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How Many Wedding Programs Should I Order

What To Include On Your Wedding Ceremony Program

Wedding Gifts 101: Here’s how much you should spend

Exactly what you include in your ceremony program is entirely up to you, but here are some suggestions to keep in mind, from the obvious to the optional.

  • Your names, the wedding date, and wedding location.

  • The order of events of the ceremony. Include the names of songs used at different portions of the service, as well as the names, authors, and sources of readings, poems, and prayers. Heres a general run-down of what your ceremony outline could contain :

  • Seating of the Grandparents
  • Presentation of the Couple
  • Recessional
  • If you have the room, some couples choose to share the lyrics of their specially chosen songs or the entirety of their readings or vows in the program for guests to follow along.

  • The names of the important players in your ceremony. This includes members of your wedding party, family members, your officiant, readers, musicians, or anyone else who plays a role in the service.

  • A brief explanation of any cultural, religious, or other rituals youve included in your ceremony. Explaining the significance and meaning behind what your guests are watching will help make the experience richer and more engaging for them.

  • A welcome message to your guests thanking them for making the trip and being present at your nuptials.

  • Any logistical messages or requests you want to share with your guests, such as:

  • What happens after the ceremony
  • The times and locations for early and late departure shuttles
  • Requests for an unplugged ceremony
  • Introduction Of Wedding Couple Aka Bride And Groom

    This is always the last of the introductions. Everyone should stand before the bride and groom enter. In addition, a special song can be arranged with music entertainment and a special announcement made to punctuate a truly grand entrance. Also, inform the master of ceremonies how you would like to be introduced: Mr. and Mrs. Smith or John and Jane Doe. See our list of popular introduction and entrance songs.

    Types Of Paper Wedding Programs

    • Flat Card: the most standard type of paper program, a flat card is the easiest and most affordable to design, purchase, and print. It allows you to fill the space on the front and back of the card with your information.

    • Paddle Fan: if youre getting married outside during warm months, a paddle fan program is a popular choice. Essentially just a flat card attached to a wooden stick, a paddle fan program gives guests a way to cool off while they read more about your ceremony.

    • Multi-panel Fan: in this program style, several sheets of paper are attached with a metal grommet or ring, allowing the pages to be spread open like a fan. The shape and size of the sheets can vary to your liking, from rounded to teardrop to long and vertical.

    • Tri-fold: a larger sheet of paper is folded three times vertically, making for a ceremony program with a self-opening cover that reveals three separate panels.

    • Accordion: similar to tri-fold, an accordion program design involves folding a large sheet of paper back and forth on itself several times to create multiple, attached panels.

    • Booklet: like it sounds, a booklet program design binds together several pages of paper so that they open like a little book. Ribbon, raffia, or other material can be used to tie together the pages, or a booklet program can be stapled in the center and folded by a professional printer.

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    Guests Are Seated In Reception Hall

    Your wedding coordinator and/or DJ/MC will get all of your guests rounded up and seated in the reception hall so that they are ready for the party to start. If necessary, they will explain how guests can find their seat and will give any other special announcements during this time. The start of getting your guests into the reception and the estimation of how long this will take based on how many are in attendance is an essential part of your wedding reception timeline.

    Ceremony Program With Wedding

    How many wedding ceremony programs should you order? We ...

    An awesome way to help guests get to know your wedding-party VIPs a bit better is stationery that includes fun illustrations and a brief bio for each member. This idea is not only helpful, its colorful and fun.

    Ways to Display: Roll these up like scrolls and tie them with a colorful ribbon that matches the wedding theme. Have them positioned on a table near the entrance to the ceremony or waiting on guests seats.

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    Order Of Wedding Ceremony: What Comes First

    Written by Shutterfly Community Last Updated: May 1, 2018

    As you gear up for the big day, youve probably put a lot of thought into the order of ceremony for your wedding. The most important thing to know is that no two wedding ceremonies are alike. Even though most follow the same generic order, the couple is free to customize their order of ceremony to their own unique style. Whether that means incorporating religious or cultural traditions or throwing a celebratory fist in the air during the kiss, each couple can and should make their ceremony a reflection of their personal relationship.

    Free Catholic Wedding Program Template

    In need of a Catholic Wedding Program for your church ceremony? Check out this free template that you can customize yourself using Canva!

    If youre having a full Catholic mass for your wedding, your non-Catholic guests might be a little confused about what to do and when to do it. If youve ever been to a Catholic mass , there is a lot of sitting, standing, kneeling, responding, etc. You dont want people to feel lost or confused during your ceremony, so providing them with a clear outline of the events is important.

    While your church may provide a program for you, you may find that it lacks the style that youd like, so weve put together a basic Catholic Ceremony Wedding Program Template for you to use and customize yourself using our favorite FREE design resource: Canva!

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    Impress Your Guests With Unique Wedding Programs

    Design custom wedding programs so everyone can see the itinerary for your big day. Shutterflys wedding programs are easy to customize with sizes, trim, colors, fonts, and more. These beautiful wedding programs let you make sure your entire wedding stationery suite matches and helps your guests feel welcome. Wedding programs are a great keepsake to remind everyone of the day you tied the knot. Design one-of-a-kind wedding programs that reflect who you are as a couple.

    Keep Guests Entertained As Part Of Your Reception Timeline

    How Much Should We Spend on a Wedding?

    The most important tip about the timing of a wedding reception is to not have a long period of space between the ceremony ending and when the meal is served. You may notice I did not say the space between the ceremony ending and the reception beginning. The reason is that guests will start drinking adult beverages as soon as they arrive at the reception. If you do have a bar during cocktail hour, I suggest an arrangement of hors-doeuvres to keep their minds on the reception and to soak up the alcohol.

    If you plan to have a long photoshoot after the wedding ceremony is complete, consider having games in order to keep guests occupied. The best games are larger versions of popular games. Have large-sized games of what the wedding couple likes. This could include, checkers or chess, bean bag toss, Jenga, Connect Four, and Scrabble. For kids in attendance, a kids table with crayons and paper covering the table along with board games just for them will create fun.

    Before the wedding couple enters the reception venue, the music entertainer can build excitement. Then, have a grand entrance along with wedding party introductions with the climax being And here are the new Mr & Mr.

    After the grand entrance, a consistent flow would be to perform the first dance. Everyone is already excited and standing. The wedding party can also surround the dance floor as the first dance commences.

    Wedding Song Ideas Delivered Monthly!

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    How Many Wedding Programs Do You Need To Order

    Now that you’ve decided to order wedding ceremony programs, you might wonder how many programs to order. As we suggest ordering your wedding programs one to two months ahead of your wedding day, your guest count may not be finalized. There’s still a way to figure out how many programs you should order. Take the confirmed RSVPs and add in the unconfirmed numberthen add on 15-25 programs for good measure in case any last-minute plus-ones attend . It may seem overkill to order so much stationery, but you do need a program for every guest. That way, everyone feels included on your wedding day.

    Where Can I Order Wedding Ceremony Programs

    If you and your partner want wedding ceremony programs, you’re in luckThe Knot Invitations has tons of shoppable wedding programs, with designs for every couple . Other outlets like Paper Source, Minted and Shutterfly all offer a variety of gorgeous wedding program options too. Or, if you’re looking for something a little more unique, check out the template designs available on Etsy.

    If you’d rather save a step, consider buying wedding programs from the same stationer who did you save-the-dates and invites. It’ll save you time and guarantee your wedding stationery has a cohesive aesthetic.

    If you’re wondering when to order your wedding ceremony programs, you have two options. You can buy them when you purchase your invites or you can wait one to two months before your wedding day. This will give your stationer ample time to print them and ship them to you before your nuptials.

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    Don’t Forget The Service Music

    Consider whether you want to include the service music. If all the music for your wedding can be found in the parish’s hymnal, it would probably be easier to simply refer your guests to the hymnal. If you have chosen a variety of service musicnot found in the parish hymnal, though, you may want to include the music in your program. You can do this by scanning the music into your computer and then dropping it into the layout, or manually pasting a photocopy of the music into your master program before making copies of it. Be sure to secure reprint permission from the music publishers your parish will be able to help you do this.

    Simple Free Wedding Program Templates

    How Many Wedding Invitations Should I Order?

    There are lots of simple and free DIY wedding program templates to use for that memorable wedding ceremony. You can either print with the design as is, or customize before adding your wedding information. However, with most simple templates, you dont have to worry about customization just include your wedding information, and youre ready to print. Below are a few simple, free program templates you can consider:

    Contemporary: Use a contemporary wedding program template for a modern design that adds an artistic touch to your wedding. These templates have fun fonts and decals to insert just the right amount of interesting to your wedding program.

    When ticking off your wedding checklist, it should bring a sigh of relief to be done with the wedding programs. If youre concerned with wedding program cost and decided on DIY wedding programs, just choose your theme and the downloadable template that best represents that. Edit the information, and with the help of a few friends and family, you should be able to print and put together your wedding programs in no time at all. With this method, you dont need the best wedding program designers that might cost a pretty sum. You just need you.

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    Complete Outline And Planning Guide For Your Christian Wedding Ceremony

    • General Biblical Studies, Interdenominational Christian Training Center

    This outline covers each of the traditional elements of a Christian wedding ceremony. It is designed to be a comprehensive guide for planning and understanding each aspect of your ceremony.

    Not every element listed here has to be incorporated into your service. You may choose to change the order and add your own personal expressions that will give special meaning to your service.

    Your Christian wedding ceremony can be individually tailored, but ought to include expressions of worship, reflections of joy, celebration, community, respect, dignity, and love. The Bible gives no specific pattern or order to define exactly what should be included, so there’s room for your creative touches. The primary goal should be to give each guest a clear impression that you, as a couple, are making a solemn, eternal covenant with each other before God. Your wedding ceremony should be a testimony of your lives before God, demonstrating your Christian witness.

    Guests Move From Ceremony Into Cocktail Hour

    While your guests are mingling with each other after the ceremony is a good time to do your couples session and formal family photos. Although the bride and groom typically wont be able to attend the cocktail hour its still a nice time for your guests to relax and enjoy some hors doeuvres and drinks before they go into the main reception. Check out this Wedding Photography Timeline for suggestions on how much time should be allotted for the cocktail hour based on how many formal photos you want done.

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    Treat Bag Wedding Program

    Print the ceremony details on a snack bag and fill it with something guests can munch on as they wait for the ceremony to begin. And, if youre going to provide a snack that might require napkins, consider providing some that match the treat bags and include your wedding monogram.

    Ways to Display: Consider having baskets at the entrance so that your guests will pass them as they enter. Adding signage such as Love is Sweet, Enjoy a Treat, is a cute way for guests to be surprised and delighted by your treat bags. If you go the route of popcorn or caramel corn, consider having a popcorn cart or two there to hold the bags!

    Jewish Wedding Ceremony Order

    How Much Should I Be Spending On An Engagement Ring?

    Prior to the ceremony, the couple signs a marriage contract, called the ketubah, in private. It could be signed at the groom’s reception, the day before the wedding, or even 30 minutes before the ceremony begins. It’s proceeded by the bedeken, or the veiling, where the groom veils his bride’s face. This tradition comes from the story of Jacob in the Bible, who was tricked into marrying the sister of his betrothed because she was veiled.

    Unlike other ceremonies, in Jewish weddings, the bride and her party are on the right while the groom and his party are on the left. Perhaps the most famous parts of the Jewish wedding are the glass breaking and the yelling of “mazel tov!”

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