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What Is A Wedding Suit

Is It Safe To Wear White To A Wedding

Wedding Tuxedos and Suits: What’s the Difference?

“The most essential thing to remember as a wedding guest is not to upstage or upset the bride,” says bridal gown designer Madeline Gardner. “It’s best to avoid ensembles that are mostly white, cream, or ivory.”

The first thing most people think of when planning to attend a wedding is a flowing, flowery gown. But what if you ignored convention and skipped the clothing entirely? If gowns aren’t your thing, you can wear slacks to a wedding.

1. Avoid wearing white, off-white, or extremely pale blue. This should go without saying, but it needs repeating. White outfits are adorable! I understand! But, in this case, try not to. This is the only thing the bride cares about in terms of dress codeâshe’ll most likely be wearing white, and her white stuff will most likely be more expensive than yours.

“A bright, cocktail-length dress with a white lace overlay, for example, is okay,” adds Lehman. “A casual sheath dress also works nicely, but it won’t work if it’s white and floor-length or full-skirted.”

Best For Many Occasions: Generic A Wedding Suit

The best part: generic wedding suit costs comparatively little and it is available to ship in 24 hours. The generic wedding suit comes with a full shoulder design and slim cut with 3d draping. The Manufacturer says: We understand that upscale material and careful craftsmanship are the two most important things to a tuxedo. The perfect and comfortable suit does nt need to cost hundreds of dollars to buy.

The suit is great with care instruction and has a slim style. Lastly, the generic wedding suit is a good gift for your friend, father, brother and son.

Why We Like This:

  • When you wear them you will become handsome, elegant and personable.
  • Steam ironing, hanging the suits on hangers when you are not wearing them.
  • Do not put too much pressure on your suit.
  • The manufacturer says: our mens suit holds a high rating for good reason.

What Should I Wear To A Black And White Wedding

Stick to a black tuxedo, a white shirt, and a black bow tie. A tuxedo with tails is required for full evening attire. If the wedding is not black-tie, you can wear a suit that is not black. To avoid popping out, stick to basic dark tones. Wedding guests are frequently advised not to wear white. However, there are many successful weddings where whites are worn without guilt.

If you are having an outdoor ceremony, consider wearing a dark suit with a white shirt or T-shirt. For an indoor ceremony, go with a black-and-white theme by wearing a black tuxedo with a white carnation in your lapel.

Don’t forget to wear a jacket! Even if it’s just a lightweight one, such as a leather jacket, you will look more formal if you have one on hand. And never, ever wear a sport coat to a wedding only tuxedos have enough room inside their jackets for proper fitting clothes.

And lastly, be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes you won’t want to change when it comes time to dance!

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Whatever You Choose Make It Your Own

Its your wedding, and so no one else but you and your bride should be making the decisions above. And when you know you look great in a custom suit, you can devote your attention elsewhere, where it belongs.

Remember, if were building a custom suit for your wedding, well need at least seven weeks to get your suit manufactured. We want to make sure its absolutely perfect! Heres how you make an appointment with us and get the process started.

Formal Evening Spring Weddings: Tuxedo

Shale Wedding Suit by Allure Men

For a formal evening wedding, your option is black tie. Heres a brief overview of what goes into a tuxedo:

  • Black or midnight blue dinner jacket with matching trousers
  • White French cuff shirt

Black Lapel Made to Measure Tuxedos

As mentioned above, the tuxedo is regarded as semi-formal wear. Its traditionally worn after 6pm or sunset and was once regarded as more relaxed than clothing worn during the day. Indeed, thats quite ironic by todays standards!

If you choose to have a formal wedding in the evening, the default outfit is a tuxedo. Since its effectively a uniform that follows a set of rules according to the black tie dress code, its quite easy to organise.

Early spring tends to be somewhat chilly. Therefore, you could also consider adding a waistcoat or a simple cummerbund, which is a great way of adding a pop of color. Similarly, why not consider a midnight blue or white dinner jacket to stand out as the groom?

Unlike morning dress, however, we would refrain from renting a tuxedo. Similarly, they can be relatively cheap nowadays and buying one really makes all the difference. Weve recommended a few brands below if you need some guidance.

If youre concerned that the dress code is too severe, you can relax things for guests by opting for either the creative black tie or black tie optional dress codes.

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What Is Formal Attire For Women

Women should choose a floor-length or below-the-knee-length dress in a dark color.

Stay away from bright colors or patterns, but if you feel like your outfit needs a pop, accessorize with some earrings or a clutch.

You will absolutely want to wear heels to complete the formal look.

  • Floor or below-the-knee-length formal dress in a dark color
  • Heels

Do I Feel Comfortable

Feeling comfortable in your own skin is important all of the time, but even more so on your wedding day. Just like we would advise brides to never buy a wedding dress they dont feel comfortable in, we think grooms should be exactly the same. You should feel your absolute best on your big day so dont settle for a suit that makes you feel anything less than that.

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First Question For The Groom: Formal Or Casual

As a groom when it comes to choosing a suit for your wedding, the first question, essential to have discussed with the bride, is: are we having a more formal wedding or a more casual wedding? Because this is how you could loosely bundle up the options for the groom.

Formal options include:

The Morning Dress/Suit: A traditional choice consisting of a tailcoat, waistcoat, and trousers. Most often seen at Ascot or on the Princes of England, this is a very posh option or for the groom who is a bit of a dandy. Morning suits should only be worn for noon/early afternoon weddings.

The Tuxedo: Classic black tie evening wear, complete with satin-striped trousers and bow tie . Should be worn to evening weddings only. Avoid coloured dicky bows and cummerbunds at all cost .

White Tie and Tails: The evening equivalent of the morning suit, white tie is very rare in Ireland, but visit Oxford and it’s pretty common! An extremely elegant choice for a formal evening wedding but it could be difficult to hire full evening dress complete with top hat.

Julia & Oscar’s real wedding by Axel & Berg Photography| Edmund & Louise’s wedding by Gillian Higgins| Knot Standard Tuxedo from MagnoliaRouge| Richard & Olive’s real wedding by Paula O’Hara

Wedding Guides By Season

Groom’s Wedding Attire – What To Wear As A Groom, Suit, Tuxedo… & What Mistakes To Avoid

In addition to this page, we have individual guides based on each season that will offer deeper dives into what you should wear and how you should wear it.

You can click on any of the following links to jump to the specific information that you need:

Were also very excited to offer a full guide for gay weddings.

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How Soon Do Groomsmen Need To Get Fitted

If possible, schedule a group fitting for you and the wedding party four to six months before the wedding. No one likes walking into a tux shop to waste 30 minutes of their day. A group fitting allows all of the guys to get together and of course, to also make fun of the groom.

A second fitting can be scheduled, if necessary, but usually, those who cant make the first fitting can stop by any tux shop, have their measurements taken, and email them in to the local store.

Military Grooms & Guests

Men whove served in the military can take this opportunity to wear their dress uniforms if they so choose. Do keep in mind that certain levels of military dress often correspond to civilian dress codes. U.S. Marines Dress Blues, for example, correspond to civilian black tie.

Another thing to remember for servicemen is that when youre in a military uniform, you are considered a representative of the military and are expected to comport yourself in a manner consistent with military standards. So if you plan to get drunk and make a couple of memorable mistakes, you may want to opt for civvies.

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When Should The Groom Pick Up The Tux Before The Wedding

About two days before the wedding, you and the wedding party will need to pick up your tuxedos . Remember: Its very important to try it on to ensure that youll have ample time for any necessary alterations or to correct size mix-ups.

Check for all of the appropriate pieces and accessories that should be included with your tux, such as a bowtie or regular tie, a cummerbund or vest, cufflinks, and shoes. Although it might be funny for your groomsmen, you dont want to end up looking like the fat guy in a little coat.

TMR Recommendation: Most tuxedo rental shops will give you one free rental for signing your wedding party up. It is common etiquette to give the free rental to your future father-in-law. After all, he has footed the bill for your wedding. Giving him a free tux rental is the least you can do to thank him.

Different Ties Accessories And Underpinnings

2014 Fit One Button Long Coat Grey Groom Wedding Tuxedos With Vest And ...

Traditionally, a tuxedo is worn with a bow tie and cummerbund or waistcoat, while a suit is worn with a long necktie and sometimes a vest. You can wear a vest and long tie with a tux, but thats considered more offbeat. With a suit, you could easily wear a bow tie or go without a waist-covering and no one would bat an eyelash.

In terms of accessories, a tuxedo should be worn with a white pocket square, while a suit can be worn with a pocket square made from any complementary fabric.

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Make Sure That Your Wedding Suit Fits Properly

Just like your wedding band, you want your suit to fit you not too big, not too small, but perfectly comfortable. Its important that you can move with ease, as youll be spending a large portion of the day hugging, dancing, and, well, raising a glass.

Lets talk about the jacket fit. The shoulders of your jacket should lay flat, and the shoulder seam should hit the end of your actual shoulders, where the bone meets the arm. The collar should lay flat, and you want to be able to do up your jacket without the fabric pulling across the chest or back. Any fabric strain is a sign that the jacket is too tight. The suit jacket sleeve should fall at your wrist, revealing about one-fourth inch to one-half inch of your dress shirt underneath.

When it comes to pants, its all about personal preference. Some grooms prefer looser dress pants, while others like a tighter look. Regardless of the style, they should not be overly baggy or skin-tight around the bum. Pants should easily drape over the shape of your bottom and fit comfortably both when youre standing and sitting. You dont want any ripping accidents.

Should You Get Measured

Richard Thompson, the founder of Exclusive Tailoring advised: Get your measurements done by a professional. Its a corner that some people do cut but if your suit doesnt fit properly, alterations can cost more than the initial measurement that you could have had.

Its really important to know your measurements before you shop as it can also save time. If you are buying a suit and know what sizes you need, it can speed up the entire process and its always useful to know for future suit buying.

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Wrap Up: How To Buy A Wedding Suit

Need some more resources? Check out our Weddings page here. And after the ceremony when you find yourself wearing your wedding suit for work or formal evening events, heres what you need to know about cleaning it and keeping it looking sharp for many years to come.

Please let us know if you have any questions with your wedding attire, were happy to help. And the best way to stay in the loop with those of us at BE, is with our twice-monthly newsletter. No nonsense, only the things you want to know about dressing sharp and the occasional James Bond reference!

How Men Should Dress For A Wedding

Best man wedding suit – what I wore | James | ASOS Stylist

Generally speaking, you should:

  • Wear lighter colors in the spring, summer, and during the day
  • Wear darker colors in fall, winter, and in the evening

Weddings are great. If youre the groom, it will likely be the happiest day of your life up to that point. If youre in the wedding, youre on the receiving end of an honor that not many people get. And if youre a guest, well, theres no better way to party than to show up to a place where everyone is all happy and loved up.

Especially if youre a single guy, but thats beside the point.

Anyway, youre here because its important to know how to dress for a wedding. Frankly, we dont blame you for seeking advice on the Internet. While weddings often have similarities among themselves, theyre highly personal and thus variation is high.

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How To Choose A Shirt For Your Wedding Day Suit

A mans dress shirt is most important during a presentation. The shirt can play a supporting role by enhancing the suit or it can stand alone and be the centrepiece of the outfit. A made to measure is something you should not compromise on your wedding day. It will make sure you are comfortable and look your best in your wedding suit.

The colour and the fabric both should be kept in consideration when picking up the dress shirt for your wedding suit. White is the best option, as it makes the colour of the suit pop out and gives you a clean and crisp look matching the white dress of the bride.

For spring/summer weddings where the fabric can be lightweight something like 100% cotton poplin fabric plain or with very fine stripes in white of course.

For the weddings happening on the beach cotton and linen both are very good choices, linen shirts give you that very relaxed beach look whereas a cotton and linen blend can also enhance your suit and turn it into a summer suit.

For the autumn-winter weddings, the fabric should be a little heavy such as dobby, it will usually be a bit more wrinkle resistant, perfect when paired with a woollen suit.

The collar of your wedding shirt should most preferably be cutaway or straight pointed cuff should be double cuff.

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