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Where To Order Wedding Programs

What Do Wedding Programs Cost

How to Design Wedding Programs : DIY Wedding Invitations

The cost of wedding programs varies and depends on your choices. The final cost is dependent on how many you’re ordering, the type of paper you choose, and whether or not you add an extra feature, such as foil. Paper choices such as Luxe Pearl or Double and Triple Thick typically cost a bit more than regular Premium Smooth paper.

Wedding Program Cover Wording

For wedding programs that are more than a page, the cover will have wedding programs text. This text must be informative and romantic. It must include the who, why, when, and sweet romantic quotes as footnotes. Get creative by first putting the couples name down on the cover.

Then include the date that youre having the wedding. The venue is also very important. Youll find a sample wedding program in post.

Here are a few popular examples of wedding program wording for the cover include phrases such as:

  • The two become one.

The names of each participant should be spelled in full.

Where Is The Best Place To Order Wedding Programs For The Ceremony

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Hi there! Where is the best place to order wedding programs without breaking your wallet? I’m looking for something a bit more personal that speaks to my partner and I. We had looked at Etsy and Vistaprint but nothing is catching our eye. Thank you in advance!

on June 21, 2019 at 13:35

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Personalize Your Wedding Programs

Shutterfly makes designing wedding programs easy. Order many wedding programs on a variety of stationery options. Choose between flat and folded cards, and select a favorite design or upload your own. Simply pick a paper type and card size, and personalize your wedding program down to finer details like trim styles and custom colors. Finally, format the essentials of your wedding program. With our wedding program templates, you can upload that beloved picture of you and your beau. Or, you can opt for more traditional wedding program formats, with a non-photo design complete with your unique text. If youre wondering what should be in your wedding program, wonder no more. Our wedding programs design assistant will walk you through suggestions and format the program for you, so theres no worry. You control what text, photos, colors, and themes go into your wedding programs for a picture-perfect final product.

What Size Is A Wedding Program

Simple wedding program, order of ceremony program, elegant ...

Wedding programs are offered in many sizes and styles. At Truly Engaging, you can choose from tea-length, half-fold, or program fan styles. Wedding program fans are offered in four different shapes. Tea-length wedding programs and half-fold programs are offered in one size each. The style you choose will likely depend on how detailed you want your wedding program to be.

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The Folded Wedding Program For You

Your wedding day is the culmination of days, weeks, months and years of loving, planning and working. A folded wedding program can play a big part. Its no wonder that so many people want to have wedding programs that offer more than just the couples names and the date of the ceremony. Folded wedding programs or tri-fold programs are a fantastic solution for anyone who wants to add more details, and the customizable programs at Shutterfly make it easy for you to say everything you want about your wedding ceremony, exactly how you want to say it.

The Polka Dotted Bee Printed Handkerchief Programs

Courtesy of Etsy

Hankies always seem to be in short order at weddings, so give your guests a hand with these handkerchiefs that pull double duty from The Polka Dotted Bee. Printed on 12-inch by 12-inch cotton handkerchiefs, these programs are simple and sophisticated, and you can choose from straight, scalloped, or lace edges.

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What Should Be Included In A Wedding Program

What you include in your wedding program is up to you and your spouse, but in general, most wedding programs have the following elements:

  • Cover: Includes the date, name of the happy couple, and location/time of the ceremony.
  • Order of Events: This is a general list that includes the main portions of your ceremony and notes certain details about it, such as the composer of your processional music and certain prayers or readings that will take place.
  • Members of the Wedding Party: Here’s where you can list the names and roles of the people in your wedding party.
  • Optional Additions: Some people may choose to include memorials to honor deceased relatives, express gratitude to family and friends, add quotes or poems, or explain rituals in more detail.

Jewish Wedding Ceremony Order

What wording to include in an Order of Service for your wedding

Prior to the ceremony, the couple signs a marriage contract, called the ketubah, in private. It could be signed at the groom’s reception, the day before the wedding, or even 30 minutes before the ceremony begins. It’s proceeded by the bedeken, or the veiling, where the groom veils his bride’s face. This tradition comes from the story of Jacob in the Bible, who was tricked into marrying the sister of his betrothed because she was veiled.

Unlike other ceremonies, in Jewish weddings, the bride and her party are on the right while the groom and his party are on the left. Perhaps the most famous parts of the Jewish wedding are the glass breaking and the yelling of “mazel tov!”

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Invited By Lamaworks Kathryn And Kevin Program

Courtesy of Invited by LamaWorks

The Kathryn and Kevin wedding program from Invited by LamaWorks is a gorgeous nod to traditional wedding sensibilities. Printed onto a shimmery ivory card stock with a light linen texture, this program is topped off with a delicate script font that will dazzle your guests.

An Easy Breakdown Of Wedding Ceremony Order

In This Article

If the wedding ceremony order is a bit overwhelming and you have some questions about which rites to include and when, that’s completely normal. The great news is that most ceremonies follow a similar format, so if you’ve been to a few, you’ve probably got an idea of how the wedding order of service usually flows.

Of course, different cultures and religions incorporate different distinctive elements, and there’s so much to love about each! “Traditional, Jewish, Catholic, and nondenominational weddings usually have ring exchanges whereas Hindu weddings exchange beautiful garlands created from flowers,” says wedding planner Victoria Miller.

Meet the Expert

Victoria Miller is the founder and lead wedding planner at LUXE Atlanta Events, a wedding planning company based in Atlanta.

Traditional and nondenominational wedding ceremonies are most flexible and similar to each other in terms of structure while religious ceremonies aren’t as adjustable. Catholic weddings, for instance, must always be held inside a churchno exceptions. While there tend to be variations based on regional and ethnic differences in each type of wedding ceremony, we’re breaking down the main structure of each type of ceremony for you to use as the ultimate guide in creating a ceremony of your own.

Brides/ Jiaqi Zhou

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What To Include In A Wedding Program

Once you’ve picked a wedding program design and crunched the numbers, then you get to decide on what to include in a wedding program. Of course, there are certain details that are helpful to your guests. You definitely want to include your names, the location of your wedding and an outline of the ceremony proceedings. Beyond that, you get to choose what you’d like to incorporate. Consider adding in the names of the people participating in the ceremony or an explanation of any cultural traditions you’re incorporating .

Other things you can include in your ceremony program are explanation of meaningful wedding details , an overview of the wedding day timeline, your love story or your wedding hashtag. Consider adding in a thank you to your guests or a message in memory of those who couldn’t attend. If you’re having an after-party, it may be helpful to include those details on the wedding program so that your guests are clear on what’s happening, when it’s happening and where it’s going down.

If you want to break up the text, you can add in pictures or illustrations . It’s a sweet touch that will make guests smile.

Ceremony Program With Wedding

Printable Wedding Program, Order of Ceremony, Instant ...

An awesome way to help guests get to know your wedding-party VIPs a bit better is stationery that includes fun illustrations and a brief bio for each member. This idea is not only helpful, its colorful and fun.

Ways to Display: Roll these up like scrolls and tie them with a colorful ribbon that matches the wedding theme. Have them positioned on a table near the entrance to the ceremony or waiting on guests seats.

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What To Put On The Back Of A Wedding Program

Make the most out of your wedding ceremony programs by using the back side of them. If you’ve included all of the important details inside of the stationery, consider putting something sweet on the back. You can write out your romantic storyfrom the day you met to the day you decided to get marriedfor all of your guests to enjoy. You can also use the back as a spot to write a heartfelt thank you to your guests for coming to celebrate your love.

You can also use the space to put a cute illustration of you and your boo, your furry friend or your family membersthe sky’s the limit! Take the time to brainstorm creative ideas for the back of your wedding program.

How Many Wedding Programs Do You Need To Order

Now that you’ve decided to order wedding ceremony programs, you might wonder how many programs to order. As we suggest ordering your wedding programs one to two months ahead of your wedding day, your guest count may not be finalized. There’s still a way to figure out how many programs you should order. Take the confirmed RSVPs and add in the unconfirmed numberthen add on 15-25 programs for good measure in case any last-minute plus-ones attend . It may seem overkill to order so much stationery, but you do need a program for every guest. That way, everyone feels included on your wedding day.

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Hindu Wedding Ceremony Order

If you’ve been to a Hindu wedding, you’ll know that they are often long, fantastical, and opulent events. “Hindu weddings are traditionally elaborate events lasting multiple days. While the ceremony is only one of the days, the festivities and traditions surrounding the wedding stretch the event out,” says Miller.

Choose A Wedding Pamphlet Or Wedding Program

Wedding Program or Itinerary Tutorial – DJ’s Entertainment Perspective

Depending on your weddings events, you can choose to create a folded wedding pamphlet or a flat wedding program to list the days itinerary. Your wedding ceremony program can include an itinerary of the ceremony. You can also create a wedding reception program to show when guests will eat, when the wedding party will toast, and when its time to dance. With Shutterfly, your wedding bliss is our priority and wedding programs play a big part. Your wedding programs can be sent straight to your recipients along with the invitation. Let your guests marvel over your beautifully designed wedding programs.

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Traditional Wedding Ceremony Order

Traditional wedding ceremonies are perfect for the classic couple who wants a more conventional celebration. “There is typically a welcome or introduction by the minister, followed by the exchange of vows. The couple then exchanges rings, and after the couple shares a kiss, the minister announces them for the first time as a married couple,” says Miller.

Get A Little Help From Your Friends

Creating a wedding program is a way of thanking everyone who made it possible, letting guests know whos who in the wedding party and what they can expect from the day ahead. It is also the perfect keepsake for your day. Make sure you have all the right information in your wedding program by using the Share button to email your work in progress directly to anyone who needs to input. Invite them to edit, comment and get it looking just so.

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Jai Mala Garland Exchange

“The bride and groom perform a garland exchange under a mandap or a beautifully decorated, raised canopy-like platform,” says Miller. It symbolizes welcoming each other into their families. The bride’s parents will join the couple’s hands, as a symbol of giving their daughter away. The ceremony begins, the couple is joined by their parents under the mandap, and the priest begins prayers in Sanskrit.

Tropical Leaf Wedding Program

Rustic Wedding Program Wedding Ceremony Order of Events

Instead of a paper program, hand-write the ceremony details on an oversized tropical leaf. This natural look can be perfect for a destination wedding or a couple who just happens to love a good tropical theme. Because theyre handwritten, tropical leaf programs come across as really personal to your guests. Depending on the other colors of your theme, consider what color you want to use when writing on your leaves so that it all ties together.

Ways to Display: Put bows on the end of the leaves and hang them from the back of chairs or place them on every chair for your guests, just beware of a strong gust of wind!

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Customize Your Design With Your Own Photos Or Browse For Images

Not a fan of a cookie cutter wedding? We arent either. Making your wedding program totally different is as easy as uploading your high res photographs, designs and illustrations. Not only is it free, once they are in Canva you can use them as many times as you like.

Dont have ready photos? Thats okay, Canvas amazing media library containing more than a million stock images, icons and illustrations has you covered. Browse through various categories or search for specific images. Whatever it is you need, Canvas media library contains only high quality design elements so your design will always look good, whether on print or on screen.

Craft A Fully Personalized Design That Wont Break The Bank

Wedding budgets can run out of control, which is why it is good to know you can still get some things done for nothing. With heaps of free templates, images, fonts and other cool design elements to choose from, you are spoilt for choice. Premium design elements like images or icons are only at $1 for each one time use. Designed by our team of in-house designers they could be just the inspiration you need. Then drag and drop, tweak a font here, adjust a color there and before you know it youll have your very own personalized wedding program.

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