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What To Wear To Wedding Reception

Don’t Show Too Much Skin

What to Wear to a Wedding Reception as a Guest | by Erin Elizabeth

Following on from the above point, sticking to a more conservative outfit is usually a good move when deciding what to wear at a wedding. Weddings are long days, and can involve a lot of sitting, standing, and in some cases, running around after small children. For this reason, you dont want to be worried about a wardrobe faux pas in the form of a wayward neckline or rising hemline.

A high neckline is obviously the most appropriate, but mid-neckline is fine, says Lucy. Just avoid anything too low cut or with a plunge. Dresses or skirts should not be ultra short, and covering the shoulders would be best. However this can be done with a cropped jacket. You could always wear a jacket during the ceremony and meal, and take it off for the evening party.

M& S x Ghose Satin Midi Tea Dress | RRP: £79 | Sizes: 6-20

This flowy tiered midi dress is made for special occasions. The satin-like fabric oozes opulence whilst the round neckline and long sleeves keep it modest – and offers extra coverage for winter.

What Type Of Location Will The Wedding Be Held At

A great tip when deciding on what to wear to your upcoming wedding event is to look closely at the wedding venue or location. This can be extremely helpful in understanding what would be suitable to wear. For example, an outdoor wedding held on a farm or open alfresco area would suggest that a layered look could work best. This, of course, would be for obvious reasons such as being comfortable in an outdoor environment and not freezing. Also, consider the type of footwear you choose as you donât want to struggle moving around unpredictable terrains of extensive grassland or rough cobblestone street surfaces in a European village while attending a destination wedding.

Tip:Make sure you do your research. Oh Google, how we love you! Always search the details of the wedding location, especially if you are unfamiliar or traveling abroad for the wedding event.

Classic Attire And Colors

If you are ever in doubt about what colors are okay to wear to weddings, choose conservative, classic attire. A simple dress for women and a dark suit and tie for men are almost always fashionable. Once you have carefully and thoughtfully selected your clothing for the wedding, relax. The bride and groom will be happy that you came to share in their special day.

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What Never To Wear To A Wedding

Jeans, Hats, Non-Collared Shirts

The standard rules of being well-dressed for a wedding still apply, so just like a restaurant or private club, the warning of ripped jeans, baseball hats, and non-collared shirts aren’t appropriate –unless it’s at the request of the couple that you dress down.

White or Off-White

Please don’t wear white or off-white dresses or anything that could perhaps photograph as white. Head- to-toe white suits or jumpsuits are also off-limits, too. Pale pastels like the palest blues, greens, yellows, grays, nudes, and blushes all have a tendency to look lighter than they are in photos. A white wrap or sweater to throw on if you get chilly is generally fine, especially if it’s after the ceremony. Prints with some white elements are ok but just be sure the colors are much more predominant than any white background. We wrote a whole post about wearing white to a wedding, but we’re sure you get it — please, just don’t!

Anything Too Revealing or Too Short

And of course, don’t wear anything too short or revealing, and don’t look unkempt or wrinkled. If you have to fight with your outfit to keep parts of your body you’d rather not show, it might not be the right choice.

Anything too Formal or Glamourous for the Requested Dress Code
The Wedding Party Colors and Styles
Head to Toe Black,
Red – in Some Cases

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Daytime Afternoon Evening Semi Formal Evening Formal

What to Wear to a Daytime Wedding

What Should A Man Wear To A Wedding Reception


What to wear with it:

  • A white or soft-colored Italian collar shirt
  • 2) Chino pants with welt pockets in the same shade as the jacket
  • 3) Avoiding the use of overly loud colors. Never wear jeans with a t-shirt! No matter how casual the attire for a wedding is, it is inappropriate for a wedding ceremony. 3) The tie is completely optional. Do you already know what we recommend for tying a tie?

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Don’t Wear Anything Too Short

Modern as the bride and groom may be, a wedding is still a wedding and it pays to stay on the safe side. Or, if you’d prefer something a little different, a jumpsuit or a pantsuit are other options.

Sophie Turner’s outfit for ‘Game of Thrones’ costar Kit Harington’s wedding was certainly eye-catching

Ceremony Versus Reception Dress Style

Although worn during the same wedding, a ceremony and reception dress usually have different attributes.

  • Might be more formal or have a fuller skirt
  • May have a long train
  • Can be more intricate in beading or other detail
  • May restrict a bride more in her movement
  • Can be more demure or covering, to accommodate church or ceremony location rules
  • Is usually floor-length and more formal

A reception dress:

  • Has a short or no train, to allow for easier movement
  • Might be shorter in length, such as above the knee or tea-length
  • Is usually less formal
  • May not be white
  • May reflect the theme of the reception, such as the 50s, which would be inappropriate to display during the ceremony

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What Should You Not Wear To A Wedding

It is important to avoid these fashion faux pas so that you may create a nice fashion statement while still showing respect for the bride and groom.

  • White. One of the most apparent blunders at a wedding is to dress in a way that matches the bride. An all-black tuxedo, anything too revealing, denim or jeans, outfits with low-cut shoulders, sheer material, and flip-flops are all prohibited.

Dont Worry About A Hat


Hats were once de rigeur at formal weddings in the UK, along with their opinion-dividing cousin, the fascinator. Its far less common nowadays if a couple wants the female guests wearing hats, they will likely put this on their invitations. If it isnt mentioned, you will find many guests forgo hats and fascinators, so do what makes you feel most comfortable. You could always add a hair accessory to give your look that extra something special.

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Consider The Venue And Time Of Day

What to wear to a wedding reception depends on many things, including where the wedding is being held and when. A beach wedding taking place at 1 pm will be far more casual than a church wedding at 4 pm, followed by a country club reception at 6 pm. Regardless of the time or place, all wedding receptions require a certain degree of decorum.

Women have more flexibility when it comes to dressing for a wedding reception than men. At some weddings, even a skirt and blouse or dressy evening pants worn with a dressy top are acceptable options.

A dressy jumpsuit can be appropriate too. However, for the majority of weddings, a dress is a perfect choice.

The Ultimate Wedding Attire Faux Pas: White

Although attire will vary for different types of weddings, Brown and Sabatino do have one golden rule for all guest attire: you should not wear white at a Western wedding.

“You should never wear white to someone else’s wedding ever, or any of the surrounding events,” Sabatino said.

“It’s the bride’s moment to have that color for the night,” Brown added. “I don’t even recommend a white base, even if it has a colorful, floral pattern. Anything that’s in question should be avoided.”

If you have any doubts, Sabatino said, don’t do it.

Similarly, try not to wear a color similar to the wedding party, if you happen to know the shade.

“Don’t show up in something that looks like you’re a bridesmaid, mostly because it’s difficult for the guest,” she said. “People might ask you questions or approach you thinking that you’re part of the bridal party. That’s uncomfortable.”

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What Do You Wear To An Evening Wedding

A classic mid-tone suit in a lightweight wool can work for almost any wedding reception, regardless of the season. Its appropriate for the occasion while still being light and airy enough to deal with the heat of the marquee or the dance floor. A tie is always appropriate, but consider something more intriguing, vibrant or textured instead. A knitted tie is always appropriate. 7

For Her How To Dress To Wedding Receptions: For Different Types Of Weddings

Dr1240w Second dress for wedding reception

Some suitable suggestions for daytime weddings include:

  • A beautiful floral dress

  • A sweater and skirt combination

  • If the wedding is taking place in summer, a light colored suit would be highly appropriate.

  • For footwear, sling-backs, sandals, or heels are a good choice.

  • You can accompany your outfit with a gorgeous hat that suits the rest of your outfit.

Some suitable suggestions for evening weddings include:

  • A fancy dress or gown

  • A cute cocktail dress . The color black is fine for such an occasion.

  • A cocktail suit

  • Sophisticated, dark colors

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What Colors Should Guests Not Wear To A Wedding

Unless told otherwise, you should not wear white or any colors close to it, such as cream or beige. It is also advisable to avoid champagne and gold colors as this can be too close to the brides wedding dress shade. Some brides prefer if their guests do not wear anything too bright such as red or boldly patterned. You should also avoid all-black.

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Vintage Attire For Men

Wrangling the chaos of an upscale vintage flea market into an orderly, coordinated event takes a lot of careful consideration. It wont take nearly as much effort to put together a look that honors the aesthetic of the day. Vintage weddings invite color and pattern in ways very traditional weddings do not. This is also the right time to bust out unique accessories, like your grandfathers cufflinks or a funky boutonniere lapel pin. Have fun, but think of your outfit like an old turntable console: Play your favorites, but dont play them too loud.

What to Wear to a Vintage Wedding:

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Winter Wedding Outfits For Female Guests

What to wear to a wedding cold weather?

If youre off to a casual winter wedding, consider choosing a dress with a smart yet relaxed feel. A shift dress featuring long sleeves, or a simple wrap dress can make an excellent option. Adding a basic print, such as florals, can also give your outfit an easygoing feel, even in winter.


What to Wear to a Winter Wedding as a Guest

Dressing for a wedding is hard enough without the added inconvenience of needing to plan for cold temperatures, icy winds, and possible rain. As such, the thought of attending a winter wedding can be stressful for many. But, dont despair because were here to assist you in choosing the perfect dress. Whether youre aiming for an on-trend impression or a timeless appearance, we can help you plan the perfect ensemble for this celebratory chilly occasion. Below, youll find our expert guide on what to wear to a winter wedding as a guest.

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Winter Wedding DressesWinter Wedding Guest DressesSo, youve received the invitation. Now its time to plan what youre going to wear. As most winter weddings are indoors, theres no need to go overboard with dressing for the cold. Instead, just add a winter spin to your usual wedding attire. To do so, try picking a dress with sleeves or a maxi style thatll cover your legs. If you want to wear a print, make it one with a dark base color.

Casual Evening Wedding Attire

5 Wedding Guest Dress Ideas | What to wear to a wedding

Take the casual term with a pinch of salt. Weddings generally carry a formal dress code with them even for those stated as casual. To help navigate this confusing dress code, weve picked out three outfits that work as a smart-casual base which you can tailor to the wedding.

Dresses For Evening Wedding

Make an entrance in this green floral dress. Designed in a flattering square neck with short puff sleeves, the elasticated underbust cinches you in and defines your waistline and silhouette. The short sleeves are perfect for an evening wedding reception, especially when the temperature cools down.

The small ditsy floral print gives a casual appeal to this dress, ideal for smart-casual dress codes. Add sandals or heels to elevate your look as much as you like.

Effortlessly floor-sweeping, this bardot maxi dress is perfect for a summer evening wedding reception that you can take to all your summer plans beyond the big day. Designed with a flattering bardot neckline to show off your decolletage, it features a floaty, tiered smock hem.

Outfit For Wedding Evening Reception

Dresses not your thing? Dont fret, weve got outfits for evening receptions too. Trust us, jeans are a big no for weddings no matter how casual it is

These leopard print trousers are a smarter alternative that arent as formal as suit trousers but a bodysuit or blouse, heels and a clutch bag make them wedding-ready.

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A Formal Ballroom Or Golf Club Wedding

DO: Consider the setting. These settings walk the line between semi-formal and formal, so depending on the setting and the couples style, you could wear a silver lamé jumpsuit or a cocktail dress with statement jewelry, Hovhannisyan explains. For a ballroom celebration, you might want to go with a longer dress, while a cocktail dress is great for a golf club wedding. DONT: Forget to examine the invitation. When deciding what to wear to a wedding, the invitations wording and design will give you clues into what is a good fit: A sleek, shining invite is begging for that jumpsuit, while a muted design with a floral motif is probably not going to be the right setting for something so fashion-forward.

Heres What To Wear To A Fall 2021 Wedding

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With many of last years weddings rescheduled for 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may find yourself invited to more than one ceremony or wedding reception this fall.

If youre unsure of what to wear to the upcoming fall wedding, consider attire with nods to the season, such as jewel tones and velvet. Opt for dresses that pair nicely under fall coats, so you stay warm during any outdoor festivities.

To help you find that perfect wedding outfit, weve curated great wedding attire options for men and women, from affordable to splurge-worthy. These fall wedding outfits from Express, Reiss, Petal & Pup and more work within a variety of dress codes, and can be worn to events after the big day, as well.

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Things To Wear To An Evening Wedding Reception

Is your wedding you are likely to really conventional? If youre searching for a more timeless and formal wedding reception costume, then adhere to black-tie apparel. Even though this might appear rather daunting, wearing black tie apparel can really be a blessing in disguise. This makes the choice of what to put on a great deal simpler.

Even though you might believe black-tie dress has become the most formal outside appearance you can wear, white tie apparel is really very appropriate. The black-tie needs to be more formal than casual or wear clothing, but less formal than white tie apparel.

Black tie appears in 19th Century Britain as opposed to the formal white tie outfits which top-class guys wore on a regular basis. Nevertheless, its come away long since that time.

The fundamental bit of the black-tie appearance is your dinner coat.

Even though nearly all your outfit needs to be quite standard in white and black, the waistcoat will offer you an opportunity to be somewhat creative. Consider wearing a waistcoat with a few lace or trim if you are feeling experimental.

Do You Wear Same Dress To Wedding And Reception

20 Wedding Reception Dresses To Finish Off Your Wedding Night!

If guests want to change their clothes between the wedding ceremony and reception, is that okay with you? The conventional procedure is for guests to wear only one clothing for the whole day, however the bride may choose to change her attire depending on the type of the ceremony and reception she is hosting. Guests outfits, on the other hand, are occasionally changed as well.

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An Elegant Ivory With White Pants Reception Dress For Men

Image Credits Sabyasachi

Another elegant reception dress for men, this ivory jacket with incredibly fine embroidery patterns makes it an ideal fit for someone who is looking for a classy look. The high Bandhgala suit design of this jacket has small floral patterns on it. The big buttons are another feature that makes it so elegant. Match the jacket with white pants to make the two colours blend with ease. Else, if you want to adorn the Maharaja look then you should swear by the ivory suit that we have cherry picked here.

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Im having two receptions so Im kinda leaning towards a flirty one for the big reception. But I would love to know what you lovely ladies think!

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