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Shape Wear For Wedding Dresses

Maidenform Womens Tame Your Tummy Shaping Lace Brief With Cool Comfort

Best Undergarments to Wear with Your Wedding Dress

Keeping It Brief

With more color options than any other shapewear on this list, these lace briefs offer a rainbow range of shades to choose from. Although these briefs may appear like traditional underwear, they secretly provide tummy control with shaping support. The high-waisted cut is super flattering, and the soft fabric makes for a smooth fit. Regardless of whether its your wedding day or any day of the week, these breezy briefs are the perfect panties.


  • Variety of colors to choose from


Honeylove Petite Cami Bodysuit

This smoothing bodysuit offers targeted compression around the torso and is specifically designed for those with a petite stature. Adjustable straps help to create a comfortable lift for your girls. And if you appreciate fuller coverage, you’ll love the seamless, booty-covering fabric at the back. But that’s not all: This unbelievable bodysuit has an adjustable gusset that opens.

Spanx Suit Your Fancy Low

Spanx has some of the best bridal shapewear for low-back and backless wedding dresses. This cleverly designed bodysuit is made for special-occasion wearâand it shows. The plunging neckline, convertible straps and scoop back with a removable clasp make it the ultimate undergarment for a gown with a low front and back. Seamless leg openings prevent visible lines even under a figure-hugging dress.

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Recommendations For Brides Who Want To Wear Bodysuits Or Corsets

Corset shapewear is something many brides ask about. While we always encourage each of our brides to wear what she feels best in, we do recommend staying away from corset shapewear. Its difficult to hide a corset under most fabrics and we find that shapewear with midsection control offers the same result without the hassle of trying to hide your undergarment. Try a bodysuit for your wedding dress instead. A bodysuit under your wedding dress will provide full coverage, and, depending on the intensity of control offered, can cinch you in in much the same way as a corset can. SPANX offers some great options for this.

Sheath And Slip Dress

30+ Best Shapewear For Under Wedding Dress Images ...

The allure of a sheath or slip dress is the way it skims, rather than hugs, your curves. That said, you dont need to feel pressured to slim every inch with your undergarments. I think theres a misconception that because its your wedding day you have to wear shapewear and suck everything in, Ms. Hurwitz said. Whether or not you wear shapewear under your wedding dress is a personal choice. Because your dress wont be form-fitting, you can usually get away with wearing a foundation with less compression, like a slip that offers shaping without being too restrictive. Try Maidenforms Built-In Bra Slip.

Depending on your sheath gown, you may also be able to wear a strapless bra with high-waisted shapewear that seamlessly flattens your stomach and smooths your thighs. Have the shapewear start just beneath your bra and end right above your knees, so that you dont have any lines showing under your dress, Ms. Sellassie said. Try Va Biens Smooth Couture Tights. If you prefer to forgo the shapewear, wear seamless underwear in a nude shade.

Slip dresses tend to be the least forgiving dress silhouette when it comes to shapewear. This style is often better sans restrictive foundation, but if you want coverage look for shapewear that can smooth you all over in one complete line, such as a seamless bodysuit like Ender Legards Seamless Backless Shapewear bodysuit or Spanxs Suit Your Fancy Medium Control Strapless Bodysuit.

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Best Shaping Skirt: Yummie High

Courtesy of Yummie

If you want all the benefits of shapewear but with a little more freedom, then this Yummie slip is for you. For body-hugging wedding gowns to feminine frocks, the lightweight yet firm fabric offers invisible control that will elevate your wedding day look and enhance your natural shape. Plus, the non-slip waistband and hemline keep everything in place.

Your Dress Comes With A Built In Bra But What Do You Wear Underneath Lets Dive Into The Best Shapewear For Wedding Dresses

I often get the question, “What shapewear should I get?”

Ive put together a list of shapewear that Ive either tried or heard great reviews about.

Some of you who have never worn shapewear before, are probably thinking you want to be comfortable on your wedding day and shapewear sounds constricting, right?

Well, some can be, but there are so many options on the market now that can give you the range of support you may be looking for. From Ultra Light to Strong compression, range of styles, different colors options, you can get the style that you need based on your body.

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Bridal Shapewear For A Crepe Wedding Dress

Crepe gowns can sometimes be tricky because you dont want every lump and bump to show through but you also dont want noticeable shapewear lines. We found a few options that would be ideal to wear under crepe wedding dresses or any other style you see fit!

This high waist thong is seriously amazing! This will provide fantastic support throughout your waist and conceal your belly button.

Additionally, we think that a more fuller coverage option is ideal for crepe wedding dresses. Shapewear like these control top footless pantyhose are great because the lines from the hem of the shapewear wont show through since theyll extend to an area where your dress that isnt clinging to your body.

Wear the control top footless pantyhose with a dress like Style D2717 from Essense of Australia

If youre worried about the seam at the top of your dress showing, this open bust catsuit provides maximum coverage. This style features breathable fabric so dont worry about being too hot! Theres also a plus size shapewear option!

Lace Or Silk Wedding Dresses

Undergarments To Wear With Your Wedding Dress

Lace or silk wedding dresses can be tricky to wear shapewear underneath, especially if they are not lined. We recommend that you go for shapewear in a natural or pinky colour as this will blend in the best even if your dress is white. Silk especially, clings to every little ridge and seam, so you need to go for shapewear that is completely seamless with laser cut edges.

Look at the Spanx Shape My Day range, which is FIRM in slimming control but is pretty much seamless with laser cut edges. Or try the Spanx Thinstincts collection.

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Yummie Seamless Solutions High

These high-waist shorts combine firm compression with lightweight fabric, resulting in shapewear that’s equal parts comfortable and effective. A clever silicone strip prevents the waistband from rolling, helping to give your outfit a seamless appearance. And again, you’re free to wear the bra that best complements your dress, whether you’ve got a trendy square neckline or a chic plunging V-neck.

The Holy Grail Of Shapewear

Now this is an area that I am very passionate about as they have been my life line when im hosting events, at special occasions or my own wedding. Its no big secret that shapewear can make or break an outfit. From accentuating our favourite assets to camouflaging our insecurities, shapewear not only makes us look great, but it can make us feel great.Were past the days where shapewear meant pulling the ties of a corset as tight as you can go. Nowadays, you can expect soft and thin fabrics which have all sorts of engineering going on under the hood.

One thing that I get asked about a lot is the underwear that allows a bride to have an open back or strapless gown whilst also keeping everything in the right places as well as some going for lighter dresses that just want the right coverage underneath.

Thankfully, shapewear has also become very affordable with Irish retailers offering us solutions. I have bought all of my shapewear in mainly Arnotts & BTs. For more budget solutions Dunnes Stores are great too. Especially good for their smoothing underwear.

Please note there are affiliate links within this article.

Collections comes and go within each of the online stores Im about to showcase but here are the main links for their entire shape-wear collections:

Here are some of my favourite picks across those 4 online stores. Ive been in both BTs and Arnotts looking at the pieces selected below.

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Maidenform Wear Your Own Bra Singlet

Take the Plunge

Wearing a lowcut dress on your big day? This bestselling bodysuit gets the job done, providing support underneath your wedding dress without showing through. Featuring a plunging neckline and 360-degree shaping on your tummy, hips and thighs, this one-piece is suited for all-around perfection. Plus, it comes in two neutral shades beige and black.


  • Can wear your own bra or skip one entirely
  • Easy access gusset

Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Shapewear:

30+ Best Shapewear For Under Wedding Dress Images ...
  • Always choose shapewear in your usual size. A really big mistake that people make is to choose a size smaller in the hopes that it will make you look even thinner. This wont work. The shapewear wont fit you properly, it will wrinkle, roll up or down and will cause bulges where it ends on your body. You will feel very uncomfortable and look more bulging bag lady than beautiful bride! If you are wanting greater slimming strength, go for shapewear in your size with stronger control.
  • Too strong! You need to be comfortable in what you are wearing on your wedding day, as you will be wearing it all day long. We recommend that brides choose from the firm or extra firm control range. This will give you tons of slimming power but will almost allow you to breathe, eat, drink and dance.
  • Struggling to fit into your dress? We do have a range of totally transforming shapewear that holds you in like nothing else. If all else has failed and you just cannot fit into your wedding dress then we do suggest that you try one of these. However, please do bear in mind that in order to slim you so much, you will be somewhat trussed up. You may become uncomfortable and there wont be much room to eat and drink!
  • Dont necessarily go for white or ivory shapewear. Natural works best under a white or ivory dress. This also means you have a much wider choice of shapewear as most shapes and styles come in natural.
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    Best Smoothing : Skims Sculpting High Waist Brief

    Let’s just say, SKIMS knows how to sculpt. With contouring high-waisted briefs, bodysuits, and bras all available in a wide range of colors and sizes, it’s no wonder brides are turning to SKIMS for their big day. We love this double waistband style for its flattering and supremely comfortable fit that effortlessly enhances your natural shape.

    Is There Such A Thing A Sexy Shapewear

    It’s your super special day and as well as looking stunning in your dress you don’t want to freak out your husband to be by wearing hideous granny pants!

    There is quite a bit of shapewear out there that really looks lovely. It is not the strongest stuff in the world, but if you are just looking for a little bit of firming in a pair of normal, pretty knickers try the Spanx Undietectable range. They do a range of styles, colours and fabrics, including lace. Spanx also have a new range called Spanx Spotlight On Lace which is VERY pretty.

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    Best Shaper Shorts : Spanx Higher Power Shorts

    Courtesy of Nordstrom

    This footless shaper is one of Spanx’s bestselling styles, and for good reason. It smooths and contours the stomach, hips, rear, and thighs while providing light and sheer compression on the legs. This style can truly be worn with any floor-length wedding dress, so you can feel your best from the beginning to the end of your wedding day.

    Shapewear For Hips Buttocks And Legs

    Wedding Dress Undergarments Continued

    To tighten your legs and butt and shape your hips, you can use shapewear briefs or shorts that have longer legs. Also, support tights will conceal any unevenness on your legs.

    To avoid chafing, you can also find practical and discreet thigh bands that you can comfortably wear under your wedding skirt or summer dress.

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    Where To Find The Best Wedding Shapewear For The Big Day

    Looking for the best bridal shapewear to wear underneath your wedding dress? Look no further than these top-quality brands.

    Looking for the best wedding shapewear to wear underneath your dress on the big day? Check out these resources!

    There are so many things to think about when planning a wedding. One of the most exciting parts for many brides is choosing a wedding gown! But part of the wedding dress shopping process that many fail to think about is what to wear underneath your wedding dress!

    Tea Or Cocktail Style Dresses

    I just love those knee length flirty tea dresses that are so fashionable at the moment. They are super stylish and so flattering. If shapewear is called for with them, you MUST avoid anything that is mid thigh in length. One sudden gust of wind when you are having your outdoor photos taken and your shapewear secret will be revealed.

    If your dress is strapless and you are wearing a bra, go for a knicker style strapless bodysuit such as the Spanx On Core Build Your Own Bodysuit. If you are not wearing a bra, go for a pair of high waisted briefs such as the Spanx Higher Power High Waisted Shaping Briefs.

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    Wedding Undergarments For A Plunging Neckline

    PC: Mackenzie Reiter Photo | PC: Natasha Piro Photography

    Just because you decide to show a little bit of cleavage on your wedding day doesnt mean you have to sacrifice any support! Weve outlined some of our favorite plunge-loving wedding undergarments below:

    PC: DeMo Photography

    For a plunging neckline look for a bra that has a special cutout in the front to accommodate a low neckline. This type of wedding undergarment will usually have extra support on the side to ensure everything stays put, despite the dip in the middle.

    As an alternative option, see if your bridal salon or tailor can sew the bra into your dress to give you built-in support!

    Find Your Perfect Plus Size Bridal Shapewear

    55+ Strapless Wedding Dress

    Last, but definitely not least. When talking about shapewear there is no way to not mention the traditional waist shapewear. Maxi Sexy Waistnipper differs a bit from the shapewear mentioned above. It only focuses on shaping your waist. It is made of powerful and smooth fabric. The powernet lining and flexible bones ensure an optimal shaping of the waistline and provide support to your back. The hook and eye front closure is adjustable to your own preference. A quick tip: best to start closing from the bottom up.Tip: To prevent your shapewear from showing, we recommend wearing the shapewear in a skin-colored color, such as latte in case your wedding dress is white!And there you have it. We would advise you to not stress too much and enjoy this amazing preparation time because you are already amazing just the way you are. We hope you will find the most suitable shapewear from MAGIC Bodyfashion to make your wedding day magical.With love,

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    Extra Tips For Wedding Undergarments

    While purchasing wedding undergarments of any kind, stick to nude or tan palettes and other light colors that disappear under white. And, of course, aim for seamless! Made from hi-tech micro-fibers, nude bridal shapewear smooths your silhouette and eliminates those annoying lines. Plus, seamless undergarments are way more comfortable to wear, allowing you to sit back and enjoy your party. Its your wedding day, after all!

    However, we design with our brides in mind! So, you wont need to worry about purchasing other wedding undergarments with a lot of Maggie Sottero wedding dresses since many of our styles have them built-in!

    Each of our wedding dresses is optimized for comfort and support. And many of our styles feature a variety of fit, construction, and shapewear options to accommodate your body type and style.

    Our signature closure, the corset provides an outer construction ensuring a magical, versatile, and ultra-comfortable fit in a variety of styles.

    Plus, its fun for your bridesmaids to learn how to lace one up in a jiffy. For brides who prefer the fit of a corset without the visible construction, an inner corset will do the trick. This feature is especially conducive to strapless ballgowns and A-lines that accentuate your waistline.

    Do You Have To Wear Shapewear Under Your Wedding Dress

    Of course not! It’s all about finding the wedding dress undergarments you’re most comfortable in. While some feel their best in a standard set of underwear or some sexy bridal lingerie, others prefer the structure and support that shapewear has to offer. Really, it comes down to what feels best for you. You definitely don’t have to wear a shaping slip, bodysuit or shorts to complete your wedding look. But if you think you’d feel more comfortable in an extra-supportive undergarment, go for it! Just like pretty much all your wedding-planning decisions up to now, it’s about finding the right option for you.

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