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What Do Photographers Wear To Weddings

Is The Wedding Formal Or Casual

What to Wear for Wedding Photographers

Very broadly speaking, a wedding will loosely follow one type or the other.

A formal wedding might involve a ballroom situation where everything is happening indoors and the only appropriate thing to do is dress more formally. Thats OK. As weve mentioned above, the important thing is to blend in with what you wear to a wedding.

On the other extreme, a very casual wedding, lets say on a beach, will call for something more relaxed in terms of what a photographer should wear. In these circumstances, sandals and a shirt hanging out might be totally fine. If in doubt, always ask the clients.

For adventurous wedding shoots, you might find that youll need to wear hiking boots or even gum-boots to go over rougher terrain. Its a clever idea to keep a spare pair of pants in your trunk just in case!

Shoot With An Assistant

Reaching out to other wedding photographers in your town is a great way to network professionally. You can ask for the favor of becoming your second photographer, and then act as the second photographer in their events in return.

This is often the best and cheapest way to hire an assistant for the wedding photography shoot. Since youll be busy taking the main photos of the wedding party, you can use this second photographer to capture random photos of kids running in the hall, smiles and laughter of the guests interacting, and more.

Who Pays For Wedding Photographer

Traditionally, the bride and her family are responsible for paying for all wedding planning expenses, the brides attire, all floral arrangements, transportation on the wedding day, photo and video fees, travel and lodgings for the officiant if he comes from out of town, lodging for the bridesmaids (if you have offered

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Carrying Your Cameras: Slings Straps And Holsters

Every guide about what wedding photographers should wear overlooks the importance of the camera carrying system. Although camera straps are not clothing, they are an obvious part of your outfit and contribute to your overall presentation. For wedding photography, there are three options: slings, straps, and holsters.

Slings are looped straps worn over one shoulder and passing to the opposite hip. Fasteners screwed into a cameras tripod socket attach to a carabiner that glides along the strap. It allows the photographer to bring the camera to eye level or higher without disturbing the straps balance or position. Slings are awful carrying solutions for wedding photographers because theyre designed for use with a single camera. Two slings slung over opposite shoulders will invariably interfere with one another.

Straps are classic and omnipresent virtually every camera worth using for wedding photography will come with a branded strap in the box. You can wear them around your neck or hang them over your shoulder. Almost every camera in existence will feature two standard strap mounting points on either side. All of them will work with straps produced by third parties. Although using two cameras is possibleone over each shoulderits also precarious. If youre confident that neither camera will slide off for an impactful meeting with the floor, then this is the most affordable solution. Adding a third camera to your setup can make things chaotic and dishevel your outfit.

Wedding Photographer Dress Code & Attire

FAQ : What Does a Photographer Wear to a Wedding ...

We have rounded up the advice from a range of different professional wedding photographers on what they wear, everyone is different and there is no right or wrong, it really depends on you, your style and the type of weddings you shoot, the most important thing is to ensure you are comfy.

I prefer to look like a French or Italian smart guest. Theyd rarely ever wear ties on formal occasions, thats a very old fashioned English look. When I used to shoot fashion Id travel around the world and stay in countless 5 star hotels. Nobody ever expected you to be wearing a tie. They just expected a certain amount of style in the way you dressed. Weddings are the same in my opinion.

Besides, its not about us its about the bride and groom and their people. What we wear shouldnt turn an eye our garb should be utterly forgettable. So I wear a black shirt, untucked for ease of movement, dark trousers and super comfy black shoes . My comfort and flexibility are of paramount importance if the couple want the best photos out of their wedding.

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What Do Wedding Photographers Wear

After 10 years of being a wedding photographer, Ive certainly had my share of outfits.

When I first started wedding photography, I really didnt know what to wear. For 2 major reasons.

  • I had never really attended a western wedding
  • I had absolutely ZERO styling ability
  • I began to think about what it was that I wore for my first job interview. At the adult age of 15 wearing black slacks, a button up blouse and dress shoes how could Taco Bell NOT hire me?? Lets just say I was far too over dressed for the occasion. Learning from that embarrassing moment, I found it useful to watch others first and see what other people and workers were wearing and follow suit. How else was this no stylish little girl going to figure out what the world was like when my home world being Hmong was so vastly different from my American life.

    Should You Look Like A Guest

    Common advice from around the internet recommends that wedding photographers should dress like a guest. Dont misinterpret this to imply dress as you would if you were a guestthis isnt the time to show off your style. It proposes wedding photographers should wear outfits that blend into the average crowd of wedding guests .

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    Summer Outfits For Wedding Photographers

    The wedding is a time to celebrate and be in the spotlight. Wedding photographers need to dress appropriately for this event. How you dress should also keep you from getting too hot or cold depending on where the ceremony will take place. Summer weddings are especially tricky. There can be times when photos might happen outdoors near water sources like lakes which can result in exposure to sunlight without proper protection!

    What you wear in the heat depends on what materials your clothes are made from. If theyre not natural and breathable, then its best to dress them up with light colors that reflect sunlight instead of absorbing its rays as the black fabric does.

    Check out these clothing that we recommend to beat the summer heat:

    Is A 50mm Lens Good For Weddings

    What to Wear? Wedding Photographers

    A 50mm lens is an essential part of shooting almost any wedding. Great for portraits, candid shots, and any night scenes, this will commonly be a workhorse for shooting the wedding. If you have multiple camera bodies to shoot the wedding on, leaving the 50mm on one body the entire time is a great option.

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    So Here Is My List Of Key Points For Picking Attire For Wedding Photography

  • Choose something that you can easily move and work in. I once wore a skirt that was super flowy on a wedding day that windy. It flew everywhere and I spent much of my time trying to hold my skirt down to avoid flashing the wedding party.
  • Carried on from the first point. Dress appropriately for the weather.
  • Choose something comfortable as youll be in it all day. That includes shoes. Last thing you want is trying to care for a blister as you are also trying to work and capture moments.
  • Try to choose darker colors as to blend in and to avoid sensitivities. What I mean by this, is that some people with light eye colors are more sensitive and they tend to blink more than those with darker eyes. As a photographer, you want to wear darker colors that are not reflective so that you arent accidentally reflecting bright colors towards the couple and causing extra blinking or squinting.
  • Better to overdress than to underdress. Last thing you want is to show up to a black tie wedding in jeans and a sweater. You will be the eye sore of the wedding, and the guests WILL notice that.
  • Invest in quality clothing. I once wore a dress that was super flimsy and it tore during the wedding and I had to run quick to the store to get something else. Luckily it happened on my way to the wedding and I had built in time to stop at target and pick up a dark green jumpsuit.
  • What Does A Photographer Tend To Wear

    Its a good idea for photographers to have a pre-assembled outfit or to at least have a few go-to pieces in their closet to wear for work. This gives them one less thing to worry about when theyre getting ready, and they can focus on having all of their equipment. A lot of photographers depend on these tried-and-true pieces for their uniforms:

    • Black or dark jeans
    • Button-down black blouses or black polo shirts
    • A black lightweight jacket or blazer
    • Black or dark tennis shoes
    • A hat with a floppy or flat brim that doesnt interfere with their ability to take photographs

    The idea is to look professional and polished but to avoid being any distraction whatsoever. There is no dress code. However, photographers have to balance looking good while also wearing something functional.

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    Consult The Bride And Groom

    The best way to know what to wear as a photographer at a wedding is by consulting the bride and groom. You can talk to them regarding the theme and wardrobe of the guests.

    The wedding photographer should not dress the same as a guest or even as a groomsman or bridesmaid. The key is blending with the background and not wearing or styling in a way that will draw attention to you.

    Remember that the wedding photographer is active during the ceremony, and the last thing you want is to upstage the groom and the bride or look like their guests. Avoid bright colors and loud patterns and stick to plain, neutral, and dark clothing.

    Dress Comfortably So That You Can Move Around

    What Wedding Photographers Wear  Pavel Kounine

    I squat. I kneel. I climb trees. I climb on things.

    It is important to wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and are still acceptable by the wedding dress code.

    Your wedding photographer outfit will affect your ability to capture perfect photographs, so its best not to wear clothing items that may inhibit or limit this process.

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    Lee Womens Relaxed Fit All Day Straight Leg Pants

    • Relaxed fit. with a loose fit through the pants, these pants sit at the waist for natural comfort.
    • Classic 4-pocket styling. these all-day work pants are designed with four pockets and a timeless look.
    • Dress up or down. crafted from silky-soft fabric, these womens pants are made for working weddings.

    What Should A Photographer Wear To A Wedding

    If you are covering a wedding as a Primary/Lead photographer, you have the flexibility to determine how you want to represent your brand and what will fit best with the style of the wedding. Obviously, youre not going to want to show up in something too casual to a black tie wedding and youre not going to want to show up in something too formal at a much more casual wedding.

    For women, one of the most common wardrobe choices is a knee-length cocktail dress with some sort of spandex shorts underneath. This allows you to look put together, presentable, and professional, but also have the maneuverability for any shot. Another classic option is dress pants with a nice blouse. Other options include a long skirt with a nice blouse or even a one-piece pantsuit with either a cardigan or blazer.

    For men, as per usual in the wardrobe department, they have it pretty easy when it comes to selecting appropriate attire as a wedding photographer. Nice dress pants and a clean and pressed button-up shirt are the easiest foundation. Then depending on the formality of the wedding, you can add a tie or bowtie and/or a blazer or sports coat.

    As a Primary/Lead Photographer, you have the ability to set some parameters and requests regarding the wardrobe choices of your Second Shooters and Assistants. Remember that whatever you select does reflect you and your brand so it is important to communicate your expectations with your other photographers.

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    Respect The Weddings Importance

    The client who has decided to pay you to photograph their wedding is letting you into one of the most important days of their entire life respect that.

    Make sure that you do whatever you can to make the experience and memories that you are going to capture even better for them.

    Just find the right time to ask them: In an effort to dress in a way that is both comfortable for me and you and also most importantly acceptable for you how would you prefer I arrive to in your wedding?

    More on that next

    Why Do Wedding Photographers Wear Black

    What to Wear as a Wedding Photographer

    The main question that needs to be answered is, why do the videographers wear black? The answer to this isnt the big revelation that you were hoping for. They wear it to look professional, have a dress code to differentiate themselves from the guests, and not take any attention away from the subject. Remember, being professional is a great way to market yourself.

    So, why do they wear black? It turns out, dressing in an all-black ensemble is a general rule of thumb in the photography world, so photographers are as invisible as possible at a photo shoot. This way, they dont take any attention away from the photos main subject or their ability to work. Dressing in black is also considered more professional if theyre hired for an event such as a wedding. This makes them appear as a legitimate staff member rather than a casual participant.

    A black ensemble isnt the only rule of thumb that many photographers adhere to. While it might seem like a photographer shows up to your photo session dressed relatively casually, chances are they put a lot of thought into their outfit and carefully selected everything theyre wearing from head to toe.

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    Agree On The Details In Advance

    Couples often demand extra poses during the wedding shoot, which may up a lot more time than you planned. It is better to sign a photography contract with the number of poses for the bride and groom separately.

    Agreeing on the details in advance will help you and your client to know exactly what to expect before the shoot.

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