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How To Make A Cheap Wedding Look Expensive

Opt For More Casual Bites

DIY Elegant Wedding Candle Holders | Cheap Wedding Decorations That Look Expensive

A buffet or family-style meal is typically easier on the wallet than a more formal, plated dinner. Everyone serves themselves and you forgo the cost of waited table service. You can also keep it casual by ordering from a local BBQ joint, your fave Mexican restaurant, or a fun food truck! And if you really need to save money, rely on your guests to contribute potluck-style.

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Blow Them Away By Using Balloons

black and white balloons via David Tutera | pink balloons via Just Balloons | gold table number balloons Avery House via 100 Layer Cake | balloon room via

Get the Look:

Balloons arent just for a kids party. They can enhance your wedding decor as a simple yet chic way to fill a room. The secret to keeping balloons classy instead of cheesy is to keep the color palette simple or even monochromatic. Black and white balloons can create a black-tie feel. Golden champagne balloons scream glam! Pale pink-toned balloons are lovely, romantic, and elegant. Gold Mylar number balloons can really add interest in a playful, but classic way!

Budget Savvy Tip:

Shop online for bulk balloons- I found some great deals on! 100 12 Latex balloons for only $6.45 in a huge variety of colors!

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Use A Dummy Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are expensive, you guys! Save money by decorating a dummy wedding cake. A pastry chefor someone you know who has icing skills worthy of a spot on a reality TV baking competitioncan decorate a stack of Styrofoam just as elaborately as a real wedding cake. Serve guests slices from a sheet cake you bought at the grocery store. Theyll never know the difference!

If youre set on the cake cutting tradition, just have a smaller cake made for you and your new spouse. You could even use it as the dummy cakes topper so it looks like the real deal!

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Cheap Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Searching for specifically wedding-themed stationery, you might find a premium price tag. Scan the sales for a nice notebook in your colour theme – lots of gift items will be cheap in January or after the back to school peak.

Or rather than a notebook, make a wedding scrapbook. Get a pack of postcards and scatter them around as part of your décor, and have guests write their well wishes and post them into a box for you to read and collect in your scrapbook.

Get your guests to type, snap or record their good wishes to make a low-cost or free digital guest book of text, photos and videos. You can always print out the photos at a later date. Use a guestbook app, wedding website or even a social media platform to host all your digital well wishes.

How To Make Your Outfits Look Expensive Tips & Tricks

30 Cheap Wedding Decorations Which Look Chic cheap wedding ...

Simple Tips to Make Outfits Look Expensive. All girls have faced this dilemma at one point in their lives. We want to appear well-groomed and quality-conscious without having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars. And because every girl deserves to look good and feel fabulous irrespective of her financial status, we have created the ultimate cheat sheet and compilation of tips to get you looking like a million bucks without spending a bunch of cash!

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How Did Christmas Garland Become A Tradition

So might wonder, how did this Christmas garland become so popular? I just had to find out where this decor idea came from.

According to Time, the custom of bringing evergreens home during the winter began in the 16th century among northern and eastern Europeans.

As I decorate for the holiday, there is just something nostalgic about placing the garland around my home that just makes the season. Of course, my garland and even my tree are synthetic, but I love the smell of real garland. Due to allergies, we cant have it in the house, but there is nothing like that fresh scent. My gram and mom always have the real garland, which reminds me of waiting for Santa as a little girl.

For someone who doesnt love clutter, I do love garland everywhere. This garland craft gives you that minimalist approach, but it still sets the mood for the season.

Recruit Grad School Musicians

Think about hiring graduate-student musicians to play at your ceremony or cocktail hour. They can be booked for much less than the pros. Molly Middleton Green, Molly Middleton Events, New York, NY

If you don’t really want a custom tiered cake with all the bells and whistles, choose a smaller display size and supplement with a statement-making dessert bar, or serve sheet cake, which is only $4.50 per slice. Lauren Bohl White, A White Cake, New York, NY

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How To Make Cheap Clothes Look Expensive

This article was co-authored by Kalee Hewlett. Kalee Hewlett is a Celebrity Stylist & Confidence Coach with almost two decades of experience helping clients build confidence and dress for success.’ She works with her clients to transform their sense of self ‘from the inside out by merging her expertise in image consulting with Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Kalees work is rooted in science, style, and the understanding that identity is destiny’. She uses her own methodology and Style To Success Strategy to create positive identity shifts. Kalee is a fashion TV host and appears regularly on QVC UK sharing her fashion expertise. She also was appointed as the head judge and host of Fashion One Networks 6-part TV show ‘Design Genius.There are 8 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 22,250 times.

You’d love to pop for an expensive wardrobe, but your wallet has other ideas. Never fear, you don’t have to spend a fortune to create an expensive-looking wardrobe. Just making a few changes to your clothes, such as switching out the buttons, can make a huge difference. Also, looking for good quality items when you’re buying clothes, even cheap ones, can really up your look. Once you’ve done that, all you need to do is throw out clothes when they start looking worn and pull together a great outfit before heading out the door.

How Can I Make Cheap Wedding Invitations

Difference Between Cheap & Expensive Wedding Dresses : Wedding Style Advice

4.5/5Ways to Save Money on Wedding Invitations

  • Make Your Own. This is probably the most obvious way to save money on invitations, but it’s often overlooked.
  • Enlist a Crafty Friend.
  • Similarly one may ask, how can I make cheap wedding invitations look expensive?

    8 Ways to DIY Expensive Looking Wedding Invites

  • Rely on Your Inner Graphic Designer and Design them Yourself
  • Skip the Die Cuts and Pop Ups and Square Invites.
  • White Envelopes.
  • Add a Paper Clip or a Brad or a Something.
  • Use a Thick Card Stock.
  • Use your Local Print Shop.
  • Beside above, where can I buy cheap wedding invitations? Some go-to places for cheap wedding invitations you can print yourself are ViolaMirabilisDesign, ShopPaperVine, and Elmwood Paperie on Etsy. Not only are they awesome to work with, but there are SO MANY designs to choose from. You can have them printed for you, or opt for the design file to print yourself.

    Accordingly, is it cheaper to make your own wedding invites?

    Yes, it will most likely be less expensive to make them yourself, but you have to decide if your time is worth it. To cut down on time you can even download my FREE Printable Wedding Invitation Template from this post. Or you can purchase one of my editable PDF invitations from the shop.

    How do you seal an invitation envelope?

    How To Seal Envelopes Without Licking Them

  • Use a cotton swab or Q-tip. Dip the end of the swab in a small bit of water in a cup.
  • Glue Sticks good ole envelop glue will do the trick.
  • Save and share.
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    The Wedding Budget Breakdown

    First things first: Give your budget a little breathing room. Unexpected expenses will arise, so know that your budget will evolve throughout the planning process. Take those surprises into consideration by putting in a little bit of cushion. That way you have the flexibility to handle any surprise expense.

    A wedding is a huge event to plan, so its helpful to know what you can get for a certain dollar amount. What does $5,000 get you? $10,000? $15,000?

    Here are some budget breakdown examples for weddings ranging from $100 to $30,000 and some suggestions for how to make them happen.

    Think In Season For Your Flowers And Food

    Two words will lower both your catering and floral expenses: seasonal and local. When you buy what’s in season, you get food and flowers at the peak of their supply when the price is normally lower. Plus, when they’re locally grown they don’t need to be shipped halfway around the globe. So not only do you save money, but you also reduce your carbon footprint. Win-win.

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    Why Do People Spend So Much Money On Wedding Dresses

    People are willing to spend so much money on a wedding dress because its their wedding after all. Its as simple as that the wedding is among the most important occasions and the dress theyll wear on that day is worth spending for.

    Some brides are even looking forward to this special day, and they mightve already been eyeing a specific wedding dress no matter the cost. They might have been saving for it, so even if its over a thousand dollars, it wouldnt be an issue for the rest of the wedding budget.

    Finally, one can spend a lot of money on a wedding dress if its meant to be a family heirloom. Most mothers are looking forward to passing down the special dress on their daughters once its their time to get married.

    Think Long And Hard About The Your Wedding Date

    How to Have a Cheap Wedding Reception (That Looks ...

    Now, we’re not saying that you should ditch a venue that you love because the available dates don’t sync up with your third cousin’s school holidays! But when you’re working through your options, it’s worth considering, a) guests who will be travelling from abroad, and b) the work commitments of your local guests.

    For example, Christmas is a good option if your far-flung guests will be making the journey to see family anyway, but an exceptionally expensive one if they’re not! And a bank holiday may be perfect if many of your guests live in the same country, but not if there are lots of self-employed people or retail workers in your crew.

    Photo by Lucy Nuzum Weddings via One Fab Day

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    Think Off Season For Your Wedding Date

    Who says “Saturday in June” wedding couples have more fun? The wedding off-season typically runs November to March, so if you’re on a budget you’ll get the most bang for your buck by hosting your big day during this timeframe. Consider having your celebration in December and you may be surprised at how much your venue will shave off the regular rental fee. Just be sure to have a contingency plan in place for inclement weather!

    Know The Hidden Cost Of Venues

    A venue is what will cost the most at your wedding. Make sure you consider possible hidden costs that dont show up immediately. For instance, will an outdoor venue provide you with a tent or backup location if it rains? If not, this would be extra things youd have to buy.

    Cheap wedding ideas include making sure you ask about all the possible fees such as:

    • Tip and tax
    • Inclement weather materials

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    Simple Tricks For The Table Setting

    A simple but elegant table setting will do all the difference. You can wrap the napkins with a ribbon and add a fresh herb branch. You can add a lavender stem to any other flower that will fit your idea. Add some printed menus to complete the look and give it an elegant note. Also, you can add small favors for the guests on each plate.

    Once you have finished checking these tips, you ready know the secret tricks about how to make your wedding look expensive without spending much. What do you think?

    Make It A Family Affair

    How To: Dress Classy & Elegant | Look Expensive on a Budget | Date Nights, Weddings etc | Arsene Noe

    The next step towards learning how to plan a wedding on a budget of $1,000 relates to the getting help from your family. There are numerous tasks that your family members can perform and help you save a considerable amount. For instance, you can use your own music system and ask your family member to be the DJ for your wedding night.

    While planning your wedding, assign different tasks to your close family members. They can help you while decorating the venue and making other necessary arrangements. For instance, you can use family vehicles for transportation purpose and making other arrangements. This will allow you to cut the cost of your wedding to a great extent.

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    How To Save On The Food Bill

    For an intimate and vintage feel, consider a summer BBQ or bake-off buffet, where everyone shows off their culinary skills and brings a savoury or sweet dish to the wedding. Get any friends and family who cook particularly well to help you by making their speciality, so you know at least some of the menu in advance.

    Go for cheap and filling foods like rice, pasta or pizza, and style them up. For example, serve thin-crust pizzas from a wood fired oven for a summery outdoor feel, or to accompany late night revels.

    Get a food truck or run a bar to bring some novelty to serving the food. Cheaper ingredients like pasta, bruschetta, burgers and baked potatoes can be customised with a range of toppings and turned into a fun experience.

    After dinner, why pay for dessert when youve got wedding cake? If you want your guests to stay late, go for crisps and dip, crackers and cheese or sausage butties for late night snacks.

    Cheap Wedding Ideas For The Perfect Day

    More than a quarter of couples in the US report going into debt to pay for their weddings. You dont have to be one of them!

    Your marriage is about your love and your partnership, and beginning your life together in the red is not ideal. The more money you trim off your wedding expenses, the more youll have to launch your happily ever after.

    If you dont have a large budget for your wedding, you can still host a fun and memorable celebration at an affordable wedding venue without dipping into your savings or maxing out your credit cards. Read on for low-cost planning strategies, and tips to help you start your life as a team on sound financial footing.

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