fast-food restaurant in a mall that serves $15 beet and goat cheese paninis and hibiscus lemonade.

Honestly, I think the bride was trying to be nice with her explanation, but I can also see why it didnt help you at all in deciding what to wear. The key with any wedding wear is to look appropriate for the occasion but still comfortable. In this case, that means warm. Because the only thing worse than sitting through a predictably terrible best man speech is shivering through it.

Visit Style Girlfriend to see more of what Megan has to say!

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