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How To Make A Wedding Video

Selecting An Amateur Videographer

How To Create Free Wedding Invitation Video With Golden Text (Title)

Youâll be busy getting married on your wedding day, so if you go for a DIY wedding video, make sure you plan out whoâll be in charge. Designate one or more attendees as the videographer and get them any equipment they might need on your wedding day. Here are some options to consider when deciding on how your video will be shot:

  • Designate a guest as your videographer.
  • Hire a student to take care of your video. Itâll reduce video costs and free up guests to enjoy the festivities.
  • Let guests take video clips and photos during the day of your wedding and retrieve everything after the event. Take a look at this blog post to discover different ways you can collect footage and photos from guests.
  • Give a few guests mobile cameras, like a GoPro, to capture the action. You can even get creative and add a camera to a bouquet or other wedding-day items to get a unique view of events.

How Do I Make My Own Wedding Video

  • A storyboard template or the start over would be more beneficial.
  • The images and video clips you want to upload to your computer should be uploaded in a format that your computer will download.
  • Customize your video by changing colors, text, and music.
  • You can also show your video at your event through social media channels.
  • Adopt Your Own Approach

    Theres no right or wrong way of filming weddings. However Ive carefully analysed everything about the day the structure, the people and the details and all this affects the way I shoot. My own approach is based on four key concepts:

  • Simplicity: Keep everything simple as possible: processes, communication, filming and editing
  • Discretion: Ideally, I believe that no-one should really know that youre shooting a video: more on this later
  • Speed: You need the ability to move around freely and capture footage creatively
  • Fearlessness: Also, you need the confidence to work on your own terms: all your videos should contain your own creative stamp
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    With Affordable Pricing Distribution Of The Wedding Invitation Card Becomes All The Merrier Create A Creative Wedding Invitation Online

    The online wedding invitation/video creation platform to tell meaningful stories about your life, events and marriage. SeeMyMarriage Invite is our Online Invitation, Highlights, Intro creation platform. Create high-quality videos with ease. No software is necessary. Create your wedding invitation video or tell your wedding story after the event or simply create Digital marriage invitation videos for fun.

    Shop for Creative Wedding Invitation Videos or Create videos for other occasions also!

    Focus On The Reception

    Easy DIY Wedding Arch Ideas

    If youve chosen to elope, a reception wedding video is a great way to capture the fun with all your friends and family. Pro tip: Capturing audio at reception is challenging because of the music and conversations going on in the background, so make sure you or your videographer has a lavalier microphone to capture the moment without having to stop the party.

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    Creatively Save The Date

    Reenact your proposal, add title cards that tell the story of your journey as a couple, or even hire an animator to create a beautiful cartoon version of the video like the unique storybook example below. Make sure you at least include large and legible text that clearly states your names, the wedding venue address, and the ceremony date and time. Cover all your bases by adding this information to the video description box if its uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo.

    Music For Your Wedding Video

    When youâre choosing wedding video music, there keep in mind where you plan to share it. If youâre just watching it at home, thatâs one thing. But if you plan to share all or part of your video online, youâll need licensed music. A wedding video song that has a music license wonât get muted or taken down by social sites.

    If youâve never used licensed wedding songs before, you can find dozens in our music library. But to narrow down your choices even further, check out our posts on songs for wedding videos and songs for anniversary videos.

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    Movement That Represents The Moment

    See in movies how the camera movements echo whats happening. A conversation seated in a cafe is virtually static, while a fight scene is often shot in quite a messy style with lots of camera movement. It helps to bring the audience into a scene, and we can incorporate the same techniques into a wedding.

    Think about the scenes in a typical wedding day. The Preparations , Speeches Confetti and post ceremony hugs Dancing . Its a cinematic technique that involves just the camera and doesnt draw any additional attention to yourself. Its just about deciding whether to stabilise using a tripod or monopod or whether to go handheld.

    Burning A Wedding Videoon A Disc With A Menu

    How to Shoot a Wedding Video Solo

    Finally, if everything plays back in Movie Studio Platinum as desired, burn the wedding video on a disc, along with a custom-designed selection menu.

    • Above right, click on the button with the disc.

    This will switch to the burn interface.

    If you haven’t set any chapter markers yet, you’ll be asked whether you would like to set these manually or automatically. Using chapter markers, the audience can use the remote control to jump between different chapters and scenes of your video

    If you want to set chapter markers in specific locations, you should stay in the main view. Place the playback marker in the places where you want a chapter marker and go to “Editing” > “Marker” > “Set chapter markers”. Once all chapter markers have been placed, switch to the burning interface.

    • At the bottom of the burning interface, select a menu layout.

    You can also combine individual menu elements with one another, for example, the font from one template with the layout in another template..

    Menu text can be changed simply by double-clicking on an entry. If you want to modify the menu even more, switch to the “editing” mode. Here you can make any desired adjustments, e.g., creating new buttons, moving or deleting graphic elements and even importing Photoshop files as menu layouts.

    • Once your selection menu is finish, click the Burn button and select the disc type you wish to burn .
    • For a matching cover, click on the printer icon in the burning interface.

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    Advantages Of A Video Invite

    A physical wedding card has to be created from a local vendor, but with a video invite, you can choose your video style from anywhere across the globe. A digital invite gives you an option to choose from the best video style online. Get as creative as you want. With video invites sky is the limit for creativity.

    Make A Wedding Slideshow Before During And After

    The Smilebox wedding slideshow maker can be used to tell the story of the whole wedding. Show a montage of your love story, from photos of your first dates all the way to the big proposal. Make your presentation even more powerful with carefully selected music and some text. You can display your wedding photo slideshow at the reception, during dinner, or whatever time feels right during the event. You can even share it online with guests or other friends unable to attend the celebration.

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    Find A Diy Wedding Video App

    To collate all of your guests footage you could try to collect it all using Whatsapp or a similar mobile app. This can be fiddly and time consuming, not to mention disorganised. But there are apps out their built especially for collecting videos together. Enter the totally free Vidicrew wedding video app. Simply download to collaborate together. You can see the video content from your wedding guests gather into one online gallery in real time. How cool is that?

    Be Fast And Keep It Light

    Pin on Church Weddings

    Weddings move fast and there are always special moments occurring. While its impossible to be everywhere at once, you can definitely try. Being fast and keeping the gear you have light will help you move efficiently and effectively.

    You may want to bring a kit of five different prime lenses with you, but the odds that you will have time to constantly change your lens is slim. Having a good zoom lens in your kit will help cut down your load and will make you a more efficient videographer.

    For a better idea of what essential equipment a wedding videographer should have, check out this equipment breakdown video.

    How to film weddings Camera Gear

    Keeping it light will also help you blend in to the crowd. The last thing you want to do during the wedding ceremony is call attention to yourself with huge lights or big rigs. A great piece of advice for all wedding videographers is get the shot, but do so in the least noticeable way.

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    Create A Wedding Video You Can Share Everywhere

    If you want to share your finished masterpiece far and wide across the internet , use Biteables video resizer to swap the shape and size of your wedding video in an instant.

    Make your video square, fullscreen, or tall whatever size you need with the snap of your fingers. Because no, a feed post obviously isnt enough. An is absolutely necessary as well.

    I was so impressed with the ease of putting the video together.

    Lucy, first-time video maker

    Im far from being a tech wiz but was able to make my first video which had people oohing and ahhing with very few issues. Would highly recommend.

    Gina, new video pro

    Determine When And How You Want To Show Your Slideshow

    You have a few options for when to show your slideshow. Many couples set aside time during the rehearsal dinner or reception for guests to watch the slideshow. Others choose to have the slideshow playing in the background during the rehearsal dinner, cocktail hour, or reception so that guests can watch it as they please.

    Having a set time to show the slideshow gives you a chance to connect with your guests and have a shared experience and means that everyone definitely gets a chance to see it. But if you worry about boring your guests, or dont have time in your wedding schedule for watching the slideshow, then playing it in the background is a good choice.

    Put your DJ or a tech-savvy member of the wedding party in charge of the slideshow on the big day so that you dont have to worry about it. That way youll know that everything will go smoothly and any technical problems will be handled.

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    Make Your Video Totally Personal

    With no limits on when and where you can film, you can create the wedding video you want and not a video that fits within a set timeframe or package.

    Your final video can be whatever you want it to be! You could conjure up ideas with your friends and film fun, unique content. Weve had brides film themselves collecting the wedding dress with loved ones, enjoying group fish and chips the night before, practicing choreographed dance routines, preparing decorations with their family and more! So many priceless moments can be captured and included Alex explains.

    What Our Users Say

    10 Tips to Shooting Cinematic Wedding Videos

    Ive been using this app for quite a while and I have never experienced any other app on this genre to match Animakers user-friendly interface.

    – Caine Sidharth

    Ever since we started using Animaker, weve got 4X more new clients, and mostly all the clients that weve done a video for using animaker have returned wanting for more!

    – Dania Villegas

    I used Animaker once and absolutely loved how easy it was to create an Instagram Story Video. I started with a template as an amateur but now Im creating 15 Instagram stories a day, all from scratch.

    – Christopher

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    Creative Wedding Invitation Story

    Be it an arranged marriage or love, every couple has a story. And as the name suggests, a story based invite reveals the story of the couple typically from the first met to the day of their engagement. Some couples share their story right from birth. It is up to you! And Almost all the concept/story based invites are independent of culture/religion. That is the video will be more oriented towards animation, animating the characters and their interaction with each other.

    This kind of video will be in an animation format. The invite reveals the story using an animated character of the boy, girl, families and their friends. To make this kind of video, the couple prepares a script and then they also share a broad view of animations/assets to be used when creating the video.

    Pictures of the couple in different poses are used to create this video. Each slide of the video has a picture and an associated quote/line that talks about the picture. Since pre-wedding photoshoots are quite common these days, couples and photographers alike are choosing these kinds of templates to create unique and elegant invites.

    Let Creative Cloud Express Be Your Wedding Video Expert

    Hone your creativity with the power of Creative Cloud Express. The Creative Cloud Express selection of customization options available will empower you to create something that stands out among the crowd. Establish a theme for your videos using a theme, icons, logos, music, and other customizable elements to make them feel entirely authentic. Duplicate your video and resize it to create consistency across multiple social channels. With Creative Cloud Express, its free and easy to make, save, and share your video within minutes so you can add collaborators, get approval, and share your wedding video for your audience to enjoy.

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    How To Create A Diy Wedding Video In 5 Easy Steps

    Sponsored Post

    Having a film of your wedding is a really important memento. Having a lasting visual and audio record of your wedding really is priceless, it will be something you keep coming back to time and time again. But, what if you just cant afford to hire a professional wedding filmmaker? Not every wedding budget can stretch to one. Does it mean that there arent other options? Absolutely not. Here are five simple steps on how to create a DIY wedding video and ensure you keep your wedding memories alive forever.

    Movavi Video Editor Plus


    Finally, Movavi Video Editor Plus is a terrific tool to use when editing your wedding videos. It is available for both Windows and Mac devices. Movavi only takes 20 minutes to master and lets you leverage some terrific features like filters, an improved timeline, video stabilization, audio editing tools, and built-in content like a wide collection of music and sounds. Movavi Video Editor Plus allows you to save your creation in a variety of formats and easily export your video to the cloud or YouTube. Along with this, you can also take advantage of Movavis Wedding Set. It is an additional package allowing you to include certain effects that are specifically designed for wedding videos.

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