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Wedding Gift Thank You Card Wording

Dont Blow Your Last Bit Of Budget

Wedding Thank You cards wording – What do I say?

If you are concerned about blowing the last of your wedding budget on elaborate thank you notes then there is no need to worry a budget friendly option that still looks great would be to send wedding thank you postcards, saving you money on the cost of envelopes.

If you havent ordered your wedding thank you cards yet, the Hitched wedding stationery section has a stunning selection of , or for pretty handmade cards browse our directory of local wedding stationery suppliers.

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Saying Thanks For A Gift When Someone Could Not Attend

Some guests wont have been able to make your big day. You can still send a thank you to those who sent gifts anyway. Use the wedding thank you wordings here to show your appreciation to those unable to attend.

Dear ______,

We are very sorry you couldnt make the wedding. You were sorely missed. We were touched to find the gift you sent. It was so thoughtful and we really do appreciate it.

Our kindest regards,


Dear _______,

Thank you for sending such a thoughtful gift even though you couldnt make the ceremony. It wasnt the same without you there. Im sure well catch up soon though.

Many thanks again,


Thank You Message To Guests Who Traveled Far

When a guest has traveled to celebrate your wedding day, they deserve a special shout-out in their wedding thank you card message! Here are some thank you card examples for guests who had to travel to share in your special day:


  • Thank you so much for traveling such a long distance to share in our wedding day! We know it took extra effort for you to be there, and we want you to know how much that meant to us.
  • Thank you for making the trip to celebrate our wedding with us. We could not be more grateful for your presence!
  • It meant the world to us that you traveled to see us on our wedding day! Seeing your face in the crowd as we shared our vows truly meant everything to us.

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General Thank You Message

Its true: You can write a general thank-you message without veering into generic thank you note territory! A general thank you message is always appropriate, especially for guests with whom you and your new spouse may not be particularly close, like friends or co-workers of your parents or very extended family.

Again, its important when writing a general thank you note for wedding guests that the message is still heartfelt and true to your personal voice. Here are some examples of general wording for wedding thank you cards that adhere to those guidelines:


  • Thank you for celebrating our wedding day with us! We are so grateful for your love and support as we embark on this new chapter in our lives together.
  • Thank you for making our wedding day so special! We were so thrilled to have you in attendance.
  • We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing our wedding day with us.

List Your Gifts As You Open Them

Wedding Thank You Card Wording Samples and Etiquettes

You want your wedding thank you notes to be personal so write down who gave you which gift as you open them. That way you can thank them specifically rather than thanking for ‘the gift’. It’s also nice to include a brief sentence about how you used the gift, for example: “Thank you so much for the towels! They go with our bathroom décor perfectly.”

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Thank You Note For Gift Off The Registry

Dear Alex and Emily,

Thank you so much for the waffle iron! Elizabeth loves waking up to the smell of waffles every Saturday morning. Were so happy you could come to the wedding and share such an important moment of our lives with us. You both should come over to our new house soon. Lets get together for brunch sometime!

Much love,

Wedding Thank You Cards Dos And Donts

  • Do send out wedding thank you cards three months after the wedding, at most. Anything beyond that and it becomes an awkward gesture.
  • Donât mention how much you were gifted but inform how youâd use it. Being specific about how much a person gave you could make them feel a type of way.
  • Do send wedding thank you cards to every guest that was present regardless if they brought gifts or not. Their time and costs incurred to make your wedding is enough to sacrifice.
  • Donât leave out those who helped in the wedding planning. They made your day beautiful enough for other guests, so keep them in mind even if they didnât make the party.
  • Personalize each thank you card wording by making mention of specific things. The recipients will appreciate it more, knowing that it was well-tailored for them.
  • Donât go solo when writing your thank you cards. Involve your new spouse so that both of you can express yourselves.
  • Do sign off by hand and your married name if you wish to change it.
  • Donât lose any gift or the giverâs information. Keep track of them by documenting them so that it will be easy to personalize notes.

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Should Wedding Guests Write Thank

From an etiquette perspective, theres no need for guests to write thank-you notes to the couple . However, if the guest wishes, a kind email thanking the couple for their hospitality is a kind, but unnecessary, gesture.

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Example #7 Wording For A Guest Who Gave A Charitable Donation

LOTS of Thanks Cards! How I Created My Wedding Thank You Cards!

Dear Auntie Pearl,Thank you so very much for your thoughtful donation to Orangutan Foundation International. After traveling to Indonesia we both feel very strongly and passionately about this organization, and we are so touched that you remembered our wishes on our special day. Thank you so much for sharing our special day with us. Much love, Susie and Rich

Classic Touch

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Wedding Thank You Card Message For Money

#36. Dear, I hope you had a good time during my wedding ceremony. Thank you so much for the lovely present.

#37. We are quite grateful for the monetary donation you sent as a wedding present. We were putting money aside for a down payment on a property, and this will come in handy. Thank you a lot.

#38. Thank you very much for your compassion and consideration of a monetary contribution. It is appreciated. We shall make good use of it. I hope you enjoyed yourself at our wedding.

#39. To be completely honest with you, I can not stop thinking about that lovely surprise you gave me on my wedding day. Thank you very much.

#40., To be honest, it was all because of you that my wedding became even more lovely and memorable, thanks to your sweet surprise on this special day.

#41. I am curious as to how much effort you put into all of these preparations for your surprise, which you gave me on the day of my wedding and made the most memorable for me. Thank you so much for your unexpected present.

#42. Thank you for coming to our wedding despite your health issues. It means a lot to me that you are here. You were thoughtful in giving us gift certificates. Thank you a lot.

wedding thank you cards

#43. Thank you so much for the present check. My better half has already decided to go to the store for interior design inspiration.

Thank You For Attending Our Wedding Message

Wedding Photographer: LC Allison | Thank You Card: For the Love of Stationery

Thank you for celebrating with us on our wedding day! Your presence made the day even more magical. We are very grateful and happy to have such amazing friends and family. Thank you for the generous gift. We appreciate all the love and support.

Lets be honest, your magical wedding day was only possible having all your friends and family there, celebrating with you Put your thoughts into words on a thank you card and show them your love!

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Wedding Photographer: Jon Jarvela Photographer | Thank You Card: For the Love of Stationery

We loved sharing our wedding day with you, and we wanted to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making the day so memorable, and for your generous wedding gift.

From the gusts of wind during the ceremony, to the laughter and tears of happiness during the speeches, to the skilful moves on the dance floor, it made our day so special and one we will never forget.

We feel so lucky to have so many wonderful people in our lives.

If you are having multiple photos on your wedding thank you cards, you should totally talk about something that your guests can relate to. Oh yes, those skilful moves on the dance floor is a must!

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Wedding Thank You Message From Bride And Groom

Wedding Photographer: Vaughn Barry | Thank You Card: For the Love of Stationery

Thank you so much for celebrating with us on our wedding day. It truly was the best day ever and it would not have been the same without you! We are so grateful for your generosity and for sharing our most special day ever with us.

Your friends and family really made your wedding day, right?Well, tell them by saying: Best day ever, thanks to you!

Oh how we love the Treloars included this line on the front of their wedding thank you card

Wedding Thank You Card Wording For Cash Gift: Things To Consider

Wedding Thank You Card Wording Samples and Etiquettes

Gifts are a natural part of weddings. Your wedding guests from the bridesmaids and groomsmen to family members and friends want to honor your special day. Whether youre gifted a sentimental memento, housewares, or a gift card, each item is a token of your guests appreciation for including them in your big day. Plus, these gifts are a celebration of their love for your union. As a couple, a thank you card goes a long way in showing your appreciation.

Whether your guest has given you a generous gift or a sentimental little something, youll want to give thanks. But whats the best wedding thank you card wording for cash gifts? Lets review what to keep in mind including thank you card etiquette tips as you write your wedding thank you cards.

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Thank You Note For A Charitable Donation:

Dear _________,

Thank you very much for being at our wedding, and for the generous donation you have given to the World Wildlife Fund. It’s a cause close to both our hearts and we are eternally grateful for your support. Keep in touch and thank you for being a witness of our married life.

All the best,

Thank You Card Wording Examples

 Thank you for adding to the joyful spirit of our wedding with your presence and lovely gift.

Thank you for celebrating with us on our wedding day! Your company, love and wishes made our day complete and we appreciate your love and support.

We sincerely thank you for your company, gift and good wishes and for helping us make our wedding day an occasion we will always remember.

Thank you for being there on the most important day of our lives. We only hope that you had as much fun at our wedding as we did!

We would like to thank you for sharing in our wedding celebration. We are grateful for your presence, warm wishes, and your generous gift. We look forward to our future together and to making more memories with you.

Your presence at our wedding has added so much love to our special day. Your gift has brought us joy and will help us build our life together.

You can mix and match to suit your circumstances and of course the tone of the message should reflect your style. We also have some suggestions available as a PDF along with other information on the ‘Wording & Etiquette’ page of our website.

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Example #5 For A Guest You Do Not Know Very Well

Dear Margaret and Ben,Thank you for the beautiful crystal frame that you sent Sarah and I for a wedding gift. We look forward to putting one of our wedding photos in it to cherish it for years to come. It was great to finally have met both of you, and we appreciate the fact that you were able to attend and share our special day with us.Warmest thanks,Colin Smith

Thank You Note For Wedding Vendor

Wording for Thank You Cards -Easy format to follow

Dear Anna,

Thank you so much for all youve done for our wedding day. The photos are absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking. Well treasure these photos forever, and we cant tell you how much they mean to us. Our favorites are the ones outside in the garden! Thanks again for being part of our wedding day!

Warmest thanks,

Elizabeth and Jacob

Remember to tip your wedding vendors! You can give them a thank you card along with a tip, or you can send a card to them in a couple weeks. For vendors who go above and beyond, a thank you note shows your appreciation for their time and effort in making your wedding day an unforgettable experience.

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Wording Examples For Wedding Thank You Cards For Cash Gifts

There are a few different groups of people you will likely need to send thank you cards to, and each group should have slightly different wording.

This is where a cash gift registry really comes in handy. You can easily track all gifts from friends, family members, colleagues, neighbors, and acquaintances to make sending thank you notes easy. Plus, you wont forget to send a thank you card to anyone.

With hitchd, you can create a custom cash gift registry and encourage family, friends, and anyone else who wants to give you a gift to visit your wedding website. They safely and securely contribute toward your honeymoon fund or cash fund for other items, and you can send a personal thank you card in real-time.

Wedding Guide: How To Word Wedding Thank You Cards

Wedding StationeryMeredithSimple Sprigs thank you card by Minted

The wedding is finished and you can finally put your feet up and relax. Suddenly, youre reminded that you have one more major task to do before you can officially hang up your bridal veil write wedding thank you cards!

Taking time to write thank you cards is an important final step in the wedding process. Each of your guests deserves recognition for the support they provided during this special time in your life. Unique wording for each thank you card allows you to express gratitude for the generous wedding gift you received.

Although hand-writing your wedding thank you cards can be a tedious and repetitive job, bringing on spurts of tendonitis, it is the perfect time to reminisce over each guest. Think about a joke you shared during the reception, something funny that happened at the wedding ceremony, or just how much you appreciate the distance they traveled to be at your wedding.

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Thank You Messages For Wedding Gift

#1. Your present was quite thoughtful. We are grateful for your kindness and love. Thank you very much.

#2. The present is quite thoughtful. It was fantastic. Thank you a lot.

#3. We were overjoyed to have you at our wedding, but your thoughtful gift touched our hearts. Thank you a lot.

#4. Thank you very much for sharing our happiness with us and for providing us with such wonderful gifts. We shall make good use of it.

#5. We were overjoyed when we received your present. We are excited to use it on special occasions.

#6. It will not be enough to show my thanks if I send you Thank You Notes every day to tell you how much I appreciate your gift. Thanks.

#7. Thank you so much for giving me such a lovely present on my wedding day.

wedding thank you messages

#8. I would want to express my gratitude for the wonderful gift you provided me on my special day.

#9. This gift, which you gave me on my wedding day, is the most beautiful and unforgettable one you have ever given me. Thank you so much for your present.

#10. What a thoughtful and unexpected present you have sent my way. It is truly unique, and you have made my day a complete delight. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart! Sweetie.

#11. Thank you for the wedding present you gave my wife and me. You are someone I will never forget. I admired how much thought you put into it.

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