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What To Wear To Wedding Rehearsal

Can You Wear Jeans To A Wedding Rehearsal

WHAT TO WEAR to Your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Typically, a wedding rehearsal dinner outfit would meet in the middle of casual and formal. However, some rehearsal dinners may allow the guests to wear jeans. If you are still unsure about if jeans are allowed at the rehearsal you are attending, contact the host or party planner of the event to learn more about the dress code.

Look For Classic Pieces With Modern Details

I hear from so many over-40 gals who tell me they want to look on-trend but not dressed like the 20 & 30 somethings who will be at the wedding with them. An easy way to do that is by selecting classic pieces that have a modern twist. The navy blue sheath dress above is a classic, but do you see how the airy ladder stitching breaks up the panels and gives it a modern update?

Do Dress For Ease And Comfort

Being uncomfortable is never classy. Make sure you dress in something that is comfortable and that you can move in. This is particularly important if youre the Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom and youre running around all night greeting guests and giving speeches.

Make sure you dont wear anything so tight that its binding, heels that you can run around comfortably in, and that arent hot or clingy.

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Who Gets Invited To Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is a time for those in the bridal party itself to relax and spend time together the evening before the wedding, traditionally after the wedding rehearsal itself.

The people that should always be invited are parents of the bride and groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, the officiant and their partner and the family of the flowergirl and ringbearer.

Often couples may choose to invite siblings if they are not taking part in the wedding itself and often, if some guests are travelling out of town, then its kind to extend the invite to them, but this is absolutely not an obligation.

As destination weddings have become more and more popular its not unusual for all the wedding guests to be together the evening before the wedding.

In cases like this, you might want to consider putting on a more relaxed BBQ style dinner for all the guests and foregoing a traditional rehearsal dinner, but again, this is not an obligation, just something to think about, in which case the dress code will be different again to your traditional rehearsal dinner attire.

What Should Bridesmaid Wear To Rehearsal Dinner

15 Fun Ideas for Your Rehearsal Dinner

4/5rehearsal dinnerswear

“For formal rehearsal dinners , men should wear dark suits and ties, and women should wear cocktail dresses or long gowns. For semi-formal rehearsal dinners, men should wear jackets, suit pants and ties, and women should wear cocktail dresses or pantsuits or dressy skirts and blouses.

Additionally, what do you wear to the rehearsal dinner at the Beach? Men may wear a tuxedo, but could also wear a dark suit and tie. Women may wear a cocktail dress, dressy suit or evening gown. Dress for a “beach formal” event. If the invitation states that the rehearsal dinner is beach formal, be prepared for an elegant event held outdoors.

Simply so, do bridesmaids go to rehearsal dinner?

Attend the bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner, unless there are major constraints. The bride can’t demand that every bridesmaid be at every pre-wedding event, but you should do your absolute best to be at all of them.

Can you wear black to rehearsal dinner?

BACK TO BLACKThe dark shade is always in style! Rock a black rehearsal dinner dress and you can‘t go wrong! Add interest with options featuring feminine details like lace, trending necklines and pops of colors.

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Who Pays For The Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

If you are following a more traditional etiquette guide for your wedding planning process, then youve likely read that the grooms parents typically plan and pay for the rehearsal dinner. Thats right you dont need to worry about paying or doing any of the work, your mans parents are on the hook for it all!

Okay, maybe that was a bit too exuberant.

As it may happen, sometimes no one offers to pay or the couple prefers to have control over the rehearsal dinner themselves. In either case, the couple would then plan and pay for the event themselves. Couples can also elect to ask both sets of parents for help in sharing the cost.

Whoever ends up paying, tradition seems to hold sway. If the online forums are anything to go by, the consensus is that making guests fork over their cash for a rehearsal dinner is a no-no.

If you have a particular venue in mind, and you do not want to compromise on where your rehearsal dinner is held, it is important to discuss this with those responsible for shelling out the expenses.

For instance, if you want an intimate dinner held at a swanky seaside restaurant, it is important to discuss this with those hosting the occasion. They may not be able to afford a lavish affair that may be more per head than your wedding meal.

Whos Invited To A Rehearsal Dinner

Heres who typically gets asked to attend the rehearsal dinner:

  • The couples immediate families
  • Any VIP family members
  • VIP friends/ceremony members

Beyond the basic invitees, the rehearsal dinner guest list can vary widely depending on the couples budget, wedding rehearsal dinner venues, and preference. Ultimately, its entirely up to the couple whom to invite to the rehearsal dinner.

Some couples prefer a small, intimate group so that they can get plenty of one-on-one time, whereas others like to invite all out-of-town guests or even the entire wedding guest list to turn the wedding into more of a weekend-long event.

Whats the History of Rehearsal Dinners?

Rehearsal dinners are one of the newer elements added to modern weddings. While its unclear when, exactly, these pre-ceremony events became commonplace, a good guess would be around the 1950s. That period of time is when nuptials became more of an event than they were in the past, and when the wedding industry boomed.

Before the 50s, weddings were typically much more casual. As the events became more intricate, a rehearsal was needed so that everyone could be in the right place at the right timeespecially since things like wedding photographers and videographers became customary.

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You Dont Have To Wear A Dress

While youll probably be donning a wedding dress on your big day , you definitely dont have to wear an elaborate wedding rehearsal dinner dress. If its a formal event, a shirt and skirt combo or a chic jumpsuit might fit the bill perfectly. Or, maybe youre going for something laid back, like a pizza party or BBQ? Jeans and a t-shirt will do the trick you can save the fanciness for the following day.

Rehearsal Dinner Invitation Wording

What To Wear To Your Rehearsal Dinner?

A formal rehearsal dinner invitation may read:

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Patrick Stewart request the pleasure of your company at the Rehearsal Dinner for Stacey Adams and Lucas Stewart Thursday, the third day of May Two thousand and eighteen at six oclock AQUA by El Gaucho 2801 Alaskan Way Seattle, Washington

We hope you have a fabulous time at your rehearsal dinner and enjoy every moment. Let us know how yours turns out in the comment section below!

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Rehearsal Dinner Dresses For Guests That Will Outshine The Night’s Best Toast

When wedding season hits in the South, it’s off to the raceser, the chapel. Calendars full of save the dates turn into calendars full of, “What am I going to wear?” moments. If you’re a bridesmaid, the wedding day’s outfit is locked down, so buying a new dress for the rehearsal dinner is a fun way to treat yourself and show off your personality. With these 18 rehearsal dinner dress ideas, you’ll look like a million bucks without spending it. These rehearsal dinner dresses come in so many colors and patterns and can easily be dressed up or down depending on the venue and vibe of the event. Giving a toast to the bride and groom at the rehearsal dinner? You know your go-to black dress isn’t going to cut it for this one. Make the best impression in one of these gorgeous rehearsal dinner dresses. All of these rehearsal dinner dresses are under $120, with the majority under $100, so you don’t have to worry about tacking too many extra dollars onto the already-hefty bill of being a bridesmaid. If you’re stressing about a busy wedding season, snag one of these stylish rehearsal dinner dresses and get excited to show it off.

Be An Outfit Repeater

You dont have to buy something brand new to wear to your wedding rehearsal dinner. We suggest shopping in your closet and seeing if you can repurpose any of your looks. Maybe you can rock the same dress you wore to your engagement party? Or perhaps this is the perfect occasion to break out that killer cocktail dress thats been sitting in your closet for two years?

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What To Wear For A Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

When youre pulling together an entire look for the rehearsal dinner, you also have to keep in mind the rest of what you need to wear beyond just your clothing.

For accessories, try to figure out one piece of your outfit to be a focal point, Bergthold said. Dont be afraid to layer jewellery, whether that be stacked bracelets or a choker with a chain necklace.

Though it can be tough to know exactly what to wear to a wedding rehearsal dinner if youre not explicitly told what the general dress code or theme might be, opting for a business casual look that you feel good in is often a good idea. And dont forget, its a party for someone else, and the focus really isnt about you, so just do your very best to dress appropriately and dont worry too much about fitting the dress code to a T.

As your wedding weekend draws closer, theres one outfit you should be thinking about besides your wedding dress: your rehearsal dinner attire. Choosing what to wear to a rehearsal dinner is an important task that shouldnt be forgotten. This event serves as the formal kick-off to your wedding festivities, where your loved ones begin to gather to celebrate you and your fiancémeaning youll need a fabulous outfit for the occasion.

Vogue Ballroom has proven itself to be an iconic wedding venue and function centre in Melbourne. Book today so you dont miss out.

Bridesmaid Attire For Bridal Shower

29 Rehearsal Dinner Dresses For Every Season and Every ...

Bridesmaid attire for bridal shower follows the same guidelines as the rehearsal dinner, above. Everyone should dress up, but err on the side of formality depending on the location and tone or theme of the event.

Maxi dresses, jumpsuits, sundresses, skirts, and blouses, or pantsuits, all work great as bridesmaid attire.

Shop these stores for inspiration:

Salty Crush

Im obsessing over their sundresses and outfits right now, tbh. Check it out here. Shipping is quick and I have a few dresses myself, so I can say first-hand that the quality is amazing! 🙂 Their maxi dress from here is one of my favorites!


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Consider The Time Of Day

A good rule of thumb is that the earlier the time of the event, the more casual you can expect it to be. An evening rehearsal dinner is likely to be more elegant than an afternoon rehearsal lunch, so pay attention to the time. While the couple can, obviously, have a fancy or casual event anytime, this will probably cue you in to whether or not youll need to dress to the nines.

Get Inspired By Your Rehearsal Dinner Venue

Naturally, the first thing to keep in mind when selecting your look is what type of rehearsal dinner you’re actually having. Much like how your wedding venue can influence your gown, the same can be said for your rehearsal dinner dress.

Are you having a casual backyard BBQ or an elegant soirée at a country club? A dinner in someone’s home or at a steak restaurant? Is it an intimate gathering, or a free-for-all with all of your out-of-town guests? These are the questions to ask when deciding what to wear to a rehearsal dinner. The type of party you’re having should set the tone for what you wearfor example, cocktail attire for a swanky rooftop dinner or a breezy sundress for a casual outdoor gathering.

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Do You Have To Dress Up For Wedding Rehearsal

The dress code will dictate how you dress up or down when attending a wedding rehearsal dinner. Usually, the rehearsal dinner is looser with formality than the wedding itself.

For example, a semi-formal wedding will most likely have a casual wedding rehearsal dinner. You can also check when it will be held since those that will happen earlier in the day tend to be more casual.

If youre unsure about what to wear, a safe outfit choice is business casual. Male and female guests can consider clothes theyll wear to a work event because they wouldnt be too casual or formal.

Some Dos And Donts About Rehearsal Dinner Attire

What to Practice at Your Wedding Rehearsal

Lets set the record straight about important things for your rehearsal dinner attire. Whatever the setting is, you can be safe if you go for a business casual attire. From there, you can decide whether you need to dress up or dress down.Now, two donts: First, the look you choose for the rehearsal dinner cant be more formal than your attire for the wedding. Second, dont upstage yourself, unless youre the groom! And if youre the groom, you dont want to look more formal than your bride! Remember, you cannot bring all the attention to yourself. Still, you can be playful with your accessories to stand out from the crowd.You can add a fun tie, cufflinks or a pocket square that might accentuate your look. But dont wear something too flashy! If youre going as a couple, try to mirror what the other person is wearing. Chances are that, if youre the groom, youll want to match your bride. You also want to match the atmosphere.Lastly, remember it is not only about the clothes, but your whole look!

Dont forget to shine those shoes, get a haircut in advance and get a full beard grooming. Make sure to take all clothes to the tailor in advance, if you need alterations. Now, lets focus on some important facts you want to have in mind when choosing your attire. We will also give you some style suggestions according to different dress codes.

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