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How To Plan A Wedding Reception On A Small Budget

How Do I Start A Wedding Reception

How to plan for a wedding with small budget + how much our wedding cost

Guests usually filter into the wedding reception venue and look for a table plan so they can find their allocated tables and enjoy seeing the decoration of the venue that the couple has chosen. Although you can come up with so many Unique wedding ideas on a budget that make entering the wedding reception a little different to the norm.

Real V/s Disposable Reception Supplies

Your disposable dinnerware, silverware and napkins can be set on the guests tables as any other place setting.

Just because you are using disposable doesnt make them any less of an addition to your decor. Todays dinnerware options are just as pretty at first glance as real china.

But when the dinner is over the dishes go in the garbage rather than needing to be washed.

We will be the first to admit some of the disposable dishes weve discovered through the years were pretty enough to wash!

Dollar Tree does have white ceramic plates that we both have in our own homes. If you choose to go with real plates, you will need someone to wash and repack those at the end of the event.

Along with the real plates, they also have a great selection of drink ware. The real plates and glasses are more costly than disposable dishes, but far less expensive than renting from a rental company or party supply store.

You can also resale the items to recoup some of your costs.

Buy Food And Drinks In Bulk To Save Cost

Buy drinks and bottled water in bulk at wholesale pricing some drink manufacturers or their distributors even offer free ice block cooling drums to people who purchase in bulk for occasions.

There are many wholesale markets in every Nigerian big city, so take advantage of that. Resist buying from fancy supermarkets and malls which are more costly than buying from open-markets.

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Wedding Planners In Ghana

The first step on how to plan a Ghanaian wedding is to get a wedding planner. And before you start thinking of agencies that will reap you off, take time and go through your contacts list on your phone. Do you remember your aunt who was crazy about organizing an end of year party? What about your sister who just had a wedding? What about that loud mouthed friend of yours who always chirps ideas on some amazing wedding plan? The idea here is to save on the costs of hiring a professional wedding planner who will probably do the same job as the contacts on your phone. You can also put a team of the selected friends and families together and hand them a budget estimate. Remember, they are your family, and they can try and work with anything youve got.

Take Advantage Of Bargains And Promos

Pin on Wedding Inspiration

Find out where and when bargains and discounts are happening, and start shopping early. Some of the best discounts and promos happen during big holidays. Bargains, discounts, and sales can be sweet but dont get carried away ensure to buy only the things in your budget.

Savvy brides are bargain hunters, snoop around and youll hear about where the biggest bridal sales are happening, and you can save as much as 60% on many bridal items and wears, and your guests would think your wedding was really expensive .

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Do You Open Wedding Gifts At The Reception

Reception guests are usually expected to bring their wedding gift from the couples wedding registry to reception, couples will often times set up a gift table which the Maid of Honor is often tasked with removing at the end of the night. Although, it could be considered one of the more Unique wedding reception ideas to open your gifts on the evening.

Focus On The Highest Cost The Wedding Venue

Banquet halls that are known as wedding venues will often have a large price tag. However, they will often include a lot of necessary aspects like tables, chairs, linens, food etc.

Its worthwhile to check them out and read the fine print to find out exactly whats included and what the total cost is.

For example, there might be unexpected costs for set up, cake cutting, power for your DJ, corking alcohol etc.

Also get quotes from alternative venues to compare like:

  • Farms
  • Court Houses

Another alternative is having the wedding at your home.

If you go with a relatively blank space that requires you to bring everything from tables and chairs, your rental costs can add up quickly. You need to factor these in when youre comparing venues.

If you want to trim the price down further

Within your network of friends and family, you probably have a connection to an amazing venue at a lower price.

Dont be afraid to ask around for recommendations.

Here are a few additional tips on keeping costs down for your wedding venue:

Wedding venues can break the budget.

There is always the option to elope. You can host a more casual, small wedding reception when you return so you still celebrate with family and friends, but dont bear the huge cost.

Tip: If you have guests that need high chairs, check to see if your venue has these available or if youll have to rent them and factor this cost in.

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Book Hotel Room Blocks

Amber Gress

Whether having a destination wedding or a local celebration, chances are some guests will need a place to stay the night of the wedding. It’s a thoughtful gesture to take this into consideration and set up a hotel block for them at one or several choice establishments. This will ensure all your wedding attendees are in the same general vicinity, and many hotels can even provide a discounted rate depending on the number of rooms requested.

More Wedding Budget Tips And Money


If you consider yourself to be a bride on a budget, youre likely looking for ways to save money on your wedding. Be sure to bookmark this page to refer back to when you feel stumped or stressed about wedding spending! We want you to be able to tie the knot without tying yourself up in debt.

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Prioritise What’s Important To You

Even if you have a strict budget, you dont have to scrimp on everything. Take the time to think about what is most important to you and prioritise those things, then aim to cut costs on the less important elements. Perhaps you have always dreamed of that designer wedding dress but arent as bothered about the cake, or you want to spend more on that unique wedding venue that doesnt require any extra decorations. With some savvy planning you can still create your perfect day on a budget.

Get Married At Town Hall Followed By Dinner At A Restaurant

For this option, that wedding guest list is going to have to go micro-sized. Invite a witness and a handful of people to the brief ceremony at town hall. If you are marrying in a large city, youll often be waiting in line with other soonlyweds, and it can be a uniquely joyful communal experience.

After the ceremony, everyone heads to a nearby affordable restaurant for a celebratory meal together. Youll probably want to make a reservation and think about bringing a cake.

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Why Do You Need Digital Marketing For Business

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Help you improve brand image:

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Encourage consumer engagement:

Offer huge options for your business:

Wedding Reception Table Extras

10 Cute Small Wedding Ideas On A Budget 2021

We are big fans of chargers!

Chargers are the oversized plate look alike that hold your dinner plate and dress up the table. You can find them in various colors and styles. We love the metallic finishes of silver and gold, but when we find an interesting color or texture, we grab those too.

If you dont want to set your reception table with you guest dinnerware, a charger plate holds the place setting and finishes the table just like earrings do an outfit!

But, when on a budget, chargers are not necessary!

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% Percent: Goodies For Guests

The last piece of your wedding budget breakdown includes the cost of party favors and gifts for those who made your day extra special. Many couples like to provide their guests with a parting gift to remember their wedding by. It’s a small gesture that will go a long way.

Once you have a general understanding of how to allocate funds in a wedding budget, you’ll be prepared to move forward with financial planning. Below, we outline the five biggest wedding budgeting mistakes to avoid.

Have A Small Bridal And Groom Party

Its nice to have people you love stand next to you on your big day. They will be just as happy for you sitting in the audience AND

It wont make a dent in your budget.

There can be many costs associated with a bridal party when you decide to have one.

The couple often pay for their bridesmaids hair, makeup, dress, and bouquets, their groomsmens boutonnieres etc. Theres also the flower girls flowers and the ring bearers pillow.

The bride and groom often get their wedding party small gifts as a thank you. Theres also the costs associated with the stag night or weekend.

This could amount to $1000s. The more people you have in your wedding party, the higher the total costs are.

If you want to have a large wedding party, you can cut down on what you pay for e.g. ask your bridesmaids to wear dresses they already own, ask them to do their own makeup.

Alternatively, you can just limit the number of people in your wedding party. We had 7 people in our wedding partygulp! There wasnt a flower girl or ring bearer.

If I could do it all over again, I would have just had 2 people in it the maid of honor and the best man.

If you have more than 1 person youd like to be as the maid of honor or best man, have 2 people be the maids of honor or best men. You can do whatever youd like. Its your day. The less people you have involved, the less money everyone has to pay.

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Start Your Wedding Registry

Pretty much immediately after you announce your engagement, your loved ones will ask: Where are you registered? When thinking about how to plan your wedding step by step, its a good idea to create your wedding registry relatively early on in the process. Your family members and friends may want to purchase engagement giftsyou can always make changes and additions to your registry later on. Use our wedding registry checklist to get started.

Dont Do The Traveling Hair And Makeup

How to plan a Wedding Reception on a Budget ($1000 – $3000) 5 Tipsð? #AskJoche

If youve ever been a part of a bridal party, you might know there are hair and makeup specialists that will do your hair and makeup at your house or hotel on the day of your wedding.

While its convenient, this is the most expensive way to go.

Consider doing your own hair and makeup. You know your hair and face best. If youve been doing your own hair and makeup for work and other events, you might even do a better job than a professional.

If you dont want to DIY this, just go to a hair and/or makeup salon.

You can book a FREE makeover at Sephora . I love this option! Ive used it to get a professional look done for attending weddings.

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Forget About Doing Wedding Souvenirs

Ive been to weddings where there were more invited guests than the food served, and there was more than enough souvenirs that youd wonder if is it by force to belong! Skip wedding souvenirs and use that money on other important wedding needs.

Instead, use the extra money to provide your guests with better food, entertainment and also to hire a more professional wedding photographer and videographer. So do not economize on getting the services of a professional wedding photographer.

Play With Place Settings

Design a really beautiful place setting for each guest if you’re hosting a seated dinner. This is such a great opportunity to go all out with a stunning set-up. But you’ll want to be sure they have the basics, too. Make sure your guests have enough elbow room at their place settings and easy access to the essentials , says Nick and Aleah Valley.

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Look At Alternative Food And Booze Options

A cocktail reception with finger foods, a potluck buffet, a BBQ, or a grazing table these are just a few alternatives to the traditional plated dinner. And truth be told, from our personal experience, the sit-down dinner is over-rated and the food is often a let-down considering the price.

To keep the booze budget in check, consider offering a limited selection of alcohol, like three varieties of wine and a few beer types.

In Fact The Average Uk Wedding Costs 24000 It Is Understandable That People Will Look For Ways To Make Savings Especially When The Cost Of Everything Seems To Be Increasing So What Are A Few Tips For Planning A Small Wedding Reception On A Budget

Small wedding

Choose an Off-Peak Date

First, you should think about the time of year and week that you host your wedding. Many people dream of a wedding in the middle of summer, but this will always cost extra. Consider having your wedding during a quieter part of the year, such as late autumn. Although the weather may not be great , you should find that this time of the year has its own special feel and you can make big savings. Additionally, non-weekend dates will always be more affordable.

Borrow a Dress

The dress can be another major cost but also one that you can always make savings on. The wedding dress is obviously a key part of the wedding and you will want to find one that makes you look and feel beautiful, but you do not have to buy new to achieve this. You may be able to find an affordable second-hand dress online or even borrow one from a family member this could also add emotional value and make the day that little bit more special.

Send E-Invites

Anyone that had to delay their wedding once or twice during COVID-19 will testify how frustrating and expensive it is to print out a high number of wedding invites. Instead, an e-invite will help you to make big savings and can also be easier and more efficient and could include a direct link to the website where they can RSVP.

Use Your Friends

Use One Venue

Simple Yet Impactful Decorations

Hopefully, this post will give you a few ideas and help you to plan an unforgettable day without breaking the bank!

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