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How To Officiate A Wedding In California

How To Get Legally Married During The Coronavirus Crisis

Become a Wedding Officiant in California
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Instead of a bouquet, a masked bride holds a bottle of Corona beer in her Instagram wedding photo. A groom gamely wields a can of disinfectant. Its hard to tell if anyone is blushing behind the masks. Marriage in the time of coronavirus, like many aspects of life, has changed.

Couples in Southern California looking to say I do before the pandemic hit had plenty of options. For a fee, a wedding planner could handle everything from the flowers to the vows. Or the couple could sprint down to the courthouse themselves for a quick civil marriage.

Now, tying the knot has become more complex. How do you get a marriage license? Can you get a marriage license?

Heres how it works now, and in some cases doesnt, in Southern California.

Getting Ordained In California

The ordination process to become a marriage officiant is not nearly as difficult as you might anticipate. In fact, our online ordination process is straightforward, fast, and completely free. Legally licensed ministers of the ULC conduct countless marriages in California every year. Once you have your minister license, officiating a wedding is just a hop, skip, and a jump away! Click the link below to get started.

Riverside County Marriage Laws

Congratulations! If you’ve found yourself at this page it is likely that you are either planning to be married or have been asked to perform a wedding ceremony in Riverside County. Ordained ministers of the Universal Life Church have successfully performed thousands of legal marriages in Riverside County. The information provided below will walk you through the steps one must follow to become a minister and perform a valid wedding ceremony in Riverside County, California.

  • Perform the Wedding
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    Can A Amm Minister Officiate A Wedding In California

    As an AMM minister, you are legally empowered under the protections of the California Code § CA Fam Code § 400 to officiate wedding ceremonies. We understand that officiating a wedding is a huge honor and a serious responsibility. Our job is to guide you through this process from both the legal and ceremonial dimensions.

    California Wedding Officiants Our Packages

    How to have a friend legally officiate your California ...

    When you decide to hire one of our California wedding officiants for your wedding, we make it a snap. Our paperless booking system, based completely online, enables you to sign your contract and make a payment easily. Your ceremony deserves special attention and stellar service, whether your wedding is an elopement for the two of you or a huge bash with an enormous guest list. Our goal is to make your ceremony one of the most memorable parts of your wedding for everyone in attendance but most especially you!

    Fully Customized Package

    Starting at $800

    The best way to ensure your ceremony truly represents you and your shared vision of your future together!

    • Fully Customized Ceremony Script
    • Total customization, including additional ceremony elements such as a love letter ceremony, candle unity ceremony, wine ceremony, tree-planting, hand-fasting, etc.

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    Getting Certified Copies Chris Can Help

    Unfortunately, there is a bit of paperwork and legwork you need to do to get certified copies of the marriage license after your wedding.

    Please go to this page and answer the form at the bottom of the page if you would like Chris to fill out and get the paperwork to you for a certified copy of your marriage license.

    If you failed to order enough certified copies of your marriage license then youll need to go in person to the County Clerks office and stand in the terribly long lines or you must download an application for a new certified copies and a Certificate of Identity which you must have notarized before your mail your certified copy request to the County. If your marriage license and certificate was already recorded it will still take several weeks before you receive your new certified copies of your marriage certificate.

    This wedding officiant recommends that you order three certified copies at the time of your marriage, one for each of you and one for an off-site location, either a safety deposit box or a relatives house. However, the request for a marriage certificate needs to be notarized which is why we recommend that you order those at the time of your wedding ceremony. It will be much easier to deal with it at the time of your wedding.

    El Matador State Beach Malibu

    When to elope in Malibu: Year-round, but Id advise against a weekend at sunset in the summer.

    Pro tip: Go during the week, and arrive early as parking can be a nightmare.

    Whats really cool: The geological rock formations here are some of the best ones in Southern California.

    El Matador State Beach is undeniably one of the best beaches in Southern California. It has a beautiful beach stretching the horizon with massive rocks, birds, and seaweed covered stones.

    Because the parking is limited, its never overcrowded. This beach is especially beautiful at golden hour when the setting sun is lighting up the beach with a golden hue.

    All organized events, including a beach wedding, require a Special Use Permit, which you can obtain from the county.

    For an El Matador Beach elopement, you will need to walk down the stairs to the beach . There are no formal areas set up, you just grab your permit and find a place youd like to say I do in.

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    How Do I Become A Wedding Officiant Online

    OnlineBecomingwedding officiant onlineonline

  • Step 1 – How to Become Ordained Step 1 – How to Become Ordained. How to get and become Ordained in Hawaii to Officiate or perform marriages in Hawaii.
  • Step 2 – Contact The County Clerk Step 2 – Contact The County Clerk.
  • Step 3 – Getting Licensed to Perform the Marriage Step 3 – Getting Licensed to Perform the Marriage.
  • To Purchase A License:

    How to officiate a wedding during coronavirus
    • Parties must both appear in person in our office at 1127 First Street Ste. A, Napa, CA 94559 Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays.
    • If either party is under the age of eighteen, a license cannot be issued without a court order. Please contact Family Court Services of a California Superior Court to learn more about the process. The Napa County FCS can be reached at 707-299-1130.
  • Parties must have valid, current government issued photo identification such as a drivers license or passport.
  • Parties must provide all the information requested on the including parents full birth names and places of birth.
  • If either party was married previously, the way the marriage ended and the date the marriage ended are required. Napa County does not require documentation regarding the date the marriage ended.
  • There is no waiting period, blood test nor residency requirements to be married in California.
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    Deputy Civil Marriage Commissioner For A Day Requirements:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must appear in person to be sworn in and receive a short instruction and paperwork
  • Must show valid, government issued photo ID
  • You may apply for your commission up to ninety days before the ceremony is performed.
  • The fee for a deputy marriage commissioner appointment is $51.00.

    Please complete the online application below prior to visiting our office to complete the process. You must appear in person at one of our offices to complete the process. Visit the Contact Us page to view adjusted hours and office locations.

    Where To Elope In California

    Now for the fun stuff!!! You can get married practically ANYWHERE. You just need to ensure you have any permits needed and be careful to leave no trace. I have been lucky enough to call California my home for the past 8 years and I cant think of a better place to say your vows.

    If sunshine and nice weather is important to you, youll probably want to elope in Southern California as it is divine year-round. If youre a fan of the dramatic landscapes and atmospheric fog, youre more likely to be inclined to go for Northern California.

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    Ask The Couple What To Wear

    Each wedding is different in terms of style and level of formality. If they say, wear what you want, think about your attire in the context of your role as the wedding ceremony officiant, not as a wedding guest. Avoid wearing prints and opt for neutral colors. To minimize distractions, make sure your hair wont blow into your eyes and avoid flashy jewelry or a smartwatch.

    Short And Sweet Package

    I do

    Our Short and Sweet Package is a simple, affordable option for couples who dont need a fully customized ceremony. Choose from one of our pre-written ceremony scripts for a simple ceremony or elopement.

    Prices start at $500, with additional charges for travel depending on the location. Well assign one of our friendly, professional officiants based on our availability, and on the day of your wedding theyll arrive early, perform your ceremony, and take care of signing and filing your marriage license to make it official. Legal marriage license signing services are also available, contact us for pricing and availability.

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    License To Marry In Santa Clara County

    After youve contacted your marriage authority, you should visit our online store to purchase whatever documentation will be required. This could vary widely county-by-county, so be sure you pay careful attention to the requirements given to you by the department that grants marriage license in the Santa Clara County office.

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    Know Your States Requirements

    Each state controls the services of their designated Notary Publics. Notaries looking for a way around this, have one of two options open:

  • They can opt to get ordained to perform wedding officiating services along with standard Notary duties.
  • They can apply in your state for a temporary, one-day marriage designation. This usually happens if an individual who is a Notary Public wants to officiate a family members or friends wedding.
  • The one-day designation still calls for extra paperwork, so youll need to make sure youre approved prior to the actual wedding day. Otherwise, the marriage could be considered null and void.

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    Confidential Marriage License Explained

    Do you need a California wedding license? You dont have to go to a Las Vegas wedding chapel to elope.

    You can have mobile wedding officiant for a Los Angeles marriage or marriage anywhere in Southern California from San Diego County to Santa Barbara County and from Orange County to Riverside County. Chris can also provide you with an instant, legal, confidential marriage license from the Los Angeles County Clerk on the spot.

    There is no waiting in a long line together during business hours, There is no looking for parking, There is no traveling to the L.A County Clerks Office. There are no witnesses necessary. And he will deliver the license to you anywhere in So Cal!

    He is about as close as you can get to a California justice of the peace or a wedding judge because hes an attorney and knows the law. Paperwork is his second nature. Check this page out to see why you want Chris to issue you a .

    Chris was asked to officiate the marriage of celebrity Scott Baio and Renee Sloan in Hollywood for VH1s TV show Scott Baio is 46 and Pregnant.

    Officiant Guy has non-denominational wedding ministers on-call to make sure that your ceremony goes off as planned.

    Officiating Weddings In California

    Become a Wedding Officiant in California

    After getting ordained, your next task is to reach out to the government office where the couple will be applying for their marriage license . Explain that youre ordained through the Universal Life Church and ask them what the requirements are in that area to officiate a wedding ceremony. Marriage officials sometimes ask that you present documentation before they will give the green light to proceed.

    Choose the county youd like to contact from the dropdown menu below to see their offices information.

    Select your County Clerk to quickly generate the contact information for your local marriage authority.

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    Step 2confirm That The California Marriage License Is Valid

    Before you put pen to paper you should confirm that the marriage license is still valid. The validity of a marriage license is governed by three laws that determine the marriage license waiting period, expiration, and return. For more information on what these terms mean, check out our page, .In California, the marriage license waiting period, expiration, and return are as follows:

    • EXPIRATION: 90 Days
    • RETURN: 10 Days from the Wedding

    There is no marriage license waiting period in California. This means that the couple can receive and complete their marriage license on the same day that they file for their marriage license. In other words, they can get married on the same day that they file for their marriage license.Marriage licenses in California do expire 90 daysafter being issued. This means that the wedding must take place within the window of time between when the marriage license is issued and when it expires. In other words, the wedding must take place within 90 daysof the couple filing for their marriage license.Your job as the wedding officiant is to confirm that it has not been more than 90 dayssince the marriage license was issued. Once satisfied with this, you can move on to the next step.If the marriage license is expired, then the couple will have to file for a new one. It’s not the end of the world, but it is inconvenient.

    How To Elope In California

    You can get a marriage license at any County Clerks office. You can apply online in most counties, but you will still have to go to the office to pick up your license. It will save you time when you get there, though. Just do an online search for the county name and with the words marriage license or county clerk.

    Both parties can choose the name they will use after marriage. Discuss this before you go to avoid delays . You cant change your first name, but you can choose to keep your last name or use your spouses last name. Alternatively, you can create a hyphenated last name or change your middle name to create something similar.

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    When Its Legal To Have A Friend Officiate Your Wedding And When Its Not

    This article courtesy of Avvo NakedLaw blog

    By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you

    Have you ever wondered what that means, what the power is, and who exactly has done the vesting?

    These arent just pretty words, but legal ones. Only certain people are legally recognized to perform a wedding ceremony and make a marriage legal. And to make it trickier, requirements change from state to state and even from county to county. Read on to learn the basics about how to make sure your I do is legal.

    Judges, ministers and more

    For nonreligious ceremonies, justices of the peace, court clerks and active and retired judges may officiate the marriage. Certain states, like South Carolina and Maine, also accept notaries public as officiants.

    For religious ceremonies, members of the clergy like priests, ministers or rabbis, et cetera, may officiate a marriage. They may need to register with the county in which the wedding will take place, especially if its out of state. Shamans, medicine men and other leaders may be able to perform religious marriages in Native American communities.

    Contrary to popular belief, boat captains are not able to perform a legal wedding ceremony just by virtue of being a captain. They must be given the authority in some other way.

    Ordained by the Internet

    If you want a friend or relative to officiate your wedding but they are not already a member of the clergy or an accepted public official, never fear. There are options.

    Double-checking your I do

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