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What To Wear To A Court Wedding

How To Make Your Courthouse Wedding Or Civil Ceremony Special

What to Wear to a Courthouse Wedding

Wedding Francis Lola

Ready to do this?! If youre thinking about getting married at the courthouse, CONGRATS! Contrary to popular opinion, a courthouse wedding isnt just a methodological process of making it official. Its a meaningful way to get married. Of course, youre likely to have a few questions like what is a civil ceremony? And what to wear to a courthouse wedding? We hear you.

Before we get started, lets jump into that first question:

What Is A Courthouse Wedding

A courthouse wedding is also known as a civil wedding or civil ceremony. It is a nonreligious ceremony that allows you to legally marry your partner. There is less emphasis on the pomp and circumstance of the event. The focus is on the couple joining in matrimony.

With a courthouse wedding, there tend to be less than ten guests. All in all, a courthouse wedding can be done in less than ten minutes.

It also doesnt require any of the customs we usually associate with a wedding. You dont need a sermon, you dont have to say vows, and you dont have to exchange rings. You can of course choose to do whichever of these customs you want to, but they are not legal requirements. Basically, a courthouse wedding can be customized to suit your needs.

Courthouse weddings are presided over by a legal official, such as a judge or court clerk. The Justice of the Peace may say a few words. Then you, your partner, and your witnesses are required to sign the marriage license. After that, youre married!

Best Bridal Suit: Reformation Kinsale Set

Courtesy of Reformation

Size Range: 0-12 | Length: Full-Length | Shipping: Free shipping | Return policy: Full refund within 30 days

Channel some of the most iconic celeb courthouse wedding fits with this bridal suit from Reformation. The wide-leg pant and oversized blazer is a chic and fashion-forward twist on tradition.

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+ Outfits To Wear For A Court Marriage

General, Planning, TWB Ideas

There was a time when court weddings were considered uneventful, and dare we say, boring. But those days are long gone now. With more and more couples making a conscious decision towards saving themselves all the hassle of a big fat Indian wedding, court marriages have become incredibly chic in recent years. From real-life fashion-forward brides like Emily Ratsjkowski to fictional ones like Carrie Bradshawthere are plenty of role models to look up to.

And now with the fear of Covid-19 still looming over us, intimate court marriages are becoming more and more common. Court weddings are also becoming popular with several Gen-Z and eco-conscious couples whod rather forgo a large affair in favor of an understated ceremonysomething that is quaint, personal, and eco-friendly at the same time. Planning a courthouse wedding but dont know whats appropriate to wear? Dont worry, we have you covered. From chic sarees to powerful pantsuitshere are 10+ outfits that you can wear on your big day. The best part? You can add them to your cart right now!

12 Handbags For Wedding Outfits

Im having a courthouse wedding, and I am not sure if I ...

Great for a spring or summer wedding, this blue-and-white ensemble, accented with navy, is refreshing and different. While I love a floral dress, sometimes its nice to see a deviation from regular spring wedding attire. In this case, the look is all about simplicity. And the accessories really stand out, as well as the footwear. These striped heels echo the slim stripes on the dress, and is perfectly complemented by the navy blue, gold-accented purse. Add some red lipstick and diamond stud earrings and you have yourself a lovely look!

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Do Consider Your Footwear

Weddings offer the perfect excuse to get dressed up, and wed recommend you take it with both hands. Unless you have specific problems or concerns, Lucy recommends no trainers, flip-flops or heavy boots. Not only are they too casual for such a special occasion, but the latter two are notoriously noisy, especially in echoing halls and churches.

A classic court shoe, the kind favoured by Kate Middleton, is our top pick. Buying a pair in a neutral hue like nude, tan or silver is a smart investment. Theyll coordinate with any colour of clothing you choose, and can be re-worn for other weddings and occasions to max out your cost-per-wear. If you struggle to walk in high heels, look to block heels or wedges instead for extra stability. There are plenty of pretty flats on the high-street too. Choose a pair with a pointed toe for effortless elegance and to create the illusion of longer legs.

New Look Cream Pointed Stiletto Heel Court Shoes | RRP: £19.99

Zara Flat Mules with Rhinestones | RRP: £59.99

There are plenty of fancy flats out there proving you dont have to wear heels to feel dressed up. The slingback design on these mules means they will stay put whilst the rhinestone detailing adds a glamorous finish.

VIEW NOW £59.99 | Zara

Best Wedding Guest Handbags For This Year

The best handbag for a wedding outfit is one that coordinates well with the rest of your attire isnt overly big is a little fancier than your everyday purse, and has some embellishment or detailing that elevates it to semi-formal status. But before you relegate yourself to diamante encrusted clutches, keep in mind that a summer wedding differs greatly from a winter wedding, and what you wear to each will vary! So a bamboo birdcage purse or a rattan-style bag can work for a summer wedding outfit but definitely not a winter one. Keep this in mind as you go through these pictures!

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What To Do After Your Courthouse Wedding

A courthouse wedding doesnt have too much pomp and circumstance and can be over quite quickly! Most people plan something special to do after the ceremony.

There isnt one right way to celebrate your wedding. You can enjoy a reception at a restaurant, head off on your honeymoon immediately, or book a hotel room for the night . Choose something fun that both of you would like to do to make your wedding day memorable.

11 Wedding Guest Handbags

Courthouse wedding : The donts and I dos

Designer bags are a popular choice for many wedding guests. After all, how often do we get the chance to really dress up and show off our love of handbags? If you have a brand-name purse or designer bag you have been dying to show off, now is your time! For this look, we see a calfskin brown crossbody purse paired with a ruffled mini dress. The effect of the brown against the two neutral tones of the dress is simply stunning.

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My Toddler And I Were Kicked Out Of A Family Members Wedding Because The Bride Didnt Want My Daughter To Wear A Tiara

  • 12:54 ET, Feb 15 2022

ALTHOUGH weddings are supposed to be joyous occasions about love and family, we know that thats not always the case.

If you have a bridezilla on your hands, these events often become filled with drama.

One woman shared an experience she had with a bride who threw a fit when she didnt get her way.

Posting to Reddit, the 32-year-old woman explained that her four-year-old daughter, who shes calling Chloe, has a fascination with princesses, tiaras, and pink dresses.

Recently, the womans male cousin invited her and Chloe to his wedding.

Chloe was excited because she got to dress up and stay dressed up the entire time. She also couldnt wait to see the brides dress.

She asked if she could wear her princess tiara and I said of course.

Although the mother and daughter got to the wedding on time, the ceremony was delayed.

Most Romantic: Bronx And Banco Saba Blanc Midi Dress

Courtesy of Revolve

Size Range: XS-XL | Length: Midi | Shipping: Free shipping | Return policy: Full refund within 60 days

If you are deciding on a courthouse wedding, but still want a fairytale dress, opt for this design from Bronx and Banco. Mesh fabric with lace trim and floral applique make up this midi dress fit for a princess.

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Make An Appointment Or Nominate A Day

Depending on the city or county, you may be able to make an appointment for your ceremony in advance. If you’re able to do so, know that in some cases there may be a significant wait to secure an appointment. If you’re not able to make an appointment with the city hall, you’ll need to nominate a day to arrive and wait for your turn for your ceremony. If you’re hoping for a weekend wedding date, it may be a challenge to find a courthouse offering the appointment you desire. “Most courthouses will provide services Monday through Friday, but it is best to check with your local courthouse,” Jeatran advises.

Your marriage license is only valid for a period of time, so think backward from your civil ceremony date to when you got your license to be sure you’re within the time frame.

What To Wear To A Courthouse Wedding As A Guest

12 Tips for an Amazing Courthouse Wedding

If youve been asked to attend a courthouse wedding or elopement, you might be wonder what to wear to a courthouse wedding as a guest.

So, what is appropriate for a guest to wear to a courthouse wedding? The best attire for a courthouse wedding as a guest is business attire. You should dress the same way as the people who work in the courthouse which generally means a dress or skirt, slacks, button-down shirt, or a business suit. Formal attire is not necessary.

Here are some examples of what to wear to a courthouse wedding as a guest and why you should dress appropriately for the occasion.

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What To Look For In A Wedding Suit

Just like wedding dresses, bridal suits come in a wide range of styles and silhouettes to complement every bridal aestheticbe it clean and classic or laidback and bohemian. When it comes to picking out the perfect bridal suit, style and fit are the most important factors to take into consideration. Do you want a silhouette that’s structured, sleek, and architectural? Or maybe you’re looking for something more laidback or romantic? Once you’ve nailed down what you wantand what silhouette works best for your body typeyou can turn your attention to other fun tailoring details like lapel styles, fabric types, and embellishments.

  • What is a bridal suit?

    A bridal suit typically consists of a blazer or jacket and a pair of matching pants, shorts, or skirt. A bridal suit makes for a stylish alternative to a traditional wedding dress but can also be worn to all of your other parties from your engagement party to your rehearsal dinner and beyond.

  • Can I wear a bridal suit to my wedding?

    Absolutely! Wedding suits for brides have become increasingly popular with many brides choosing to wear one for their ceremony or as a second look.

  • What are the types of bridal suits?

    Some styles are structured and tailored while others are more casual and loose-fitting. Bridal suits also come in a wide array of colors from bridal whites to pastels and can boast details like allover beading and lace panels.

Opt For Soft Satin Materials

Satin is the ideal material for wedding guest outfits. Featuring delicate satin and a dusky blue hue, this satin midi dress is the perfect choice for an upcoming summer wedding.

Sitting just below the knee, this one was most definitely cut to flatter. Team with nude court shoes and an embellished clutch for a simple yet elegant look. The best bit? This dress can be revamped again and again with small accessory switch-ups. Trust us, this is a number that will never get lost in the back of your wardrobe.

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Guest Courthouse Wedding Attire Ideas

Choose a dress or skirt that is classy and timeless. If you wouldnt wear it to church, you probably shouldnt wear it to a courthouse wedding.

Remember, just because its a courthouse wedding doesnt mean it isnt a happy and exciting event. Wearing colors that match the season the wedding is in is a great idea!

Here are some appropriate dress and skirt ideas that guests can wear to a courthouse wedding.

You could also wear a nice blouse with slacks or a pantsuit. These are common business attire options that look classy and dressy.

Here are some appropriate blouse, pants, and pantsuit ideas that guests can wear to a courthouse wedding.

When it comes to which shoes to wear, you might want to consider wearing flats or soft-soled shoes. Some people have commented that heels in a courthouse is too loud and draws attention. If in doubt, stick with flats.

Here are some appropriate shoe ideas that guests can wear to a courthouse wedding.

As for mens courthouse wedding guest attire, a button-down shirt or polo with a pair of business slacks or dress pants is the perfect combo. He shouldnt feel required to wear a tie but can if he wants to.

Here are some appropriate mens clothing ideas that guests can wear to a courthouse wedding.

Best Separates: Reformation Linen Top And Skirt

Starting to plan my Courthouse Wedding!!!

Courtesy of Reformation

Size Range: 0-12 | Length: Midi | Shipping: Free shipping | Return policy: Full refund within 30 days

Summer weddings call for bridal separates and lightweight fabrics. If this two-piece set from Reformation feels too casual for your courthouse nuptials, it could easily be worn to your bridal shower or on your honeymoon.

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Where To Buy Handbags For Wedding Outfits

While I wont be linking every purse featured in todays post, I wanted to include a short list of places where you can find beautiful wedding-approved handbags, as well as a favorite pick from each. I know how frustrating it is when looking for a particular item not knowing where to start or what places to look so hopefully this cuts down some of the guesswork for you!

  • Kate Spade. When it comes to beautiful clutches and small purses, few beat out Kate Spade. I love this beautiful burgess court chain clutch that will elevate any wedding outfit instantly.
  • COACH Outlet. Nothing beats a classic Coach clutch, and the Anna Foldover Crossbody Clutch is proof.
  • DSW. I love an affordable option and this DSW crossbody bag, which comes in three colors, is just perfection.
  • Neiman Marcus. Home to dozens of high-end designer-labeled bags, there is a lot to choose from at Neiman Marcus, but I think the Flora Bella La Paz Clutch Bag is just darling as well as the Marc Jacobs Colorblock Leather Chain Crossbody Bag, which pairs with pretty much anything.
  • Nordstrom. Nordstrom is another place that has lots of options but you might have to do a little digging to find wedding-level clutches or purses. I really like the Aneka Pleated Shine Clutch as well as the Stripe Envelope Clutch.

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