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What Should Mother Of Bride Wear To Outdoor Wedding

Mother Of The Bride Attire Tips

Wedding fashion: Style tips for bride or grooms mother

Lets begin with some rapid-fire attire tips. These are general recommendations, not rules.

  • Dont wear white or anything too close in color to the brides dress.
  • Avoid excess lace as it may resemble the wedding dress too much or look old-fashioned.
  • Do not wear a wedding dress or anything resembling one. There are too many stories of the mother of the bride showing up in her old wedding dress.
  • Keep it modest. Youre there for your daughter, so make sure all eyes are on her!
  • Start with a clear image of what is expected. This includes the level of formality, the brides preferences, and the donts.
  • Pick something comfortable. It will be a long night, and you never know what could happen at a wedding.

Match The Time Of Day

If the couple has decided to go with a daytime wedding, you should adjust your attire to be more informal accordingly. For afternoon weddings, you might want to consider wearing a pantsuit or a tailored skirt in a neutral color like lavender, taupe, or pink. Do not forget to wear your summer hat for an added touch. When the couple picks the nighttime for their wedding, go with richer and fuller colors such as forest green, navy blue, or burgundy. You are only required to wear a floor-length dress or skirt if the evening wedding is black tie. Otherwise, a shawl, dress, or suit is, more often than not, appropriate. Think about adding some special accessories, such as heels or jewelry, to make yourself look extra elegant for the evening wedding.

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Research And Scout Venues

The mother of the bride often helps the couple check out ceremony and reception sites. Whether she actually accompanies you on site tours or pitches in doing research, calling for quotes or asking friends and family for recommendations, it’s up to you how hands on you’d like her to be in the venue hunt.

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Do Dump The Idea Of A Dye

Perfectly matching the color of your shoes to your mother of the bride gown looks very dated. Plus, dyed satin shoes are not water-resistant and can bleed if your feet get sweaty or you spill a drink on them. Instead, choose a shoe color that coordinates with, not matches, your dress. For example, a shoe that is one shade darker than your dress would work fine.

Neutral shades are elegant and work best with a colorful dress. This includes metallic shoes in gold and silver tones. Champagne, a soft, light gold, is very popular all year round. In the fall, bronze and smokey pewter can also work too. If your dress is black, a simple black shoe will look best.

What Should The Mother Of The Bride Wear To A Rustic Wedding Outdoors

Mother of Groom Dresses for Outdoor Wedding 16

Like a garden wedding, theres a range of appropriate attire options for a rustic, outdoors wedding. Depending on whether theres a specific inspiration or themeis it rustic Mediterranean, for instance? Or more rustic Mexican? The mother of the bride should dress the part. Wide-leg trousers and a silk top are good options if you know the couple have chosen a rustic, Italian riviera theme, while a midi dress or even a skirt and blouse ensemble will look stylish and fit in perfectly if the couple has gone for a rustic farmhouse vibe.

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Wedding Etiquette For Grandmothers

Depending on the size and formality of the wedding, the couple may want to have a formal procession down the aisle. Going down the aisle to find your seat, for the wedding ceremony, means that all eyes will be watching you. Take this opportunity to show your family how much they mean to you by thoroughly preparing beforehand. Make sure to fix up your ensemble, whether it is a suit or a dress, so that the color best matches with the shade of your skin. For example, if you have a darker complexion, think about getting a cool, neutral shade to bring out your glow. Consider getting your makeup and hair done professionally and double check to make sure your ensemble is tailored perfectly.

The grandparents typically start the procession first, then the grooms parents and the brides mother. Then, comes the bridal procession, which consists of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, flower girls and the maid of honor, and finally the bride and father enter. During the wedding reception, you will be expected to sit close to the top table, so you can have a nice view of the married couple. Most importantly, this is a day for you to spend some time with your family and feel very proud of your granddaughter.

What color should the grandmother of the bride wear?

What does the grandmother of the bride do?

What does grandmother of the groom wear to wedding?

Does The Mother Of The Bride Have To Wear A Dress

These days, virtually anything goesformal gown, short or long dress, skirt-and-jacket ensembleso long as it matches the style of the wedding.

You’ll want to feel comfortable on their special day and not be too self-conscious about the way you look. If she doesn’t feel comfortable in a dress, she can, by all means, opt for a two-piece set.

Mothers of the Bride commonly wear a top and skirt or top and dress pants combination. Some mothers opt for dresses such as the one shown below with a bolero jacket, shawl, or wrap.

Remember you need to stand out from the other guests and people will have their eye on you. This is your time to shine like the beautiful proud mother of your son or daughter’s wedding. You are giving them away and celebrating a major event in their life.

As the Mother of the Bride or Groom its best to stay away from white or any shade matching the dress of the bride unless you have her explicit consent.

Wearing white to a wedding as a guest is a no-no, unless the bride and groom have mentioned that it’s ok to do so. If the bride is wearing white, it’s customary for her to be the only one. With the entire colour wheel to choose from, it’s easy to choose any colour other than white,

Before you start shopping for a dress for the important event, talk to the couple about what their bridesmaids will be wearing and what colour scheme they are planning in general.

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What Should The Mother Of The Bride Wear To A Garden Wedding

Garden weddings are more formal than beach weddings but usually still more casual than an indoor occasion. For an outdoor garden wedding, a printed, fitted dress, a dress with mid-length or long sleeves, or even a beaded cocktail dress is appropriate attire for the mother of the bride.

Again, do try and find out what the ground will be like. Will there be outdoor carpet laid out, or will the reception be hosted in an area thats paved? Or will you be trudging through the grass? These are key considerations when deciding on footwear for your mother of the bride attire: like a beach wedding, youll want to avoid stilettos or sharp heels that could get stuck in the grass, but chances are, youll be able to style your ensemble with block-heeled sandals or shoes, as well as accessories and jewelry that might otherwise look out of place outdoors.

Most Size Inclusive: David’s Bridal Collection Off

Tips for Mothers of the Bride | Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta

Courtesy of David’s Bridal

You can never go wrong with an elegant off-the-shoulder neckline, especially when it comes to getting married outdoors. This body-skimming stretch-crepe gown is simple yet stunning and features subtle pearl embellishments along the flounce neckline. Wear yours with your hair pulled back into a loose updo to really showcase your shoulders.

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Beaded Stretch Lace Dress And Jacket

Comfort meets style in this two-piece dress made of stretchy fabric. With 2% Spandex, the sleeveless sheath dress skims your figure without being restrictive. Allover sequins and a scalloped trim on the jacket give this set a bit of pizzazz.

Alex Evenings lace cocktail dress with jacket, $185, Nordstrom

What Do Grandmothers Wear To Weddings

Whilst you may have been to many wedding ceremonies over the years and worn an assortment of stylish ensembles, there are a few fashionable rules to consider when it comes to picking a winning grandmother of the bride outfit, depending on the type of ceremony your granddaughter has opted for.

As all fellow wedding guests will consider, your wedding ensemble should depend on the time of day and formality of the ceremony. Daytime weddings would require a more lightweight, brighter dress such as our statement Jessica Dress. Featuring an elegant, floral print in a flattering white and blue, this dazzling frock is an essential for any special occasion this season. Thriving in both style and comfort, this statement dress is crafted from 100% cotton, making it a very lightweight, easy-to-wear piece, perfect for your granddaughters big day.

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Mother Of The Bride Vs Mother Of The Groom Dresses: What’s The Difference

Whether you are the mother of the bride or the mother of the groom, there are a few key things to remember as you shop for your dress. Check out Zola to learn more.

Your childs wedding is an exciting and eventful time, and whether youve thought about it already or not, what you wear to a special occasion can be a big deal. However, between figuring out what color to wear, the style of your dress, and following best etiquette, things can get a little complicated. You might even be wondering, what the difference between the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom’s dress is? In reality, the answer is not much. Whats different is who takes the lead. Here, we break it all down.

Get Pretty Just Prior To The Wedding

1001 + ideas for gorgeous mother of the bride dresses

There aren’t any special rules for mother-of-the-bride hair and makeup. Again, think elegant, understated, and appropriate and reflective of your style. As with the bridal party, you’ll usually want to get a fresh mani and pedi the day before the wedding and have your hair and makeup done the day of. Whether you do this with the bridal party is up to your daughter.

If the bride prefers to get glammed up with just her bridesmaids, don’t take it personally. You can invite the mother of the groom or other family members to have a prettying party of your own, or relish the rare moment of quiet and plan to slip off on your own. Just make sure that you do plan to get your hair and makeup done whether by a professional or trusted friend. Too often, mothers overlook themselves in favor of their children. Remember, it’s your special day, too!

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Wedding Etiquette For Stepmoms Of The Groom

If the grooms family is a blended family, it can sometimes get complicated. The mother of the bride is only obliged to inform the mother of the groom about her wedding attire. Stepmothers, on the other hand, are the grooms responsibility. Its up to him to give her the required information, so that she can dress appropriately.

Of course, this may be different in every family, because it depends on how close the groom is with his stepmother. If shes considered a close family member and you plan to seat her in front with other family members, then she should choose her outfit in keeping with the colors and theme of the rest of the wedding party and family. However, if the two are not close and she is considered merely a guest, then she will be seated with guests and should have full freedom to dress however she likes . Theres really no need for her attire to match the immediate family or wedding partyunless she just wants to.

Does The Mother Of The Bride Dress Need To Match Bridesmaids

No, the mother of the bride doesn’t need to match the bridesmaids or the wedding party in general. The bride may prefer to have corresponding colors for a cohesive look, but it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Instead of matching colors, consider looking for a mother of the bride dress in a similar hue that complements the bridesmaids. A consultant at your local bridal salon can help with color matching if that’s what the bride wants.

It’s also fine for the mother of the bride to wear an outfit that doesn’t match the bridesmaids or the wedding color scheme. Some brides may not have a preference for what mom wears. If that’s the case, any appropriate look will do.

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Taking The Lead And Shopping Schedules

The most significant difference between the mother of the bride and mother of the groom attire has nothing to do with the garments themselves but is actually how the gowns are selected and when. Traditional etiquette dictates that the mother of the bride takes the lead and shops for her wedding attire first. However, many modern women use this advice as more of a guideline than a strict rule. Our suggestion? Keep the lines of communication open throughout the wedding planning process. Here is our best advice for both women shopping for the perfect dress for a special occasion.

Mother of the Bride: As the brides mother, you may be privy to a lot of information about the details of the wedding and your daughters preferences. Its your responsibility to understand what she wants from both you and the grooms mother in terms of your attire.

Typically, you shouldnt start shopping for a dress until the bride has selected her dress as well as those for the bridesmaids. If this hasnt happened by about six to eight months before the wedding, check in with your daughter to see if she has a timeline, or ask if she is ok with you beginning to shop. Then, make sure you call the mother of the groom to let her know the detailslike color and styleof the dress you plan to buy for the wedding day, plus share information about when you plan to start your search. This will give her a better idea of what outfit she should be looking for and when.

What To Wear To A Western

How to Dress the Mother of the Bride : How to Dress for a Wedding


A wedding is a perfect excuse to dress deliberately. All the more so when a theme is involved. Thats the case for my friend Kris, whose nephew is getting married in Wyoming this summer. Kris flattered me by asking my opinion of what to wear to a Western-themed wedding.

I found that such a delicious question that I decided to start a series on wedding wear, starting with Kriss question. Were coming into the season for weddings, so why not? Ive got weddings in March, May and Juneall in different circumstances and times of day. Each one will require a little deliberation.

For the Wyoming wedding, Kris says the groom and groomsmen will be in jeans and most of the female guests plan to wear dresses and boots.

What should Kris wear?

In her casealmost anything. She has a figure thats somewhere between a Barbie doll, a ballerina and a long distance runner. Tall and long-legged, she looks good in everything. I could throw a dart and hit a winner for her.

Option 1: Super feminine dress and boots

I could just say buy a great pair of Western boots, pair it with any feminine dress in her closet and we could all go home. This collage has dresses from J. Peterman, North Style, and Sundance. My personal favorite for Kris: the Sundance dress on the far left.

Option 2: A crisp white blouse, denim skirt and boots

Option 3: An iteration on option 2

Option 4: The unspoken law

Here are three denim dresses that would be so good on Kris.

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