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How To Print Addresses On Envelopes For Wedding

How To Print Your Wedding Invitation Envelopes At Home

Addressing Wedding Envelopes Using a Cricut | Wedding DIY

Weddings are already expensive. Why not save some money by printing your wedding invitation envelopes by yourself at home? Keep reading to see how I did it, and for a free template!

First, let me show off our gorgeous Rimike invitation by Bibi Invitations! With a black die cut enclosure that fits perfectly into our black, white, and gold color scheme, this was the very first invitation that caught my eye, so I was super excited that Jonathan liked it as well! We decided to add gold border paper and an ivory ribbon to brighten up the invitation suite, and encase it in a gold envelope because white envelopes are basic and this is NOT a basic wedding, ok! I actually was worried about the bow but our invitations came pre-tied which was a HUGE time and stress saver.

Print Wedding Invitation Envelopes At Aim Mail Centers

As a couple planning a wedding, you may want to follow certain traditions vis-à-vis printing address on wedding envelopes. Traditionalists prefer handwritten addresses because they are viewed as more personal and special. For many of these couples, professional calligraphy is the way to go.

However, they are not a must-have for many couples. Weddings are expensive, and hiring a professional calligrapher is just not within every couple’s budget. Not to worry, though, machine printing your wedding envelopes is an effective alternative.

AIM Mail Centers provide fast and professional custom printing services. We offer a wide range of printing options for the perfect wedding invitation. Let us print addresses on your wedding envelopes as you focus on other aspects of your wedding to-do list.

Common Issues You Might Run Into

Youre using a different size envelope than the template was made for

Like I mentioned earlier, its important to know the size your template was made for. If youre trying to print an A7 template on an A6 envelope, the font will be the wrong size and wont be centered on your envelope. Unfortunately Word theres not an easy way to scale down a template and keep the layout the same, so you need to choose the right template from the start so everything prints without a hitch.

Youre using an old printer that requires you to jump through hoops

Every so often, I hear from a bride that her printer requires her to open the envelope in order to print. Or that her feed tray wont cinch small enough to accommodate her envelopes. Or that her printers intake system wont pick up the envelopes.

Unfortunately these issues have nothing to do with the template and can be tricky to fix. So before purchasing a template, its always best to make sure your printer can actually print envelopes.

Without seeing the printer in person, its hard to help troubleshoot those issues, so my recommendation is to call a friend and ask to borrow their printer. Printing 150 envelopes should only use up about 1/4 of a tank of black ink, so compensate them with a bottle of bubbly or a $20-spot and call it a day.

You didnt select a paper size in your printer settings

Your printer defaulted to the wrong orientation

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How To Address Wedding Invitations To Those With Other Distinguished Titles

Apply the same rules you use for doctors for military personnel, judges, reverends and so on. If both titles don’t fit on one line, indent the second line.

On the outer envelope:

The Honorable Jane Kelly and Lieutenant Jonathan Kelly, US Navy

If they’re both captains in the military:

Captains Jane and Jonathan Kelly, US Navy

On the inner envelope:

Judge Kelly and Lieutenant Kelly, US Navy

The Captains Kelly

Print Envelopes With Wordpad

Wedding Envelope Template, Printable Address Envelope, Magnolia Address ...

Format a document in WordPad to print envelopes. WordPad comes pre-installed with Windows.

  • Search Windows for and open WordPad

  • Select your envelope type from the Size menu, select Landscape orientation, then click OK.

  • Type the address, and then use the formatting tools on the Home tab to align and center the text.

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    Guide To Addressing Wedding Envelopes: Handwritten Vs Printed Calligraphy

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    Looking for ways to address your wedding stationery envelopes?

    Youre in luck! Thats what this article is all about. Heres a peak at the four options well discuss:

    • Hand write your own envelopes
    • Hire a professional calligrapher
    • Explore if faux calligraphy is right for you or
    • Let the machine printers do the job for you

    Addressing wedding stationery envelopes is one of those tasks that can be painstaking and time consuming. Not to mention, costs can quickly add up depending on the method you choose. So, what is the right way to ensure each wedding stationery envelope is properly addressed?

    Many couples planning a wedding still like to follow certain traditions. However, sometimes that means the budget is going to get stretched when you have to splurge for the sake of tradition.

    Yup, this is probably one of those traditions that needs to go by the wayside. Professional calligraphy for envelopes? Put that in the frivolous expense column.

    Getting a computer to print out envelopes for you blasphemy!

    Well, not really. Keep reading and youll see why we think it is the only way to go.

    The choice is always yours handwritten, faux, monk or machine. Just make sure to consult your wedding planning budget first, and then make the best decision on how to address your envelopes.

    Learn How To Use Mail Merge To Print Your Envelopes

    Watch our video to learn how to use Microsoft Words Mail Merge feature to all at once instead of typing in your guests information and printing one at a time. Well show you how to create a template, enter addresses, set up the printer driver, and finally, print the envelopes.

    For this example, well use on of our square envelopes. You can easily replace references to this envelope with your envelope dimensions.

    Our software is Microsoft Office Word 2003 on a PC running Windows 7 and our printer is a recent model Epson inkjet.

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    Start With An Envelope Template

    The easiest way to print your own envelopes is to purchase a template. Most templates will run you less than $10 and save you tons of time, but its not the only way to do it. If you would rather create your own template, to learn how to make your own from scratch.

    Most envelope templates are setup so the page size is the same size as your envelope. Therefore if youre printing on A7 envelopes, the page size will be 5.25 x 7.25. This allows you to print envelopes exactly like you would a sheet of text paper, without having to adjust your printer trays, unfold the envelope or change any major settings.

    This also means that you have to purchase a template the exact same size as your envelopes, since you cant change the template size later.

    But each printer is different, so if you have never printed envelopes before, I highly recommend test printing a few different sizes before purchasing a template. It could save you lots of time, money and heartache in the process.

    Prepare Your Guest List

    How To: Addressing Envelopes with Cricut | Easy Wedding DIY

    Before you click send, consider your wedding guest list. Who are you going to invite? If youre planning on mailing the link out to everyone you and your fiancé know before creating your wedding guest list, you may want to think twice.

    Consoling hurt feelings may be more than youll want to deal with right now. Will your old co-workers feel left out if they dont get a save the date from you even though you asked them for their mailing address? Just a tiny bit of planning ahead of time will save you some trouble. It may be wise to send out the link to collect wedding addresses AFTER youve created your wedding guest list.

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    How To Print Addresses On Wedding Envelopes

    They say you only get one chance to make a first impression. As far as weddings go, the wedding envelope is your guests’ first peek into your big day, so you want to make it shine. It may seem mundane, but addressing wedding envelopes gives you the perfect opportunity to make an elegant first impression.

    When it comes to putting addresses on wedding envelopes, there are several ways to go about it. You can:

    • Hire a professional calligrapher to make customer calligraphy addresses on your wedding envelopes
    • Handwrite the addresses yourself if you have been blessed with great penmanship.
    • Try faux calligraphy as a DIY option if you have experience in cursive writing or
    • Outsource your wedding envelopes to a machine printer

    Printing addresses on wedding envelopes is one of the most time-consuming aspects of wedding planning. It’s also worth noting that costs can quickly add up depending on your chosen method. Machine printing addresses on wedding envelopes is both easy and affordable.

    How To Make An Envelope Template

    Ps. To snag our free A7 envelope template for use in Microsoft Word, just . To download the calligraphy font we used , scroll down to the bottom of this post and follow the links.

    Pps. Wondering where to buy envelopes? We love Cards and Pockets.

    I hate to say it, especially since Ive been known to dabble in calligraphy a time or two, but hiring a professional calligrapher to address your wedding invitations is such a waste of money. At $3+ an envelope, why not put your credit card away and make an envelope template that you can print at home. Run off as many copies as you need, then re-purpose that baby to work for thank you notes, holiday cards, you name it.

    Just follow this tutorial and youll never have to address another envelope by hand for as long as you both shall live.

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    Guest Addressing With Style

    After you are done picking out and designing your stationery, it deserves a stylish sendoff to friends and family! Envelopes, envelope liners, labels, and address printing services offer that final personal touchand will have guests eager for your upcoming wedding day.

    Plus, we can address both your recipient and return envelopes, so you can focus on all the details of planning your wedding day. Choose from a variety of gorgeous font combinations, styles, and colors that suit your style.

    How To Address Wedding Envelopes Printed Handwritten Labels

    DIY Wedding Envelope Addressing Tips

    Posted in Planning0

    I know where I plan to get my save the dates and invitations but I have no idea how to put the names and addresses on the front. I’m looking for a budget friendly option that is still nice. My handwriting is not an option. lol. Will officedepot or officemax print each guest address and name on my envelopes? How do people do this? Do people use clear labels? Any suggestions will be helpful!

    on October 1, 2015 at 8:42 AM

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    Wax Seals & Extra Protection

    You may need or want to pop your wedding invitation and its envelope inside an outer envelope to protect it from getting marked, bent or a wax seal getting lost in the post. If this is a good idea for your style of invites, the outer envelope tends to be more formal, with your guests full name and their full address. The inner envelope can be more informal with just first names, or perhaps given titles Grandma & Grandad, Auntie & Uncle.

    Design Your Envelope Template

    One of the reasons we dont use the envelope functionality already in Word is because this way allows us to use custom fonts, graphics and layouts.

    I think envelopes look best with a combination of calligraphy, sans serif and serif fonts. But thats up to you. Ideally, you might want to choose 1-2 fonts that match your wedding invitations so everything looks uniform.

    Here are a few of our favorite calligraphy fonts:

    Or you can head to dafont or Font Squirrel to look at other free options.

    A note on return addresses: In this example I put the return address on the front of the envelope for simplicitys sake. If youd prefer to put it on the back, follow the same steps to create a second template in a brand new document. When its time to print, youll print the front side of your envelopes first, then flip them over and print the back side.

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    Add Text Boxes To Your Template

    Go to Insert > Text Box > Draw Text Box. Draw a text box in the center of your document, making sure to leave plenty of room in for postage stamps and a return address at the top.

    To remove the black outline around the text box, click on the text box and go to Format > Shape Outline > No Outline.

    Once youve added your first text box, just click on the outer edge so theres a solid black line around it, then hit Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V to duplicate it. I prefer to create one text box for each style of text .

    Make as many text boxes as you need.

    How To Easily* Collect Mailing Addresses From Your Guests

    Addressing Envelopes for Beginners | Faux Calligraphy, DIY Wedding on a Budget, Stamptitude Wax Seal

    Weve created a solution to the extremely specific problem of getting a bunch of peoples mailing addresses for a wedding . So youll be able to send your Save the Dates, Invitations and Thank You Cards stress-free. In fact we can even mail them for you if you want, but thats a discussion for another post. Okay, but how easy is it really?

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    Printed Labels And Hand

    When it comes to addressing wedding invitations, are you wondering whether labels or hand-written is preferred?

    Up until recently, the only proper way to address wedding invitations was by hand.

    Today, you have a few options for inscribing addresses on the envelopes though the secret to pulling it off without downplaying the event lies in following some contemporary rules of etiquette.

    You have a few options for inscribing addresses on the envelopes for your wedding invitations. You can create appropriate and stunning wedding invitation envelopes with printed labels from Shutterfly.

    Opt for custom printed labels or hire a professional calligrapher, says Christine Zohrabians, wedding planner and designer of Fancy That Events. While it might not be traditional to use printed labels, todays custom labels look incredible and complete the invitation suite.

    In the examples above, youll see how different factors, including your guests, the formality of your event and certain planning details, affect how an envelope is addressed, with examples for various scenarios.

    Heres a look at the rules of etiquette that apply for addressing wedding invitation envelopes in handwriting or with printing technology, the pros and cons for each option, as well as some expert tips on how to handwrite your own addresses like a true artist.

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