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Where To Sell Old Wedding Dress

So Youd Rather Donate Your Wedding Dress

Mum’s Old 80’s Dress Or A Beautiful Brand New Wedding Dress? | Something Borrowed, Something New

Photo by Christine Grace Photography via Bridal Musings

Search specifically in your local area for any bridal shops that run off dress donations. While local thrift stores are a great option, places like Brides For A Cause sell donated dresses and raise funds for women-focused charities. While they may have specifics that they do or dont accept, its a great way to clear up space in your own closet.

With multiple locations on the west coast, they accept most gently loved gowns within the last 5 years. Dont live nearby? They accept gowns shipped in, too! About 80% of their net profit raised is donated to local and national women-focused charities. Theyll take care of cleaning for you, and provide you information for tax deductions as well.

They boast an exquisite, hand-selected collection of unique and designer pieces as well as rare and vintage gowns. About 30% of proceeds from each sale goes toward charities that empower women and end child marriage. So youre contributing to a more sustainable climate, and also sustainable change.

Where Are The Best Places To Sell The Dress

Thanks to the Internet, its easy and cost-effective to sell anything and everything from your wedding. Bought 100 votive holders or 25 tall cylinder vases for your centerpieces that youll never use again? Just pop on or a million other sites, and there are eager brides to take them off your hands. Probably the most expensive thing a bride will purchase that is easily recyclable is her wedding dress. Who hasnt seen a tired, old wedding dress at the Salvation Army? I always wonder if someone actually got married in it, or was it just purchased by a sketch actor or hipster? Either way, wedding dresses are big business.

Many websites accept gently worn and vintage wedding dresses, so selling yours might actually be easier than you think. After you receive an estimate of your dresss value, you can sell it on the website . The site reports that the average dress sells within 70 days.

In fact, selling your dress online might be the way to go. With an online listing, your chances of finding someone to buy your dress are higher, simply because women across the country will be able to see it. Other websites that make selling wedding gowns easy include, and, which lets you list your wedding dress for free after you create an account. Just dont forget to post plenty of pictures!

Tips For Selling Online

Selling online offers many benefits and can be a lot easier than selling in person. You have access to a nationwide audience, which increases the chance of someone liking your dress and buying it for the price you want.

Online sites also offer selling and shipping assistance and seller protection. Some sites even handle any refunds that may happen if the dress is returned and let you keep the money you earned from the sale.

The disadvantage of selling online is that competition is stronger. Because there are more dresses for people to choose from, it may take longer to sell your dress. You also usually wont meet your buyer in person, so they are more likely to return your dress and request a refund if it doesnt fit or look right.

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Spend Time On The Photographs

You wouldnât click on a blurry, badly-cropped photograph, so donât expect other online shoppers to! Take your photographs in a well-lit area using the best camera available to you, and make sure to get a full-length photo of the front and back of the dress, plus close-ups of any details. Pictures with models tend to do better, so itâs a good idea recruit the help of a pal, either to take the photos, or be your model, you can always include one of your own wedding photos that shows off the dress too.

Make Sure To Include Photos

2016 The Best Selling vintage Sweetheart Wedding Dresses ...

The most important thing you can do to market your dress is to include quality photos, advises Richardson. Include photos from your wedding so brides can see how it photographs and envision how it might look on their own big day. Plus, most gowns look better on a body than they do on a hanger. If you dont feel comfortable showcasing your wedding photos, make sure to include some shots of the dress on your body so other brides can get an idea of how the fabric lays.

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Is It Bad Luck To Sell Your Wedding Dress

Are you contemplating selling your wedding dress but worried it might be bad luck? There are quite a few differing opinions around this matter on both sides some say yes, while others say no. Most brides could never imagine selling their wedding dress at first thought, especially if they have yet to wear it. However, others may see it more of an investment that once the fun has been had and the memories have been made, they are then willing to part with their dress.

Whether you are thinking of selling your dress or know you want to keep it forever, its really up to you as to whether or not YOU think its bad luck to sell your wedding dress.

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Sell It For The Right Price

It can be hard to know how much to sell your wedding dress for, but here at Hitched wed recommend you follow these rough guidelines

  • If your dress is less than three years old and has been worn once, charge 50% of the RRP.
  • If your dress is less than three years old but has not been worn, charge 75% of the RRP.
  • If your dress is older than three years old, youll want to drop a further 10-20% off those recommended percentages.

If your dress is vintage, in theory, you should be able to sell it on for the price you paid for it. That said, if you choose to sell your wedding dress on eBay or similar, you might want to reduce the price to attract your buyers.

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Sell Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress may not be just another piece of fabric,but some brides are just not that emotionally attached to it. If you are a girlthat prefers looking into the future than looking back, it might be a good ideato sell your bridal gown. Selling your wedding dress is a great way to recoupsome money after your wedding. Your first instinct might tell you to list it oneBay or Craigslist, but we suggest that you take look at some of the websitesspecialized in selling used wedding dresses like orPreownedWeddingDresses. These sellers make it easy for you to list it online,where thousands of potential brides have access to it.

Verdict: Use Online Resources Or Wedding Resale Websites To Sell Your Wedding Dress

Ollie’s selling discount wedding dresses for a limited time
In conclusion, we recommend selling your wedding dress online above selling locally. Why?

Online wedding dress resale sites are the most convenient way to resell your wedding dress. Listing a secondhand wedding dress for sale online opens you up to a much wider audience of potential buyers. This creates more competition and a greater possibility of getting more money for your used wedding gown.

So if you want to sell your wedding dress fast and get the best possible price to recoup your investment, use one of the recommended sites above! Whether your heart is set on a Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta or a Monique Lhullier, you are sure to score a deal, or at least recoup your costs by taking advantage of a wedding dress marketplace like the ones listed above.

So tell us are you thinking of selling your wedding dress after the big day?

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Share The Hell Out Of Your Listing

Once your listing is live, send it to friends, family members and anyone who will help spread the word. You may not think that you have a large enough following or friend pool to warrant posting it to Instagram or Facebook, but if you’re anything like us, there are tonnes of brides-to-be in your social circle! Look on Facebook for groups that might be relevant, and use hashtags to help attract brides on Instagram.

Ready to spend your wedding dress profits? You’ll find lots of inspiration in our travel section!

Buying Wedding Dresses And Bridal Gowns

Were a marketplace where youll find hundreds of new and secondhand wedding dresses and bridal gowns for sale direct from brides and leading boutiques, and featuring top dress designer names such as Essense of Australia, Maggie Sottero, Pronovias, Mori Lee and many more. View the wedding dress listings by designer.

Its simple to contact the seller of the dress by secure private message and find out all you need to know, then agree a price for the sale and youre well on the way to securing your bridal dress.

Want to know more? Take a look at our FAQs and style guide to help you choose the perfect fit.

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The Best Places To Sell Your Wedding Dress Online

More about Stillwhite: is the worlds largest wedding dress resale marketplace. Sellers have already earned over $20 million through the platform.

I love how easy it is to list your dress. It only takes a few minutes and youre guided through the entire process. With the in-built messaging system, buyers and sellers can chat and exchange photos safely without sharing personal contact details and worrying about scams. When youve found a buyer, simply connect your PayPal account for secure payment. The best bit is you get to keep 100% of the sale when your dress sells unlike some of the other sites.

Selling wedding dresses is easier than you think with Stillwhites simple flat fee of $20 for a standard listing! So join thousands of newlyweds and turn your once-loved wedding gown into another brides something borrowed by posting it on

More about Nearly Newlywed:Nearly Newlywed is definitely our favorite destination for selling your wedding dress online. Not only is the site incredibly inspirational, but its also super user-friendly, transparent, and makes the process oh-so-simple! saves you time and hassle by fielding messages from potential buyers as well as handling the shipping. Its the modern, on-the-go brides go-to hack for reselling your wedding dress.

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Is It Best To Sell My Wedding Dress Locally Or Online

In love with this vintage wedding dress with union tag I ...

There are clear benefits to both selling online and selling locally. If you choose to sell online, you gain access to a nationwide audience, which increases the chance of someone liking your dress. Of course, the competition is also stronger.

Selling online also means you wont have to meet someone in person. This can be a positive if you are busy or dont want to deal with strangers. Many sites provide you with some form of selling assistance, whether through payments, dealing with shipping and returns, or advertising your dress.

Selling locally has its benefits too. Sites such as Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are entirely free to use, so you keep all the profits. Additionally, you dont have to worry about your dress getting lost during shipping, because youll physically meet up with the person buying the dress.

Meeting up in person also allows the buyer to both see and try the dress on. This can increase the chances that they will be happy with their purchase and less likely to request a refund.

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Best Places To Sell A Wedding Dress Online And Locally

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Wedding dresses are often the most expensive item of clothing many people ever buy. And why not? Brides want to look their best on their wedding day.

Wedding dresses often hold immense sentimental value. However, their high worth also means they are a popular item to sell when people want to earn some extra cash.

What you may not know is that there is a substantial market for used wedding dresses, and they hold their value remarkably well often selling for up to 60% of their retail price.

The biggest choice to make when selling a dress is whether to sell online or locally. Each option has pros and cons.

Here is our list of the best places to sell wedding dresses online and locally.

In this article

Buy Or Sell Locally In A County Near You

Since Bride2bride is a marketplace of local listings, you can search for a bride selling her dress near you. Cut down on travel, avoid problems with postage and find a local seller using our search tools to see dresses for sale near your town, city or country and within a few miles radius of your home.

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Give A Detailed Description Of The Dress

Be thorough in describing your dress – give the correct measurements , name the designer or brand, the model name or number, and the fabric, and mention whether it’s been worn and/or professionally cleaned. Keywords are important for anyone Googling and searching dress sights for particular dresses, so keep in mind what you’d be searching for in your description.

How To Sell Your Wedding Dress To Make Cash Fast

Ollie’s selling $199 wedding gowns: really?

For a few months, Ive been thinking of selling my used wedding dress. But why would I want to do that?

Well, It has been seating in a beautiful box for more than 3 years, and to be honest, I do not think somebody in my family will want to use it besides I do not have a daughter.

Then, I asked myself why do not consider selling my beautiful Spanish style wedding gown this way I will be helping a bride to save money on a beautiful wedding dress, and at the same time, I will be earning some cash.

Although I know I will not recover all the money paid for that dress, for sure I will get enough to buy something sweet for me.

I know for many women it is not easy to make this decision for sentimental reasons which I totally respect. But, since this is not my case and I guess I have valid reasons to sell my wedding gown, is that I did my homework looking for the best places where I can sell my wedding dress.

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