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How To Make A Wedding Photo Booth

Diy: A Complete Guide To Make Your Own Wedding Photo Booth

How to Make a Wedding Photo Booth – DIY Photo Booth Backdrop

DIY photo booths are the perfect way for your guests to have fun and make memories at any party. Use these five steps and free printables to create your own party photo booth.

will always be a wonderful way to treasure the special moments of your big day. While you may have a professional photographer ready to capture the magic, photo booths are the perfect way to let your friends and family collect their own memories of the fun. The best part is, you can easily DIY a fun photo booth for any event. All you need is some creativityand maybe some fun items from Amazon or Etsy.

Photo booths are great entertainment for your reception, wedding showers, bachelorette parties, and more. Any wedding celebration can enjoy a simple DIY photo booth that also provides favors for your guests. Plus youll have plenty of photos to choose from for your wedding album.

If youre looking for DIY photo booth inspiration, follow our steps below and enjoy our free photo booth printables and decor, too!

Make Sure Your Photo Booth Is Well Run

We know that sometimes when you are planning a wedding – it is tempting to DIY a little too much. And when you can order DIY photo booth props off etsy, it actually looks simple. But there is a REASON that we include a photo booth attendant in every one of our packages. Your guest dont want to waste anytime figuring out how the photo booth or camera works. And you dont want to enlist a friend or family to run it for you. If there is nobody running the booth or helping guests use it, it either doesnt get used at all OR someone ends up helping the entire night feeling obligated. We know thats not the vibe you are going for.

Often at events we attend, our photo booths create a small line up! Dont worry, we keep the line moving. And we keep it FUN. You definitely need a way to keep your guests engaged so your photo booth gets used and DIY is NOT the solution. Our attendants can help with that.

Prepare Your Raspberry Pi

First of all you have to prepare your Raspberry pi and test all your installation with the program ).

1. Load the OS of Raspberry pi into the SD card=> Raspbian

From your computer :

  • Download Raspbian with desktop from this page:
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  • Connect an SD card reader with the SD card inside.
  • Open Etcher and select from your hard drive the Raspberry Pi.img file you wish to write to the SD card.
  • Select the SD card you wish to write your image to.
  • Review your selections and click Flash! to begin writing data to the SD card.

You can find more information on this page:

2. Enable Camera module

To enable the camera module there is a little configuration to do:

3. Prepare Raspbian with All the Necessary Libraries

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A Diy Photo Booth Backdrop

Every great photo taken in your do it yourself photo booth setup will be in front of a backdrop.

You can make the backdrop yourself, and get crafty with party supplies and decorations.

Or you can buy a backdrop stand and hang a printed, textured, or patterned cloth to use as the background for your photos.

If you feel like splurging and spending a little extra money for a high quality professional backdrop, you can order a printed pillowcase background and use any image or photo that you want as the backdrop and it will look beautiful in the photos.

Here are some examples of different backdrop types you can use with your photo booth.

Diy Photo Booth Props

15 Photo Booth Ideas for a Fun Wedding Reception

The most popular props used in photo booths are signs, hats, masks, crazy glasses, boas, and fake mustaches.

You can make your own DIY photo booth props by printing out silly sayings on paper and glueing them to sticks.

You can also find fun cheap photo booth props at your local party supply store.

Halloween masks & costumes make fun low-cost alternative props for your DIY photo booth, especially if you buy them right after the holiday when they are on clearance sale!

Amazon is also a good place to buy cheap paper one-time-use props to use in your DIY photobooth.

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Let Everyone Know How To Share Their Photos

Whether you decide to provide Polaroid cameras or ask guests to use their phones to snap photos, youre going to want to collect these precious memories to look at after your wedding day! So, be sure to include a sign with clear instructions on how you want guests to share their photos. For a Polaroid photo booth, provide an album, glue sticks, and pens so guests can paste a photo with a personal message or set up a frame and clothespins for guests to hang their photos on. For a selfie station, ask guests to use your wedding hashtag or upload to a shared photostream. Dont be afraid to be thorough with your instructions so you get exactly what you want!

Add A Diy Photo Booth Frame

Frames aren’t just for displaying your photosin a DIY photo booth they’re also good for getting a great shot. Without the glass, behind a large photo frame creates a unique place for wedding guests to strike a pose. Purchase a few frames in different sizes , remove the glass and backing, and you have another easy DIY photo booth prop.

Want a photo booth frame that’s more personal to your occasion? Try one of the following ideas:

  • Polaroid perfection: Use white foam core or cardboard covered in white paper to create an extra large frame styled after a Polaroid picture. Use a marker to write the date of your wedding at the bottom.

  • Cardboard creative: Cut a frame shape from cardboard, than decorate it with faux flowers, ribbons and other embellishments matching your wedding day décor.

  • Get twisted: Who said a photo booth frame has to be square or rectangular? Circle your wedding guests with a round frame made from a hula hoop. Wrap the hula hoop in yarn, ribbon, rope or decorative tape, and then stick on embellishments.

  • Holiday spirit: If you’re getting married during the holidays, use the seasonal décor to create a festive frame. Wreaths decorated with ornaments or a cardboard cutout wrapped up like a present are perfect.

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Have Guests Share Their Photos

If guests are taking photos on their phone, create a hashtag on social media for them to use when they post their photos. Create a unique and fun sign that displays the custom hashtag so your guests know to use it.

You could also create a photo drive that you can send to your guests so they can share their photos with you.

Diy Curtain Wedding Photo Booth

How to make a Photo Booth & Simple Booth Photo Booth Demo DIY wedding

Having a simple photo booth with just a curtain is one of the most effortless yet most romantic backdrops for a wedding photo booth. Luckily, this idea does not require hiring a photo booth rental.

Curtain photo booths are a perfect idea for outdoor and boho weddings, where the flowers and nature are some of the main elements of the decoration. The photo booth helps to frame the landscape and brings a touch of minimalism to the venue.

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Outside The Box Wedding

Its a good idea make your own wedding photo booth. Its a good way to keep your guests entertained during the whole day and evening. Plus you will have lots of hilarious photos to share with them after the event!

Is it worth buying the equipment and material and building one rather than leasing? In terms of money, the answer is yes.

Now, the amount of money youll save depends on the equipment you already own. Is it worth doing it yourself? It depends on how much time you can invest to build one.

In this post, I will give you an estimate of how much it can cost and where you can cut to save both time and money.

Lets start with a list of what youll need:

  • iPad \ laptop with a camera
  • iPad stand, tripod with iPad or laptop support adapter
  • My Photobooth app or other Windows compatible apps
  • Printer
  • A backdrop with a stand

Mihis Wedding Photo Booth Rental Offers:

  • On Site Printing– Great guest keepsake

  • Wedding Props– For any theme or color scheme

  • Customized User Screen– You dream it, we make it

  • – Guests can share the love

  • Premium Backdrops– Choose your own!

  • Unlimited Usage– We keep your guests happy

  • Customizable Photo Booth Strip Design– Designed to match your theme

  • Online Gallery– Every photo of your special day

  • Text Sharing– Share your day with the world

  • – Sepia, Color, or Glam Black & White

You say wedding, we say “When should we get there?” This day is one to never forget. Let us capture your ‘forever’ in a moment. Nothing touches the heart like an impromptu shot of your loved ones celebrating your big day! Vow to give your guests a great way to interact with your wedding and make memories that last a lifetime.

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Why Have A Wedding Photo Booth

There are three classic ingredients to a stellar reception: open bar, dance party, and a photo booth. Case in point: even Kim Kardashian and Kanye had a photo booth at their wedding!

Photo booths are a recommended on the regular by wedding planners. Megan Metzger from Pearl Events Austin says that a for her own wedding.

Instead of having a camera in your face, like on the dance floor with a photographer, people really let loose and, for some reason, people feel more comfortable behind it, Megan said.

Why are photo booths so popular? Let us count the reasons:

Diy Wedding Photo Booth What Can Go Wrong

DIY Photo Booth

Yes were kidding. Unfortunately, there are plenty of things that can go sideways with a DIY solution. Despite the temptation of paying only for the equipment piece of a photo booth rental, it is important to know the risks.

Here are a few things that can go wrong with a DIY photo booth:

Technology Lets face it, technology can ruin a perfect day. If youve rented an equipment-only photo booth and the printer jams or other technology fails, your photo booth will be out of commission. A hosted solution allows for immediate tech support, with backup supplies on hand.

Safety Without a host to help manage the flow of people and props, your wedding guests can be at risk of tripping on props or equipment. This is especially true as the evening goes on, as the props slide to the floor and guests have had more to drink.

Damage Whenever equipment is left unattended, there is a greater risk for damage. Renting only the equipment for a photo booth leaves you at greater risk that your guests could damage the camera, lighting, or printer, leaving you to pay the bill later.

Content Unfortunately, the combination of alcohol and a camera can lead to unexpected consequences. Your guests may forget that digital copies will be sent to the newlyweds. Either way, you may end up with a series of inappropriate photosmore memories than you wanted from your wedding day.

See? We told you to buckle up!

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Include Your Favorite Things

Get creative and brainstorm ways to personalize your photo booth with the things that matter most to you. If you and your partner bonded over movies, consider giving your guests the red carpet experience with prop cameras, sunglasses, and wigs to pose as celebrities and event photographers. Everything from camping to superheroes can be incorporated tastefully.

How To Make Your Own Diy Photo Booth: 6 Easy Steps

From cool photo booth backdrops to what camera to use, here’s everything you need to make brilliant memories!

We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy lifes biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.

are a great form of entertainment to have at your wedding. It keeps guests busy at the reception and youll be left with fantastic memories from the evening.

Depending on how long you want one for and what kind it is, hiring a photo booth normally costs between £400-£700. For that price youll get around 3-4 hours of a manned photo booth with props, dressing up boxes, digital copies of the photos and unlimited prints on the night. Usually theres extras like a guest book and USB to keep too.

If that isnt within your budget, its very easy to DIY a photo booth. If youve already hired lots of decorative props or have some from throwing other parties, it can be just as easy to set up your own as pay someone to do it.

From where to place your booth to what camera and props youll need, heres how to make your own DIY photo booth.



No point in having a photo booth if no one realises its there! Set it up just to the side of the main reception action. Try a corner of the dance floor, a small adjoining room, outside in something like a caravan or an old horsebox, in a pop-up tipi or gazebo.

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Some Photo Booth Instructions

The instructions will obviously depend on the camera and the set-up you have, but ensure you have a sign with some basic instructions of what you want your guests to do. Make it really simple for less technically-inclined guests or those who’ve had a few bevvies!

If you want your guests to stick their pictures in a guest book, leave the book close by, with some Prit Stick and pens for them to write a note!

Photo by Jake + Necia Photography via Style Me Pretty

How To Create A Diy Wedding Photo Booth

Tutorial: Custom Photo Booth Build

Are you thinking of including a photo booth as part of your wedding reception experience? Theres a reason why photo booths are so popular at todays weddings not only do they capture memories from the big day, but they also serve as a form of entertainment for guests. While you can opt to rent a professional photo booth, its also a fun project to create your own. Here are a few ways to create a personalized wedding photo booth, DIY-style.

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