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How To Ask For Money For Wedding Gift

Use Online Registries To Your Advantage

Wedding & Anniversary Gifts : How to Ask for Money as a Wedding Gift

There are tons of websites out there that can help you tell your wedding story, coordinate information for your guests, and yesmanage a cash registry. Honeyfund lets your guests “sponsor” different aspects of your honeymoon, such as drinks and dinner at your restaurant of choice, excursions, and room service. Zola and MyRegistry are one-stop shops where you can collect cash gifts, honeymoon contributions, and even manage a physical gift registry as well. It’s a good idea to still have some physical gifts for purchase that way, once they’re all bought up, only the cash option will be left. Sneaky? Yes. Effective? Double yes.

How To Ask For Money For A Wedding Gift

Whether youre a soon to be a married couple or youve just been invited to a wedding celebration and are struggling to pay for the gift or if you want to get together with other invitees to buy that big, stand-out present, here we show you how to ask for money for a wedding gift online.

First of all, its becoming increasingly common for the couple to ask for monetary donations rather than specific gifts when they organise their wedding. This cash can be used for different purposes perhaps setting up a new home, putting something towards a mortgage or deposit or even for the honeymoon. Some brides even fundraise for that all-important wedding dress.

Use The Whisper Network

Whisper networks aren’t only effective when it comes to bringing down the patriarchy from the insidethey can also get you paid. If you want money instead of physical gifts, don’t put the request on the invitation. Do, however, tell everyone. Tell your wedding party, your parents, your friendsanyone who asks what you want for the big day. Let them be the foot soldiers to your money march.

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How To Politely Ask For A Cash Wedding Registry

Because cash registry is certainly the new wedding trend!

How to Politely Ask for a Cash Wedding Registry

While some couples would be ecstatic for a new toaster oven or Vitamix, other couples may be thinking pragmatically about their honeymoon fund or the down payment on a home!

We want to destigmatize asking for a cash wedding registry instead of physical gifts. It’s already a common practice in many traditional Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Italian families who want to set the newlyweds up for successâeven if that includes paying their airfare to Honolulu.

We get that asking outright can feel a little awkward, so here’s everything you need to know in an all-in-one guide to tactfully getting friends and family on board with cash gifts.

You Are The Chosen One

How To Ask For Cash Wedding Gifts Without Being Tacky ...

Arranging the next office group gift/shower/money collection is a big responsibility. Either you got an e-mail from your boss, the celebrator is your workplace BFF or you are the team leader you have no clue where to start.

Asking friends and coworkers to chip-in for a group gift is not a fun nor professional task, it might seem that five or ten dollars doesnt make a big deal. However, when you add up everyones birthday, Georges farewell gift and lest we forget about Lisas upcoming baby shower it ends up with many coworkers gifts and asking for a LOT of money.

Keep that in mind The etiquette of office gift giving might be different from one office to another, but the idea behind those office celebrations remains the same and it is meant to put some fun in our 9 to 5, and maintain a happy workplace culture. We made this essential list in order to keep it that way. You can choose any money collecting way best suited to fit to your workplace but the guidelines are all the same:

  • It HAS to be fun. If its not, think twice before hitting that send button.
  • Point the amount you wish people to chip-in. Pro tip: During our research we found that the average asking amount is around $5-$20
  • Optional: Make the collecting anonymous. Do not obligate people to chip-in and do not judge them for their decision.
  • Surprises are always fun!
  • Small and close-knit groups of friends and co-workers are most effective in achieving your gift-giving goals.

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Don’t Leave Off A Traditional Gift Registry

Some guests won’t be on board with the cash wedding registry and will still wish to provide you with linen, kitchen appliances, or platesâmake sure it’s from a store that you like and include the best options for them . The Knot has some great inspo if you find yourself wondering what items to include.

Register For Gift Cards

Looking for cute ways to ask for money as a wedding gift? Consider adding gift cards to your registry. This discreet way of asking for money will help you and your S.O. stock up on funds for your favorite restaurants, stores, and online brands. We’ve partnered with plenty of great companies to help you get gifts you’ll really use, so don’t overlook the convenience of adding a few gift cards to your wish list.

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Using Pretentious And Condescending Reasons To Ask For Money

If youre thinking of attaching a small note asking for donations because the honeymoon is going to be really expensive or the wedding rings burst your savings on wedding invitations, dont.

The same reason why its impolite to ask for presents on your wedding invitations is the same reason why you shouldnt forcefully nudge guests to make cash donations for your honeymoon.

Weddings are not fundraisers, and asking people to make money contributions makes you seem rude and self-centered. Raising all sorts of pretentious reasons as to why you need cash gifts on your wedding draws all kinds of expletives from your would-be-guests.

Place A Box For Cards At The Reception

How to Ask for Cash as a Wedding Gift: Plan It For Me Episode 4

While some guests will use your wedding registry to shop for gifts, others might prefer to bring a check on the big day. To accommodate cash donations in person, set up a box for cards at the reception. This cash gift idea, often called a wishing well, is a great way to keep track of all the monetary donations received on your wedding day. Plus, having one spot to compile cards and cash gifts will make writing thank-you notes much easier.

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Is Asking For Money As A Wedding Gift Rude

Nobody wants to come across as rude when asking for wedding gifts. While making a registry for presents might feel awkward at first, it’s actually a huge help for close friends and family members as they start to shop for your big day. And, luckily, asking for cash gifts has become the norm in recent years, meaning it’s not rude at all to include cash or honeymoon funds on your registry. “With each passing generation, money, in general, is becoming less taboo and more of the norm than the exception,” says Carmen Perez, personal finance expert and contributor for Varo Bank.

Plus, using a cash registry website is a great way to prepare for life after the big day. “Cash funds are a great vehicle for saving up for big wants like a home purchase or renovation, vacations and starting a family or funding your favorite charity,” says personal finance expert Farnoosh Torabi. “There’s no better way to start your marriage than with a clean financial slate.”

As you add gifts to your registry, you might realize that you’d rather have a lump sum to put toward your first home. Or, if you already live together and have a fully stocked house, you might benefit more from a rainy day fund instead of traditional gifts. No matter the case, cash is a great wedding gift and can be used in so many facets of your newlywed life.

Register For Cash Funds

The bestâand most polite wayâto ask for money for your wedding is to set up a designated cash fund on your gift registry. “Cash registries provide couples with purchasing power and money they can pool and apply towards the bigger goals and experiences they truly want, like buying a home or funding their honeymoon,” says Torabi.

Start by creating your wedding registry on The Knot. We simplify the registry experience by allowing you to register for any item you want on one list. Not only is this the most convenient way for guests to shop, having one list is also easier for you and your S.O. to manage in the weeks leading up to the big day.

Even if wedding money is a top priority, we recommend also registering for some physical gifts too. This will give guests plenty of gifting options, especially those who may want to buy you a traditional present. “Having multiple gift ideas puts less pressure on guests,” explains Perez. “Providing them with additional options is a great way to be as considerate and accommodating as possible.”

But, even with physical items on your wish list, guests will still feel inclined to give cash wedding gifts if you have multiple funds set up with descriptions, which we explain below.

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Include A Short But Tasteful Message

The traditional money poem has always been a polite and less direct way of asking for cash and we have a few ways that you can make this clear to your guests:

Your presence at our wedding is present enough but if we are honored with a gift from you, a monetary gift will be very much appreciated.

If you were thinking of giving us something sweet, a gift of cash towards our house would really make our day.

If you believe that a gift is worth giving, a small envelope for our future is a delightful blessing.

Ask Your Parents And Wedding Party To Spread The Word


Make sure to let your parents and bridal party know that you’d prefer cash and encourage them to tactfully spread the word. Chances are guests will ask them what they should get you, and this will prepare them to share what youâre saving for, whether itâs the trip of a lifetime, a kitchen remodel, or a down payment on a home you can call your own. They can then suggest that your guests make a contribution to your savings fund instead of getting you a new toaster.

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Use Your Wedding Website To Share How You’ll Use The Money

Your wedding website is a powerful tool for guests. Creating a custom site is an essential part of the wedding planning process because it’ll include all of the important day-of details guests need to know, giving them an easy point of reference to answer their common questions. In addition to sharing things like the wedding day transportation logistics and dress code details, you can also use your website to expand upon your cash gift requests.

Use your site to explain why you’ve registered for cash and how you’ll use the funds. “Attaching a cash gift request to an actual goal helps gift-givers feel like their money will carry more meaning,” Torabi explains. “At the end of the day, guests want to feel like they’re supporting you, and knowing their $100 contribution will, say, support your new home, is a nice touch.”

Why Is It So Awkward

Asking for cash as a wedding gift can feel gross, even though most guests expect to make a contribution via a wishing well or online wedding registry . We think it stems from the fact that you dont want to just presume that people are keen to give you something because youre getting married, whether that be money or a gift. It can feel obnoxious and self-entitled. We get it.

And it doesnt help that when you try and Google nice ways to ask for money for your wedding, a whole bunch of frankly, rather disgusting rhymes will appear. Take this one, for example.

To save you looking, shopping or buying. Here is an idea, we hope you like trying. Come to our wedding, to wish us both well. And bring this small sack, to throw in our wishing well. Fill it with paper all colours will do, gold is our favourite but silver will do. Now that we have saved you, all of that fuss. We hope you will come, and celebrate with us.

Fill it with paper? Gold is our favourite? Just, fuck. These kind of ditties have the unfortunate effect of further enhancing the panic and discomfort you feel about asking for cash. At least they did for us.

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Spread The Word Through Friends And Relatives

Another brilliant way to ask for money at your wedding is to involve your loved ones in spreading the information.

Guests are likely to seek the opinions of those close to you about what you need.

So, tell your parents and the bridal party your preferred gift and why you chose it.

Encourage them to tell other guests about what you are hoping to get if theyre asked.

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Put The Cash Or Check In A Thoughtful Card

Episode 83 How to Ask for Cash Gifts for Your Wedding

If you’re interested in giving the wedding gift of money, you can always put the cash or check in an envelope and bring it with you to the big day. If you plan on doing so, etiquette experts recommend writing a brief note in the wedding card to accompany your present. “If you’re giving money as a wedding gift, it’s a two-part play: Give both money and thoughtfulness,” Alexander explains. “A note with some genuinely thoughtful words should accompany the gift. Forget formality and write whatever is genuinely you. Be funny, sentimental or wittyâjust write something they can keep and look back at fondly.” And, to be sure you’re following proper wedding gift etiquette, don’t forget to sign the card with your name so the couple knows exactly who to thank after the big day.

When you arrive at the reception, look for a designated gift table to drop your card. Some couples might also have a wishing well or designated card basket tooâjust be sure to leave your card in the appropriate spot so it doesn’t get lost at the venue.

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