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What To Wear To A Hawaiian Wedding

A Guide To Beach Wedding Attire For Guests

Hawaiian Luau Attire for a Bride at Her Renewal Wedding Ceremony : The Wedding Dress

// by Cynthia //

This is the ultimate guide to beach wedding attire for guests! After reading this, youll know exactly what to wear to a beach wedding whether its casual, semi-formal, or formal. Not only are we decoding the dress code, but were also sharing the best colors, fabrics, and shoes to complete your beach wedding guest outfit! After you read these tips, make sure you check out this gallery of gorgeous beach wedding dresses for guests to get ideas of what you can wear, and find retailers that sell affordable beach wedding guest outfits.

Have you just opened up an invitation to learn that youve been invited to a beach ceremony? While this may be exciting, it may also leave you scratching your head wondering what to wear to a beach wedding? There are a few ground rules you should follow in order to look great, remain comfortable, yet formal enough for this non-traditional wedding.

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Forever Leis And Decorations For A Hawaii Theme Wedding

Lifelike silk leis, shell leis, kukui nut leis, lifelike silk plumeria blooms, and lifelike silk plumeria garland strands make great keepsakes from your wedding. Forever leis and lifelike decorations are a more economical option than fresh leis and fresh decorations which require special packaging and expensive express shipping.

Great ideas for using forever leis and decorations are:

* Wear the forever leis for your wedding rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and/or wedding. Forever leis are available for the neck, head, wrists, and ankles.

* Use lifelike silk plumeria blooms for your flower girl to drop, sprinkle on ground where you will exchange vows, decorate tables, decorate cake boxes or favor boxes, use for flower toss instead of a rice toss.

* Use lifelike silk plumeria garland strands to line the isle the bride will be walking down, to create a circle of flowers where you will exchange vows, on chairs, on trellises, fences, alters, etc.

* After the wedding, drape your forever wedding leis around a from your wedding.* After the wedding, create a shadowbox with keepsakes from your wedding including the forever leis.

* Do a lei exchange with your forever leis every anniversary to relive your special day and recommit your love.

* Have a luau to celebrate your 1st Anniversary and wear your forever wedding leis to your celebration.

Muumuu Or Loose Fitting Dresses

A muumuu dress is a loose fitting dress that is flattering to nearly everyone. However, brides on the short side should look for slightly more body-skimming designs so they won’t be overwhelmed. Look for one with ruffles at the shoulders or hemline. They often come in prints featuring hibiscus and other native plants and flowers.

  • Purchase the White Hibiscus Ruffle Shoulder Muumuu from Aloha Funwear if you want a slightly more body-conscious option. The body is more fitted but it still has a ruffle bottom and ruffled shoulders. Get it in sizes XS to 3XL starting at $100+.
  • The Noelani Traditional Ruffle Dress from Jade Fashion features a ruffled collar, sleeve, and bottom. A short train and loose-fitting cotton means this is the ultimate in comfort. It comes in sizes S to 4XL, starting around $140+.
  • The Ruffled Wedding Hawaiian Muumuu, available at Hawaiian Wedding Place, is another comfortable option for brides sizes S through 3XL. It’s an affordable option for $80-90. It features cap sleeves, neckline ruffle, and matching hem ruffle.

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White High Low Sleeveless Babydoll Hawaiian Wedding Dress

A lot of time, a Hawaiian style wedding dress is a simple plain short dress. What makes the overall outfit Hawaiian style is actually the floral headband that is made of Hawaiian flowers. For example, to achieve this look, you can wear a white midi babydoll high low wedding dress. Wear a floral headband to look very cheerful.

Beach Wedding Attire For Female Guests

Hawaiian Leis White Wedding Ruffled Dress

Below is a collection of beautiful beach wedding dresses for guests. We love all of these dresses because they are the ideal length, colors, and fabrics to keep you looking and feeling great as a beach wedding guest. Click the arrow on the right to see more images. When you find something you like, click on it for more details.

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What To Wear To A Hawaii Wedding Grooms Edition

May 14, 2018

There are many shows, bridal magazines and blogs that help brides find the perfect dress for any occasion, but what about the grooms? Many find it challenging figuring out what to wear and to find just the right look at a more non-traditional Hawaii Wedding. Well, we are here to help you get just the right look for you! We want you to look amazing at your Oahu Wedding!

The great thing about a beach wedding is you can make it as casual or formal as you want! The main rule for grooms is to be at the same level of dress as your bride. If your bride is wearing a formal gown, khaki shorts and a button-down shirt are going to look underdressed next to her. Conversely, If she is wearing a simple cotton dress and you show up in a tux, you are going to look like you are trying to upstage her (maybe you are, but thats between you two!

What To Wear To A Wedding: Mens Outfits For Every Dress Code & Seasonfrom The Beach To The Ballroom We Have Every Ceremony Covered

Its undoubtedly awesome to get an invite to a wedding. Theres a little partying, some music, an open barthe works. But unless youre the groom or the best man, theres always the underlying question: What are you supposed to wear? When youre not the one getting hitched, theres a lot of gray area when it comes to figuring out a surefire ensemble. However, with a little consideration and a little know-how, you can figure out a perfect, stylish, and appropriate look for any wedding, no matter how casual or fancy. Consider these tips and tricks the next time youre invited to a wedding and youll be good to go!

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Hawaiian Wedding Etiquettes You Must Follow For A Perfect Wedding

So you are planning for your once-in-a-lifetime event in Hawaii that surely needs special considerations for many of the aspects. Besides the incessant stress for gifts, guests, and all imperative parts that make it complete, it also needs due consideration and time for the best Hawaii elopement.

Well, if you are wondering about wedding etiquettes in Hawaii, then you are surely at the right place. We have compiled up a narrow list covering all-important dos & donts you must follow to plan your special day the most romantic place.


The wedding ceremony is the basic & major consideration you must take care of. Lei flower is the traditional Hawaiian flower that symbolizes the respect & love. The bride & the groom both wear it along with the wedding members. Usually, they exchange it in the ceremonial beginnings at Hawaii wedding venues and resorts.


Amid all outfits, usually casual wear is preferred, the groom in aloha shirt and bride in loose gowns. However, they can prefer wearing formal outfits too. You will get more clarifications further in this article.

Symbolic Traditions

There are a good majority of traditions followed in Hawaiian wedding Oahu. Amid all those, one is a koa wood bowl tradition in the ring ceremony. With a ti leaf, the bowl is dipped in water and then its water is sprinkled over rings, thus giving love & peace message.

Lavish Feast


Essential Tips for Choosing Bride & Grooms Wedding Attire!

Formal Wear- Tuxedos and Gowns

Beach Wedding Attire For Male Guests

Tips on Choosing Hawaiian Beach Wedding Dresses : Wedding Dress Advice

Check out these beach wedding outfits for men. Theres a lot of variety here, so make sure you click the arrow on the right to see more photos. If you see an outfit you like, click on the image for more details.

I hope these tips on what guests should wear to a beach wedding were helpful. Just consider the sights, sounds, and temperatures that will surround you on the beach in order to select an outfit that will not only make you look great but feel great too. Do you have more tips or questions about guest beach wedding attire? Id love to hear from you in the comment box below.

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Hawaii Outfits For Men

Men have it pretty easy when thinking about what to pack to Hawaii. Hawaii outfits for men are pretty simple think short and t-shirts in the day. Shorts and a polo shirt, short sleeved shirt or Hawaiian shirt in the evening. Throw in some sports gear for golf or hiking, swim trunks, sandals and swim trunks and youll have all you need to pack! Theres no need to worry about what to wear in Hawaii men!

Semi Formal Wedding Attire

What is semi formal attire?

Semi formal is the type of dress that is considered more relaxed and is less traditional than, lets say, a black tuxedo or a formal ball gown.

When couples put the words semi formal dress on their wedding invitation, it is a clue that theyd like you to dress up but not to the nines! This means dress up for the party, but no need for a ballgown and definitely no tuxedo.

Why should you follow a semi-formal wedding dress code? Why not wear whatever youd like?

You should follow the proper dress code because its a polite thing to do and etiquette-wise, it is the right thing to do. 🙂 The couple is throwing the party, and they are the hosts it is polite to wear proper dress, especially when it is indicated on the invitation.

Another reason why it is a good idea to wear semi formal wedding attire is that you wont be more dressed up than the couple. If the bride and groom are planning a wedding in a less formal style, the bride will likely wear a nice dress and the groom will likely wear a suit.

If you show up in a ball gown or a tuxedo, youll upstage the couple or youll feel awkward being the fanciest dressed person in the room.

I think everyone remembers that episode where Jim wears a tuxedo to The Office to impress his new boss remember how that went over? Not so well. )

Anyway, heres how to dress for a semi formal wedding.

by kerratika

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What Shoes Should I Wear To A Destination Wedding

Find out what kind of ground youll be on , if youre in a ballroom, anything goes.

I love wedges for outdoor weddings because you dont have to worry about grass or sand getting in the way of you having a great time and theyre SO much more comfortable. These ones from Tamara Mellon are my go-tos.

I love investing in a pair of good, comfy nude heels because they go with every dress, so I can wear them wedding after wedding after wedding!

I always go for chunky heels when I know there will be a lot of dancing, SO much more comfortable.

Floral Print Fit And Flare Midi Hawaiian Wedding Dress

Hawaiian wedding dresses plus size (2019)

This is a very colorful dress that is not a very typical wedding dress. But imagine that you can add that to your wedding photoshoot. It will add a lot of color and cheerfulness to the set of photo. Anyway, to achieve this look, wear a white, yellow and blue floral printed fit and flare midi Hawaiian wedding dress. Pair the dress with pale pink open toe heels.

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Beach Wedding Attire For Women

Beach wedding guest dresses and jumpsuits should be colorful and breezy, whether you’ll be watching the vows outdoors on the coast or inside a resort. Here, we’ve rounded up the best beach wedding attire for women. You’ll find bright mini dresses, loose midis and trendy rompers you can certainly wear again. Browse our editor-approved picks below.

This figure-flattering midi dress is ideal for the beach. With a large floral pattern and a ruffle neckline, you’ll be comfortable and fashion-forward.

Show Me Your Mumu Jess ruffle midi dress in Mint to Be Floral, $198,

Scallops are a staple of beach style. In a bright coral shade, your look will embody summer. Plus, the large buttons down the front of the dress are an of-the-moment trend.

City Chic scallop button dress in Coral, $109,

Lilly Pulitzer is synonymous with colorful, resort-ready styles. Go for a bright pink maxi dress to embrace a tropical wedding venue. Pair it with gold jewelry to make this dress work for a formal party.

Lilly Pulitzer Aida ruffle maxi dress in Love Potion Pink, $258,

This bright mini dress is great for a formal beach wedding. Ruffles and a scallop trim are tropical details that help make the look formal and fun. Pair it with woven sandals or a bright clutch to accessorize.

Mestiza New York off-the-shoulder tiered ruffle mini dress in Yellow, $524,

Draper James sleeveless midi love circle dress in Nassau Navy, $150,

What Do People Wear To Weddings In Hawaii

Dresses in a more casual style are usually worn by brides, while more formal gowns are usually worn by bridesmaids.For his groomsmen, slacks and a button down are a good choice.The inclusion of bow tie, vest, or suspenders in lieu of jackets is even more formal and interesting.You can check out our post to find out what to wear at a Hawaii wedding with groom attire.

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Essential Tips For Choosing Your Grooms Hawaii Beach Wedding Attire

So you convinced the girl of your dreams to marry you in paradise, lets make sure youre wearing the appropriate groom beach wedding attire! Never fear, we have some suggestions that will knock the love of your lifes socks off First, we want to congratulate you on making such an amazing decision to get married. Second, we want to help you look your perfect 10 for your wedding day! Making your bride happy on your wedding day is the very first step. A sure way to get her smiling is to rock the perfect groom beach wedding attire for you! We know this can be a daunting topic, so here are a few tips.

What The Experts Say

Tips on Choosing Hawaiian Beach Wedding Dresses : Wedding Dress Advice

Despite the seemingly simple nature of this discussion, color and psychology experts have also weighed in on what colors should and should not be worn to weddings and why that may be.

Were going to explore the rich history behind wedding customs, where they came from, and why color is so important at weddings today.

To start, in Clare Finnells dissertation on the subject entitled A History and Analysis of Weddings and Wedding Planning, she goes into great detail on the origins of current cultural traditions for Western weddings.

Originally, the idea of the traditional western wedding originated in Medieval Europe. Finnell explains that At the time, what we now think of as a wedding was typically just a nice feast, not necessarily even one with decorations or special outfits unless the couple was very wealthy, in which case occasionally new or matching outfits would be worn for the wedding during this time period.

As Finnell stated, color was not even an issue in early Western weddings. So, when did it become so important?

Indeed, the major concern of early weddings was security. Finnell goes on to explain that the groomsmen were originally knights whose job it was to protect the bride from potential kidnappings. Thankfully we dont have to worry about that in modern times.

Knights were the original groomsmen at weddings.

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