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How To Do A Micro Wedding

Things To Consider When Planning A Micro Wedding

Micro Weddings: EVERYTHING You NEED to Know

Bride and Grooms-to-be have had to get creative with their wedding plans in 2020. Since limits on large gatherings and physical contact were put in place in March, and the subsequent reduction in guest numbers announced in September, thats meant a big change of plan for lots of couples. While some have chosen to put their wedding plans on hold, others have adapted theirs to fit with the temporary restrictions and as a result, micro weddings are set to become the biggest wedding trend of the year.

What is a micro wedding?

Micro weddings arent just a recent phenomenon – theyve been around for years as a more flexible and relaxed alternative for couples who arent totally sold on having a big white wedding. Theyre for no more than 20-30 people and celebrations are often shorter in length than a traditional wedding day. The beauty of a micro wedding is that there is no normal! Its completely down to the couple to decide how long, short, formal, informal or anything else theyd like their celebrations to be. With an already-growing desire by couples to host celebrations with a difference, micro weddings might be here to stay.

What to consider when planning a micro wedding

1. Who is going to make the guest list

2. Where you want to host it

3. How you want to run your day

4. What elements are a must-have

5. What your dress code will be

6. Whether to hire a photographer

7. Making it personal

Micro wedding venue in central London

The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Micro Wedding

micro wedding photo by the light & the love photography

Have you heard the buzz about micro weddings? If youre planning a wedding in 2020we know you have. Its no secret that COVID-19 changed the wedding industry. From forcing couples to change their wedding plans to a surge of new terms such as micro wedding and virtual wedding, couples are navigating uncharted territory while planning a micro wedding.

Were here to help.

Lucky for you, we have access to a carefully selected bunch of the worlds best wedding photographers, planners, florists, DJs, and more, who were eager to provide answers to all the burning questions about planning a micro wedding.

Wed Amongst The Red Rock Formations At Red Agave Adventure Resort

Paint the town red! Small ceremonies at the Red Agave Adventure Resort in Sedona, Arizona feature indescribable views of the states most iconic red rock formations, Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte. Scenery aside, this outdoor venue requires events of 30 or more to book the entire resort micro weddings of less than 30 must book a total of six chalets. Rates are $179/night for a studio and $279/night for a chalet.

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Iconic Harbourside Location For An Unforgettable Wedding

Only available: Friday 25 March 2022

Capacity: 35 people no vaccination requirement

This capacity limit includes everyone in attendance, the celebrant , the two people getting married, the two necessary witnesses, photographer, videographer, and guests.

Packages: Start from $1,049

Arriving at Luna Park will immediately put smiles on the faces of your guests!

Luna Park Venues is one of Sydneys most sought after wedding locations, offering elegant spaces with unrivalled vistas of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

Customize Your Micro Wedding Ideas Further With A Theme

Two Nurses say " I do"  to Small Micro Backyard wedding ...

Now you know exactly what a micro wedding is, along with plenty of ideas to help you plan it. You also know how to customize it for each season, how much it costs, and how to plan a simple one. Now, personalize your micro wedding further with affordable outdoor themes such as a backyard wedding or even a beach wedding.

Find the perfect wedding venue for your budget!

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Switch Up Your Wedding Menu

Although youll be feeding fewer guests, you might already be locked into a specific cost with your caterer. Even if you arent within your contract window, have fun and play with your food. Fewer people means you can do more for those you are feeding.

The following are some creative ideas for how to improve your wedding menu.

How Much Does A Micro Wedding Cost

Your micro wedding budget totally depends on you! For some couples, this is the chance to throw a stellar celebration on a tighter budget. The costs for a budget-friendly micro wedding tend to range from as low as $1,500 to $10,000. Thats significantly less than the traditional ceremony and reception, which is estimated to be more than $30,000 on average.

However, for some couples, a micro wedding is a chance to really maximize their dollars-per-guest rate. That means focusing and investing in the details of your wedding, and treating your guests like royalty.

Top-shelf alcohol, couture wedding apparel, and lavish floral arrangements are more possible to pull off with smaller wedding. A micro wedding allows for a luxurious experience for every wedding guest. At a large, traditional ceremony, you may have to skimp on certain elements, such as the food and drink, to stay on budget with your cost-per-guest rate.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, most couples who choose a micro wedding are still spending the same amount as a traditional ceremony. Theyre using the excess budget on luxury items, like high-end meals and Instagrammable venues.

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Micro Wedding Ideas For Winter

31. Have guests write their names with gold or silver paint pens on a mismatched set of Christmas ornaments instead of a wedding sign-in book.

32. Choose a venue with a fireplace and bring plenty of blankets for guests to snuggle up in and enjoy at your reception.

33. Include a large winter sled or wagon ride through the woods for one of your activities.

Micro Weddings On The Water

DIY iPhone WEDDING VIDEO | How to film your elopement or micro wedding using your smartphone

Here are some ideas for tying the knot on the water for your special micro wedding.

Charter a Yacht

One of the most posh ways to tie the knot on the water is to charter a private yacht. Nothing says luxury and style the same way a beautiful boat does, right? The Sail Luna presents a unique experience to get married in a gorgeous location on the boat of your dreams. This boat sails in the US Virgin Islands between October 15th and August 10th and is in Grenada and the Grenadines between August 10th and October 15th. This 2019 45-foot Lagoon catamaran has a professional captain and chef onboard to make your experience truly unforgettable. Not only will this provide an unforgettable experience for you and guests alike, but itll allow you privacy and a method of truly getting away from it all to bask in your wedding day.

Go on a Cruise

You can also choose to have your micro wedding on a cruise ship. This way, you and your guests can go on a vacation as you set sail towards your big day. Simply choose an itinerary, invite your guests, and pack your bags! In addition to tying the knot, youll have a built-in vacation that allows you to spend time with each other, enjoy the company of your guests, and make tons of memories together. Theres nothing quite as great as that, right?

Get Married on a Sailboat

Pick Your Favorite Dock

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What Is A Micro Wedding Exactly

A micro wedding is a unique celebration that combines the traditions of a full-blown wedding ceremony with a minimalist mentality. Its intimate, beautiful, and often budget-friendly.

Suppose youre someone who likes to honor traditions but is more comfortable with a bare-bones celebration than all the pomp and circumstance. In that case, a micro wedding may just the right fit for you.

A micro wedding typically has about 10 to 15 guests. Its small nature allows for complete flexibility when it comes to wedding venues. You can host a backyard ceremony, a mountaintop wedding, or choose any other venue that celebrates your unique style.

The venue for a micro wedding may be unconventional compared to those typically used for a bigger wedding, but that does not make it any less magical. In fact, a small party means the world is your oyster when it comes to finding an enchanting venue if your heart so desires.

A micro wedding can be just exchanging vows, but it can also be a full-blown reception and party. Your wedding is your special day the details are up to your imagination.

Question: How Do We Entertain Guests When There Arent Many Guests

Answer: Good news. There are many amazing solutions to your problem! As we mentioned before, a smaller guest count means you can spend a little more on other areas of your wedding. Consider ending your evening after a delicious meal. Hire special entertainment such as a bandor even a magician. A smaller guest count means you can think outside the box for entertainment opportunities.

Above all else, however, we want you to simply enjoy the company of your closest family and friends. Release the pressure to entertain themthey just want to spend quality time with you on your special day.

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Decide If You Want Diy Floral Displays Or A Florist

Although trying to create DIY centerpieces and other floral displays for a large wedding can seem like a recipe for disaster, its doable for a micro-wedding. If you enjoy getting crafty with flowers and foliage, consider making your own displays. Alternatively, you can always seek out a florist to help you develop a concept that matches your vision.

Micro Wedding Cake Ideas

Best 25+ Intimate weddings ideas on Pinterest

Note that having fewer guests means having less dessert. Get creative with your budget without wasting any leftovers.

19. Use a single-layer base.

Assume everyone will have at least one or two moderate slices of your wedding cake. Serve a 10 cake for guest lists of up to 35 people or a 12 cake if you plan to have as many as 50 guests.

20. Supplement with cupcakes.

Keep the cake for you, your partner, and your bridal party and serve matching cupcakes for the rest of your guests.

21. Serve nontraditional desserts.

For example, you may want to consider this creative cinnamon bun micro wedding cake or some other baked treat that is big enough to share yet unique enough to represent you and your partners tastes.

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Whats Included In A Micro Wedding

A micro wedding usually has all the standard facets of a traditional weddingjust on a smaller scale.

A micro wedding includes everything that you would expect to find at most weddings, but scaled down: a beautiful, intimate ceremony a festive celebration or reception afterward, Wohlers says. All the other details are up to the couple! Small gatherings mean you can make everything more personal for your guests and incorporate unique details that are meaningful to the newlyweds.

Food Beverage And Desserts

The bread and butter of any wedding reception are the food and drinks. As a couple, you should get on the same page about food and beverage expectations. Will your ceremony be more of an open-bar type reception or a dry wedding? Are you planning a dessert-only event or several courses? Food and drink are often the biggest per-guest spend, so a micro-wedding allows a lot more flexibility with your choices. Even if youre on a tight budget, youll be able to serve up some incredible food and a champagne toast for 10 to 15 peeps.

Your wedding menu is an area for imagination choose a beautiful wedding cake or opt for your favorite desserts instead. Create custom drinks or custom dishes for your guests.

If your reception is at a restaurant or bar, check to see if they have any specials, deals, or unique dishes for your wedding.

We do want to note, always double-check with your micro wedding venue on potential liquor or alcohol rules.

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What Kind Of Vendors Do You Need

  • Venues

When the pandemic first arrived at the beginning of 2020, it opened up the door to the beginnings of a rudimentary micro wedding trend: at the time, essentially, a no-frills wedding ceremony for 10-25 of your nearest and dearest . Now, with a year under our collective belts and restrictions poised to loosen for 2021, were seeing a big push toward small yet elegant combined reception-ceremonies that can accommodate anywhere between 10 to 50 guests. If this sounds like something thats more to your taste right now, youll be pleased to know that weve rounded up a handful of wedding venues offering micro wedding packages!

Ways To Have A Micro Wedding On The Water

Micro Four Thirds For Weddings? // How Did It Do?

BySara LeDuc on Nov 30, 2021

Micro weddings are more and more popular due to the evolving situation with COVID-19. Since couples are finding that small marriage celebrations allow them more flexibility and creativity than traditional weddings with a large guest list, there has been an influx of amazing ideas and inspiration of how to tie the knot that differs from the usual traditions. Read below to learn how you can have the micro wedding of your dreams on the water and say I do while enjoying the lull of the waves and scent of salt air.

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Micro Wedding Vs Minimony

Micro weddings are also similar to minimonies. The main difference, though, is that a minimony is a mini ceremony, with the intention of a larger wedding celebration later. A micro wedding is a one-and-done event.

Minimonies became a go-to choice for countless couples during the COVID-19 outbreak. The global pandemic flipped wedding plans upside down. Minimonies allowed couples to still get married at their original, planned date while pushing back the larger bash for a safer time.

A minimony is a commitment ceremony with typically less than 30 guests. The follow-up to the minimony is the full ceremony and reception, with a larger number of friends and family.

Your Wedding Food Options Just Got Better

If youre a foodie, a microwedding can give you the opportunity to share your love of food with your closest family and friends. With fewer guests, you can take the time to find your favorite restaurant to cater, or even have a fully sit-down dinner. If youre foregoing a traditional Chinese wedding banquet, you can consider customizing your microwedding menu to still include some traditional Chinese banquet dishes, such as lobster and chicken, or abalone. Dessert is another place you can express your style and creativity. Instead of a traditional cake, you can consider offering a selection of delicious Chinese traditional dessert items, from red bean soup to traditional bridal pastries.

The beauty of microweddings makes the saying less is more truer than ever. Micro-weddings have increased in popularity during this pandemic, so if a smaller wedding sounds appealing to you, know you are in good company.


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