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What Is An Appropriate Gift For A 50th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional 50th Anniversary Gifts For The Best Golden Anniversary

Wedding Anniversary Gift | 15th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Put the Midas touch into your 50th anniversary gift buying with one of the exquisite items included on this list. From subtle gold accents to all-out bling, this selection of gilded gifts will make an already momentous occasion even more memorable for the lucky couple who have made their love span across half a century.

There can be no gift more apt for a 50th wedding anniversary than a pair of Waterford crystal champagne flutes, accented with a generous golden rim, from which to toast the occasion.

Prices Vary


Up to 17 characters can be engraved onto the bar of this gold, rose gold, or silver plated bracelet, making it the perfect choice for a one of a kind anniversary gift.


Detailing the family that has grown as a result of their union 50 years ago, this framed or unframed print also features a golden tree bearing the names of the family members.

Price varies

This Waterford Lismore diamond ring holder is made from aluminum and gold satin zinc alloy, and is encrusted with genuine diamond accents for a special place to keep all her rings safe.


Delicate and subtle, this 14K gold chain is adjustable from 16 to 18 and features two tiny gold hearts adorned with pavé diamonds one at the throat and one at the nape.


This gold-plated photo frame would make a beautiful 50th anniversary gift idea for a couple still in love, as it can hold 2 photographs side by side, the way theyve always been.


Prices Vary

Prices Vary

Prices Vary


The Ideal 50th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Friends

Want to give a nice bottle of wine to your friends for their anniversary? Pair it with this adorable wine glass gift set! Your friends will be so touched by this beautifully personalized set and will want to drink their wine with their new glasses right away. Every time they look at the engraving of their wedding date on the glasses and the gift box, they will remember that day they said I Do like it was yesterday.

Xn Studio Wooden Salad Servers

xN Studio

Handmade in Africa from sustainably harvested wood, this serving set will be a wonderful addition to their other entertaining pieces The Helix handle corkscrew shape represents everlasting unity, an apt description of their bond. A portion of the sale from the servers will be donated to the Mukono Foundation, a group that supports arts and primary education in Uganda.

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Collagecom Custom Canvas Prints

Remind them how special their love is with a beautiful custom canvas print from! You can create your own classic family portrait for featuring a lifetime of memories. Choose from photos from their very first years together up until this moment. Consequently, there are a variety of sizes and shapes to choose to display their high quality canvas prints. Looking back at these photos will make them proud of the family theyve grown.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Them:

Top 24 Gift for 50th Wedding Anniversary

Thinking of 50th wedding anniversary gifts for friends? Here is our suggestion.

1. Fancy Dinner:

One way to give them a chance to relive their yesteryears is by giving them an experience that will enable them to remember their past and spend some time. A great way to do this is to gift them a fancy dinner idea.

2. Sofa Cushion:

Sofa cushions are mostly underrated. It is because you need to pick the right ones that will not just suit the colour of their sofa, but also match the comfort level.

3. Bedside Lamps:

Bedside lamps are fancy and extremely useful too. Pick out a very fancy bedside lamp that will match the décor of the room and bed.

4. Matching Tees:

Pick out some cool matching tees for the both of them. You can also customize them with your favorite quotes for them.

5. Dining Set:

A dining set is a must for every home. Dont you think it is time to revamp their dining set

How to Celebrate Fifty-Year Wedding Anniversary and How to Present Gift?

The best way to celebrate this day is to actually throw a lavish party to all the people you can possibly think of. The day is all about you and your people who made your life better. So, they deserve some appreciation too!

The best way to present a gift is to give it to them personally. Ask them to open it then and there and see their reaction.

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Woodstock Coasters Cherish The Memories

You may remember Woodstock 69 like it was yesterdayor your hazy recollections may have puff puff passed you by. Either way, those three glorious days will always be a part of you. In honor of the 50th anniversary of that famous concert, we created an exclusive set of six laser-cut coasters.

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Th Anniversary Gifts Crystal

Lets have a toast for the 15 years of your marriage! Sturdy yet delicate, like your marriage, crystal symbolizes the sparkling love the two of you have for each other. Crystal also reflects the beautiful facets of your relationship so .

Wall Arts as an anniversary gift on 15th milestone maybe sound a little strange but it is really worth the try! And to save your time for wandering the internet we have listed this compilation of Unique 15 years Anniversary Presents.

15th Anniversary Gifts By Year | Source: Stunning Gift Store

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Th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Her

Are you buying a 50th Anniversary gift for your wife? If you want to stick to tradition, our Engraved Bouquet Rose Gold Bracelet is charmingly designed bracelet is hand-crafted in the UK from beautiful rose gold and adorned with yellow-gold, sterling silver and rose gold floral charms. The bracelet also features a personalised disc, which can be uniquely engraved with its recipients name, or a loving message.

Our gold-plated Love You to Pieces personalised necklace is another fabulous golden anniversary gift idea. Inside the circle are four raw brass jigsaw pieces, one of which can be uniquely engraved with the initials of its recipients, making this an extraordinary anniversary gift. The necklace hangs from an adjustable 18-20 inch long yellow gold plated curb chain and comes beautifully supplied in a personalised gift box that features a card entitled I Love You to Pieces and a customisable gold-coloured plate that can be engraved with a message of your choice.

What Do You Give For A 50th Wedding Anniversary

How to Make Wedding Anniversary Card With Tags

We have hundreds of inexpensive gifts for 50th Wedding Anniversary to Moderately priced 50 year anniversary gifts. We have several suggestions for 50th anniversary gifts, here. OR, please visit our Zazzle 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas Store HERE:

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What Is The 50th Anniversary Gift

Typically, anniversaries have two different themes: modern and traditional. But the 50-year milestone is different because the themes are the same. The modern and traditional 50th anniversary theme is gold. To celebrate your golden year, we rounded up on-theme picks as well as nontraditional presents.

How To Choose A 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift

The traditional gift for a 50th wedding anniversary is gold, which symbolizes wisdom, strength, and prosperity for the couple. Anything gold goes for this celebration. Think a his and hers set of gold jewelry. Or, choose a piece of gold décor the couple can display in their home. Another alternative is a personalized gift or keepsake. These kinds of gifts can be the most cherished, as they help the couple to reminisce on the happy times throughout their lives. Some good ideas for personalized gifts include collages, photo books, or frames. You might even want to think outside the box and choose a gift that the couple can use together going forward, such as tickets for a getaway or a gift card for a couples massage.

For more fabulous 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas your friends will absolutely love, we put out a call for ideas and curated responses below. Keep reading to find out what the contributors who responded to our query had to say about their favorite 50th wedding anniversary gift ideas.

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Th Anniversary Gifts Silk/linen

Twelve years with your spouse is definitely the most amazing time in married life, even though there are still ups and downs, but you have worked it out. At this point in marriage, not only does strength gain stronger, but the fire seems to flame back, this is why, luxurious linen for strong, durable, and expensive while sultry silk for sexy, is perfect for a traditional 12 Year Anniversary Gift and a 12th Anniversary Gifts For Him.

The spirit of luxurious and durable can easily find in the 12Th Wedding Anniversary Gift in this 12 Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him to create the same energy in a different way.

12th Anniversary Gifts By Year | Source: Stunning Gift Store

Unique Golden Anniversary Gift

50th Golden Wedding Anniversary Pendant Necklace Gift For Wife / Her ...

If your friends arent really into nice watches, how about a nice piece of decor instead for their 50th anniversary gift? This beautiful Great Gatsby-inspired sign is a fun new addition to anyones home! Your friends probably remember reading the iconic book back in the day, and this sign is the perfect blend of modern decor with a vintage feel. Plus, with its gold accents, this sign perfectly matches the golden anniversary theme!

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Th Anniversary Gifts Pottery

When you consider your marriage started off as a lump of clay, then now it finally turns into a gorgeous gem that you have made all by yourselves and is only for you to enjoy! Made of clay as a metaphor for your powerful love, hand-made pottery or a well-designed one would absolutely be a surprise 9th Anniversary Gift the love of your life.

To mark a unique and more interesting day of the married life and to impress 9 Year Anniversary Gift For Him, you could consider giving lovely 9th Year Anniversary Gift from our Collection of 9th Wedding Anniversary Gift.

9th Anniversary Gifts By Year | Source: Stunning Gift Store

Th Anniversary Gifts Bronze

The traditional 8 Year Anniversary Gift for the 8th year anniversary best suited to mark this event are bronze, which symbolizes beautiful strength and elasticity because, after eight years, your love for each other has been carefully refined like a Bronze Anniversary Gifts.

For those who are interested in 8 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift that is different and unique enough to surprise partners, this Eighth Anniversary Gift is going to help ease the tense.

8th Anniversary Gifts By Year | Source: Stunning Gift Store

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Th Anniversary Contemporary/modern Gift Gold

A golden gown is one way to go. Wouldnt it be wonderful if the woman woke up on their anniversary morning to find a beautiful gold dress on the bed with matching gold slippers she could wear to dinner that evening?

Cutlery and utensils are always popular presents. Wouldnt it be nice to give your parents a gold plated cake knife and serving set for that days occasion? Or a gold metallic rimmed glass as an unusual break from the norm of having so much fine china in their cabinets.

Gold Plated Photo Frame

The Work of the Word (Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration)

by Saks: Michael Aram

Over the course of fifty years, a couple has likely created a home, grown their family, and shared many happy moments. A gold-plated photo frame is a delightful way to let them display one of their favorite photos of those cherished moments.

This whimsical frame has a border of golden olive branches, intricately intertwined. Its a statement piece picture frame if we ever saw one! It holds one horizontal picture.

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Plum House Gallery Personalized Grill Set

Courtesy of Etsy

For the grillmaster, a personalized grill set will be a delight. There are six chrome grilling utensils inside, from a ridged turner and tongs to a fork and marinade brush. Make it extra special by laser engraving your spouses first or last name onto the box made of bamboo.

Th Anniversary Gifts Fruits & Flowers

After four years of marriage, your love for each other is blooming and growing in a maturity way than ever before, just like a blossoming flower or the sweetest fruit, therefore these two symbols are the traditional 4 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift.

For those who are not keen on traditional gifts and want to have something to keep the memories of this day longer, this Collection For Unique 4th Anniversary Gift Ideas is what you need! Not only a great 4 Year Anniversary Gift For Wife, but also Four Year Anniversary Gift For Him which will express exactly the way you feel about the love of your life.

4th Anniversary Gifts By Year | Source: Stunning Gift Store

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Th Anniversary Gifts Pearl

Thirty years of flourishing! After three decades together, something beautiful your marriage has been created through persistence and commitment. For this anniversary, pearls represent the traditional Unique 30Th Anniversary Gifts, hidden in the depths of the ocean, these precious white gems are known for their beauty, but also the considerable amount of time required to form just like your admirable marriage.

However, Pearl necklace may be a little impractical now due to the lockdown and stay-at-home policy, another 30th Anniversary Gift might be more approriate for you, then this time you can choose a 30 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift here to celebrate this special day as well as decor a new look for your home. With this wall art, you will have the best 30th Wedding Anniversary Gift For Wife.

30th Anniversary Gifts By Year | Source: Stunning Gift Store

Looking for the perfect gift for your wedding anniversary gift after more than 30 years of marriage? Here is the best of anniversary gifts collection!

About 50th Wedding Anniversaries

Diamonds &  Gold 50th Wedding Anniversary Round Pillow

The 50th golden wedding anniversary is one of the most venerable milestones in married life. And rightly so, as it is a rare celebration for any couple.

Appropriately, the 50th wedding anniversary symbol is gold beautiful, strong and resistant to corrosion. All qualities that are essential for a marriage to last for 50 years

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Th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him Her Parents And Grandparents

Anniversary gifts of gold jewellery or flowers are both symbolic of 50 years, with the traditional flower being a yellow rose symbolising inner joy, light and happiness.

The beauty of a long prosperous marriage of friendship and true love is also symbolised by the violet in some cultures. Modesty, humility and faithfulnessIll always be there.

Stunning Crystal Decanter Set Your Friends Will Adore

When it comes to searching for 50th anniversary gift ideas for friends, you need to consider their interests. For the couple who enjoys a nice drink together even after many years of marriage, a personalized decanter set they can both use is positively perfect! This impressive decanter set is so attractive that theyll want to keep it on display, which frees up the wooden gift box that comes with the glassware to be used for anniversary keepsakes and mementos. This thoughtful gift set just keeps on giving!

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