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How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost

Whats The Average Cost For 100 Wedding Invitations

How much do letterpress wedding invitations cost?

The invitation customisation tool on Paperlust provides great insight to the customer on how wide the range of average wedding invitation costs can be. The individual average cost for 100 wedding invitations is often cheaper than ordering smaller quantities and some people might like to order extra to keep some as mementos. At one end, there is the standard Digital Printing on Matte paper and at the other, there is the Foil Press on Double Thick Cotton, with the cost of each wedding invitation going from $3 to $9. By increasing or decreasing the quantity of wedding invitations, it is also clear how the economies of scale apply.

The Cost Of Wedding Invitations From A Stationery Store

The advantage of shopping in a physical store is that you have the chance to get your hands on the paper, feel the stock and really understand the size and texture of each piece. As these are more-likely mass-produced, youll be able to snag them at a cheaper price particularly if you catch them in a sale!

What should expect to pay for wedding invitations from a stationery store

Printing Cutting And Assembling The Invitations:

The invites are 3 layers in different shades: Seaglass, Opal, and Ice Blue. The paper I purchased will yield the 3 pieces for each invite, plus a response card and map card to also go inside the envelopes. The Ice Blue layer is the only printed layer of the invite itself. I used the custom print size settings to print the design onto the top layer of the invitation before assembling the layers.

I created cutting templates so that I could take the papers to Kinkos to get the papers cut. They charge $1 per cut.

Their industrial paper cutter can do exact measurements and cut 100s of sheets at a time. It cost me $16 plus tax to get the paper cut.

It was so worth it- imagine cutting 100s of pieces of paper and trying to do it accurately! Save yourself the headache and take your paper to Kinkos! I cannot stress this enough.

Get the Layered Invitation Cutting Templates Here:

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How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost In The Uk

Youve got your ring the big day is decided, and the venue is booked the wedding of your dreams is go! So, what next? Well, top of the to-do list should really be your invitations.

This first glimpse into your big day sets the scene of what your guests should expect from your special day. And lets be honest, weve all judged the book by the cover no pressure!

This is where a stationer comes in. No matter your budget, and theres a stationer for budgets high & low, a great designer can help you create the perfect window into to your wedding day.

What To Look For In A Good Invitation Supplier

How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost Canada

Once youre ready to order your invitations, or browsing online through different suppliers, its important to look at online reviews to make sure youre getting what youre paying for.

Good qualities to look for in a supplier include consistent design across all stationery designs to make your wedding look as seamless as possible. Other couples also say that prompt answers and consistent communication with their invitation suppliers were a big plus, as well as any changes being made without further issues.

Potential issues to keep an eye out for are additional charges for changes to the original design , poor quality orders or long delivery times.

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Looking For Affordable Wedding Invitations

Budgeting for your wedding can be tricky and even when youve set your budget it can be a challenge sticking to it.

In this guide, we are going to show you exactly how to budget for your wedding invitations. You may be surprised by the quality of wedding invitations that are available without breaking the bank. So heres the big question

Dont Forget The Rsvp:

Many couples include RSVP cards in their invitations, but this is an added cost because of the cards and envelopes, especially if you pre-stamp the envelopes. One alternative is setting up a free wedding website where guests can RSVP online. Just say RSVP at on your reception card. Alternately, give an RSVP phone number or email address.

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Determine Your Wedding Invitation Priorities

Take time to carefully think about your wedding invitation budget and the level of hands-on work youre willing to do. Todays couples have countless options, so determine your priorities to make your budget stretch while getting an invitation suite that reflects your wedding day and personal style. And when youre ready to design yours, explore our for a simple outline with examples and inspiration.

So What Does This All Amount To

Wedding Decorations & Flowers : How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost?

Heres a snapshot of what it might cost a couple to purchase and send out save the dates and a basic wedding invitation suite with no upgrades from an online invitation store including postage for all .

*NOTE: Remember to always take one completed invitation to the post office to ensure you get the proper amount of postage. Also, I highly recommend hand-cancelling your wedding invitations if your local post office offers it. This is usually free!

  • 100 save the date custom postcards from Etsy: $150
  • Shipping : $5.95
  • Postage for the 100 wedding invitations and reply cards *: $100

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How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost Per Person On Average

According to recent surveys, couples can expect to spend $400 to $1,000.

The average cost of wedding invitations sits between $400 to $1000 according to recent surveys. The final price depends on the type of invitations and the size of your guest list. From $0.35 â $2.00 per invite to $15 – $20 per invite .

That might sound like a lot for stationery, but wedding invitations are an exciting first glimpse of your wedding colors and themes in action. There will almost certainly be creativity flowing as you start to design the rest of your celebration.

And remember: wedding stationery doesnât end with invitations. Youâll also want to consider setting aside part of your budget for save-the-dates, menus, and ceremony programs.

How Much Are Typical Wedding Invitation Prices

The cheapest wedding invitations available are do-it-yourself kits. These can be found for $1-$2 per invitation through services such as At an average of 100 invitations, this will cost between $100-$200. However, this will also take a lot of time to those who believe that time is money this may not be the best option.

More complex and fancier do-it-yourself wedding invitations, which are also harder to make, will be between $3-$4 per invitation. This same price range applies to the cheaper end of the invitations you can order through a print shop or website such as At an average of 100 invitations, this translates to a total cost of $300-$400.

The most expensive invitations, which may include fancier decorations and specialty papers, can cost up to $6 per invitation and can be found through services such as This results in a total cost of around $600.

We looked at a handful of companies and was able to get the following quotes:

starts at $0.52 per invitation

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Setting Your Wedding Invitation Budget

When it comes to your wedding invitation budget, the first thing to figure out is how many guests you plan to invite. This will be the key factor in calculating your costs. According to The Knot 2019 Real Weddings Study, the average guest count is 131. Of course, this is just an average you might be planning a larger celebration or following the micro wedding trend with 50 guests or fewer.

Wedding Invitation Prices By Design Style

How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost?  Kelsey Malie ...

In some cases, couples design their own invitations, saving on the associated designer costs. When they decide to go this route, there are printing costs related to their final order. For example, you will likely pay between $80 and $275 for 100 invitations, depending on the material selected and the number of colors chosen. The more colors included, in general, the higher the print shop or stationery store will charge.

Aside from the techniques discussed above, there are additional design elements that impact the final price of wedding invitations. These include the following options.

Wedding Invitations Cost by Design Style

Design Style
$200 $500

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How Much Does It Really Cost

Like most things wedding, how much invitations cost is really a case of how long is a piece of string or perhaps in this case, ribbon. To give you a rough, ready and realistic Idea Ive put together some guidelines. This is looking at 50 sets: Invitations, Details/information card and an RSVP

Looking for no special finishes and an off the shelf design? Budget £250+

Want off the shelf with hot foil, letterpress, calligraphy or other special finishes? Budget £500+.

Want something entirely bespoke with all the bells and whistles? Budget £1000+

Why does the cost increase so much. Those special finishes take a lot of skill to make. Involving skill, expertise, materials and time to create.

With foil each invitation has to be hand pressed, calligraphy envelopes take around five minutes per envelope . Wax seals each need handmaking, deckles edges need hand tearing. You get the idea.

Average Cost Of Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Letterpress may also require significant manual labor, especially with custom designs. For 100 letter-pressed invitations, expect to pay around $1,500 on the low end of the spectrum. Most often, you will be charged a base rate and then depending on how many colors you choose, additional costs will be added onto the initial base price.

For example, printing-only letterpress costs may be as low as $700 per 100 cards or as high as $1,500+. If you decide to opt for custom designed letterpress invitations, you’ll be looking between $900 and $3,000.

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Average Cost Of Save The Dates

Before sending out the official wedding invitations, many couples will send out a simple save-the-date card, which often highlights their engagement photos. Since these tend to focus more on a photograph and are less formal, they tend to cost around $100 per 100 save-the-date cards. Once again, this cost will fluctuate based on some of the variables listed above.

Make Use Of Free Wedding Invite Samples

EASY DIY WEDDING INVITATIONS | how much I spent and how I made wedding invitations

Ordering wedding invitation samples in the beginning of your process can help you decide on what materials and looks you value the most. These are a free, fun way to get excited about your planning. Once you decide what materials you like best, youll get a better idea of what your invites will cost.

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Offset Printing And Thermography

“Offset printing has a similar feel to digital printing, but the inks are mixed and then the design is transferred to your invitation through a press,” explains Armstrong. “You get a higher quality print and can get very specific with the exact shade of color.” Thermography is similar to flat printing except that powder is added to the ink so you get a raised texture on the paper. “A suite of 100 invitations created using offset printing or thermography usually starts at $1,200,” says Armstrong.

Complete Wedding Invitation Packages Cost

A great way to make your invites feel cohesive is to buy a wedding invitation package. By using the same provider, materials, and theme from the start, youll cut down on time and stress. Even better, your save-the-dates, invitations, and stationary will look beautiful matched together.

Wedding packages are largely customizable and the prices can vary. While a simple and elegant package may only cost $350, more detailed cards could run as high as $10,000.

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Considerations For Invitation Pricing

If you want to shy away from the typical invitation package, you may consider choosing your invitation elements. This way, you can produce a more personalized wedding invitation.

Many factors influence the wedding details, including how much do wedding invitations cost per invite. Prices are affected by the target number of guests, wedding motif, types and source of materials, and printing styles? Let us have a rundown of the latest costs to help you decide on how your invitation cards will appeal to your guests:

So What Do I Actually Need

How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost?

I advise all my clients to focus on the invitation the star of your paper show. Save the big budget for the big entrance this is especially important when it comes to spending on Save the Dates. Its very tempting to spend big early on in your wedding planning, but wedding costs tend to pile up quickly. I have many a client blow the budget on a hot foiled Save the Date and then have to reign it in later on with the invitation.

I also love to suggest you mix and match your finishes. If for example, you love hot foil, use it on your invitation and keep the rest of the suite reserved you most certainly do not need a hot foiled RSVP its going to end up back on your doormat in no time.

Costs racking up and need to save somewhere? Wedding websites are becoming more popular and are an inexpensive way of giving your guests more information most stationers are more than happy to add your website to your invitation to direct your guests to RSVP.

Each wedding is as individual as the couple, but no matter what you do choose stationery wise an invitation with your wedding details is always an essential.

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The Cost Of Wedding Invitations From Online Printers

While there are an array of online marketplaces to acquire wedding invitations , when talking about classic online printers like SnapFish and VistaPrint you can usually get a pretty good price. However, keep in mind that sometimes these printing prices dont include templates or design services, so you may need to rope in your Graphic Designer mate to help out with the style and dimensions.

What should expect to pay for wedding invitations from online printers

Working With A Professional

When working with a designer, youll have a different experience from just ordering online. Rather than inputting your information into a form, youll get personal one-on-one service. I help my clients formulate their wording and advise them on proper etiquette for certain situations.

There are definitely perks to hiring a professional and Ive shared a few in this blog post. Its a concierge, boutique, white glove experience. Youre paying for their time and expertise as well as a quality guarantee.

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