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Save The Date Wedding Ideas

What Do You Put On A Save The Date

4 Unique Save The Date Wedding Ideas

Your save the date card should include, at minimum, your name and your fiancés name, the date of your celebration, and the location of your wedding ceremony. Even if you don’t have a venue booked yet, you can at least include the town and state if you know where it might be. Then you can include a short statement about how the formal invitation will follow in the future.

Save The Date With Trendy Designs From Basic Invite

We are excited to announce a new line of save the dates to match our already outstanding selection of wedding invitations. Each of the save the dates below are part of a wedding stationery suite. So you can send out your save the date knowing that you can follow it up with a matching wedding invitation, RSVP Card, Direction Card, Registry Card, Ceremony Card, and Thank You Card.

Choose which style of save the date that best fit your wedding. We offer postcard save the date, , save the date magnets as well as classic save the date cards.

Inexpensive Save The Date Cards

Thinking of not spending so much? See some inexpensive save the date ideas to choose from.

  • Gold Foil Printed Cut Save the date Cards


If youre aiming from glam or luxury, Gold Foil Printed cut to save the date cards work best. Theyre bound to announce their presence while capturing the attention of your guests. The best part is that they dont cost a ton of money.

  • Letterpressed plain table paper save The Dates


Letterpress paper save the dates may be plain or basic but with personality. These are cards that youll love to frame rather than hideaway. If youre going for a vintage themed save the date, plain table paper is your best bet.

  • Wedding save the date postcards


Save the date postcards are cute yet inexpensive. They come in diverse tones from elegant to unrefined, and romantic to really personal. You can do destination save the dates with postcards, you can also go seasonal. Theres so much to do with postcards that, youll love.

Everything is subject to change and so is your wedding. Hence, if you have a reason not to hold your wedding at the initial date, here are some ideas.A wedding can be canceled or postponed for many reasons. They could range from family death to sickness, rough patches, a pandemic, or anything else. It doesnt have to be awkward even if wedding cards have been sent out. There are many creative changes to the date cards to your rescue.

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Digital Save The Dates

With everything being online nowadays, find a website with good save the date templates and customize your own digital design! This is a way to make your save the dates exactly how you want it!

You can also simply email these save the dates rather than send them out one by one to every address. This is also an eco-friendly option!

Centerstate Digital Love Is Patient Save

15 Fun and Chic Wedding Save the Date Ideas

While some couples who had to cancel their weddings in 2020 and 2021 opted to elope, many patient couples are just delaying the big day to 2022 and beyond. If that’s you, order these funny “Love is patient…and so are we” save-the-date cards. The template is only $10 and you can customize the text to list whatever reason you want for rescheduling.

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Key Information To Include

When thinking of what you need to include in your Save the Dates, start with the basics. Date, place, and time are always going to be the three most important details surrounding your wedding. Because theyre often planned so far in advance, its a good idea to include the year along with the date, too. If there are separate wedding venues for the ceremony and reception, make sure to include addresses for both.

Depending on the style of your Save the Date, you can also include some optional information. Dress code and accommodations are some of the first things guests consider before attending a wedding, so make sure those are front and center. Transportation details might also be worth mentioning, particularly if youre having a destination wedding or getting married at an unconventional venue .

Most importantly, make sure to include the link to your wedding website. This will be the portal for your guests to access all of the information that you couldnt fit on the Save the Date.

The Calendar Style Wedding Save The Date Idea

Save the date ideas like this are luxurious and humorous, and they fall into the greatest type because your calendar will not only remind you of the date but also of the wedding. It is a very convenient and simple way of sending a wedding save the date.

Unlike other methods of inviting people to your wedding, your idea will be shared with a larger number of individuals. Consider using calendars because most individuals use calendars at their homes, offices, and a variety of other locations, and they serve as a reminder for them.

People will be well prepared as a result of this because they will be aware of the date of the event. Your save the date calendar will remind them of your wedding date. Aside from that, it will work as a keepsake of your wedding for your guests.

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Unique Save The Date Wedding Invitation Ideas

Getting engaged and planning a wedding can be extremely exciting and stressful all at the same time. While envisioning the future with your special someone will obviously make you weak in the knees, theres a lot to do in the months and weeks leading up to your big day, and there will probably be moments where it all feels overwhelming and exhausting. Even if you opt for a small ceremony or plan a destination wedding, theres still a long list of things you need to do, and even the most organized and level-headed bride may find herself feelingfrazzled.

But dont fret! There are wedding planners and organizers you can buy to help you identify all of the things you need to accomplish to pull off your dream wedding, and Pinterest is full of all kinds of inspiration from wedding dresses, to hairstyles, to bouquets, to save the date wedding invitation ideas.

Which leads me to the point of this post

When I think back to my own wedding, I remember feeling really torn about our wedding invitations. We decided early on we wanted to have an intimate affair with only our closest family members, and while I didnt necessarily feel the need to order gold-embossed save the dates for guests, the sentimental part of me wanted a keepsake to look back on.

I decided to go the DIY route, and while our wedding invitations served their purpose, I wish Id had access to this collection of save the date wedding invitation ideas as I know it wouldve saved me a lot of time and worry!

Luxury Gold Foil Save The Dates

DIY Save The Date Wedding Card Design Tutorial

Creative, luxury save the dates from Shutterfly feature personalized foil in gold, iridescent, and rose gold, foil stamping, and luxe, double-thick card stock. Save the dates simply do not get any more elegant or glamorous than our gold foil cards, as the foil catches and shimmers with light, adding a classy, luxurious touch. And beyond aesthetics, adding foil to your DIY save the date cards has a way of making your wedding stationery truly engaging, as the foil draws the viewer’s eye and simultaneously frames and highlights all that it surrounds, including that enchanting photo of the betrothed. Whether you’re looking for a funny or particularly creative save the date or a simple, modern, or rustic card, adding a metallic shimmer to your stationery will bring it to life and signal to your recipients the unique wedding ceremony you’re planning. What’s more, and for those mindful of the cost of their cards, premium wedding cards from Shutterfly are surprisingly affordable.

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What To Look For In Save The Dates

A save-the-date is an opportunity to be a bit more playful and less formal than a traditional wedding invitation. It’s a place for your personality as a couple to shinedon’t be afraid to be witty, creative, or out-of-the-box when you’re coming up with ideas together.

The most important thing to include is, of course, the date of your wedding. Although the save the date can be simple in words and design, just make sure that it’s legible and easy for all guests to understand.

  • When should we send save the dates?

    It’s ideal to send out save-the-dates at least six to eight months in advance of the wedding date. If you have your venue booked early , it’s a good idea to send them up to a year in advance.

  • Can we send an online save-the-date?

    Yes, but make sure that everyone on your guest list is savvy with computers and smartphones first. If you have any concerns about particular guests receiving the save the date, make sure to follow up with a phone call or note.

  • Are save-the-dates necessary?

    While save-the-dates are not mandatory, it’s a helpful way for guests to mark the date on the calendar as soon as your venue is booked. Because they tend to be more casual than invitations, a save the date can also be a fun and creative way to announce your engagement.

When Do You Send Out Wedding Save The Dates

One of the most important parts of your wedding timeline is figuring out when to send save the dates. Assuming you arent eloping to Vegas with 24 hours notice, save the dates should go out to your guest list four to six months before your ceremony. For destination weddings, weddings over holiday weekends or any weekend that would require difficult travel, send as close to the six month mark as possible if not even sooner than that. This timeline might seem conservative, but keep in mind that you wont have to have your major details set in stone just yet. All you need to share your save the date invitations is your date and the general location.

And since youre sending online through Paperless Post, you can give yourself a little wiggle roomthe Postal Service wont delay your delivery, so you can be sure your wedding guests wont be caught unaware. Dont wait to design both the save the date and the invitation at the same timeas long as they give off the same general feel of the wedding, the two dont need to match exactly.

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Main Mistakes To Avoid:

iSave to

  • Sending cards too lateSending save dates too late will see you having a scanty wedding. Guests are likely to turn down your invitation because they havent planned for your wedding. Send them early enough so that they can make time for it.
  • Not making it PersonalIts always better if you make your save the date cards as personal as you can. It sends an awkward message if you just put together something generic. Use your words and make them thoughtful.
  • Not Including Plus OnesOne of the fastest ways to make guests turn down your invite is to leave out their significant other. If they have a fiancé, husband, or serious partner in general you have to include them. Everyone wants their person around them during a celebration.
  • Making it too ObscureKeeping your wedding save the date vague may confuse guests. It will be hard for them to decipher your message. So make it as clear as you can.
  • Sending a Save the Date Card but not an InvitationWhile you should make your save the date as clear as possible, dont go overboard. Draw the line between save the date and invite by leaving out information about the venue, ceremony, reception. Etc. Also, ensure that you send out save the dates to only those who will get the wedding invitations.

Only Sending Electronic Save The Dates

Lace Wedding Save the Date Save the Dates Rustic Wedding

Email invitations for informal events like bachelorette parties and postwedding brunches are becoming more popular, and as a result, rewriting the snail mail etiquette rules. We stand by old-school wedding stationery for the big stuff like formal invitations, but the use of digital is up to your discretion. If you do decide on digital, consider doubling up: Send out an electronic save-the-date to everyone, and send paper correspondence just in case the email goes to spam. Also, odds are, you have older relatives or friends who may want to keep the physical one as a keepsake.

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Ceecee Design Date Rescue Save

Couples who take “save-the-date” literally should check out this whimsical take on a creative card, complete with a life preserver. It’s as punderful of a card as you’re going to find if you like wordplay, though you can add photos and more straightforward info like a wedding website URL or location on the back.

Unique Invites Old Photos Handwritten Script Save

Couples ready to relive their awkward yearsâbraces, bad haircuts, cringe-worthy outfits and allâshould opt for this vintage-inspired save-the-date card featuring vintage you! Give friends and family a laugh when they open the envelope and see the two of you as kids. And there’s no point in holding backâwe all had an awkward middle-school phase, after all.

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The Knot Natural Palette Save

Can’t find a unique save-the-date that strikes your fancy? You can find hundreds of photo-based postcards and mailers on The Knot Invitations, which gives you full control over your layout. You can upload a ridiculous photo of the two of you or add your own inside jokes, puns and personalized reminders of your shared sense of humor. This elegant and simple save-the-date postcard has space for whatever photo you’d like on the front, along with room for details and addresses on the back. You’ll also get access to designers who can make changes and edits for you at no extra cost.

Caitlin Considine Original Plan Save

DIY Wedding – $1 Magnetic Save The Dates!

Especially cute for couples whose first date may have been relatively casual, this charming save-the-date design proves that you don’t have to choose between something funny and something sweet. This modern card is available as a postcard or keepsake save-the-date magnet. You can customize everything from the color palette to the paper type, and the designer Caitlin Considine has hundreds of designs if you like the concept but want a slightly different message.

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Can You Ask For An Rsvp With A Save The Date

Since wedding etiquette dictates that guests RSVP to a wedding invitation, it is not recommended to ask for an RSVP using a save the date. You may receive a “yes” or “no” from friends and family by word of mouth, phone, or email however, we still recommend sending invitations to these guests to get a true RSVP.

What Is The Save The Date

Save the dates are an optional part of the wedding planning process. You can choose whether or not you want to send them based on what you think is best for your wedding planning process.

Save the dates are exactly what they sound like they are. They are a message that you send out prior to the official invitation that announces your wedding date so that your guests can save the date.

You typically do not add your wedding location unless you want to, and its usually a brief note just to save the date of the wedding and that more details will come later on.

You usually save the dates about three to four months after you get engaged. If you are going to wait longer between getting engaged and your wedding date, a save the date may come later in your wedding planning journey.

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Bliss Paper Boutique Tech Save

Couples who work in the digital space will love this card, another semi-literally take on the “save” the date concept. Whether you’re writers, programmers, artists or working for a tech startup, you know that the easiest way to save something is simply to press “CTRL” + “S.” Now, your guests can do the same for your wedding date.

What If My Wedding Date Has Changed

45 Unique Save the Date Wedding Invitation Ideas

Sometimes, life throws unexpected things at you and your wedding date has to change. No one likes to think about it happening, but it’s good to be prepared for anything. Our customers can make various changes to their designs up until you approve the proof sample for printing. While Truly Engaging is unable to accept returns on personalized products after proof approval, we’re here to help. Our team will work with you to make sure you have beautiful stationery for your updated wedding save the dates.

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Do You Send Save The Dates To Everyone

You should send your wedding save the dates to people you definitely plan on inviting because once those save the dates are in the mail, you can’t unsend them. Save the dates are considered a pre-wedding invitation that informs your guests of your wedding date and lets them plan ahead, so only send them to people on the final guest list.

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