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Unique Matching Wedding Bands His And Hers

The Most Romantic Matching Rings

Unique Matching Wedding Bands His And Hers

For wedding bands that match in the most personal way, consider engraving either the outside or the inside of the bands with the wedding date, a song lyric, your monogram, or other words of significance to you as a couple. You can have the rings engraved on the inside, to be your little secret, or on the outside for all of the world to see. Another matching element that many couples love is having their fingerprints imprinted on the inside of one anothers bands as a special way to personalize their rings.

Bored Of Tradition 10 Unique Matching Wedding Band Sets For The Modern Couple

Matching wedding bands symbolize unity and partnership. While past renditions of matching bands included simple rings of gold or platinum, todays couples can incorporate unique details in their rings for an updated design twist. Use scroll work, interlocking puzzle piece details, or other personalized touches to design your own unique matching wedding bands.

Need inspiration? Check out these 10 amazing and unique matching wedding band sets from our collection.

Him And Her Matching Wedding Rings

Matching His And Hers Wedding Bands In Rose Gold Matching Wedding Rings Wedding Rings Unique Wedding Rings Rose Gold

His And Hers Wedding Ring Sets Matching Silver Titanium Wedding Bands For Him Her 6 6 Walmart Com Cz Wedding Ring Sets Wedding Ring Sets Cz Wedding Rings

Wedding Band Set His And Her Wedding Band Unique Matching Etsy Blue Diamond Wedding Band Wedding Ring Bands Diamond Wedding Band Sets

Pin On Jewelry Gifts

His And Her Wedding Band Matching Wedding Band Wedding Band Etsy Diamond Wedding Bands Gold Wedding Band Sets Wedding Ring Sets

His And Hers Wedding Ring Set 14k Rose Gold Wedding Band Set Etsy Hochzeitsring Sets Hochzeit Ringe Goldhochzeitsringe

Diamond Trio Set 14k White Gold Matching His Her Engagement Wedding Band For Sale Online Ebay

Gold Wedding Bands With Diamonds Unique Wedding Bands Couple Etsy Bagues De Couple Bague De Mariage Homme Bague Mariage

Heart Couple Ring Set Promise Rings For Couples Silver Etsy Promise Ring Set Promise Rings For Couples Couples Ring Set

Pin On Wedding Ring Inspiration

His And Hers Modern Wedding Rings Wedding Ring Designs Wedding Ring Bands

His And Hers Celtic Wedding Bands Wedding And Bridal Inspiration Celtic Wedding Bands Celtic Wedding Rings Wedding Ring Bands

His And Hers Ruby Wedding Band Set Matching Wedding Band Set Etsy Gold Wedding Band Sets Matching Wedding Band Sets Wedding Band Sets

Unique Matching Wedding Bands His And Hers Expensive Wedding Rings Wedding Ring Sets Wedding Ring Bands

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Pair Your Diamonds Or Gemstones

The same gemstones can help bring a harmonious look to your wedding bands. Whether its one stone or several stones, you can choose from diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, or other colored gemstones. You can even choose a combination of gemstones that you both love, such as sapphires mixed with diamonds.

Here are some gorgeous sets that show what you can do with coordinating gemstones.

Platinum Round Brilliant Diamond And Marquise Sapphire Wedding Ring from James Allen with White Gold Diamond And Sapphire Baguette Milgrain Ring

His And Hers Wedding Rings: Finding The Perfect Match

Unique Matching Wedding Bands His And Hers

His and hers wedding bands are the perfect rings for couples. Having a ring set that matches your partner’s is a unique way to symbolize your true love for one another. Whether you prefer simple details or something more classic, with our collection of beautiful matching wedding rings, we make it even easier for you to find the perfect style and design at an affordable price. Each piece of jewelry in our collection has been made with precious metal and stones, providing you with a set of rings that will be able to withstand the test of time. If you are looking for a unique ring set for you and your partner, consider shopping our selection of wedding rings for him and her at Modern Gents Trading Co.

Our line of affordable and matching sets range from 925 sterling silver, titanium and tungsten. Our couple rings also have colors ranging from rose gold, yellow gold, silver and more! If youre already shopping around for womens wedding ring sets, why not find a set of matching couples rings to show your commitment to one another.

The days of searching for the perfect matching wedding band sets are over. You’re a perfect match, and your wedding rings should be, too. We offer a variety of unique rings so you can find the design and style that fits you best. Looking for a different piece of jewelry? We also offer a wide selection of affordable engagement rings, promise rings for men and women, earrings and necklaces to choose from for yourself or your special someone.

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Are His And Hers Wedding Bands Supposed To Match

His and her wedding bands or bands for any couple dont need to match, but matching wedding bands can offer extra style, cohesion, and significance. With matching wedding bands, your rings look like a set, such as this yellow gold knife edge ring from James Allen with this yellow gold domed comfort ring. In the end, its up to you and your spouse-to-be if you like coordinating features on your rings.

Carved His And Hers Wedding Ring Set

When it comes to mens rings, carved wedding bands and wedding rings are trendy. Carved rings come in a variety of styles, including Greece and Celtic rings, art deco, milgrain, pattern, two-toned, and texture. This his and hers wedding ring set has a gleaming groove in the middle and gleaming step borders. These broad rings have a comfort fit for a snugger fit.

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Why Love Wedding Bands

We are a family owned, privately held company that believes in quality over quantity. With more than 25 years of experience, we have built a solid reputation among our customer base. At Love Wedding Bands, we take pride in bringing our customers the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality. Our team of highly skilled professionals is here to help you find the ideal piece of jewelry to symbolize your love and will make your shopping experience memorable.

Handwriting On Wedding Bands

Rose Gold Tree of Life Wedding Band Set

Handwriting added to a pair of wedding rings

Our sixth idea takes a handwritten extract of writing to apply to your wedding rings. We scan the text, scale it down and add it by laser engraving. Another sentimental variation of this idea applies to childrens handwriting inside or outside any ring design.

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Classic His And Hers Diamond Wedding Ring Set

When it comes to bringing flair, elegance, and class to the event, diamond wedding rings are at the top of many couples wish lists. The body of this handcrafted matching diamond wedding ring set for him and her is softly rounded. Three round shaped diamonds are channeled in her ring. The overall weight of the item is 0.03 ctw, with each diamond weighing 0.01 ctw. A diamonds simplicity has a sophisticated appeal that appeals to everyone, and it is this trait that distinguishes diamonds from other gems.

Create Your Perfect Set

Were thrilled to offer an unrivaled collection of wedding and anniversary rings to make your vision a reality. Many of our his and hers matching wedding band sets can be customized to help you achieve the exact look you desire. We invite you to contact us to learn about custom engraving options, or discover how to design your own rings. We look forward to helping you choose a set of rings youll cherish for years to come.

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Add Each Others Birthstones

Birthstone wedding rings set with gemstones

This subtle idea takes a tiny coloured gemstone into a wedding ring within a flush setting. Each couple adds their very own birthstone into their ring. As a suggestion, we recommend the same ring style for the bride and groom. Grooms typically wear wider bands, but for unique matching wedding bands, keep to the same ring style with the same gemstone setting.

Add A Decorative Pattern

Wedding Band Set His And Hers Unique Matching Wedding Bands

A leaf pattern was engraved around a brides wedding ring and inside the grooms wedding ring. Crafted in 18ct Fairtrade Yellow Gold.

Our final suggestion for unique matching wedding bands comes in a matching decorative pattern. For example, adding a hand-engraved leaf pattern to the same ring style. The matching pair of wedding rings above featured a leaf design around two different ring widths. We created both rings in 100% ethical Fairtrade Gold.

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Detailed Matching Wedding Bands

Just because you want your rings to match does not mean you need to skimp on detailing and style! The details in your matching wedding rings can be as minimal or as elaborate as you want.

Examples of simple details include a milgrain border or an inlay, a subtle ridge in the precious metal band. A hammered finish can also add texture for a more interesting and unique look.

More elaborate details might be an antique scroll design, a braid, or Celtic knots. To really add some brilliance to your matched wedding rings, consider adding diamonds or other gemstones. A very thin vertical row of diamonds or sapphires is a popular option for men who want a band with gemstones.

Unique Matching Wedding Bands Ideas For Couples

Unique matching wedding bands for couples depict love and trust. That is why you need to make sure youve given it a lot of consideration. It should represent your style and also should point back to your own wedding set. Since the jewelry must be classic enough to be worn every day while still fitting you and your partners personality, there are many distinct challenges.

Couple rings are ideal for people in love, whether they are just starting in their relationship or have been together for years. Although there are many ways to show your love for your partner, unique couple rings continue to be the most common. What is the reason for this? And, apart from being romantic and sweet, they represent a relationship between couples that is full of promise and loyalty.

His and her matching wedding bands are usually made of metals that match. If you get a platinum ring, you should have a ring that contains the same platinum material. You can choose from some beautiful metals: silver, gold, tungsten, copper, and titanium.

Metals for Wedding Rings

When it comes to gold, you can get the hue that goes with it. Gold is used in a variety of shades. Rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, black gold, and other metals are available. You can get two-toned matching couple rings if you want to try anything different.

Matching Ring Designs

Ring Stones That Go Together

Wedding Rings that Match Your Personality

Matching the Ring Style of your Partner

Matching Wedding Ring Ideas

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Wedding Bands: Unique Matching Rings For Tacori Couples

Wedding bands are ultimately a emblem of your commitment to one another, so many couples opt to pick out their wedding bands together. Although the two wedding bands don’t have to match – and they rarely do – you can coordinate subtle design elements to mark the partnership between the two rings.

Celebrate the love that unites you by curating a complementary Tacoriwedding band pairing. Mix and match metals, finishes, diamond cuts, and details for a ring duo that’s the perfect partnership. Take a look at five of our favorite wedding band duos for some inspiration before you create your own unique couple’s wedding band.

Diamond Details

Ward Off Unwanted Attention

Matching his and hers platinum wedding rings each set with a “hidden” diamond

Hans off! Yes, that is the message when you wear a wedding ring, and it is a convenient way of telling people that you are committed to a special person. It is innate to humans and even animals to look for a mate that is why we socialize. Parties, night outs, and also merely having coffee in a coffee shop, one time or the other, you may have attracted attention from the opposite gender, and that wedding ring has saved you form being approached by them.

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Sound Patterns On Wedding Bands

Sound pattern wedding rings matching pair of wedding bands.

We add sound patterns to create unique matching wedding bands for brides and grooms. We apply a voiceprint taken from an iPhone or Android phone. As a result, a specific recording translates into a graphic design engraved onto the surface of our ring designs. Regardless of their location, clients can email us their recordings or graphics. Next, we create dedicated artwork to apply to the inside or outside of the rings.

Feel Good About Matching Wedding Bands From Modern Gents Trading Co

Modern Gents rings are all affordable, stylish and built for the long haul, just like your relationship. But on top of providing well-priced, high-quality rings, we go the extra mile to make sure our customers are as satisfied as they can possibly be.

You can feel abundantly comfortable with wedding ring sets from Modern Gents. Not only are our rings entirely conflict-free that means we absolutely never use blood diamonds in our products our rings are backed with a lifetime warranty and we offer 30-day returns and 60-day exchanges.

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Three Stone His And Hers Diamond Wedding Band Set

The Three Stone Diamond Ring has long been regarded as the pinnacle of a couples devotion to one another and their eternal love. Because each diamond has a profound importance and meaning, it is the essence of marriage and real love. The past, present, and future are thought to have a wonderful symbolism in three stone diamond rings. Engagement rings and wedding bands based on these designs typically have a center-piece gem and two lesser gemstones alongside it, or all three gemstones in the same size.

Unique Wedding Bands For Him And Her That Will Make Your Heart Skip A Beat

Pin on Jewelry

Wedding bands are a sign of love and commitment. It is the bond between a man and a woman.

This custom of proclaiming a man and a womans union dates back to the ancient Egyptians.

The use of a ring back then was a little different than it is now. A ring was made up of items that were more readily available to Egyptians. They exchanged rings made from braided reeds and hemp. They put these rings on the fourth finger of your left hand because they believed there was a vein of love that led directly from this finger to your heart. It was a ring of love, similar to what we have now, and it was worn to symbolize devotion to each other. The circle was also a profound symbol for the Egyptians, and the infinite circle of a wedding ring is thought to symbolize a promise of eternity.

If you are planning your big day, then buying wedding rings would be an important step. Have you considered buying his and hers wedding band sets? Theres something special about matching his and hers wedding ring sets.

Matching wedding rings demonstrate that a couple shares similar tastes and values traditions while still desiring to participate in them.

Getting a matching ring proves that you are married and that you are married to the same person. However, some individuals may wonder if his and her wedding bands should match.

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Greek Key Wedding Band Set

The Meander was a symbol for infinity and the eternal movement of things in ancient Greece. Because of the patterns unbroken, continuous nature, this is a logical association. Because of the uninterrupted line design, the Greek Key is now associated with eternity and unity. As a result, the Greek Key pattern is frequently used on wedding bands as a symbol of eternal love. This band features a Greek key design that wraps around the entire ring, making it appropriate for a couple that has taken vows of love. Both rings have a curved inner bevel for a comfortable fit.

All the above listed rings can be customized by the metal and color of your choice such as 14K, 18K gold and 950 platinum and white, yellow, pink, two tone gold and platinum.

A Wedding Band Set That Mirrors The Power Of Your Love

Every relationship is different. But certain elements are abundant in each and every truly successful relationship. Indeed, the most successful relationships of all are built around complementing qualities that couples bring to each other, like puzzle pieces that fit perfectly. Alone they are fine, but together they transcend, reaching heights unattainable without the bond. And that beautiful bond is what a wedding ring set represents, the inevitable and glorious bond that happens when two perfectly matched individuals cross paths and become one.

Like perfectly matched couples, his and her wedding ring sets are designed for each other. Individually, the rings are beacons to style and intelligence thats undeniable. But when combined when those individual rings become a wedding ring set the radiance multiplies exponentially. Does that sound quite a lot like your love? It certainly should.

For an example of how beauty expands when matching rings are paired, consider the stunning combination of our The One and Onlyengagement ring in rose gold with our The Excalibur wedding band with a beveled edge, also in rose gold. Individually, both rings are gorgeous testaments to elegance and style. But when paired, when hands donning these rings become entwined with each other, the rings’ craftsmanship offers a crystal-clear message: They are, without question, the perfect match.

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