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How To Prepare Wedding Invitation

Which App Is Best For Making Invitation Video

DIY Wedding Preparation : How to Make Wedding Invitations

LightMV. Using the software that LightMV offers to make invitation videos is one of the best online options for video invitations. Cloud-based video maker with a wide variety of beautiful templates that are available to the user to use to create awesome invitation videos to create awesome wedding and birthday invitations, anniversary invitations, etc.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Do Wedding Invitations

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, but if you want to celebrate in style, youre going to have to be smart about planning your budget. The average wedding cost in Australia is a whopping $53,168, but the average income is only $82,436 per year. Thats a large chunk of your annual earnings!

When you need to consider the big-ticket things like the reception and the honeymoon, the cost of a traditional wedding starts to skyrocket. However, many smaller items go unnoticed, and the total cost of all the little things can add up! If you want to save money on your wedding, you might need to get a little bit crafty with some of the smaller wedding expenses like wedding invitations.

Its only natural that you want to have an amazing invitation for your wedding. Its a special day, and the invitation will let your guests know just how special it is. Invitations can get quite expensive though, with the average Australian couple shelling out around $800 just for invitations.

The pressure to have a fancy wedding and the cost of holding one can put a lot of stress on couples, especially when you still have to deal with daily expenses like rent and groceries. A budget wedding can still be an unforgettable event its just about knowing where to save.

If you can save on your invitations, it can make a large difference to your overall budget. Here, we offer some ideas for lovely invitations that wont break the bank.

Start Looking Early To Score A Deal

On a wedding planning timeline, you are supposed to pick out your wedding invitations about four months before the big day. I say to start looking for deals on invitations as soon as you have your wedding details nailed down. You can order them early even if you do not send them out until two months before your wedding. Make sure to sign up for group buying and daily deals sites, such as Groupon, and check them daily.

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Design Wedding Invites You Love

Wedding planning is simple with Shutterfly. You can create custom wedding invites that fit with any wedding style or theme. Add elegance, romance, and style to your wedding at an affordable price with our collection of custom wedding invitation suites, wedding announcements, bridal shower invitations, and save the date cards. Every detail of your wedding day is essential in setting the mood. Choose wedding stationery that is beautiful and simple to create. Start with sending a save the date that your guest will love. Your guest will cherish and remember a sweet save the date magnet and put it right on their fridge to cherish and remember. Find everything you need by choosing from our wedding stationery designs. We make it easy for you to customize your message so it matches the feel and tone of your upcoming nuptials. Make your wedding invitations one-of-a-kind by adding a photo of the happy couple and customizing the card design to complement your style. Made with high-quality paper, you can coordinate back-of-card designs for your custom wedding invitations to include a photo or design detail that ties into your wedding theme. Get started with five free wedding invitation samples.

Add The Basic Information Every Wedding Invitation Needs

How To Make Your Own Wedding Invitations for under $50 ...

Make sure your wedding invitation conveys all the basic and important details to your guests. When is your wedding, where is it, do they need to RSVP by a certain date, and what if they cant come? Of course, make sure theres plenty of room for both your names and the big news!

Other important details to include on your invitation may including RSVP instructions, attire and any different reception locations. See WeddingWire for a full list of wedding details that are often overlooked that you may want to include in the text of your wedding invitation.

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Design Your Own Invitation

When I was planning my wedding, I found an invitation design I really liked online. The price was pretty steep, and I knew it was way over my budget. So I took the concept of the design and created my own wedding invitation design. I took my idea to a stationary store , and they were able to turn it into a wedding invitation unique to me. I saved money by creating a similar design to a much more expensive one.

Customer Purchases Of Invitation Templates Following Sales Of Invitations Process

How to make editable invitations for Etsy involves selling the templates once youve made a sale to a customer. Lots of people have extended families and scores of friends to invite to something, so theyll need that template for new occasions. Numerous businesses throw a bash for no other reason than employee morale, so they, too, will need a template. Here is the process for selling the templates:

You are allowed five digital uploads. The size of the files is 20MB. These are the file endings Etsy uses:

  • .bmp
  • .stl
  • .zip

Files will be uploaded in a list with their file names, sizes, and date of upload. Etsy cant edit the file name, so be sure you get it right the first time before you upload it to the customer. File names can only include 70 characters, alphanumeric, periods, hyphens, and underscores.

Be sure to include a note to buyers describing the digital listings they purchased. The customer will see the note on their downloads page. Make very sure you list your digital products as digital and not physical, as physical products require shipping labels and go through the shipping process.

Step-by-step Guide:

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Choosing Paper For Your Diy Wedding Invitations

Although it might seem unimportant, dont skimp on the paper it can make or break your invitation.

You should try to buy cardstock thats at least 65-pound, though 80-pound is even better.

I would recommend printing on the heaviest cardstock paper you can find and afford,writes Nathey. The thicker the invitation, the better it will look and feel. For her invitations, she used 110-pound heavy cardstock, which resists both bending and bleeding.

If youre printing from home , she says you should make sure your printer can handle whatever cardstock you choose. You can find this information in your printers manual, or by searching online for your printers max paper weight.

You can also choose different finishes for your paper for wedding invitations, popular finishes include cotton or linen, which are beautiful but more expensive.

For her golden snitch invites, Yates used premium linen cardstock. She felt it really added that something special to the wedding invitations, making them look elegant and sophisticated as opposed to normal card paper.

Alternatively, recycled paper is also a popular option especially for rustic or boho invites.

You can order cardstock online at or specialty shops like LCI Paper, Paper and More, Paper Source and Paper Presentation. Or you can go to your local Jo-Anns, Walmart or office-supply store.

That being said, one easy way to keep costs down is to forgo the RSVP card.

Add The Diamond Shape Frame

How To Make Wedding Invitations – 3 different ideas

Now we need a nice frame to hold the wedding invitation text and ornaments. To add the diamond shape, go to Elements > Shapes and search for Diamond. Then, make that diamond shape bigger to better fit your wedding invitation template. Remember to center the figure holding SHIFT.

You can choose another shape for the frame like circle, ellipse, hexagon, rhombus or even a triangle shape. We have lots of background shapes for invitations and also useful shapes for wedding card design.

Lets now add an outline to the diamond shape. Add a Stroke with the same color as our background. Set the size of the stroke to 12.

With MockoFun you can add make outline shapes and, you can also stroke text .

Go to Color option from the top menu and change the Color fill to transparent. This way we are left only with the outline diamond shape.

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Add A Theme To Your Invitation Cards

A wedding invitation reflects the personalities of you and your better half. So pick up a design that suits you the best. For example

a. If both of you are environment lovers, you can opt for wooden invitations. They dont harm the environment and carry a beautiful earthly look. Just add a bit of rustic charm and your design will be ready

b. In case you love technology, you can go with aQR Code wedding invitation. It will make a lot of things easier for your guests such as finding the exact maps location of the venue.

c. If youre passionate travelers, a maps invitation will be the best for you. It has folded origami invitations with all the important details

d. If youre a calligrapher, you can use your skills to make handmade wedding invitations. Simply add a design such as floral background to complement your beautiful strokes

There are many such ways to add design to your wedding invitations. After you finalize the theme, move to the next step

Tips For Putting It All Together

Paper cutting: The Internet loves to tell you that if you are doing your own DIY wedding invitations, you need to invest in a professional paper cutter, or at least a rotary cutter, along with a tape gun, and the list goes on. You can skip this by ordering paper thats cut to sizealways double check to make sure you can print said format of courseand skipping any taped on embellishments. I promise, a fancy invitation need not have three layers of cardstock and the ability to stand on its own.

However, if a paper cutter sounds like a useful thing that has a place in your office, buy it! You dont need to shell out $100 for a good one. This $25 trimmer has been a great little workhorse for me for about four years now, through invitations, photo albums, and many, many other late night print jobs.

Packaging And Embellishments: If youre adding embellishments, or youre mailing more than just an invite plus an RSVP card , keep track of the weight of your invitation suite once its all packed up. Depending on its size, you may be facing more postage fees than a simple stamp will cover. You can get a postage estimate using a kitchen scale and checking on the USPS website. Through the USPS website I also learned that square invites and envelopes cost more in postage, by a significant amount. Its not worth it.

Have fun, and happy printing.

Lucy Bennett

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Include Everyone Invited On Your Mailing List

While this may seem obvious, some couples might decide to cut corners and costs when it comes to mailing their wedding invitations and not follow etiquette tips. Even if you know for sure that your parents, siblings, wedding party, and so on will respond “yes” on their RSVP cards, you still need to send them a wedding invitation. If you had any wedding guests RSVP online after receiving save-the-dates, you also need to mail your wedding invitation to them. While postage does cost money, as does the invitation itself, your guests’ first glimpse into your big day will be the wedding invitation, and you don’t want to take that special moment away from anyone.

How To Make Wedding Invitations

Stunning, Homemade Wedding Invitation Wraps With Minted ...

This article was co-authored by Hovik Harutyunyan. Hovik Harutyunyan is an Event and Wedding Planner and the Owner of Hovik Harutyunyan Events, a full-service event planning firm based in Los Angeles, California. Hovik has over ten years of hospitality and event planning experience. His firm specializes in weddings, private celebrations, and corporate events. Hovik’s work has been featured in Vogue, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Modern Luxury Weddings. He has a BA in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley. This article has been viewed 521,534 times.

If you want to trim money from your wedding budget without sacrificing style, making your own wedding invitations is a good way to cut costs. This article will teach you to make wedding invitations from start to finish.

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Tip #: Use A Wedding Monogram Generator

Dont worry if you and your friends are not artistically inclined. You can let a wedding monogram generator save the day!

Not only are they easy to use, but many of them are free. All you have to do is provide the initials and all that pesky creative work is done for you. Many also give you the option to customize the generated monogram, including dimensions and color.

All in all, with a wedding monogram maker you can download your personalized monogram in minutes and start deciding what you will put it on.

Make Sure Nothing Goes Wrong When You Send Your Wedding Invitations By Doing Everything Properly

Find out how to mail wedding invitations, and get wedding etiquette tips for mailing your wedding invitations to your dearest friends and family.

With email, texting, and social media, most people dont have to use the mail or visit the post office very often anymore. And if they do, its likely for a simple birthday card or thank-you note, which only need a current or forever first-class mail stamp. However, wedding invitations can be more complicated particularly the high-end wedding invitation suites.

If your wedding invitations include multiple pieces, youll have to properly arrange them: the invitation itself is at the bottom, with the other pieces stacked from the biggest to the smallest on top. This pile should go into your unsealed inner wedding-invitation envelope should you choose to have one with the wedding guests names facing the opening of the outer envelope.

Of course, the above instructions for mailing your wedding invitations is correct if you are having traditional invites however, there are also luxury wedding-invitation suites that include boxes and naturally will require more complicated packaging when mailing your wedding invitations. In these particular instances for luxury invites, look to your planner or stationer for assistance, though the below steps regarding postage for invitations will still be helpful.

Read our tips for how to mail wedding invitations, below:

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